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Jon Gosselin Waves To Paparazzi

Jon Gosselin Waves To Paparazzi

Jon Gosselin hams it up for the cameras, frantically waving his hands and making faces at paparazzi outside his home on Tuesday afternoon (July 28) in Reading, Penn.

The 32-year-old dad, who puffed away on his cancer stick, was seen at the car wash, the “UPS” mailing store, the bank and a friend’s garage.

According to Page Six, Jon strolled into Madison Avenue men’s shop Pravda Abbigliamento last week and bought a $950 pair of limited-edition, navy, patent-leather, wingtip shoes from Prada.

Jon recently returned from a trip to the the Hamptons with BFF Michael Lohan.

Below is sextuplet Alexis taking out the trash.

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  • ethansays

    WHO CARES!?!?!?! Look – I’m waving too!

  • Ariana

    stupid jon!!! stupid stupid jon!!!!

  • angel

    He acts like a dick at home, but when he is with his celebrity friends, he sure smiles for the cameras. Is he smoking around the kids? Nice second hand smoke dead beat dad!

  • purselady

    LOOSER!!!! seriously can he just not go away.. can kate not change the locks and kiss his fat ass goodbye!!

  • keri

    Who Cares?
    Him, Michael Lohan and Joe Jackson should really win father of the year award.
    Then all three should win “I am an idiot and the most nasty person in the world” award along with Spencer Pratt

  • sasha

    What could any woman see in that? He’s such a big stupid cancer stick smoking idiot…

  • Jan

    He said he could not wait to turn off his cell phone and be with his kids. NO kids in the photo. I bet cell phone is in his pocket with his lighter and pack of cigs. He’s waving to the paps and then you see a 5 year old little rolling a big trash can. KATE took the trash down herself, not her children. Jon has the little 5 year old bring up the empty can. JERK!!!

  • rianna

    oh that’s sweet. alexis taking out the trash while daddy grabs a smoke. it’s time for her to start earning her keep so that daddy can spend her money on prada shoes for his swollen feet.

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    this guy is turning into a pyscho over night…see what ten years with Kate Gosselin does to a man lol

  • sasha

    @Jan: The best place for him would be in the can…

  • emma

    oh so he knows were his kids live then. I thought he was lost and couldn’t find his way home.


    I cant agree with this though maybe Alexis wanted to take out the trash like kids do at that age.


    I see he found his “home” and his children among his many excursions with pseudo celebrities and drug addict skanks. God since their filing for divorce his image has certainly changed and his true colors are shining bright. He’s a total loser. Man what a waste.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • $900 shoes

    where is he getting the cash…he’s got 8kids idiot

  • wendy

    what a big monkey.

  • leah

    on radar online there’s a pic of alexis and the not a nanny bringing the trash cans back up to the house. but maybe not a nanny WANTED to go get the cans from the curb. i mean, doesn’t every woman love a chance to drag cans up the driveway? maybe it’s part of her not a nanny duties.

  • jlove_taylor

    No wonder Kate couldn’t stand his ass.. You dnt turn into a douche over night! He bought a $950 pair of Pravda shoes!!! I see why Kate had to be the boss cause someone has to.. unfortunately when you are a take charge woman you get labeled as as bitch yet a man is assertive. His true colors are really shining we all know actions speak louder than words. It’s sad RESPECT from his kids is no longer a priority to him.

  • Christy

    Nice to see how he’s spending the money his kids earned for him. Anyone else notice how often Jon and Kate go to the UPS store?

  • sasha

    Kate is still wearing her ring and she’s usually there when he comes home and he says he’s not involved in a relationship with anyone. Hmm…Don’t be surprised everyone if these two get back together and it was all just a big publicity stunt.

  • Denise

    How tragic that these 8 precious children seemed to get two of the worst parents imaginable!

    Kate is greedy and selfish, Jon is immature and confused.

  • Jennifer

    I love you Jon. Keep on keeping on. We know you love you kids, so do they. Your ex-wife is scum.

  • Good Luck Jon

    Wingtips? Sounds like Jon either has landed a job or is job hunting in NYC.

  • Jon Hater

    I cant stand this loser. Nothing like setting a good example for his 8 kids by smoking around them. Kate did right by filing for divorce from this doucebag. He is such a wannabe, loser, trying to act all pimp like he is 23 again. Sorry dude but you have the responsibility of 8 kids, did you forget that? And nothing like blowing all the money that all those kids have earned, how bought not wasting it and saving for the 8 kids education, cause that certainly wont come cheap. And whats that ANOTHER new sports car? What happened to the white nizmo he was driving?? What kind of car is he driving now (the black one in the pic with the red leather interior)? He really needs to GROW UP……..

  • Abigail

    you’re being judgmental and obnoxious with your comments on this gosselin guy – just leave him alone if you disapprove of his choices.

  • Kami

    i used to like Jon but hes changed….he seems like a d*ck head now

  • sammy

    He is really losing it. Jon, grow up and quit smoking!

  • mailey

    ok, let’s run this down: he smokes, he drinks, he’s fat, he hangs out with michael lohan?, he’s switched to different girls in a span of 2 weeks, he’s been vacationing everywhere away from his children…….. his behavior is so so horrid.

  • Shawna

    He looks like a monkey. An ugly monkey. I hope Kate never takes him back.

  • blah

    fat bastard

  • blah

    kate and jon both need to get out of the spotlight and take care of their eight brats. Im tired of looking at them.

  • Laura

    “Look at me!!! I’m a good guy!! Really I am!!! Visiting my kids and everything!!! Loser.

  • Shelly_2

    This guy is such a *rick.

  • Shelly_2


    Like you’ve done to Kate? Just leave her alone if you don’t approve/agree with what she’s doing? Pot meet Kettle perhaps?

  • anon

    Keep up the smoking and other healthy lifestyle habits long enough Jon and you will be able to wave from the oncology or cardiac ward of a hospital…of course the increased facial work you’ll have to have done to cover the effects of smoking may take it’s toll first. Either way hope you have good health insurance. Not a joke this is fact and obviously he doesnt care about being around longterm for his kids enough to give up the oh so sexy cancer sticks. God thier cool arent they??

  • http://NONE.COM kristen

    Jon, your setting a bad example for your kids!! :’(

  • anon

    Does he even care what message he’s sending to his kids by smoking around them…never mind the fact that his breath, hair and clothes will STINK of stale cigarettes oh and cologne and breath mind if tries to cover it (yea right). If your kids are your main priority then take care of thier father and start being a role model for mature, responsible, accountable behavior and choices.

  • Marilyn

    This whole Jon and Kate thing makes me laugh. They’re using their kids to get money and now they got a divorce and people actually care. And another thing…what’s with Jon dating a woman in her 20s? He’s like 30 or 40 something and on top of that, he’s ugly.

  • payless

    Did Hailey get custody of the Ed Pardy shirts?

  • me

    Wow, his contempt for the photographers and fame sure are evident in his gleeful wave, arent’ they. Won’t this guy please go away???

  • Catalina

    I am now convinced this loser has lost his mind. Each day he becomes a bigger joke than he already is.

  • Lalique




    UGH! EW!

  • Goody two shoes

    Show not what your kids can do for you, Show what you can do for your kids.

  • noname

    @jlove_taylor: I agree. I think we are discovering that Kate may have been the “good parents” after all. Of course, we NEVER know what goes on behind closed doors but nobody I know would do a 180 overnight like this guy has seemed to. So sad. I used to think she was driving him away by being a nag. Now I think she might have had to be that way and now I feel like taking a kick as his butt too!

  • Max

    Kami @ 07/28/2009 at 3:08 pm i used to like Jon but hes changed….he seems like a d*ck head now
    You are being manipulated by the media. You don’t know anything about these people other than what you read in the not-very-reliable gossip rags. One month everyone loves Jon, next month everyone hates Jon.

  • noname

    @Christy: Yeah, I have. Weird. Wonder what that’s all about.


    He really had a lot of you fooled didn’t he? Now his true colors are showing! He’s a big celebrity wannabe and doesn’t give a hoot about his kids. He just checks in for a few hours to “show” he cares about his kids but he doesn’t and leaves again to go party it up and spend the money.

    Look, the guys too frigg’n lazy to pull a trash can and walks by the light that was knocked over. This guy is the biggest loser out there. Can’t WAIT until he runs out of money and no one give a hoot about him anymore. Just hope the kid have trust funds set up so there is something left for them.

  • Jon the traffic cop

    The other have of the manic parent duo is back.
    Don’t mind him he is dammed to divorce.

    see it? It was absolute contempt. He went like that (gestures with his arms)
    as if to say “humility game is finished”

    Or oops

    Kate Major lifted her leg and is marking her territory on the flowers, and he trying to shoo her away.

    Or then again

    Hailey is digging in the trash looking for her invitation and he is doing his favorite mating dance.

  • lakers fan in boston

    well he looks like a douche as always
    at least he finally bought some quaility stuff instead of ed hardy shiz
    i wish i was rich enough to buy some prada shoes
    ive seen a few pair before, they’re nice
    all i got r ferragamos, they’re still way nice, 2 weeks pay for a pair =[ and another as present =]

  • kids r us

    Hey Jon I got a socks woven from the scrotum hair of Rocky Moutain Rams. $1,500 a pair, how many pair you want.

  • Oliver

    He is a punk…don’t talk about Kate being a control freak.
    If you have more than one kid…someone has to be in control;These kids seem well behaved…and you know Jon had nothing to do with that…lazy bum.