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Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin will be living in Maryland while ex-husband-to-be Jon Gosselin has the kids at the family’s home in Reading, Penn. (Jon stays in his NYC bachelor pad while Kate has the kids.)

Radar reports Kate is moving into Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Of note: Bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland.

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128 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment”

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  1. 51
    enough is enough Says:

    We all could have guessed that Kate would move to Maryland. So she can stalk Steve. Kate is the stalking type. Steve has been totally out of the picture since North Carolina. Steve and Jon both know that they are better off without crazy Kate.

  2. 52
    Truth Says:

    The truth.You cannot read these two dipsh its for parents any other way.
    Dipshi t parent #1-Jon buys a single man’s multimillion dollar apt in NYC so he can live,dress,party,act and live like a single rich man.
    The a 2bedroom.WTF isgoingtoput8littlekids? At theirhomeinReading,PA.

    #2Dipsh it parent Kate-has a place in Rockville,Maryland…hmmmm,close to boyfrien, I mean mean bodyguard.

    These have made millions for themselves off of these kids.Being divorced,it would seem to buy a home in the same city as the family home.

  3. 53
    elizabeth Says:

    The poor children!!! What in the world… it does seem a tad coincidental that she’s close to the bodyguard. Why else would a mother live 2-3 hours away from her kids??? Both parents should be ashamed of themselves. I guess that explains Kate’s breast implants, and SUCH a happy face while in NC with “him”. I cannot believe that they are subjecting those kids to more torture and filming during this huge crisis at this time in their young lives. I do believe that Kate was “sniffing” around long before Jon.

  4. 54
    Jan Says:

    @elizabeth: Kate will be living near DISCOVERY CHANNEL HEADQUARTERS. She can work while Jon is with the kids in PA. I love the cafes with organic and kosher food in Rockville. This is a good investment unlike Jon’s overpriced rental.

  5. 55
    Tands Says:

    WTH??? Wouldn’t you want to live in the same CITY as your kids? What if there is an emergency or one of the kids needs to see one of the parents for a random reason. That is the HEIGHT of irresponsibility. This sounds like a waste of $$$ too. How are they going to send these kids to college? College is going to cost A LOT more in 10 years!

  6. 56
    lISA Says:

    I feel sorry for all the people who paid to see these two and gave them “love offerings.” Everything they do is calculated. They probably have great financial advisors/lawyers now. It would be foolish not to have TLC rent/buy these apartments for them. Wonder if they were given a “housing allowance” when their separation became public knowledge. Whoops! Living above the garage won’t work anymore!
    Perhaps the apartments are even owned by the network. I have to wonder what the tax advantages are in moving to NY/MD. (People used to commute to NYC from CT to avoid paying taxes for weekends and holidays. CT had no state income tax.) I’ll bet that if the big house is their work site, they’ll be able to deduct the expenses for that place (big $$) and perhaps even travel when they go their for “business.” Heck, if Sarah Palin could bill the state of Alaska on nights that she slept at home in Wasilla, these greedy parents will also find some loophole! Love offering anyone?

  7. 57
    anonymous Says:


    Much better than having the kids uprooted each time the custodial care changes hands between parents.

  8. 58
    jerseygrl Says:

    This lady is so annoying.

  9. 59
    anonymous Says:

    @The house:

    Many parents have jobs that require frequent travel away from their children. This way, one of the parents is always with the children. Far less disruptive for the kids.

  10. 60
    anonymous Says:

    New York City is probably the “most anonymous” place one can live.

  11. 61
    anonymous Says:


    If I were single, I wouldn’t want to live in a rural area or small town.

  12. 62
    anonymous Says:


    How on earth could you possibly know how much they are saving.

  13. 63
    sasha Says:

    The bodyguard also lives in Maryland, how convenient. I just hope Steve is a good dad because those kids need at least one good parent and role model.

  14. 64
    ftw Says:

    How much did it cost? Where in Maryland does the bodyguard live? We know when Jon picks his nose because of the stalkerazzi, but it’s a media blackout with Kate. What is the world’s best mawwwm doing when she doesn’t have the kids? What is SHE spending? Hellooooooo! lol

  15. 65
    rhonda Says:

    those kids will soon be asking for a divorce from their parents! They got money, who needs Jon and Kate.

  16. 66
    IWHYAWLI Says:

    I think you are mad because you want what Kate has, Baby Mama. Kate is the best mom in the world and she loves her kids enough to move away from them to clear her mind. That made her an even better mom in my book. I just know she talks on the phone with them every single day, so it’s just like she’s there. There’s no difference between Kate and SAHM. She’s so pretty too.

  17. 67
    Gary Says:

    Let’s just say that I used to be a frind of both Jon and Kate’s. I have lost all respect for Jon, although I’m not sure that I ever used to really have any. Let’s get one thing straight–Kate NEVER cheated on Jon with anyone. Jon started that story. He made it up with no merit whatsoever. In fact, Steve’s wife adores Kate and knows it is a fat lie as much as Kate and Steve do. Kate is not seeing anyone romantically. She does have male and female friends, but she mostly associates with her longtime female friends. Jon on the other hand has no friends so he is out making new ones. Those closest to the family know that Jon made up a lot of stories about Kate. She is a decent woman. Jon cannot even look Kate in the eye as he from all the lies he made about her to get people to feel sorry for him and hate her. He is very selfish and only cares about himself. Glad I am able to see Jon for Jon and I hope that others can see through him too. We are all devastated for Kate’s 8 children.

  18. 68
    k8sucks Says:

    YES, THERE IS A DOUBLE STANDARD! Kate’s PR team is working overtime, in addition to her stalkerish, obsessive fans (hi Baby Mama!!!!) to make Kate look like an actual person, and not the monster she is. I swear…it disturbs me to no end that this 00′s version of Betty Broderick has ANY supporters. It’s so sick! Feminism is dead!

    Buy yeah, all the tabloids and tabloid websites detail Jon’s everything, but Kate? She gets a free pass. Sigh.

  19. 69
    outburst Says:

    @anonymous: I depends on the small town. For me it’s all about culture. I need a place that has an influx of all kinds of people and cuture. Usually that means a bigger city but no t always depening on location. I have done the small town thing and I do not relate well to people who are more isolated and non-culturally diverse. I grew up culturally diverse and there is no changing my comfort level, don’t want to. I work in a field where I can literally pick anywwhere to live. And I plan to take advantage of that to the fullest throughout my career. I guess I can see your point about being anonymous and famous though.

  20. 70
    chloe!!! Says:

    Can’t atleast ONE of these parents stay in PA with their children and their ‘childrens house’ ??…… so STUPID !

  21. 71
    outburst Says:

    @Gary: How do you know she never cheated? Most people will never know what goes on between two people. And they may never say since you aren’t suppose to bad mouth the other parent when you get a divorce. Obviously something in their marriage was irretrievably broken though.

  22. 72
    whatevs Says:

    “Let’s just say that I used to be a frind of both Jon and Kate’s. ”

    Of course you were, Gary. Of course you were. And I used to smoke doobies with the tooth fairy.

  23. 73
    outburst Says:

    @anonymous: There are many careers in which travel or long hours are necessary. Military, Doctor, Lawyer, celebrity. There is nothing wrong with having a parent who is long distance, has to tour for a year or two (military or music), or works long hours as long as the best effort is being made to keep in touch with the family. People can visit and webcam, and all sorts of things nowadays. It’s what people do. My own parent was gone for sometimes a year or two at a time. Marry or have a family with someone who is willing and understands the situation and NO PROBLEMS. Problems only happen when the other person doesn’t understand the demands of a career field. People thrive or make those situations work all the time. Just have to hook your heart on the right person.

  24. 74
    Susan Says:

    Big brand new million dollar home, penthouse pad in NYC, Condo in MD….Do these people know that money doesn’t grow on tree’s and that the well will run dry at the rate they are going? Not smart.

  25. 75
    jeff Muisal Says:

    @Liza: Why else would her condo be ONE BLOCK from Steve neilds office, if nothing was happening? And it is kind of strange that TLC, would be picking up the tab for both condo’s, except I think there leased and not bought. This was supposed to be to keep them apart , not be away from the kids.

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