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Jennifer Aniston: Cougar? No, Puma!

Jennifer Aniston: Cougar? No, Puma!

Jennifer Aniston will next star in the new romantic comedy Pumas.

Variety says the story centers on two thirtysomething women who make a habit of romancing younger men and take a French skiing vacation that challenges their romantic expectations.

Are pumas the new cougars?

Directing is Wayne McClammy, who directed and co-wrote the buzzed-about Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel comedy shorts “I’m F–king Matt Damon” and follow-up “I’m F–king Ben Affleck.”

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  • manLESSton, I likely

    Another romcom. Oh what a surprise…NOT!

  • jess

    No beaatch. You’re no longer in your 30′s. You’re 40 !!!!!!

  • Double Dragon

    At least she has a good sense of humor about it. Got it hand it to her for that.

  • mslewis

    How much longer can she make these roncoms??? Two “thirtysomethings”??? HA!!! She couldn’t even bare to make the women “fortysomethings” because that would be too OLD!!! This woman is a laughing stock!! She just rolls them out one after the other. Who in the world is giving this woman money to make this drivel??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

  • AnustonHatesHerself

    Ho hum. Yawn. Give it up, biish. Youre sooo yesterday, desparately hanging on for relevance.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Holy crap, she is sooo busy this year!

  • jenny

    after they showed how truly fug she was today wet with no make up, they had to put another picture of her out so we can for get about the other one, guess what? she is still ugly as HEL. we know about all the things she does to her face. poor thing, just stop. where are her lying paid poster? to say how pretty she is.

  • brush yo teefs!

    omg like how original, jen is always expanding her acting repertoire she is a true thespian and this movie will finally get her that golden raspberry i mean oscar

  • Baya

    Another Rom Com for Jen in conjunction with another Action Movie for Angie… I say tomato you say tomahto

    As always Jen is adorable… and today Angie was lovely. Who cares? They are both pretty in their own right, both are mega rich and how can that be a bad thing.

  • cinta

    Love Jen. She is going to show some serious earnings with all these movies she is making this year. Go Jen…

  • jenny

    she is paying them to be in their movies, like she pays for everything else. didn’t you know that?, she pays for boyfriends,mag covers and positive writes ups, posters, blogs, she is desperate to stay relevant, but the question is why? is she crazy?, she has money, why keep her ugly face in the public view?

  • Juicy

    Jennifer Anniston is just so funny and a great actress with impeccable timing. She should be proud of all of her accomplishments and pretty much always taking the high road when it comes to the nastiness that was forced into her life by her ex husband.

  • jenny

    @at brush yo teefs, i spit my drink out, that was funny.

  • Jenny is crazy

    Jenny I suppose you are so far up Angie’s behind that you are unwilling to believe that Jen has a huge fan base and many that loved the way she handled the adulterous actions of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I have not been paid to make positive comments about Jennifer and that in and of itself proves your theory is completely wrong.

  • Love Ya

    Beautiful… Lovely… Funny… Sincere… any of these adjectives more than describe Jennifer Anniston

  • jenny

    yeah juicy, she should be proud of all the things her money buys her, you know the money she got from being hooked up with brad and still riding his coat tail. good going fug.

  • Sarah

    You go Jen! Hot stuff, wish I had that gorgeous figure. I am built like Angie with a flat bum, pudgy tummy and big ol b*oobs.

  • Jenny is Crazy

    Jenny you are yet wrong again. Jennifer Anniston has a net worth just as great as Brad Pitt. Brad did nothing for Jennifer Anniston but cheat and lie on her. So again – you are wrong.

  • AnustonHatesHerself

    jenny @ 07/29/2009 at 11:54 pm after they showed how truly fug she was today wet with no make up, they had to put another picture of her out so we can for get about the other one, guess what? she is still ugly as HEL. we know about all the things she does to her face. poor thing, just stop. where are her lying paid poster? to say how pretty she is.

    you are soooo right jenny. it happens everytime. jj is such a sucker for huvane.


    somebody needs to tell Jen to cool it, really, stop already, it’s really getting embarrassing,

  • Jenny off her block


    Why not go back and watch all of Angie’s action flicks where she snarls and crosses her brows. Now that is some real L*esbian oops I mean thespian talent there. Oh, my I just realized Jenny you must be Angie’s love Jenny Shimizu. Have you ever noticed Jenny how much Madd looks like Ms. Shimizu. I suppose Angie noticed that too.

  • Beautiful

    I love that Jennifer Anniston doesnt cut herself, tatoo herself all over or have b*oob jobs for sagging. Now she may have injections or botox, but, so does Angie and Brad. Remember Angie is onlly slightly younger than Jennifer.

  • stop the Madness

    come on everyone cant we all just get along. Love Jen. Love Angie. Yes that’s right I go both ways :)

  • jenny

    @# 14 like i said, here comes the lying paid posters, and you my dear are nobody, and if her fan base was so big why did her movie flopped big time?, do tell, large fans base, her alone did not even make one million at the box office, so sad.

  • Jenny off her block

    Hmmm what movie has Angie carried alone with no successful costar in the movie?

  • Jen fan

    Jennifer Anniston you are such a cutie pie.

  • Sally

    I think Variety was mistaken, Jared. At least according what I read in other sites, including IMDb (Internet Movie Database).


    The movie is actually called “The Goree Girls” ( and it was reported that the film will be on the screens next year (2010), but the only involvement of Jen with this project, as far I know, is as a producer (in fact not herself, but her company, Echo), not as actress.


    I can be wrong about the name of the movie, Jared. You know they change the names all the time before the movies are finally released, so it can have been changed by “Pumas”.


    But I don’t believe we’ll have Jen in the cast. At least, not according other sources. Let’s see.


    Btw, gorgeous pic. I have seem this one before on People website. She was stunning.


  • Nice

    Thanks Jared. Love the Jennifer Anniston pics. She always puts a smile on my face. My daughter and I love her on screen.

  • Melinda

    Very pretty.

  • suzanne

    I cant get over why people come on a particular stars thread just to say bad things. If you dont like someone why bother posting?

  • sally

    why is it when someone tells the truth about how unattractive and non talent Jen is they are considered crazy?, to me, like jenny said, the paid posters and Jen are the crazy ones.

  • marisa

    just love her! so classy and def. gonna see this movie!

  • Precious

    I just love Jen’s style. She has such a sweet face and a killer figure.

  • Sally

    @suzanne: I so agree. I never understand this too.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Best wishes to Ms Annistojn and all of her movies and happiness in life.

  • XTC

    PUMAS was just the working title.

    The movie will formally be known as WARTHOGS!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Oops slipped on the typing should be Anniston

  • Sally

    @sally: Hi there (#31). Another Sally here. But I think we have only our names in commun, not our opinions.

  • rotflmao

    @BLOATED FACE MAN: cheater Brad Pitt’s face is pretty bloated too lately. is that why you’re here dissing Aniston becasue Brad was dissed so heavily in his thread? Brad looks like he’s back on steroids. Hope he doesn’t get roid rage wit his children. At least maniston doesn’t have 6 kids at home while she drinks. she can do whatever she wants but Brad has six kids and should act like he does. He cheats on the mother of his children with the sitter and shows no respect to her or their children.

  • Julie

    Thanks for the info. I too had read that she was behind the camera on the movie you have posted with this thread. Jen’s production company has been going strong for years and she not only has been successful as an actress but as a producer. Nice. Not too many actresses are also successful producers as well. Jen you are a very smart girl.

  • AnustonHatesHerself

    Oh oh….seems like you ran out of names there girl! Ya name-changing sycoiphant. What’s with the Xs and Os? The little gray cells not helping you out, huh? Here let me help you with some more names:

    Anna, AnMaire, Nita, Bethany, Belinda, Bev, Carrie, Chloe, C.u.n.t . . .


    Too old, go away, Jen.

  • XOxO

    2009 looks like a great year for Jennifer. I am so excited for her.

  • rotflmao

    I think the better question is what Movie has brad opened with little known Co-stars? Ben buttface had te great Cate Blanchet, Oceans had a host of famous actor and julia, the one movie that BOMBED was one that he had to carry on his own and FAILED… JESSIE JAMES! He’s a horrible actor and at least Maniston sticks to what she’s good at. rom coms. brad tries and fails miserably at other genres.

  • hmmnn

    Her movie reflects her real life, doesn’t it? Basters and Pumas. JA is a joke.

  • Belinda

    so is Jennifer starring in this movie or producing it?

  • jenny tells the truth

    I’m sorry if you get offended but hey, the truth hurts, you said she had a large fan base, where were they at her movie? just answer that, it’s just a few people who still hang onto that, (feel sorry for the fug girl that got dumped), she will be known for that for the rest of her life, but hey, she’s happy, fug, but happy.

  • rotflmao

    @Julie: good to know she started her own production company after Brad weasled her out of the one she started with him .Sleazy baastard!

  • Sally

    And you so paranoic about the pic and the Huvane thing… it is a pic of the sets of “The Bounty”, of last week. You can find it on Star Trecks, on the site of People Magazine of last friday. Insane!

  • ewwww

    Maniston looks like a man.