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Rachel Bilson Adds Sexual Tension

Rachel Bilson Adds Sexual Tension

Rachel Bilson picks up flowers and food with her mom Janice at a supermarket on Monday (July 27) in Glendale, Calif.

At Comic-Con 2009 on July 24, actor Zachary Levi shared a little bit about his NBC spy comedy, Chuck.

Zach said, “I’d be lying if I said that it hasn’t been really great working with Jordana Brewster and Rachel Bilson. They’re very beautiful girls and talented. It always adds a bit more to the sexual tension, as much as the fans are always wondering when are Chuck and Sarah going to get together. I feel as though [fans] all love the tension; everyone dies for the tension, you know.”

25+ pictures inside of Zachary Levi at 2009 Comic-Con….

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rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 01
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 02
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 03
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 04
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 05
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 06
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 07
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 08
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 09
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 10
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rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 12
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 13
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 14
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 15
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 16
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 17
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 18
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 19
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 20
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 21
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 22
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 23
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 24
rachel bilson sexual tension zachary levi 25

Credit: London Ent; Photos: John Shearer/Michael Buckner/Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • tim

    Thank you JJ for another absolutely meaningless mention of Rachel Bilson, these post continually prove how irrelevant she really is.

  • Rachel

    Rachel est absolument magnifique et c’est une fabuleuse actrice!!!

  • Frankie

    Wow, Jared i have to give you credit for how inventive you are becoming in what you are able to write beside your daily RB photos. It takes work but somehow you do it – it should be applauded!.
    You could have mentioned her Mom’s a sex therapist – not sure if you’ve said that before.

  • NativeNYker

    No, we don’t know Zach. Cuz not all of us watch.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • liz

    Just Jared, why you are so obsessed with this idiot? She should pay you to take pictures of it every day.

  • jamie

    I hope she get those flowers and push the butt of her mother, two idiots.

  • tonie

    @ Frankie I was thinking the same thing. And thought the picture with the security guard was funny. Was she mobbed by adoring fans leaving the grocery store? Does she still have fans?

  • heather

    LOL–this is ridiculous and not news or gossip.

  • Funkey

    Anyone see this as a promotional for the teen choice awards in hopes to get the tweens to vote for her. B/C she did the same damn thing last year was seen ever other day b/c she wanted to win the all famous surf board for a sport she doesn’t do. Hell I like the looks of this dude over the A-hole she is so called engaged too.

  • NIck

    Rachel Bilson was great in Chuck!

  • liz

    I do not believe that Hayden is alone. I bet that he should have another woman with him :)

  • tonie

    Just saw that Rachel look-a-like Mila Kunis will be starring with Natalie Portman. Guess she missed out on another role. Wonder if she auditioned a few weeks ago when she was actually seen at a studio and carrying a script.

  • Halli

    Come on Jared…. we’ve finally caught on to this do-nothing person.
    You made her sound like she’s actually working on something other than shopping/

  • Halli

    I’d rather see more Mila Kunis… like someone else said. She is a (somewhat unlikely) rising star and cooped a new role opposite Natalie Portman. Not to mention, she actually works.

  • @12

    Mila Kunis unlike RB has talent and gorgeous legs and body, so she can play a dancer. And even though she is not as good as Natalie Portman, she is certainly better than talentless deformed RB.

  • @12

    Just look at RB’s legs, have you ever seen a dancer with such ugly legs.

  • bella

    @liz: AGREE!!! PLEASE JJ Stop posting her!!!

  • tonie

    Never meant to imply Rachel should have gotten the role if she even auditioned. Thought it was worth posting since Mila and Rachel look somewhat alike. Mila is talented and I really liked her on the 70′s show. At this point all Rachel has the OC (stupid show) and a couple of crappy movies. Her acting couldn’t have even come close the Natalie’s. Rachel is definitely at the end of her career.

  • Meream

    Zachary is always funny. I think I am in love with him.

  • anonymous

    Can’t help feeling I’m having my flesh pumped now, like being confronted by a politician desperate for votes. It’s beginning to have the air of a deliberate and slightly desperate campaign. Clearly somebody asked him the question but why show it on jj? There’s an ulterior motive behind this sudden plethora of bland Bilson based items. All very strange and smacks of manipulation.

  • anonymous

    @tonie: She’s being passed over to often now, her act’s getting old. I wonder how long it’s going to take her to notice.

  • @Nick

    @NIck: It was two years ago! Two years ago! How is it relevant now?

  • yeech

    She’s desperate to win that Teen Choice Award for fashion runway icon or whatever, because she can’t get a job as an actress and isn’t having luck trying to pass herself off as some kind of fashionista or designer. The marketing ploy that she’s relevant because the teenaged girls love her style is the only claim to fame she thinks she has left. She took up with Hayden Christensen in an effort to put herself forward and have his name get her work but that hasn’t worked. He’s just as bad an actor as she is and worse doesn’t seem interested in being seen with her unless it promotes him as well. Also he has to be paid for everything including showing her affection like with the Lacoste PDA’s which were total publicity stunts and he was paid well for both. She hasn’t been on any show teens watch for years. Her movies are huge failures and notice the last one she did, Waiting for Forever, appears now to be called Waiting for DVD. She tried designing and got totally caught copying someone elses’s work also her line was crap. This being papped every single day just shows how much she wants to still matter and how little she actually does, if the only camera time she gets is in front of grocery stores and with people like her mother and sister.

  • Chax

    Can’t help but wonder if she’s been dumped yet again. The X17 guys were all over her in front of the grocery store asking if she’s set a date for her wedding, she didn’t look very happy. Could explain why she’s papped every single day, she’s getting as much mileage out of it as she can before the truth comes out.

  • liz


    Waiting for DVD! LOL

  • liz

    She will stay in Los Angeles until the Teen Choice, after this idiot will go away. She only calling the paparazzi every day to take pictures of her clothes for people remember to vote in her in Teen Choice. Is an idiot who just knows go to parties and appear for paparazzi.

    I bet she will not use the ring on Teen Choice for gain attention. I still have hopes for Hayden, but his career, will only improve when he split with this idiot.

  • lakers fan in boston

    rachel is actually on a show?
    wow, im surprised, id think jared would post that every time
    i no not many ppl like her but i have a soft spot for her
    true, she’s talentless but i still find her cute
    i really wish she would try 2 do something tho =\

  • Funkey

    Again this is press attention for her the x17 video didn’t show that she cares enough even to smile to the men like normally she will. Pretty sure this was the car HC was driving back in May when he was in LA guess he gave it to her or LaCoste paid for it. She doesn’t have to do much but shop and shop some more. Tough life she leads and yes I say this is all for the teen choice awards.

  • lexy

    Wow! She actually did some work??? Who knew??? Then again wasn’t Nicole Richie on Chuck too?? That says it all.

    Hayden has helped her career. She’s in that Woody Allen movie that he’s in and she’s in Jumper 2. I think he likes her – she’s the untalented & less attractive version of Natalie Portman.

    I don’t feel bad for her – she’s probably got the paps on speed dial. How else do they know where she is?? It’s not like she’s Britney or Posh & they wait outside her house and follow her. She’s in these off-beat places that the paps wouldn’t be able to find unless she called them. It’s not like she’s at the Ivy or the Grove or some popular store. Yet somehow they know to go to some little supermarket or balloon store. Yeah right!!!

  • lexy

    PS – Chuck is from Josh Schwartz who did the OC and Rachel introduced him to his wife. So no it wasn’t her talent that got her that gig.

  • Chax

    She was on Chuck two seasons ago, why are they even talking about it? Unless Josh is getting ready to throw the dog another bone.

  • @29 Lexy

    Where did you get the information that RB is in the Woody Allen film and that Jumper 2 is being made?

  • Funkey

    Was going to say that Woody Allen would never hire RB or he has never even said he liked WA movies she only ever said she liked the Annie Hall look b/c it’s VINTAGE please all she talks about is an era she never lived in. Gee how vogue is she notttt!!!!! and Vintage now days has been done to death some like it some don’t. and Annie Hall is long gone.

    As for J2 Please nooo J1 was bad enough there is NO talk about a sequel and a bit hard since SLJ is doing THOR and is NICK FURY in Iron Man 2 and is destine to get his own movie after Thor SLJ if he does Thor he will be back with Natalie Portman who is proven talent over this joke of a woman.

  • Marieme

    Oh he looks so hot with that beard. He really is a funny and talented actor!

  • Marieme

    That’s Whole Foods. I’ve seen a few celebs there. It’s a pretty big one.

  • voice of reason

    I like Rachel’s dress, very summer

  • sharon

    @liz: You are so right I was thinking the same… but what other award has she ever won expect that and all that is a surf board at that (LOL)

  • Funkey

    When I first saw her pic with this dude I though and hoped she found a new man since she is seen all the time with guys. I figured maybe she did break it off and moved to this man now. If she needs work seems this man is willing to work with her again. God knows not many others will no talent is no talent but, guess she sparked his interest some how.

  • brittany

    it’s weird jj is posting this she was on that show 2 years ago, i guess they’re just trying to get what ever story they can about rachel so she’ll still be famouse and people don’t forget about her seen she doesn’t do movies, it is also weird she always goes to the teen choice awards every year is that the only award show she’s been on and i can’t belive she got nominated for her style

  • tonie

    @38 No interest. He was just being nice. What could he say “She sucks”. Her guest spot was Fall 2007. At that time she was hired because of Josh Schwartz. Plenty of time has gone by if they were going to hire her for Chuck again it would have already happened.

    After two weeks of stories everyday with her alone, she really needs to persuade Hayden to show up. The posts keep dropping because there is only so much you can say about her alone. Them together is always interesting because of the endless speculation of are they a real couple or not.

  • voice of reason

    @tonie-what speculation? Hayden confirmed it, she is still wearing his ring. The only people who speculate on no it’s just PR, are those that don’t wish to accept it. Others that do accept ,understand that they are a couple.
    As for the post count dropping—it’s the calm before the storm LOL

  • Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    If she i up for the best style award it is a miracle! It is her association of being with Hayden is why she earned it is why. Otherwise, she is dumpster diving trash.

  • anonymous

    @voice of reason: It could be a fake relationship purely for media purposes, it’s certainly happened before with celebs trying to pump the last spurt of life out of a dying career by manufacturing a fake relationship. A marriage of convenience. There is very little about this duo that comes across as genuine loving affection and respect. So yes, they are a couple, but not necessarily a real one (from a certain point of view). PS While I’m not suggesting he is gay, certainly there are men who, uncomfortable in their sexual orientation, chose marriage to cover it up or deny it. Even in this day and age it still happens.

  • Whatever

    WOW, another RB post. Does anyone think jj is deliberately sabotaging her career to make her seem so utterly boring and irrelevant?

  • Fat B****

    jj, really, if u r gonna show posts of this corn ball then pleez show ppl posts of her doing a little more xciting than bying balloons n shopping (again) with her mom. We’re, like, fed up already. Enuff now!

  • @JJ

    S*** JJ, what c.ra.p is this ur giving us?

    1. This post is not about the midget so why give her the title slot? This post is about ZACHARY LEVI. So give the poor guy the title.

    2. He mentioned her name, that’s all, that’s it, it was about freaking CHUCK not the dwarf who only had 2 eps in it two freaking years ago.

    3. Comic-Con was on the 24th. How slow can you be, man. What was wrong with posting this before under Zack’s name.

  • voice of reason

    @ Anon post #43 IMO I don’t think in today’s terms it would be possible to have a fake relationship for PR, and carry it on for 2.5 years.
    Although you worded it very much with respect, if Hayden was gay and trying to cover it, during both SW movies would have been a better choice for PR to pull a stunt, at that time his name was all over the place.
    If being a couple together was to enhance both with more interest then PR has failed miserably. It has not done anything and I’m sorry but post’s on celebuzz does not count as being a good source material again IMO if it’s PR, they should be fired, they have failed.
    What people have never been able to explain at least to me and I have asked, if this is a stunt then why do both parts of the family get involved in this? even one that keeps very quite and allowed her child to be part of some sort of PR photo shot that others will try to get me to believe.
    Perhaps it could be as easy that for whatever reason they met, fell in love, have become engaged after 2 years and six months after that they are still together(give or take a few months).
    I don’t know if it will last, but to me it’s alot more believable than the met got married 4 weeks later and divorced just as quick–now that is PR.

  • ocsetummer

    Teen Choice Awards

    Category – Other Stuff Red Carpet Icon – Female

    Eva Longoria Parker

    Miley Cyrus

    Selena Gomez

    Rachel Bilson

    Demi Lovato

    So who do you think will win?

  • lexy

    Here’s the info on the Woody Allen movie

    Jumper 2 – 2011

    I agree. I don’t think he’s gay and I think they are a real couple. I’m sure they love each other but I think she had hoped being his girlfriend would be a perk – since her acting skills aren’t really – and it has.

    But he could use a new agent or manager – why would he think movies with Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba and Chris Brown (even before the Rihanna drama) would help his career? He needs to see if he can’t hire Leonardo’s people. Say what you want about Leo, he does good work in good films. You’d think Rachel would be on this since it would benefit her too as they are a package deal.

  • anonymous

    @voice of reason: They are all very relevant points. It would seem difficult to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes but there are people who have done just that, and for far longer, for many reasons. One of my friends has only just come out after seven years of marriage, distressing for her and her family, but she could not live the lie any longer. Her reason for marrying was that being open about her sexuality was not an option in her particular environment and her parents wanted to become grandparents. It does happen. However I was not suggesting that this is the case here. Only that such things do happen and without family knowledge or consent. It’s simply a possibility. Hayden and Rachel’s relationship is distinctly odd enough for many people to feel that there is something out of whack, if you like. It doesn’t mean there is, only that it is how things appear. PS I mentioned my friend, not because of the gay issue, but because she did hide things successfully from everyone. There are other reasons than reasons of sexuality.

    @@JJ: I like your comment. It does seem strange.