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Halle Berry Hits Grace Jones Concert

Halle Berry Hits Grace Jones Concert

Halle Berry and daughter Nahla, 16 months, visit a friend in The Valley, Los Angeles, on Wednesday (July 29).

The 42-year-old actress and beau Gabriel Aubry, recently checked out rockers Of Montreal and Halle‘s former Boomerang costar Grace Jones in concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Sitting in a box seat, the couple (and pals) danced up a storm during Grace‘s performance, while Gabriel just rested his chin on Halle‘s shoulder. “During ‘La Vie en Rose’ the actress stood up and went crazy and applauded,” an onlooker tells People. “It was wild!”

FYI: Halle is wearing an Enza Costa Rogue bold sleeveless U-neck tank in white.

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  • dundies

    OMG *drools*

  • Anya

    so cute *smile*

  • me

    Gorgeous even in jeans and a t-shirt. And her baby is sooo adorable!!

  • Rita

    I drool too over this gorgeous little girl!!! So pretty!!!

  • Why

    Why’s Halle dressed up all manly??

  • anon

    It’s good to see Halle has picked a life partner who is not a fame and spotlight chaser. Judging by his lack of public comments and tabloid pictures he’s happy to let her shine and be a loving dad….kudos Gabriel and congrats on raising a happy, healthy little girl.

  • anon

    BTW Halle is wearing one of personal casual outfits…white tank and comfy jeans plus a cap to match. She could make a burlap sack look good though…

  • Not impressed by JA

    Cute !

  • lala

    yay!!! nahla, so beautiful!!! her mother too ;)

  • blah

    That little ugly baby will hopefully get cuter as it gets older. God help it

  • kelly

    She can’t dress to save her life!

  • Dave_c

    WTF – Why do both of them look like boys??? At least TRY to look like a girl.

  • aj

    Weird how that kid never has an expression on its face, never seen her smile…..expressionless….creepy.

  • dundies

    Why’s Halle dressed up all manly??


    cause she can pull it off lol

  • Hotness overload

    NAHLA’s gorgeousness is beyond words! And Halle looks so damn beautiful for a 42 year old! Gosh…..And Gabriel, my Goodness, I want a man like this <3 They have quite some things in their life that definitely make others extremely JEALOUS, huh?!

  • Lillianne

    I hope they beautify the world and make another baby.

  • me(:

    both are gorgeous[=

  • asdf

    Nahla is absolutely beautiful. I love her eyes.

  • laurie

    Cute, she’s gotten so big

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again boring
    the only good thing is she looks really nice in that tank top
    i hate those type of hats she has on

  • Rhiannaaaaa

    I had no idea cleavage meant looking like a man. Halle couldnt look like a man if she tried.

    Jen Anniston did this look yesterday, minus the boobs, but nobody said shiiittt

  • bobe

    NOT a cute kid

  • bobe

    NOT a cute kid

  • Always, Always gorgeous!

    I love the way Halle never dated ugly guys. Then when she decided to have a relationship with a white man, she got the handsomest white man ever! YESSSS! Smart woman. Now she has such an adorable baby. Halle looks so great. Look at her waistline after becoming a mommy. So sexy.

  • Stace

    The little girl has a pig nose yuck.

  • ???

    @Hotness overload:

    Halle is a washed up, diabetic, baby momma from a gay man/sperm donor with no career…jealous? NOPE bwaaahaaaa

  • Lady Bug

    she looks like Halle but with her dad’s eyes…very pretty little girl..

  • ed

    Most of the women here don’t have a man.

  • ladams

    Beautiful girls. Haile and Gabrille should make her a little brother soon!

  • blah

    Halle does look like she has a little tool in her. Shes not cute and neither is her little piglet.. ops im mean baby

  • ed

    “blah” doesn’t have a man for sure.

  • ed

    Stace @ 25 —– only a jealous white racist (likely female) would make a comment like that. You’ve shown your colors here and the colors are rotten to the core. Leave Halle Berry alone, trailer trash.

  • Bastardus Grull

    Halle Berry. . .mmmmmmm…..uhhhhhhh

  • sandy

    some people are so rude and just mean, and jealous, Hallie is very good looking and so is that adorable baby of hers, yes indeed, we do have a few trailer trash posting.

  • DEDE

    Why can’t Halle wear whatever the hell she wants to wear without idiots making sillly comments about her looking like a man. There is not one mannish bone in this beautiful womans body. She could wear a full football uniform and still look hot. She looks fabulous….sexy, feminine,natural and most important of all comfortable! Adorable daughter too…:-)

  • eewww

    FACT-yeah gabriel is gay thats why they were in miami with his boyfriend in tow,but no one picked that up eh, except halle..the look on her face told a million stories plustthe fact she had to stick with the game of going away to look happy family in the time when her african american king of pop least stevie wonder the eloquent grace of a good man appeared in respects amongst other people that didnt really acquaint with michael jackson but still showed up in high respect…
    you are pure shite halle and this will stick with you all the way to your demise,,,,yeah good idea in trying to look good,you will need alot of help and looks like your daughter is a brat like you in fact is that a girl or a boy??kid looks like your nephew you paraded around with after the birth..eww such a damn looser halle berry predictable

  • katkat

    Halle and Nahla look beautiful!!

  • say what

    eewww go seek professional help you sound like you are jealous and bitter of halle did she steal something from you also so what if gabriel is gay according to you she got what she wanted which is a healthy child also what does michael jackson death have to do with her alot of celebrities did not comment is her commenting on hi death going to bring him back you are the loser talking about a child but then again u need professional help if i was halle i would walk with a bodyguard all the time from nuts like yourself that think you know her worry about your boring bitter life not hers she not thinking about u

    eewww that

  • Hong Kong girl

    Poor little girl has her father’s evil looking eyes.

  • mela

    that child will grow up to be one of hollywood’s greatest beauties! i love myself some shiloh-jolie-pitt but I think this cutie pie Nahla has surpaced the bar that shiloh raised. this baby is too beautiful for words! anyone that thinks this baby needs to get out of the midwest or california’s valley and see that mixed race people are often the most beautiful people!

  • stella


    hahahaha that cracked me up. very cute baby though. Halle is sexy as ever. damn i hope i have a body like that when im in my 40s…

  • mela

    @Hong Kong girl:

    mixed race people can be the most beautiful people! wake up to the 21st century, the world is full of exotic mixed race people and it is a beautiful thing! that child has GORGEOUS eyes and absolutely fabulous skin. i agree, halle should make the world a prettier place and bless this world with another gorgeous baby. i’d love it if she had a beautiful baby boy!!

  • uh?

    You’d love it if she “blessed the world”? You sound like a damn fool. She should do the world a favor and not produce any more troll looking kids.

  • eewww

    hhahhah that isnt a bodyguard …lolol she disposed of them ages ago cause she cannot afford them…and umm news flash there is absolutely nothing to be jealous of regarding mentally challenged halle berry…you are dead wrong ..sorry you have been deluded of that fact..she is a piece of work that woman and i really cannot wait to see her fall on her face AGAIN!!! End of story..

  • blah-bee


    You’re just jealous! I’m sure you were ugly as a baby. >: (

  • mimilala

    Seriously, they are both so gorgeous! There isn’t a prettier mother-daughter duo out there!

  • old news


    Ewwwwwwwww-nothing new old news whether Gabriel Aubry is really gay, bi, metrosexual or whatever, she had IVF; the rumors Nahla’s Eric’s, Michael’s, T.Howard’s etc all old news. If things aren’t kosher as they say, the truth will come out eventually-if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter how many photos of them as a family with him interacting with Nahla-isn’t going to make the lie more believable.

    In the meantime, one thing is definitely for sure, Halle is definitely not pregnant.

    BTW Say What didn’t say that guy was a bodyguard, they said if they were Halle they’d have a bodyguard.

  • Peanut

    anybody know what kind of sunglasses she’s wearing? I absolutely LOVE them

  • Carmen

    I wonder if people would make this big of a deal about Halle if she was darker in skin color?

  • bella

    this baby is the cutest celebrity baby ever