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Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin will be living in Maryland while ex-husband-to-be Jon Gosselin has the kids at the family’s home in Reading, Penn. (Jon stays in his NYC bachelor pad while Kate has the kids.)

Radar reports Kate is moving into Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Of note: Bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland.

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128 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment”

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  1. 26
    Michelle Says:

    I live in Silver Spring, MD and I can tell you Rockville does NOT need anymore traffic. Poor, poor 355 :(

  2. 27
    AH, the LIfe of lesure Says:

    They both have so much time on their hands with the nannies and house staff they both can afford to be part time parents, they just can’t stand each other. Team Kate, Team Jon who cares its their business. It was and is always the team kids or the parents come off as frauds.

    Appears when your a partner in the Gosselin business its easy to be part timers. The Gosselins are not concerned with the feelings towards them, society owes the kids and they have proven it. Prove that they are abusing the kids.

    Look for a joint custody arrangement for the kids and both will promote other shows or merchandise. They have a year till the fall line up next year. If the ratings hold the show will go on.

    The tups will end up being home schooled soon otherwise they will have to split them up.

    The headquarters for TLC is in Silver Springs, MD.

    Spoil the kids rotten with trips to MD and NYC, but then again aren’t most celebrities without daily shows part timers?

  3. 28
    meatloaf Says:

    What are they gonna do…if the show tanks?

    That big house, his NYC pad and now, her expensive apt??

    I just can’t imagine those kids when they become teenagers!


    For sure, they are NOT the Dugger gang!

    (Michele Dugger- who has 18 kids) !

  4. 29
    Emit Says:

    Wow Jared, no comment about the “classiness” of Kate and/or her rumored boyfriend in this post? No editorial opinion at all? Just a simple, neutral “of note” added carelessly to the end? Does someone around here have double standards?

  5. 30
    valeria Says:

    NOOOOO!!! ugh i live near rockville……ugh

  6. 31
    valeria Says:

    NOOOOO!!! ugh i live near rockville……ugh

  7. 32
    babybackribs Says:

    TLC is probably paying for her place also. Bachelor and bachelorette pads for Jon and Kate. Between NYC and DC, there’s more than enough working trips and filming fun for the children.

  8. 33
    *** Says:

    To all of the doubting Jon hating hags. You were told so and would not believe. Morons.

  9. 34
    Jan Says:

    They said on their show that THE LARGE HOUSE IN PA IS FOR THE KIDS.

  10. 35
    Kay Says:

    The house = The set
    therefore they are working
    Take these children away from these monsters

  11. 36
    ck Says:

    Apartment = place to have sex where kids can’t see

  12. 37
    Tori Says:

    When Jon and Kate want to get away from the show they can . The children can not. What a shame for these emotionally abused children.

  13. 38
    Jan Says:

    They said on their show that THE LARGE HOUSE IN PA IS FOR THE KIDS. Kate feels it is easier for the children to be in their home full time instead of back and forth to her and Jon’s home. They decided to get their own place for when the other parent has their turn staying with the children. Kate wisely chose to BUY a condo in a nice area but not costly like NY. Jon very dumb as usual decided to RENT in the highest cost rental market in America. Kate has FRIENDS in MD. I saw her having lunch in Baltimore with another LADY not the bodyguard. Jon started the rumor about the bodyguard to get the heat off his cheating butt. Kate is friends with the bodyguards wife. Kate is not cheating.

  14. 39
    Kate is evil Says:

    What kind of mother leaves her children to be on her own? Where is the mothering instinct in this disgusting hag who first throws her husband out then leaves her children. She should be roasted alive for this.

  15. 40
    Kate Gosselin(adult?) Says:

    Naaaa nanny naaaa..I’m gonna have my own place tooo NAAA !

  16. 41
    Kev Says:

    I hope she tans herself into oblivion. What a selfish woman.

  17. 42
    Meplus2plus1 Says:

    First I thought he was right, then I thought she was right and now I think they’re both equally disturbed. These poor kids need a relative to rescue them ASAP!

  18. 43
    IWHYAWLI Says:

    Thank Jesus Kate got away from Jon, he’s so negative. It’s too bad the kids have to live alone in another state, but, Kate needs her “me” time. And the kids do have a nice big mansion and a nice nanny. So it’s no big deal. Jon moved to NYC and no one is picking on him! So Kate deserves to move to. Besides kids drive you crazy and Kate had 8 of them which is not her fault. She’s a beautiful person.

  19. 44
    she's crazy Says:

    -the less Kate is around those children, the better..dogs too

  20. 45
    kinman Says:

    How much money can they possibly have??? Both have condos that do not fit all of the kids at once..both have cars that all of the kids do not fit in all at once. I feel like they are both out for only themselves. The show was much more enjoyable when they had that big van to fit the whole family in.. and they struggled like everyday people. I cannot imagine that the money will go on forever, and if TLC has any sense, it will pull the plug on the show and leave these poor kids in peace to deal with their new reality. Are they putting back money for the kids at all (college etc..)? If they make 75,000 total for each episode, that will not stretch far enough for all of these mortgage payments.

  21. 46
    Jon Says:

    @Kate is evil: I hope that Kate dies in a fire.

  22. 47
    Baby Mama Says:

    @IWHYAWLI: Kate is the negative one. And yes it is Kate’s fault that she has eight children. She took fertility drugs you idiot. Your kind of people is the reason that Kate needs a bodyguard.

  23. 48
    Jed Says:

    I despise both of these people. Their actions are selfish and not at all for the benefit of their children. Typical selfish American behavior.

  24. 49
    really Says:

    can’t wait to see what her brother & sis in- law have to say about this.

  25. 50
    outburst Says:

    It bothers me both of them aren’t saving any money for those kids’ education. Spend spend spend. They need to be thinking about what is down the road a little bit more. Being a single mom or dad comes with a little bit more responsiblity.

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