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Kate Gosselin: Just Another Mani-Pedi Monday

Kate Gosselin: Just Another Mani-Pedi Monday

Kate Gosselin heads out for another mani-pedi at Planet Nails & Tans on Monday (July 27) in Wyomissing, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother of eight also stopped by the Fed Ex before getting pampered. (What’s Kate mailing all the time with her stops at the UPS and FedEx?)

Over the weekend, ex-husband, Jon Gosselin hung out with none other than Lindsay Lohan‘s dad, Michael Lohan!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin, just another mani-pedi Monday…

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kate gosselin mani pedi 04
kate gosselin mani pedi 05
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kate gosselin mani pedi 07
kate gosselin mani pedi 08
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    Kate disgusts me,i’am a mother of 4 and don’t even have time to step out for a manicure. I guess i’m to busy working a real job. Grow up Kate and Jon you are destroying those children.

  • Amanda


    Oh brother….well then make time for yourself….geesh.

  • Jennifer


    are you serious? Every recent paparazzi picture has been of Kate with her kids, while Jon is off with a different woman every night. She isnt allowed a day to herself to get a pedicure and run errands??? I applaud her for taking time to do something for herself!

  • mertz

    isn’t she writing a book? lol…you fedex what you have done to your editor or publishers and they review and you make updates…yadda yadda the life of a writer. or i could be completely wrong and she’s a nutter. lol. he up downs not too bad. jeans don’t suck. have those earrings in gold. meh to the rest. i couldn’t afford to do all this pampering stuff if i was the richest person on earth. it’s good she gets a time out.

  • morgan

    it’s her fault jon cheated on her she bossed him around and bullied him till he couldn’t take it anymore

  • naomi

    who does she think she is anyway! going out to get a mani-ped, she could easily have done that at home without using her childrens money!

  • Jennifer


    She thinks she is a mom, who works very hard raising her children, writing books, doing book tours, public speaking,etc… And she thinks she is a mom deserving of a break every now and then while her husband is out acting like a fool with different women. I applaud her!

  • catty

    She should just move to LA and be done with it.


    LOL I can’t even believe people are so concerned about the kids of this ‘almost’ toothless hag!

  • mertz

    or mailing information for her divorce proceedings.

    several possibilities. meh.

  • Candles

    Take off the ring already.

  • jana

    arealmother says it for me…I have 3 kids…It’s not “go out and make time for yourself” you idiot…some of us can’t ! We don’t all have nannies and housekeepers, cooks and chefs…our kids rely only on us..the mother…
    How i’d love a pedi or a just doesn’t work that way in my family….geesh~!

  • suziam

    She is the one who filed for divorce. I don’t blame her husband for seeking out women who make him feel like a man. Maybe she is mailing out photos of herself because the p-people don’t hang out as much any more. Betcha the Starbucks is a freebie too. Wouldn’t it be funny if she tripped and fell and one of those fake boobies her kids bought went kersplat! on the pavement?

  • jello

    Doesn’t she know how to make her own coffee or is she too good for that now. Every damn day we have to see that she went for a coffee at Starbucks and yes you better believe it, it is probaley FREE and she has the nerve to go every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because as she said once on the show a couple yrs ago she turns down NOTHING for FREE that is offered to her and her kids. She also was quoted as saying in a magazine article a month or so ago is that “society owes her for having 8 children. She said she did not know that fertility drugs would give her sextuplets. I myself didn’t know that society is to blame for her opening her mouth and putting the medication in it!

  • jello

    I could remember when Kate said on her show also a couple yrs ago that she didn’t care about her nails. Now I guess when you have nannys, cooks etc. that is mandatory to have your nails done since she sits on her a– all day in front of the garage and does absolutely nothing. She used to be a mother in the beginning NOW she is a diva and a celebrity in her own mind. I wonder if she pitched a fit in the nail salon if by some reason someone was in front of her and she had to wait a minute or two. That’s what she supposively did at the tanning salon last month, she was told there would be a wait and she got miffed and pulled her cell phone out and kept walking up and down. I mean she does think she is JLO (living in PA) and has the nerve to think everyone is supposed to jump when she enters since society does owe her for having 8 kids. She is no better than octomom, she was raised in a trailer park and all of a sudden everyone is to bow down when she enters. Those are the kind of people that get rich quick and don’t know how to be gracious about it, they act like total hillbillies and think they are better than everyone now.

  • Mellissa

    I wish I can get a manicure or pedicure… I do not get a time for myself ! I do not have nannies or any kind of help. She is like any other celeb mom, that rely on other people for help. It is good to have some alone time but with her own money, not the kids. Plus, she should not be consider a supermom, because she is not. That label is not for her, she gets plenty of help… the real supermoms do NOT rely on other people to care for their family especially the children.

  • mel

    @jana: Hmm..yet it appears that you have time to read & comment on pointless gossip? something doesn’t seem quite right here.. what are your kids doing now, hm??

    GO KATE!! :]

  • mel

    @jana: Hmm..yet it appears that you have time to read & comment on pointless gossip? something doesn’t seem quite right here.. what are your kids doing now, hm??

    GO KATE!! :]

  • sushi

    I don’t even know where to begin with all these stories about this family. First off, this is what happens when trashy people get money. I’m sick of people saying they feel bad for Jon or Kate, you don’t even know them, get over yourself. Both of them have made themselves public figures and awful ones at that. I just hope society realizes that this is not how parents should act. When you become a parent, your life is about your child now. If you’re not ready to be that selfless, that’s fine, just don’t get knocked up. Kate has made her image public, too bad for her that it’s clear to all of us what a selfish, life sucking shrew she is. People commented on how all the pictures you see of her is alone taking care of the kids. Fyi, she’s only doing it for publicity so she can sucker idiots like you into thinking she’s wonderful. Rewind back about 8 months before all this happened and she was gone from her kids for weeks at a time promoting a bogus book about how “wonderful” her family is. Nannies have been raising these children while the parents are out partying. These books she’s writing are such a joke. She has a publishing company holding her hand the entire way, she’s not even really writing it. She writes down a few thoughts and someone else is putting into a proper book. I feel sorry for the suckers out there who can’t see through the bullshit. These are two extremely selfish individuals who have traded their children for money. They have no real talent and nothing to offer society. There, I feel better now, I am ready to not see their pictures on magazines while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store.

  • angela

    a lot off jealous mommies here,because she takes the time,
    to care for herself while running errands,she is bad,!!!
    and you all raise children,jeez.maybe a little judgemental.
    ladies,is that what you teach your kiddies,if someone is
    getting it all,than they must be bad.
    get off your high horse,and go out for a padi-mani.
    if you have the time to be here,than you can get out.
    kids go to scool,play by friends or lett a neighbor or friend
    babysit.and go out!!!!

  • lino

    You guys are so……cute!! : ))

  • sushi

    @angela: PS, I’m actually not a mommy so I can still be petty and selfish and I’m not hurting or neglecting a child. And you wanna talk judgement, learn to spell. Nobody cares about what someone has to say when they can’t even write a basic paragraph better than a 9 year old.

  • wannabalister

    This bit*** struts around like she thinks she’s an a-lister. Go back to nursing and quit pimping out your kids.

  • VMM

    Get a real job, Kate. You are ruining your kids lives. Your kids have bought you- Free vacations, boob job, botox, fake tan, nice clothes, mani-pedis, mansion, new automobiles, new appliances, new furniture, maids, cooks, nanny, etc. Enough is enough now! Are the material things worth more than your children’s privacy?

  • buggynurse

    Totally agree, sounds like the little green monster is out on some of these posters. Get a life already ladies, every move she makes is scrutinized. Have you seen Jon lately with any of his children other than satisfying his own “inner child” ?

  • buggynurse

    Get off of your high horse, just because you have kids you are supposed to stay home 24/7? How is she hurting the kids by doing some errands. We have seen her home with them more than that piece of work she is still married to. Oh, by the way, this is not an English Comp 101 web site…so your advice on composition is way out of place. So keep your petty and selfish BS to yourself and go correct some of Jon’s comments.

  • danielle fisher

    I admire Kate! I go out every few months and spend 2 hours alone at a salon getting my hair cut and colored (not to mention Kates pic is in my file, I get my hair cut like hers use to be ) To be a great mom (exspecially of 8 kids) you need time to your self. I know I do. I have 3 kids ages 2,3 and 4 and I need alone time. I also go online ALL the time trying to find freebies and those of you who say you dont cuz you work for your money, are liars! My husband makes quite a bit of money but we still have bills to pay so yes, I would take the freebies they get too!! GO KATE and jon!! I love that whole family!!

  • Reba

    LOL – Kate is not dropping off anything at Kinko’s – just is out to be seen. I wonder how much INF is getting paid to be Kate’s official “pap” photographer?

  • ice

    Starbucks? Check. Manis/pedi/spas? check. Going out so the paps can see you? Check. Oh, the poor poor life of Kate Gosselin

  • http://justjared aunt kay

    wonder if Kate has to live off $5 a day like she made Jon. That Starbucks would wipe her $5 out. Every picture she has store bought coffee even at home can’t she make it herself? Does she use a coupon for all the new clothes she buys and the mani pedi she gets? Just kidding, but she sure has no problem pinching pennies for herself. What kind of mother of 8 wears heels and a dress to a the post office. A 10 minute task and probably at least an hour and a half to get ready? Bit silly. Use that time to spend with your kids. Yeah why is she always at fed ex or ups? Does she have a job we don’t know about?

  • getreal

    The only time she spends with her kids is being photographed in front of the house. She’s the same as her “husband” a selfish, greedy, child-pimping piece of trash. Do the children a favor and boycott this show. Maybe they will go away.

  • I luvs Kate

    what a good mommy she is dahhh : complete fraud

  • marley

    Who’s she primping for ? her lesbian friend? no man wants anything to do with THAT ,not mention the fugly litter.

  • deanna

    Do not be so jealous just get on with your life. A lot of people do things I do not do – that does not bother me. I do the best with what I have. Live and let others live. After working so hard with her 8 – if she decides to get away and have a manicure – then that is good – she needs it. I personally take care of my own nails – but I am not jealous of people who have manicures who work for less than I do – some who do not even work outside of the home – but yet they have manicures etc.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny


    I think her children would be very appreciative of the fact that their mother takes pride in her appearance and that she is not sloppy. She gave up her job as a nurse so as to care for those children full time. She is working – not the children. Stop being so jealous.

  • Carley


    Stop being so jealous. Who are you to compare yourself to anyone else. There was a time when she neglected her nails and did not care – BECAUSE SHE HAD 8 LITTLE ONES TO CARE FOR. Now the kids are older and she is in a position to pay someone to be with them while she has some time away to take care of things. It also gives her time to think and plan as she goes along. It is necessary to be away for a while and rejuvenate. Who are you to talk – you pig out in front of the tv while the kids are doing things by themselves. She is not pigging out in front of the TV. She spends time with her children. You neglect cleaning your house so that you can pry into other peoples lives. At least she keeps her house clean and her children are clean and well brought up. Look at yourself. You are sloppy – she is not. Stop being so jealous, c lean your house and take care of your kids.

  • peter


    Stop being so nasty and rude. Try to think of better things. You do not have to try to pull other people down to your level.

  • getreal


    You disgust me!!!

  • sarah

    This woman is going through a family break-up, she has 8 kids, and she’s in the public eye – not to mention that her ridiculous excuse for a husband is totally making a fool of himself in front of the world.
    Whose business is it whether or not she goes out for a couple of hours alone and gets a pedicure? Certainly not mine – OR YOURS!
    Some of you people need to grow up and get lives, geesh.

  • jenny

    Kate finds time to treat herself to a day out without a camera recording every second of it. The children hardly ever get to go on an outing without TLC cameras recording every minute of it. The kids work far more than the parents; but no one seems to care about about what is happening to them.

  • big jealous whiner

    oh boohoo i can’t get a mani-pedi and Kate can, it’s so wrong, why does Kate get all the breaks? I’m too busy taking care of my kids to do anything for myself. all i can do all day is take care of the kids and pop onto the computer to complain about how easy kate’s life is and how hard mine is. oh, my life is h-e double hockey sticks.

  • jenny

    Kate does not work; she lives off of her children. She has never written a book; Beth wrote the first book and the second book was nothing more than pictures and a few comments. Without the children Kate would not have a pot to pee in.

  • http://yahoo Eddy

    ….the cameras were there. Do you not see pictures of her – how do you think those pictures got there – they were taken by the cameras!!!!!The children do go out without the cameras being there. They go to school and pre-school – do we see pictures of that – NO!!! The TLC cameras are not there every day………..The children are not working – what is wrong with you…….The children are enjoying a lot of things – trips etc. It’s the Paps that are following them around and providing people like you with gossip material.

  • http://yahoo alta


    Jealousy…Jealousy. You are so jealous. Leave those people alone. They are her children – she gave birth to them – she is not using your children. She is providing well for her children and it is being documented and shown to those who are interested in the children’s lives. Do not look at the show if it bothers you. The children are not being exploited. That woman works very hard to care for her children. By the way, she was a working woman – but stopped working to take care of her kids. So without the children she would have been working still……….Get off the couch and clean your house.

  • Shelly_2


    That’s your own fault. Mothers NEED time to themselves and why is it that Kate’s being bashed for doing something for herself when Jon’s flashing his nasty face all over the three different women in one week – do you have a problem with that?

  • Shelly_2


    When my kids were younger, I didn’t care about my nails either. Now I try to go at least once a month for a pedicure and even get a manicure now and then. You’re a very bitter nasty person.

  • anonymous

    You need to learn how to manage your time and money.

  • anonymous

    Good observation!

  • Kate the Asian master

    me thinks Kate loves to have Asians perform tasks for her..thank God Jon got away