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Tony Romo To Security: Keep Jessica Simpson Out!

Tony Romo To Security: Keep Jessica Simpson Out!
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  • JJ

    Leonardo isn’t dating Ashley, it’s not because they were in the same nightclub that they were together, english tabloids are so stupid to create false rumours about him.

  • liza

    Just for being that mean I hope Dallas loses their ass this season, Tony who?

  • NativeNYker

    Jessica sure picks winners!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jen

    tony sucks

  • me

    Love Gary Oldman!! He’s such a brilliant actor!

  • miapocca

    When an ex-girlfriend speaks , one shoudl listen

    Carrie Underwood was right and Jessica Simpson is finding out too late

    I wish Jessica the best of luck in finding someone who complements her

  • Roxanne

    I hope she learns her lesson. I know things happens in relationships, but everytime she hooks up with someone she goes on TV or does interviews professing her undying love for the person. I bet if she kept her trap shut about her relationship and kept it private it wouldn’t look so bad. That saying Tony is a complete JAcKa$$ for doing that, he should be ashamed of himself…what an a$$Wipe

  • dani

    You can always count on Michael K/DListed for a laugh: Katie Holmes story.

  • Lynae

    Thanks for the Hayden bashing link i needed that laugh.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    I can’t believe that Jessica paid $19,000 to have her stuff shipped back to LA. Tony is an A-Hole! Something bad must’ve went down for him to have Jessica shunned from his stupid gated community.

  • Brookeloganforresterforestorfo

    Wellllllllll,Jessica Simpson fans,SORRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!
    BUT,JS and her family treated NICK LACHEY like dog poop frommday one.that man really loved her,couldput up her high maintenance,always present entourage, everpresent family,even on vacations,etc.He WAITED for her. After waiting for her after marriage,he was willingly to wait for her to grow up.Sher never did.She stillis not a grown up. Her family still dislikes him. Read her mom’s tweet about Nick. JS has said some rather bad things since their divorce and it was to make himlook bad and it worked. Ex.I was in an abusive relationship. She and her camp let that ride as the press and fans thought Nick beat the crap out ofher.then they came back and said it was not Nick. That was great pr for her Country Music cd which went no where.Her dad and JS will doanything to get her rag mag covers,press,etc.

    When she was dating Jon Mayer,she was on Peoplemag cover story,howshe wasin love.Blah,blah.

    With TR,all she did was talk about thisguyasher future husband,father of her children, how he brought her back to herself,how he completes her, how he found her , ..She attacked Carrie Underwood on the radioshow because CUsaid,TRstillcalled her.JS made a fool of herself like she was a high school 14 yr.
    CU never got back to keep the controversy going probably because she was too busy hanging up all of those CM plat cd’s,LOL!!!
    JS is used to her family,corp.,staff,entourage bowing to her.CM and CM fans did not,though they gave her a BIG chance!!!! Bigger than any newcomer.

    So TONY ROMO broke it off. they were not married.JS ‘s camp TOLD NICK he was getting divorced before Thanksgiving. TR and JS broke up.So what.How is he a cad.? Peoplebreak up lots of time. KIM KARDASHIAN and REGGIE BSUH just broke so is REGGIE BUSH a cad? KIM K is not all over the pr place like JS.
    TR is a hot,young QB.Carrie U.said he is married to football.
    Now,yeah,JohnMayer and Tony Romo tapped that thang and left.They hit that thang,as they guys say.Oh well.
    Many others are going to tap that as* and leave.JS is playing in the adult celeb dating pool and doesn’t know how to swim.
    Maybe she should takeit slowand PRIVATE next time.Don’t use her next relationship for pr,etc. Take sometime before finding someone else.

  • Brookeloganforresterforestorfo

    Word is she spent $19,000 ,small pocket change for her,to have 35 boxes shipped from TR’s house. He is going to give her a check for $100,000 for the boat.

    Just think,if he would have given her that ring, proposed at her Ken and Barbie Birthday Party, all you would see on everything mag is JS getting married. She would be giving interviews all over the place. Her dad would have had pictures from the Ken and Barbie Costume Birthday,LOL,for all to see.

    If this guy had dressed as Barbie,he would have been the
    laughing stock of his team,and other teams.In the hudle,”hey your qb is a fag gay Ken barbie doll.” They say some nasty things in the hudle to the opposite teams to shake the line. Pro ball is not for crybabies.
    Did she think how that would have made him look like a doofus.A jackas*.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i honestly dont believe that story about romo
    it just seems way 2 cruel and he doesnt seem like that type of guy but i could be wrong

  • Shyen

    I do believe that Tony would make sure Jessica doesn’t come near him, Jessica looks like that crazy teenager that would stalk her ex because he broke off with her.

    I agree with some of comments up there, when Jessica divorced Nick, everyone seem to be on Jessica’s side.

    Jessica needs to wake up and act like a 29 year old and not some dayem 13 year old.

    I am just so glad Tony broke up with her. I bet it was hard for him to do it too because her dad introduced them but that was AFTER he said he wanted to meet Jessica. hahahahaha… Karma. Now he knows better!

  • Bekky

    Yeah I think Jessica is so crazy person. Good for Tony.. he locked his house and keep her away from him. Tony might be afraid of her when she stalks him. Jessica is not right person for Tony and needs to grow up. I think she uses him for marriage and kids. I don’t like her dad bec of controlling his daughters. I am not fan of Jessica Simpson. Sorry Jessica…

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    So Leo really dating someone………..

  • @

    @Lisa rose:

    No, it’s just a stupid rumour

  • sade

    Oh tony, u are the man

  • cowboyzzz

    is that why TR can’t hit a receiver over the middle? he’s the worst

  • suppress your appetite

    Wow, she is so beautiful !