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Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment

Kate Gosselin will be living in Maryland while ex-husband-to-be Jon Gosselin has the kids at the family’s home in Reading, Penn. (Jon stays in his NYC bachelor pad while Kate has the kids.)

Radar reports Kate is moving into Rockville, a wealthy part of Montgomery County.

Of note: Bodyguard Steve Neild also lives in Maryland.

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128 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Scores Maryland Apartment”

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  1. 101
    I pray for her demise Says:

    Kate is a lying home wrecker. It is not enough that this ignorant piece of garbage had to sell out and destroy her own family. She is on a mission to destroy Steve’s and any other man stupid enough to have anything to do with her. Her pics make me want to wretch.
    Join with me now in prayer:
    Dear Holy Father of creation, we pray that Kate is struck down with a debilitating disease causing her to be a vegetable and be forced to rely on all those that she steamrolled with her out of control ego over the years, and may these caretakers knock her around & take no pity on her, making her life a living hell for many years until she slowly and agonizingly passes. Let us pray. Amen. Praise be.

  2. 102
    Eve Says:

    now just what is the difference between Jon an Kate?
    Kate is a way,way better liar and much more deceptive than Jon.

  3. 103
    cass Says:

    Rockville is really pretty, its very developed and is just 20 min from DC and has a lot of charm AND sophistication. Its about an hour and a half from Wernersville. Shes ruined one of my favorite places now though:(

  4. 104
    Kate fan Says:

    I juss luv Kate .She is a wunnerful mom.

  5. 105
    eunice(: Says:

    what?! i thought the house was meant for the children and now she’s moving out? i pity these young children, having to face so much at these age, they moved once and now, again? i really hope the best for them all. love (;

  6. 106
    jeff Muisal Says:

    @Lady: How about Steve Nield the”bodyguard”? She’s one block from his office.. How convient. I guess her ‘love’ fr him never has subsided; and THAT is what started this entire mess.

  7. 107
    jeff Muisal Says:

    If ALL of you don’t want to beliveve there’s nothing between Kate and Steve Nield; give it some time and she’ll step out publically with this somehow. Why else would she move to Rockville,MD,just one block from Steves office? SHE wants STEVE back, and I’ll bet on it. Whose stronger, Kate or Nina Neild?

  8. 108
    Paula Says:

    wow! the kids are living in a million $ house while each parent lives in their own respective million $ apartment. typical shared custody:} a far cry from when jon and kate originally hit the air. what money does to people! i would rather be poor and happy…

  9. 109
    kelly Says:


  10. 110
    bryan Says:

    I wonder how steve’s son and wife are handling this?

  11. 111
    team kate Says:

    Isn’t Maryland closer to PA then NY? (I’m not American) Either way it’s bizarre. What do other divorce couples do? She can still live there while he takes care of them. I don’t understand moving to different states and getting apartments. These people are so wierd. I think it’s great not moving the children around but why another state?

  12. 112
    team kate Says:

    @Baby Mama: Um I’m sure Jon AGREED and jizzed in a cup or whatever to make them. She didn’t knock herself up or steal his sperm. Your kind is the reason people need bodyguards you nutcase.

  13. 113
    Barbara Says:

    Kate did not want to move out of the house. If you noticed she was staying in the house and jon was staying in another area – but jon has a lot of contempt for kate – a lot of men get that way after their wives give birth or even while their wives are pregnant. They are not manly enough – they see their wives as their enemies and no longer as a sex symbol and they develop contempt for them. Jon would have done that to anyone else that was his wife. He does not know how to rise up to the occassion and take control of his life and his responsibilities. I actually feel sorry for him. I wish he would hang out with people who would guide him in the right direction. My fear is that when he come to grips with reality – it would be too late. He started the rumor about kate – he told the media that kate was having an affair when indeed she was not. That was his way of dealing with what he was doing with Deanna. It is good that kate has moved out of the area so that she does not have to see the paps etc. and she can focus on what she has to continue to do for her kids and work on the other things she is working on. The condo she has is large enough for the kids to visit – if they want to – when she has to move out so that jon can move in with the kids. I hope the kids would have that alternative. Many of you were saying that kate is not playing with the boys and that she is always in the front yard so the paps can film her. Well, now she is gone and jon is here and the paps are filming him. Is he sitting out in the front yard so the paps can see him? – I am sure no, I am sure the paps are waiting there for any opportunity for when anyone at all is in the front yard. Also, since jon came home I have not seen him with any of the boys. I have only seen him with four of the girls in all of the pictures. So, people, think before you speak/write/judge.

  14. 114
    Pete Says:

    Incidentally, kate and steve’s wife are good friends. Also kate has a very good female friend in Maryland. It is good for her to be around true friends. So there is nothing evil or trashy about her moving to Maryland. She needs to move away from areas near to where jon is. If she should live in the neighborhood and pop up somewhere where jon is – then jon and people would say she is stalking jon or that she is spying on him. She needs to be far away from him – she made a right choice – she is far away from him when he is at the kids home but yet near enough to get down to them if needed. Also, she made a wise decision to purchase a condo rather than rent. If things should turn around so that she gets to live in the children’s home and does not have to leave when jon comes by then she can always sell the condo or rent it. As far as I can see she has made a wise move.

  15. 115
    sasha Says:

    To everyone of you who take the time to write such extensive character building comments about these two losers…I have only one thing to say…WHO CARES! There just white trash with $. Money, by the way, they made off pimping out their kids. Losers………..

  16. 116
    kRISTINE Says:

    @marissa: LOL! She might be too famous for Maryland, she’s obviously too chic for P>A

  17. 117
    kRISTINE Says:

    They’re trying to out-cool each other! What happens when 2 are sick, 1 has an accident, and the twins have school activites. My point is with eight children getting older, the supervision will have to get more widespread. 3hrs away in different directions? Who’s giving advice, and why aren’t they thinking of the KIDS, which is their famous one-liner? What if one just needs to see the other parent @ 6 o’clock @ nite? Man… do they really think this is best they can do?

  18. 118
    SWEET Says:

    @Lady: #2 Lady @ 07/28/2009 at 6:03

    When did you form the opinion that Kate has class? Was it before or after the pic of her “c u next Tuesday” or all the “breasts on the verge of popping out of her dresses or shirts?

  19. 119
    88 miles Says:

    It will be interesting to see what becomes of this family in a few years when the kids reach the awkward stage and aren’t cute anymore, and no sponsors are available.

    I’m an old lady who went through a couple of rocky places in my own marriage and stuck it out ,worked it out with my erring husband because it was the best for our family. The British call women who flee a marriage “Bolters” and there certainly are a lot of them now everywhere. Of course, men should be equally responsible for their children’s welfare.

    My educator daughter tells me kids survive divorces and desertions better today because there are so many of them. Jon and Kate sure aren’t putting their 8 kids needs ahead of theirs!

  20. 120
    belle Says:

    It has just been reported that Kate did NOT purchase a condo in Maryland. She hasn’t purchase a 2nd home anywhere.

  21. 121
    b.p. dumas Says:

    I never actually did view the insipid “jon and kate +8 program”, it never actually interested me, but in retrospect when the crap hit the fan I did develop a sort of curiosity about the matter. These people, both of them are reckless in the first place for having 8 children, I’ve beleived for a long time that something ought to be done about fertility control in this country and all these jackass yuppie types obsessed with thier bloody “biological clocks”, nothing coersive, more along the line of paying these money loving dingleberries to get sterilized or something not really harmful along these lines. But these people, these jon and kate creeps, they’re beasts, they had 8 kids, couldn’t pay for em, dreamed up this reality TV scenario and pimped out thier offspring for blood money, more like grocery money, but its still blood money, thier marriage appearently has been a “fraud” for over a year conservatively speaking and if I were legal eagles at the cable networks I’d be suing these grade Z actors for defrauding the network, the whole show was a big and pony act and a pathetic one. They both ought to be either in jail or a mental institution or both, I beleive those rumors about kate and the bodygaurd, One day after a media report on her move to maryland, and the move is off. Yah, sure, that was just a coincidence. and pigs fly too. Pigs fly, the other appearently oversexed freak already has 2 girlfriends, give me a break. I hate them both , they’re both moral degenerates and quite possibly crooks and definitely “confidence people” out to bilk and steal .

  22. 122
    sammy Says:

    Good for her!

  23. 123
    danielle fisher Says:

    @dabu: Obviously you care, if you are reading about them!!!

  24. 124
    Annie Says:

    ugh. THANKS. i live in the actual area she’s moving in to.
    it’s as home town suburb as it gets.
    great the wicked witch of the north this way comes. . .

  25. 125
    Debbie Says:

    Is TLC footing the bill for this too?

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