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Gisele Bundchen is London Fog Fierce

Gisele Bundchen is London Fog Fierce

Check out Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen in London Fog‘s brand new Fall 2009 campaign, which debuts in October in magazines and outdoor billboards.

The 29-year-old married supermodel posed seductively in only a London Fog coat. The campaign was shot by fashion photographer Nino Munoz at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood in mid-July. Hairstylist to the stars Harry Josh (pictured below) was also on hand to help Gisele with her gorgeous locks.

“Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life,” said London Fog’s chief marketing officer, Dari Marder.

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundcnen‘s sexy London Fog ads…

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gisele bundchen london fog ads 01
gisele bundchen london fog ads 02
gisele bundchen london fog ads 03
gisele bundchen london fog ads 04
gisele bundchen london fog ads 05
gisele bundchen london fog ads 06
gisele bundchen london fog ads 07
gisele bundchen london fog ads 08
gisele bundchen london fog ads 09
gisele bundchen london fog ads 10
gisele bundchen london fog ads 11
gisele bundchen london fog ads 12
gisele bundchen london fog ads 13
gisele bundchen london fog ads 14
gisele bundchen london fog ads 15

Photos: Nino Munoz
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  • marissa

    she dont look pregnant to me

  • Harry

    I’m sorry but how is she “appearing noticeably pregnant?”

  • modesty blaise

    marrisa and harry, my question exactly

  • kate

    Noticeably pregnant – JJ do you even look at this crap before you write your stupid blurbs. I’m over you.

  • Girl

    They said that they photoshopped her baby bump to respect her privacy- that’s why she doesn’t look pregnant here.

    You can see her bump in the behind the scenes pics here:

    She’s looks stunning though…love her! I especially love the pic in the black coat.

  • ella

    uuhhh..pregnant? O_o

  • rocky


    Oh get over yourself. Big deal! If you don’t like what JJ wrote, then piss off!

    JJ: She doesn’t look pregnant, but that’s OK. It’s not easy being perfect like Kate.

  • lol

    you mean FUG fierce!

    lmao. one of those who are sexy but fugly.

  • Abby

    It’s a good thing she has those legs, otherwise she would be nothing. Her face is sooooo homely. Extremely manly.

  • rocky


    Thanks Girl!

  • tawi-tawi

    if you look at this picture, you can actually see

    plus her face is softer

  • Antoni


    Green is not your color honey.

  • Girl

    Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer, London Fog, commented, “Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump. This London Fog campaign features a classic portrait of Gisele in an iconic London Fog trench; it is a very fitting image for this timeless brand.” Marder added, “Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life.”

  • Antoni

    She is just sooo beautiful. :)

  • lisali

    she is sooo pregnant! I love the pictures..Gisele always brings a certain “extra” to ad campaigns.

  • lisali


    LOL.. awesome comment!!

  • Wow! Gisele looks amazing. She deserves to be called a `supermodel`. She doesn`t look pregnant to me on any of the photos. Has JJ edited the post because I cannot see any reference about her being `noticeably pregnant`…

  • Gia

    If you look at picture #1 and #8 it is obvious. You see the belly in #8 and then the first picture is the photoshopped version.

  • damnit

    OMG! pregnancy is good to Gisele! she looks beautiful! wow her face is perfection! it’;s so beautiful! look at her cheekbones! I would die to have those, lol her lips look amazing and full, her eyes are sparkling. her legs looks rather sexy fuller like that lol WOW my jaw is dropped to the floor looking at her! her hair, im am so speechless right now

    you haters put your twinkies down and go pop your new zits, and wish and hope and pary for a amazing face like Giseles!

    this right here is proof why she is #1! if you say shes ugly something is wrong with your brain! lol then that means every freaking woman walking down the street is a troll! lol she is a GODDESS!

  • slambang

    Uh, yeah. I always see people wearing their coats like that. *roll eyes*

    Gisele has a man face.

  • john6

    I can’t see how anyone one could call that ugly right there! She looks like a beautiful woman to me!

    I wish girls would look like that where I come from LOL.

    Tom you lucky bastard you

  • jealousmuch

    since when did having a sculpted out face and sky high cheekbones means someone have a man face? that s is the funniest piece of crap I can ever hear! Gisele is beautiful! I love her face. I think its her best feature along with her legs and hair. She is gorgeous. the woman is in the ranks of Cindy,Linda,Christy,Claudia in terms of power and beauty. She is one of a kind people.

  • Antoni


    You know nothing about fashion, do you?

  • rocky


    Put your glasses back on! Maybe in your hick town women look like men, but this is one woman that is just amazingly beautiful.

  • rocky



  • Reba

    Geez, Gisele will show her boobs for anything now, won’t she? And since when do you need a naked body to sell raincoats?

  • Reba

    Geez, Gisele will show her boobs for anything now, won’t she? And since when do you need a naked body to sell raincoats?

  • dully

    What is this brand? Never heard or read about it until now, and i’m a member at TFS lol

  • noah

    IMO, Giselut just came in at the right time and hangs with the right people, otherwise she won’t be this ‘supermodel’.

  • Naat

    She is a example for Brazil! She is awesome, we love you Gisele <3

  • UGH

    Why is this mutant necessary to promote the Burberry brand? What image are they trying to present to us? Whore in a coat?

  • UGH


    “w hore in a coat”

    Actually I think they are targeting flashers.

  • UGH

    I meant London Fog! HOw dumb of me, Burberry would never stoop this low…

  • @UGH

    Yup it aint Burberry! Also, you have to remember that Giselut used to have ads with HF brands before like Vuitton. But now, she seems to settle for less famous brands as long as they pay her BIG bucks according to her demands, while if it’s with HF brands, i doubt she can demand the amount she wants to, more of like just prestige, not money.

  • amyisablockhead

    somebody can’t get a capaign for BUrberry!!!

  • comehere

    I tried and tried, but sorry can’t find anything remotely unattractive or “ugly” about her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she is pretty!

  • skyblue


    umm take a good look she is the current model and muse for Versace fall winter 2009 and she also just did Dior spring summer 2009, lol last time I checked that was very much HIGH FASHION

    Gisele has had every campaign in the book. you watch Gisele will make London Fog known, duh. shes nice to likes to promote new brands/lesser known brands, just like Linda Evangelista used to. It’s all about the supermodel power baby! Gisele makes sells sky rocket! why do you think since she left victorias secret the sells are horrible? bc of shes not there! DUH

    aww look she must be powerful, these pictures were just released a couple of hours ago and look at all these comments, lol way to go gisele! she can get ppl talking! lol she must be poweful and beautiful to do that.

  • mailey

    she’s so early 2000s. played out.. over it. NEXT.

  • iloveu


    somebody can get versace and dior lol

  • Tim

    noah + UGH = same person.

  • Tim

    Gisele is a fashion icon one of the most recognized faces and names worldwide

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    So she’s slutty even when she is pregnant.
    She is still very ugly and masculine. Just proves that designers are gay that love boys and men.

  • hunnybuns


    sorry hun, theres been tons of new “next” girls, but we only hear about gisele still bc shes the best, lol

    She delivers in her photos and she makes sells go up ^ brands love her.

    she aint going no where, just like Linda Evangelista,Claudia Schiffer,Christy Turlington,Naomi Campbell,etc.. still getting more campaigns and vogue covers than all the new girls!!!!, LMAO! Gisele will be like them in her 30′s and 40′s. shes got the power. the new girls dont. you watch. get ready to see gisele for years to come, lol get used to it or get off your ass and quit staring at the computer screen watching someone so “ugly” LMFAO, why dont you look up Rosie O Donald or something lol

    its just like high school, when everyone hates on the popular,pretty,rich girl in school and says how ugly they are, and then theyre nice to the fat ugly nerd sitting in the back of the room LAMFAOFFFFF!

  • french

    She is gorgeous.

  • hum


    oh shut up elizabeth. youre so freaking ugly its not even funny. quite hating on gisele every where you go.

    wtf? masculine? damn i wish i were then! lol wtf does that even mean? can someone explain to me this masculine bull****?
    does cheekbones and a visible jawline aka no double chin mean masculine? I hate and loathe skinny girls with fat girls faces, ugh theyre everywhere lol

  • Tim

    Lol hunnybuns awesome.

  • Girl

    That pic of her in the black coat and heels…I could just stare at it for hours. She is perfection!

    All you people who think she’s unattractive and masculine are so shallow and hypocritical. Gisele is #1 because she doesn’t look like every other girl in a magazine with the pretty little face, small nose, no boobs, etc. She is different and unique- that’s why designers and photographers always choose her. In every photo she epitomizes the strong, confident, independent and sexy woman as opposed to the pretty-little-vulnerable-wanna-be-hot thing that so many models are.

    You’re the same people who complain that all models are too barbie-doll like, but when somebody different like Gisele comes along instead of praising the fact that the fashion industry is accepting and promoting a new kind of image you just want to b*tch about it because you’re so freakin’ insecure!

  • girl2


    well said! I couldnt’t agree more. The people that complain about Gisele must like the everyday bleached blonde playboy types, ugh how boring and unoriginal. Gisele is unique looking,exotic, and very Brazilian. I hardly can find anything ugly about her. In fact I dont think Gisele and ugly can be in the same sentence together. Gisele and different yes, but Gisele and ugly, A BIG FAT NO!

    nice to see someone secure and mature on here.

  • addon

    I love Gisele and how even half naked she still manages to look classy and expensive! can this woman ever look cheap and slutty? no way she is way to regal looking. She looks like she could have came from another century. the century of royals. I swear she doesnt have a modern day, cheap plastic look to her. Very aristocratic. I think thats why I must like her. I can’t stand the generic blow up doll look ever so popular today.
    If you put almost any other model in a trench and heels they will look plain out slutty. At least Gisele closes her mouth and knows how to pose and contain herself. what a woman. she is classy!

  • @47

    Why do you intend to insult my dear Doutzen? lol

    If she looks like that, it’s not her fault!