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LeAnn Rimes Finds Her Friends

LeAnn Rimes Finds Her Friends

LeAnn Rimes looks a little cheerful on her way to visit a friend in Los Angeles on Monday (July 27).

The 26-year-old Mississippi-born country singer and husband Dean Sheremet announced their separation earlier this week, in the wake of allegations that LeAnn and her former made-for-TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian were having an affair. She then opened up about her broken relationship at a performance at the Deer Valley Music Festival in Utah Saturday night.

The couple is, “leading separate lives…but still in each other’s lives as best friends. They are not divorcing yet, but working though things and taking time apart…while they figure things out,” a source told Us Weekly.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes finding her friends…

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  • jj

    Yep, she has the “Sienna Smirk” going. Find it interesting that the last straw for Mrs. Cibrian was the photos from July 17th or so…how is it that the paps knew he was meeting her there? Betcha our Smirkface gal wanted to push the affair along and had someone tip this whole thing off. Gee Leann you WON a cheater. Chicago SU Times reporting that these two will be tying the knot when their divorces are final. They better be watching for the tidal wave of karma!

  • blah

    Its funny, she hasnt been in ths spotlight for years. Now all of the sudden, shes all over teh place. Shes a homewrecker. Why should she get a profit from that?

  • fresh

    this whole thing is getting messy.

  • Deb

    KARMA prob sooner than later. I didn’t see anything in the sun times

  • Ruth

    How can people be so cruel and cynical to their own spouses? Why did they have to humiliate his wife and her husband in such a public way? They really deserve each other and it won’t end well, of that I am sure.

  • Ruth

    p.s. She is a really unattractive woman

  • Halli

    You said it Ruth… she looks like a rat.

  • Brookeloganforresterforestorfo

    jj,ruth,deb,and everybody,can’t say it all any better than you all have.I AM NOT FOR Cheating, but this case involves two little babies, (the Cibrian babies aged 2 and 4),and innocent dumb spouses in the sense their spouses (Leann and Dean) were making fools of them, Dean Sheremet and Brandi Cibrian.
    Different case for example…
    Angelina Jolie had no kids or spouse. Brad had Jennifer, but they had no kids and it seems there was an agreement for a family after Firends,….if he had stayed with Jennifer,he will still have no family….right after her next dvd movie,ok,a child right after the nevxt dvd movie and so on.

    What does it mena that “they are best friends taking sometimeaprt…”
    Either you are married or divorced.Separated same as divorced in that you are getting doivorced soon.
    Eddie no name actor Cibrian and Leann Rimes need to adult up and just divorce their spouses. Well,maybe not Brandi.She should hold out until Leann and Dean want to get married and then she can go after Leann’s money via Eddie’s prenup agreement with Eddie.
    Dean already has his money from Leann in his prenup,etc.
    I am a fan of Leann’s, but I sure thought she was smarter than this.
    A married man with babiesetc.Leann has the most to lost here in her reputation,fan support,negative press ,money,and she looks the worst here. Don’tforget,aftgerEddie plays boyfriend with her for a while,oreven house or husband,he’llleave her.
    Dr.Phil says,if they cheat with you,they’ll cheat on you.

  • amy

    Leeanne is just plain down and dirty. Yuo know she tipped off the paps to this nasty affair. Leeanne has been in show buisness her entire life. She knows how to play this game and boy is she going for it. I will NEVER support anything she does again.

  • andrea

    And this whole, “I’m above the gossip and rumors” thing LeeAnn has going is just so arrogent of her. She is a HOME-WRECKER & a has been teen country “singer”. Nothing more.

  • jennifer j

    Look how LeeAnne is enjoying her time in the spotlight. Yes her smirk says it all. I got my man the old fashion way. I sucked some ____ and he left his wife and babies for MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! What a sleazy tramp!!!!

  • kathie lee

    Eddie must be one Huge Dim Bulb to fall for this ugly thing. Leeann is UGLY UGLY. BOW-WOW-WOW!!!!
    And dosen’t Eddie have 2 very young children besides a very pretty wife. Leeann must really be patting herself on the back for snagging Eddie. Well played Leeann, you are 100% WHORE.

  • cameron

    I do not know what Ed sees in this BI_CH. Not to mention she acts like she just won a contest with that smirky smile she loves to show these days. Yeah BI_CH, this is someones life your messin with. Grow up already. And Ed, well you are just pathitic for cheating on your wife and children. Yes, KARMA is a BI_CH and You both deserve nothing but unhappiness.

  • sally

    So Leeanne acts like this is just breakinig her heart. What a lying fool. She cheated with a married father of two kids and can’t even own up to the fact. At her last concert she went on and on how life and relationships let you down and break your heart. WOW !!! Leeanne is now trying to get the public to stand behind her. What a b___h sh is.

  • sasha

    Just for the record not all southern girls act this way. She’s a pig..

  • Deb

    Brooke agree with evrything you say….lets take it one step further shall we…. Eddie knows what a d$%che he is. Also don’t be surprised if more women come out of the woodwork(if this wasn’t so tragic it would be fun to watch). I’ll just bet US has more dirt that will be exposed. Also lets say Eddie and Leann get together…she’ll have him followed to the bathroom she’ll never trust him nor be able to change him. He is a serial cheat from way back. Brandi and Dean are better off. Since most of the court of public opinion who is following this, is on their side. When this hot mess is done i have a feeling they will both be just fine. Sadder, wiser but definitely stronger . Dean is popular with the CMT crowd and Brandi is a beautiful feisty woman and probably has connections that aren’t Eddie’s. I personally think Eddie is in it for the money and fame.

  • summer time

    Believe me LeeAnne has done this before!!! She has done this in Nashville, just to get the PR and headlines. Only this time she has messed up an entire family. Leeanne knows EXACTLY what she is doing. Like someone posted, Leeanne has been in this business her whole life and she knows how to get attention. No matter how ugly..

  • jj

    #4 Deb. Check out Bill Zwecker column in today’s Chicago Sun Times. Do any of you think her idiot speech at her show about heartbreak is not about her husband, but Slimy Eddie, who may be trying to “save” his marriage? Just a longshot guess. Anyho, the Smirk and the Jerk will never last, whether they marry or not. Feel bad for Mrs. Cibrian’s children; must be a really sad house right now.

  • Deb

    Sally, I don’t think most of public is going to stand behind her. Most of her fans are from the bible belt are they not? Also no one likes a hypocrite they can’t be trusted. Most woman hate this kind of stuff when kids are involved unless they are homewreckers themselves. Those babies are gonna be able to google dear old dad at some point and see the broken home he helped create because he couldn’t keep his zipper zipped. He will not be faithful to Leann Rimes.This one is gonna get uglier for her and the d%$che. Just watch….tip of the iceberg

  • Deb

    JJ….I do think he is trying to save his marriage. I think Brandi is done.I don’t think he planned on getting caught. He’s an idiot. I also don’t think he plans on being monogamous to any woman its not in his DNA. I live here in LA….he went to UCLA and had a live in girlfriend and another stashed across town….nice guy. I am also Cuban let me tell you something about Cuban men, for the most they will not be lead around by the nose by their women. Leann did that to Dean do you see Eddie putting up with it? I don’t.

  • sunseeker

    Eddie has not been faithful to any woman since he started dating and that is the word of one of his friends, said he was a nice guy loved his family but loves other woman too.

  • jj

    So he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Wonder how long Smirk will keep the Jerk satisfied? Is she going to follow him to the Florida set of CSI? He is so trustworthy on a remote shoot..ha ha Let’s see how fast she gets pregnant, to seal the deal :(

  • Deb

    JJ read the article by Bill Zwecker….he’s speculating. He’s prod thinking back on the Tori and Dean debacle. Her getting pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean it will seal the deal it might seal a fate he doesn’t want. In regards to the set on CSI, I bet Brandi won’t be taking his boys out there to see him. The women of CSI are very attractive and probably with more brains than Leann. She is an idiot. That speech the other night proves it. Normally that is the opener she supposedly uses before she sings that song(so her pr people say ;) however due to the circumstances she should have STFU. All that did was piss of the people who can’t stand when people throw God in the mix thinking he will condone bad behaviour. She is right God will certainly “take care of her kind” and I kinda think she won’t like it. Just a matter of time folks. Don’t be fooled by the fake smiles.

  • NUM

    omg everyone here is talkin like people actually care wat ur sayin. they dont! why waste ur time on this it aint like leann rimes is gonna read this. no one cares about ur opinion all u r is someone behind a computa screen

  • KC

    Is Eddie Blind?

  • phrapp

    Also everyone here as if the world was flat, black and white. Have you never heard of people falling out of love/falling in love with someone else? Are you all perfect with only perfect friends that have never done things that hurt other people, even though you wish it didn’t hurt that other person? I really doubt it. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  • **Jamie**

    Why is everyone acting like saints in here?

    She cheated and now her marriage is over, thats her problem.

    She is only 26, people make mistakes. Thats why you shouldn’t rush into marriage. Take all the time you need.

    As for these pictures, she looks beautiful. Love her sunglasses!!

  • larry

    Stop judging so hashly, there r two sides to the story. LeAnn keep the faith, follow you heart, the hell with evry1 else!

  • lynda

    Affairs are not fairytales, there is no “happily everafter” because someone always is hurt in the end. In this case it is EC’s wife and kids and LR husband. Why should anyone have sympathy for either of them, when they didn’t have one concern about how their actions would hurt others. Affairs are not about love or romance. People cheat because they are selfish and cowards, not because they have “fallen out of love” or “fallen in love”.

    LR is not innocent, she just keeps taunting EC’s wife. That little intro to her song was probably just another swipe at EC’s wife. If she is going to play games like this with people’s lives, then people are going to comment/judge her.

  • lynda

    Perhaps people should tell LR to stop juding EC’s wife. She wants EC, so she uses the media to take swipes at this woman?

  • susie


  • susie

    Why did u call this piece, “finding ur friends”? That’s a little beezar, Jared!

  • Karen

    If she’s been best friends with Keith Urban (and yes they have), she definitely knew he was gay.

  • phrapp

    @ Lynda, why are affairs not about love and romance, only about being a selfish coward?? It is so great that you have figured out everyone’s motives! Good detective work, I’m sure everyone who has ever had an affair will agree that YOUR reasons of why they had an affair are right.

  • lynda


    Affairs are not about LOVE or ROMANCE and are SELFISH/COWARDS because:

    1) PEOPLE GET HURT. If a person can have an affair(especially one that is so public) without once thinking about how their actions will hurt their spouse/significant other, then that is SELFISH.

    2) saying that you “fell out of love” or “in love” with someone else is passing the buck because the person isn’t owning up to their actions. That’s called being a coward. The person doesn’t have the decency to say that did because they didn’t care about anyone but themselves and so they play the blame game to justify their actions.

    Why are you even offended because someone isn’t sugarcoating affairs (ie-viewing it as some sort of fairytale where the man and woman and the people who got hurt by their actions live happily everafter )? People sugarcoat affairs because it makes them feel less quilty. You are simply offended because the truth hurts, you think that using the “but we are in love/I fell oout of love” excuse justifies the behavior. Well it doesn’t, and these are not MY REASONS for why people have affairs-IT’s REALITY. Anyone with some empathy can see that love has nothing to do with affairs.

  • jaja

    Good for her! She desrves it!

  • MTA56

    Deb – Your dimpled faced castro is slime bag worthless bastard! He was not forced into anything by Leann. HE has children!! He caould have said no!! He has a long history of cating around. Your defendiing him for one reason only – HIS looks!! Slime bag could not even get a decent job untill Leann helped thrust this ‘B’actor into the lime light! I hope someone nails this scum wade while he’s one his motorcycle! Go play on your stipper pole – the one your mom retired on!!!!

  • lynda

    By that same matter, LR could have said no as well. There is no sense in her pretending that she didn’t do anything wrong or trying to get back at his wife because EC wouldn’t leave his wife for her.

    This affair has also worked in LR favor as well, just look at how she has made money from that lifetime movie. I guess this makes her an actress now?

  • Deb

    Whoa Whoa MTA I agree he’s a scumbag and should have kept it zipped and said no. As for his looks yeah he’s good looking however
    his character and integrity is completely lacking. What I was trying to say is it neither one will trust the other. He will definitely do it again and again. Like I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Leann has him followed she certainly has the means to do so and yes it does take 2 to tango Leann could of said no also and she didn’t. Yes those kids are his but what kind of woman purposely pursues a married man and father? One also completely lacking in character and integrity.
    Leann doesn’t get a free pass in my book.

  • isis

    eu nem acredito ke o eddie cibrian ficou com essa dai.
    basta ja a mulher dele ke parece um traveco.
    o eddie cibrian e tao lindoo. mais ai ele so pode ta matando cachorro a grito.
    aff, eddie cibrian por favor neh.

  • freecourtney


    She’s beautiful. I bet you look ten times worse.

  • freecourtney

    Holy Christ, you guys are ridiculous. You act as if you know everything that is going on just because of a few magazine articles. And what is with all the hate over LeAnn?!? HELLLOOO? There is a man involved in this too, and all I see is “Oh, he could do better than her” blah blah blah. She’s beautiful, for the record, talented and smart. Humans aren’t meant to be monogamous. Her and Eddie both split from their partners, and obviously are happy being together, so what’s the problem? Quit being so judgmental and find something else to do with your time. …Makes me sick.