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Suri Cruise: These Boots Were Made For Running

Suri Cruise: These Boots Were Made For Running

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise run around the front of an old convent on the set of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Mount Macedon, Australia on Tuesday (July 28).

The 30-year-old actress was reportedly “very shaken” over the weekend after a car she was shooting a scene in caught on fire.

Katie has filmed scenes since but it has made her think about her safety on set,” an on-set source reveals. “She will be shooting the same scene at a later date. She’s obviously very nervous about it.”

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise runnin’ in her colorful boots…

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suri cruise boots 01
suri cruise boots 02
suri cruise boots 03
suri cruise boots 04
suri cruise boots 05
suri cruise boots 06
suri cruise boots 07
suri cruise boots 08
suri cruise boots 09
suri cruise boots 10
suri cruise boots 11
suri cruise boots 12
suri cruise boots 13
suri cruise boots 14
suri cruise boots 15
suri cruise boots 16
suri cruise boots 17
suri cruise boots 18

Credit: Picture Media; Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • pokeman

    OMG! she dresses like a normal girl.

  • !

    it’s really nice to see her being normal but strangely, she is not getting any cuter on every photo. she is starting to look blah as she is growing up.

  • liz86000

    She is SO much better looking with long her… like she was before she met that nut case.

  • nikomilinko

    yes , today looks normal

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    wow thats the first time i ever seen that kid smile. Usually she’s in that Tom Cruise cult blank stare

  • salmon recipes

    She is a cute, normal child.

  • kate

    OMG!! The apocalypse is nigh – that child is wearing normal play clothes. No party dress, no patent leather shoes, no sparkles. She’s running, she’s smiling, her hair is flying in the breeze……This is unbelievable!!!

  • marissa

    I still cant get over her embarrassing dance routine on SYTCD. film is more her scene, not dancing or singing

  • Sarah

    Suri is so cute!

  • the real lou

    I’m shocked,Suri has normal play clothes on.She looks cute playing and happy.

  • slambang

    Suri is not cute, sorry. And why is her hair always hanging in her face?

  • dinah
  • Saudia

    aww adorable… yay it’s Katie with long hair!! Miss that Katie

  • Scientolocrazy

    Not a cute kid, but she seems to be happy, good for the Alien-Kid.

  • Reed Richards

    She’s SO adorable!

    How can you say that about a little girl, #2.

    Isn’t it convenient that you’ve always missed such pics, #5.

    You’re an imbecile, #11.

  • Susie q

    Two things…that has to be a wig on Katie and why does that poor child have to spend all her time on movie sets with no children to play with, at the theater with no one to play with, at her mother’s dance rehearsals with no kids to play with??? You don’t see the other actors taking their kids to the set all day every day. Poor kid. No wonder she appears to be so strange.

  • Reed Richards

    How does she appear to be strange, #16? Her mother likes spending time with her and she does plenty of fun stuff with nannies and her mom and does play with other kids when not filming.

  • The “fire” is PR stunt

    to distract us from her crappy dance and to make us pitty her.

  • meatloaf

    Ugh! 10 gallon diaper! get a load of that!

    idiot no talent mom

  • Shawna

    I don’t have a problem with their family at all but the diaper thing is starting to get ridiculous. I used to defend them over not potty-training her yet but she is 3 yrs 3mths old. That is way more than old enough to potty train a child. It is really not that hard to do. All of mine were potty trained by 2.5 years old and it took about a week.

  • rainbow

    #16, Oh give me a break. It’s normal for children of actors to visit their parents at work. Actors are on set for 14-16 hours a day. If their kids didn’t come to set, they would hardly see them.
    And how do you know that Suri was there all day? Maybe she just stopped by for a couple of hours, and then went somewhere else with a nanny.
    Instead of complaining, we should just be happy that Suri looks like a happy, healthy child.

  • #8, me too!

    that was the horror film

  • blah

    Suri is starting to look a lot like both her mom and dad.

  • torpedo

    It is nice to see her being normal. And she is not getting any cuter on every photo, and is starting to look blah as she is growing up, because her face has been altered with plastic surgery. Nose job, lip job plus her eyes separated. That’s why her face is covered with hair. As if no one would notice. Outrageous.

  • what’s up with Suri’s hands?

    they’re really odd

  • Reed Richards

    I can’t believe you’d say that, #19.

    Why this is a problem and yours to worry about is a mystery to me, #21.

    Right, 322. Could everyone here stop telling others how to raise their kids?

    You’re sick, #25.

    What’s wrong with her hands, #26?

  • me!

    She’s as knock-kneed as her ugly mom!

  • what’s up with Suri’s hands?

    claw like

  • The “fire” is PR stunt

    believe it fool

  • my observation

    At least KH looks to be an interactive, engaged, happy mum to her little girl unlike that pathetic excuse for a mum- V. Beckham who can’t stand to be with her own children for more than 1-week, and whom is consistently lacking in her maternal/parental duties in raising her own children- what a HORRID mum she is.


    Katie is too busy texting on her phone to potty train Suri. Haven’t you noticed that phone is always with her and she is always looking at it?

  • to Reed Richards

    “Her mother likes spending time with her and she does plenty of fun stuff with nannies and her mom and does play with other kids when not filming.”

    And you know this how? What is your source? You are so quick to criticize others for statements like this (Suri doesn’t play with other kids etc) and you demand proof. What is your proof? And don’t give us a one time picture or sentence. If Suri does indeed play with other kids when not filming–where is the proof?

  • danielle

    The Aussie papers reported that this was not a dangerous fire. Just a minor issue. Katie’s PR is probably milking this for all the publicity they can.

  • Mer

    awwww Suri is adorable!
    What a cutie!


    to #32
    she’s texting Pampers begging them to make larger sizes for girls ages 5-18 years old.

  • pr person

    She wasn’t even IN the car when it caught fire. Lame!!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    @ SLAMBANG and @ SUSIEQ– I can’t believe you would actually asked why ” is Suri’s hair in her face. ” Well, it is because she is running and playing and having a great time. Suri is an adorable child who obviously loves being with her mother.
    How in the world do you know if other children do or don’t visit the set’s of their parent’s? Bruce Willis and Will Smith, had their children on set many times, as there were pictures on several site’s. I also remember several female celebrities bringing their babies so they could nurse them during their break. What is the problem with that, and why should that cause a child to ” act strange. ” ?
    I believe some people are just grasping out in desperation to find something about Suri so they make it up. Like her hands looking funny. LOL. THAT was a pitiful try at nothingness.

  • ??


  • Nice

    I thought Suri is finally dressing normally, but, then I also realized it is in the high 30s low 40s where they are now in Australia. Still I guess it is better than the pageant dresses that she has to wear when she is on the same continent with Tom.

  • Sal

    Suri is NOT cute, but at least Cankle is starting to let her be a kid for a change. Still hate Tiny.


    It is nice to see Suri dress like Violet Affleck mismatch is the way to go
    for toddlers these days.. Love how she got out of her dress faze and into capri pants and rain boots.. So happy and content running..
    The fun part is chasing after them..THANKS JUST JARED

  • anon

    It’s nice to finally see a picture of her just being a normal kid and a perfect, dressed up doll. I hope she gets more of this kind of play without the paps there for phtoto ops.

  • sorry but

    Suri was never cute. Her expensive dresses and shoes made her look cute but never her face.

  • Susielou

    A hag is a hag, is a hag, is a hag. Katie Holmes is a hag. She needs to take care of herself, and her kid….put a barrette in Suri’s hair and give her a warmer coat. Duh.

  • anon

    Oops add’n to comment #43…and NOT dressed trying to make her look perfect like a doll. And this is no offense to mothers I get it’s fun do that with little girls BUT it’s like she was a constant pagent constestent and dont agree with that either…their only young once.

  • anon

    I hope her control, crazy obsessed with perfection father doesnt push her into fame or plastic surgery too early…for her own good of course!

  • mimilala

    Suri is soooo freakin’ adorable!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Suri is so cute and sweet. Too bad her mother is a gold digger who married as a career move.

  • Karena

    That’s adorable. They look like they’re having such a wonderful time. They look happy!