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Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin will be living in Maryland while ex-husband-to-be Jon Gosselin has the kids at the family’s home in Reading, Penn. (Jon stays in his NYC bachelor pad while Kate has the kids.)

Radar reports Kate is moving into Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Of note: Bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland.

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128 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment”

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  1. 76
    outburst Says:

    @anonymous: I just watch their spending. But then again, I am not the type that because I have $10 in my wallet I need to spend $2 or $5 to feel good. It’s called investing. My Aunt is a banker and when you have lots of money you just don’t go spending it because you CAN. You still need to be smart and conservative with it.

  2. 77
    outburst Says:

    @sasha: Totally. Being a role model is huge. I agree. I try my best to be a role model for my kids. And you really have to make an effort and bring the best out of yourself. I am trying to be the person I hope they will be one day. I’m sure I will fall short but it’s what good parents try to do.

  3. 78
    jello Says:

    Two loser’s white thrash. They got rich and couldn’t spend it fast enough like two big hillbillies. They think by moving to these expensive condo’s that automatically makes them classy. Kate is from a trailer park and now they are both spending money like two chickens with their heads cut off. Do they actually think this money is going to be coming in forever!!!!!!!!! As for her so called books since she decided she is NOW an author are not going to sale forever and then what is she going to write about then. What kind of mother would go that far from her kids?? I would be getting a place as close as I could to that 1.3 million home in case of an emergency and I would want to keep my eye on that moron and who he plans on having around when he is alone with those kids.
    Keep taking in all the freebies and still run out and get two condo’s that are worth more than that house put together. Greedy, disgusting Gosselins. Look at so much heartache in this world and families with more kids than 8 and how they are probaley living while these two selfish, self centered losers are seeing who could get the best condo
    him or her. I really pity that condo complex, once she moves in she will think she owns the entire bldg and won’t speak to anyone and nobody better even look at her since she decided in her imaginary land that she is a celebrity. She is a common ordinary person that not to long ago was shopping at Walmart like the rest of us and now trailer park Kate is too good for everybody. If I saw her on the street I wouldn’t approach her for all the money in the world, she is no better than anyone else in this world. If I came into a load of money I wouldn’t change my personality and become a stuck up b—- like she has.

  4. 79
    dory Says:

    How is Kate going to drive herself to DC? She doesn’t like driving on highways. It will take her an entire day to drive on back roads, unless she takes a bus or a limo. Why aren’t any photos showing up of her when she is away from the PA home during her free time? The kids never have a break from the cameras, Jon is being photographed everywhere, but where is Kate? She’ll be on the arm of some politician.

  5. 80
    zanessa4everrr! Says:

    thats actually pretty cool. :) i live in maryland. like 15 minutes from rockville actually. so i find it kinda cool, no one really goes to maryland. lol

  6. 81
    eRIN Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I used to like going home to Rockville :( Please, please no one pay attention too her. She only wants attention. If we ignore her she will move.

  7. 82
    Jess Says:

    Sooooooo, they are just going to visit their kids?! I mean, taking turns is fine, but why do they have to live so far away?! and are the kids on their own now?! I thought, you visited the kids when they where out of the house and married! not the otherway around!

  8. 83
    Jess Says:

    Lets boycott Jon and Kate! they need a dose of honest REALITY! They are riding on the kids gravy train!

  9. 84
    Save8in09 Says:

    Do you “fans” get it yet??

    Kate and Jon are BOTH terrible parents and these kids deserve better.

  10. 85
    Save8in09 Says:

    @Zoe: If his wife didn’t “complain,” maybe she’s embarrassed? Why is Kate moving so far from her kids and so close to Steve? Keep drinking the KoolAide because she needs your love offerings to pay rent for her apartment (probably cost more than most mortgages).

    They still own the other home too. They keep lowering the selling price but nobody wants it because of all the bad ju ju!

  11. 86
    Save8in09 Says:

    @Zoey: I agree. They both suck!

  12. 87
    sasha Says:

    I really just don’t get it. I have an eight year old son and if I divorced my husband I could not imagine being that far away from him. If there was an emergency or if he just needed his mom…being two and a half or three hours away…especially as irresponsible as Jon acts…no way. Just when I think these two might be able to move through this with some dignity they do something really stupid. What idiots!

  13. 88
    Save8in09 Says:

    @Jess: I have been saying this for MONTHS but the public just wants more and more of this family.

  14. 89
    outburst Says:

    @sasha: I’m in the same position as you but part of the reason I divorced was because my ex told me he wouldn’t be able to watch the kids in the evenings while I studied or went to school. It was just too overwhelming for him to watch them all evening and he would lose his patience with them. So I did the responsible thing and moved by family that were capable of helping me and watching them without issues. Sometimes the person you have children with is not capable of following through on parenting responsibilities. In those cases it’s better to live where you can have support for you and your children. Of course I’m not rich nor do I have the advantages either of them do. I agree it’s best to keep close to the other parent if that is an option.

  15. 90
    sasha Says:

    @outburst: We’re all going to fall short at times, realizing that is what makes you a good parent. I have an eight year old son and raising him has been the most fulfilling and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The one thing that Jon and Kate seem to be missing is the fact that when that new life or lives you created comes into this word its no longer about you and your needs. They created 8 human beings and they say they are their main priority…Well they need to start proveing it. I have several childless girlfriends that would love to be moms to those prescious children and not use them to make $ but just love them very much.

  16. 91
    kn Says:

    Damit I live in Rockville

  17. 92
    sasha Says:

    Jon and Kate have said the house is for the kids it was bought for the children. So the kids know that mom and dad are having problems. Moms there when dad isn’t and vice versa. I think that would be harder on them knowing mom and dad are so far away and we’re in this big house with only mommy or daddy. You know what I think? I think Jon and Kate just did it out of their own convenience so they could leave the kids there and have their own condo with no children around. Cara and Mady are already in counseling and the crew for TLC says the younger children are acting out also. Probably because mom and dad are idiots.

  18. 93
    sasha Says:

    @outburst: Its so wonderful that you have family to help you. I have a hard time trying to understand why your ex did not feel like he should watch the kids for you…Jeeezz…your trying to get an education and make a better life for yourself and your family. Just stay in school, keep the faith and complete your education and you will find someone really special to share life with. I went through a nasty divorce in my 20′s. I went to college and I now have an education no one can ever take from me. You keep up the good work..and be proud of yourself.

  19. 94
    Michelle Says:

    Read more about the Gosselins here:

  20. 95
    linda in nm Says:

    If Jon calls his NYC his pad, he will have to pay the highest income taxes in the nation. I wonder if the new condo complexes that they are both in will be happy with all the paparazzi that they will attract.

    I hope the rags are going to be stationed to watch for Steve.

    They are now supporting FIVE residences. Their original house is not selling. Could it be all the bad karma the place exudes? They have the mansion and then each has an apartment and then there is the condo in Utah that Jon bought to ski.

  21. 96
    outburst Says:

    @sasha: Thank you for the words of encouragement. My ex has always leaned on me with both elbows in my back so to speak. He’s just very lazy and impatient and can’t do any “heavy lifting” of childcare for very long. Mostly it’s the impatients that bothers me. Not only was he up front about not being able to do it, but I know I would be setting myself up to drop out and fail if I even attempted it. And that is not who I am. He’s always said I wasn’t allowed to attain a higher degree than he has before he can. There are many issues with him. Suffice it to say he hasn’t encouraged or helped me better myself in life. He’s a taker and he’s kept me down and tried to change who I am as a person. My family has much better character and is a much better influence on my children than he is. My hope is that they will grow up better with me as a single mom and a wide variety of family and friends supporting and influencing them throughout growing up than they would have had a stayed in an unhealthy marriage. I do plan to stay in school for my bachelors at the very least and hopefully some day much more. I’m extremely excited to be back in school and better myself for my children and I. I wish my ex was different, but if he was, I probably wouldn’t be divorcing him. I don’t know if I will ever find anyone else to partner with or love. But I do know I am happier now alone than I was married. And I am happy with my kids and content with life. Maybe one day I’ll have more but I’m happy right now.

  22. 97
    jenna Says:


  23. 98
    mindy Says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING?? They own a house that is for sale not far from them. WHY wouldn’t they just take it off the market and share that when it’s their time to leave instead of getting all these apartments??? Nobdy wants to buy that pissed filled, puked up house anyways!

  24. 99
    liverwurst Says:

    JJ what’s wrong with you? You used to be kind and fair. To insinuate the affair with Steve Neild is an out right lie. You seem to have little patience for those that commit adultry and yet you’re a huge Angie fan and she has done so many, many times. What gives, sweetie?

  25. 100
    Steve Says:

    Gary ,hehehe, what a joke. My name is Steve and let’s just say I was a frienddddd of this couple and I can tell you that Kate is a little Hitler . She is a total control freak. Her staff is constantly changing because all that it takes is one bad day for her and your out of there,fired. She sits on her cell all day and barks orders and spends the rest of the day sneakily seeing if every task is carried out to her satisfaction,whatever that is on a daily basis, nobody knows! When it isn’t she flies off the handle and even her children run and hide ,frightened. When Jon was present he had a calming effect on all of those around him. I do believe he will be back when this hectic period is up to be with his children who love him so.

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