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Rihanna Made $15 Million in 2008

Rihanna Made $15 Million in 2008

Rihianna waves to fans after leaving a building in TriBeCa, New York City on Tuesday (July 28).

According to Forbes, the 21-year-old Bajan beauty earned $15 million in 2008. The mag writes, “[Rihanna] spent the last year riding out the success of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, which was released in the summer of 2007. The album was re-released in June of last year with additional tracks and remixes. She hit the road in 2008 with Nas and Lupe Fiasco as part of Kanye West‘s Glow in the Dark Tour. Known for her style, Rihanna also inked an endorsement contract with Gucci last fall.”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna looking chic as can be…

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  • marissa

    work it girl. B*** is Hot

  • lexy

    She does work hard.

  • ;)

    wow, she made 15 million and yet she dresses like crap!

  • Forever Kenny

    Her name is spelled incorrectly. She looks cute. Keep the money coming Rihanna.

  • H.

    Where’d all the money go?
    Ho can’t save for shit.

  • lalalove

    That’s all she made? I would have guessed alot more. That kid Miley Cyrus made like 30 mil for 2008, no? I mean they both have zero talent and really aren’t deserving. I would have guessed alot more for her.
    Don’t get me wrong that is a lot of money, but I would have guessed more. She was a freaking plague in 07-08. She’s a terrible, TERRIBLE entertainer though.

  • aish lover

    Toni Braxton made “millions” too and filed for bankruptcy.

  • happybeingme

    and the record company gets 30%!

    Now what the hell is going on in the back of this chick’s head!

  • lexy

    Miley makes money from her movie and all the endorsements and all those licensing deals. Rihanna just does the music. It makes sense. Miley’s also got a broader fan base.

  • Proof

    They should also list how much she paid for production/mgmt/costs etc..That will tell you if she’s actually pocketing any money.

    Ex. Toni Braxton and husband Keri Lewis have been hit with lien documents by the state of California, and are accused of owing $79,315 in back taxes. Braxton filed for bankruptcy protection in 1998, owing over $1 million, despite having sold over 15 million albums worldwide, grossing well over $170 million.

  • bada bing

    Ugly outfit and she needs to do something about that turd on her head.

  • Dont be so paranoid

    wow thats awesome and her album came out in 2007 so it must be royalties

  • m

    She has a very thick neck and high forehead.
    The way she’s styling her hair emphasizes her neck and makes her look like a man in drag.

  • Yes

    @happybeingme: Plus she pays taxes, managers, pr reps, stylists, etc…It adds up fast and this girl doesn’t have the best deal. There’s a reason so many of the celebs are broke despite making millions off their albums.

  • Leo

    What does Rihanna work hard at? Shopping and eating?

  • beats

    Correction: Def Jam made almost 15 mill from this girl and used some of it to promote her on blogs like JJ. She has a very smart label who knew what they were doing when they drew up her contract. If she had truly netted this kind of money, she wouldn’t be dressing like does and living in hotels and rented houses.

  • echo

    She looks like a butch version of Lil Kim.

  • jenny

    now rihanna looks really good here, from head to toe, keep your head up sweet heart, now, how do you people know how she spends/handle her money? she have not told us anything, jealousy makes you stupid, you just say anything, go ri !!!





  • T

    Rihanna looks like a dude wearing a toga.
    She is supposed to be a pop princess but dresses like a drag queen.
    Time for a new stylist.

  • LaLa

    This GORGEOUS!!!! woman is such a TREND SETTER!!!! Luv her style!!!!

  • Jen

    She is not pretty. Her eyes are insanely gorgeous though.

  • oh crap

    Damn! That is one ugly man!


    Beautiful Girl!

  • icey

    Forbes lists can be controversial. I remember they had Paltrow earning as much as Witherspoon one year. Show us Revenue Minus Costs. That will give you a true figure of someone’s wealth. That’s why Jay-Z and Beyonce always make the list.

  • Jessy



    I am so LOVING everything about Rihanna right now! Have to admit

    the girl is just HOTT!!

  • Poor Ri ri

    I think Def Jam is ranking in the dough off Rihanna. She looks so unhappy because her managers are constantly ordering her to make an appearance here there and everywhere. I think she is discovering that money does not buy happiness. I wish her well and hope she finds a nice sane boyfriend to help her endure all of this mess.

  • princess

    RiRi is looking very masculine these days.
    Agree, her thick neck doesn’t help.
    A longer hairstyle would probably soften her face.

  • Los Angeles Local

    For the person who said only 15 million. How much do you make?

  • cali

    You have to look at Net Income. Her Gross Income “may” have been 15 Million but there were articles not that long ago saying she only had 20K left in the bank. How does someone go through that much money?

  • RiRi4eva

    Sweet. She does have alot of cash and she ALWAYS looks good!!! Her music is amazing!!! Love Rihanna

  • nikomilinko

    she´s a lucky girl, she received a lot

  • NY

    She enjoying and other detest in a computer


  • bontemps

    This is the first time I’ve agreed she looks like a tranny. She has really pretty eyes but her face is hard looking. She could be one of the Jackson brothers with boobs.

  • David

    This chick needs a hobby or a charity.
    All she does is pose for the parazzi.

  • Jasmin

    she´s so adorable. like the outfit and the hair.. :)
    keep it up girl, i love you!!

  • jjj

    I am loving Rihanna’s shoes…

  • wow

    wow they must have been reading the comments… i’m pretty sure a few weeks ago someone left a comment saying they would only believe rihanna is rich if they see it on forbes that right after the foolish insane fan mertz got obsessive with rihanna anyhow….. since you do read these comments don’t forget this one STOP THE FRIGGING LIES ALREADY THE STUPID GIRL AINT RICH….JAY Z IS FULLY WELL PAYING JUST JARED POST THIS CRAP AND HE ALSO PAID FORBES TO TELL THIS RIDICULOUS LIE…..NOW I KNOW SHE’S SLEEPING WITH JAY Z AND THE ENTIRE DEF JAM PEEPS THE GIRL WOULD DO ANYTHING JUST TO STAY RELEVANT ALL THIS TO SAY……… i don’t believe it its a damn lie
    and rihanna knew that jj and other post were going to post this ridiculous story why else would she dress like that wake up ass

    even if they try to show proof they all have been paid lucky for rihanna that she only has to sleep around oh what a small price…. now wonder jay z is always itching go to the doc get a check up

  • Tands

    Her financial adviser has PUBLICLY stated that Rihanna is worth only $20,000. That’s right, only twenty THOUSAND dollars. Her label takes all the $ she makes and pumps it back into her project. The only reason that album sold and had hit singles is because they promoted the crap out of it using HER money. She is broke!

  • blah

    its amazing how much money you can make when your main talent is sucking d…

  • sooo

    go rihanna
    ur awesome!

  • outburst

    @blah: You’ve really got a fixation with that. Feeling a little deprived? And for your information….a lot of people in Hollyweird make their money that way. It’s who ya know n blow didn’t ya know…

  • irene

    Did she gain weight? Her face looks fuller. Maybe it’s the unflattering hair do’ — not a good look for us gals with thicker necks.
    To me, she looks closer to 41 than 21. Rihanna and Halle Berry could pass for the same age, but maybe that’s more of a reflection of Halle’s good genes.

  • outburst

    Her hair looks similar to how John Mayers looked at the Oscars. Just sayin’. Like a vacuume sucked it up.

  • lilly

    she’s beautiful, everything about her, it’s amazing how jealous people could find anything wrong and even if they can’t they make up things, the haters are really showing their jealousy of her, how old are you people, 12? there is absolutely nothing wrong with her, NECK? c-mon, you could do better than that, what man is going to turn this beauty down because her neck? tisk,tisk ,

  • random

    Man she looks way older than her age…she does NOT look 21 AT ALL…she looks older than some of the 26,27,28, year old celebrities..

  • curious

    @lilly: Do you know these people? Then you really don’t know if they’re jealous. You’re just ASSuming they are because they don’t share your viewpoint. I agree, she’s not pretty but I think she’s attractive at times. It’s not just the neck. It’s a combination of her features and neck. She is what you call a handsome woman; attractive in a masculine way but not pretty.

  • just me

    Sorry, but Rihanna does kind of look a man there. Her outfit is really nice and would probably look incredible on someone like Halle Berry but ITA that the colors and makeup wash her out.