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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Via Condotti Couple

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Via Condotti Couple

Jennifer Lopez (in DSquared2 sunglasses) and husband Marc Anthony carry their cute twins Max and Emme, 17 months, as they arrive in Rome, Italy on Wednesday (July 29).

The family was spotted doing some shopping along the famous street Via Condotti, including the Gucci boutique.

Vanity Fair Italy recently asked Jennifer why she chose to do The Back-Up Plan. She said, “Because the film tells a very interesting story, very real and very current. Maybe because now I am a mother too, also because I just turned 40 and I can identify myself with someone of the same age who wishes to have children, I immediately said yes to the film.”

10+ pictures inside of Via Condotti couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

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jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 01
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 02
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 03
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 04
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 05
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 06
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 07
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 08
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 09
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 10
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 11
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 12
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 13
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 14
jennifer lopez marc anthony via condotti 15

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  • mailey

    looove. they’re so cute!
    low on cash? they’re musicians so their music always generates money. plus you’re thinking of them solely on north america, when they’re huge in latin countries as well.
    plus j lo. has not stopped making movies.
    just bec they’re G-5ing it, you are jeaous. get over it!

  • bobe

    ugly kids

  • Frilly

    Do these people ever stay home? My God, why don’t they spend some quality time with their kids and family (and I don’t mean on airplanes). This kind of lifestyle would drive me bat shit crazy (well, not a far drive).

  • people

    I’m so glad they don’t pimp out photos of their twins.

  • Nahla

    I wanna see more of the little girl, seems like she looks just like her mommy…..

  • amy

    Max looks cute with that hat just like Knox :) Sadly her kids doesn’t look much of a cute because they resemble their father who is not much in look department . J.lo looks great .

  • marty

    They look good for once but why we never see Mark with his other 3 kids from the former relationships?

  • sara

    I love them…..

    good for them not pimping their kids….like others who want us to believe that they must go to a public park…cuz you know the yard in their mansion just dont fit a kidie swing set…LOL

    going broke???.WTF???…Didnt I just read that they just brought part of a FOOTBALL TEAM??? OUT IN MIAMI????

    good for Marc and Jlo they look happy…..and they back each other up and do what works for them.

    dang!…40yrs old????….you go girl

  • blah

    Adorable babies, considering who their parents are. My god im surprised Marc can make cute kids. He looks cracked out

  • cherry

    @sara: You have to stop your diva behaviour for that, J.lo is not cut out like that.

  • sara

    @chery….Love the diva behaviour..otherwise what would be the point.

    @marty…..If you look closely….you will see that at least one of his other children is travling with them.

    FYI…being a stepmom..I can tell you that my husband would like us to have his older kids with us more often,……but that bit#h of his ex…will not allow it.

  • nikomilinko

    the twins looks like Marc

  • marty

    @sara: the older 15 year or so kid yeah but the ones he has with his ex wife whom he divorced 3 day earlier before he married j.lo . Almost never.

  • eli

    they DID Sell their babies photos to People
    reason you cannot remember is noone cared
    JLo showed off their silver chandeliers over there cribs!!!!
    AND she had like 6 outfit changes
    it was ridiculous!

    ….doesnt he have like 3 other kids with that Dayanara- his first wife whom he renewed or married twice?
    Why we never see him care for them?????
    Jlo must HATE his other kids!

  • ll

    J.lo is pretty lady. Her children ( the boy) looks cute here.

  • M

    they are such a cute couple. OMG the twins are so adorable!…. for those who are wondering were are his kids with first wife, just need to look a little bit harder on those pictures and u will spot it.

  • sara

    OMG…they actually spend time with their kids?? This is seriously the second time I’ve seen them with the kids. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of JLo pushing a stroller.

  • jenny

    lets face it, the kids are fugly, sorry, that’s why we don’t see them much, and j-lo did pimp out her kids for millions, but like someone already stated, no one cared. she took the money and kept it, selfish bish, at least Jolie/Pitt donated their baby pictures money, that’s why j-lo kids look the way they do. karma!

  • Ewwwwwwwwww

    There is nothing cute or adorable about these ugly little twins. The boy looks like a poster child for progeria and the girl is hideous which is why she hides their faces fro the paparazzi but she cannot hide them forever.

  • Jennifer G

    Her son looks like he is a hundred years old. The girl has always been the uglier of the two.

  • EYES

    Poor Jen the white guy didn’t want her so she had to settle for that gross, walking boneyard heroin addicted piece of dog poo.

  • xMETEE


  • snore

    Two nobodies hobnobbing around the world for attention how pitiful. JLO is D-Listed, box office poison and hasn’t had anything relevant in movies or music in nearly ten years. It is so over for her but like all over-the-hill, has-been, pseudo celebrities she is too stupid to get off the stage. Now she uses her fugly kids to draw some remnants of fame to herself.

  • nancee

    Her children never smile they always have twisted looks on their faces.

  • Toby

    Oh! I see JLO is out with her kids and her low-lifed husband for her “staged” photo-op. As usual she alerted the papparazzi to be there at the airport to take pictures so she could give the impression she’s a good mother, when in fact its all about “HER”. Oh yes, she’s carrying her designer purse, wearing a nice dress and has one of her many wigs slopped on her head again. You NEVER see her doing anything children-oriented with them like we see the other celebrity mother’s do. With JLO it’s always photo-op after photo-op with her kids and she’s ALWAYS camera-ready. She is such a fake, and Marc Anthony is one of the worst examples of a father.

  • Jersey shore

    Ben Affleck really dodged a very big bullet when he dumped this fat homely woman. At least Mrs. Affleck never had tons of cosmetic surgery like JLO fat butt.

  • LOL!!!!

    Sigh. It seems the white trailer trash meth heads are out in full force tonight. Jealous beyotches!

  • Roger

    I’m sorry but her twins are not at all attractive.

  • pili

    I agree, the kids NEVER look happy. I think Jlo is copying Brad and Angelina’s choice of head- wear for their son. What do you mean they don’t pimp out their kids. They already did for $6,000,000!

  • nikki

    People here are seriously picking on little kids for not smiling and looking happy for the cameras? Man, get a life.

  • no

    @Jersey shore: I am not much of their fun but She is the one who who got lucky and got rid of that excuse of a man Aflack. The one she got now has no look but I heared he got some talent .

  • ono

    And the boy is suppose to be the cute one? YIKES!

  • no

    @nikki: A year old babies don’t smile much. Unless they are Violet.LOL.

  • selena lopez

    who ever said Jen was D-list Your Nuts! she is a worldwide Megastar and if she was so Dlist why would you wanna check Jens latest news?

    People make me Laugh hard sat her most probs Broke or not far of and calling Little children out like that its tacky and low and well Just goes to show what kind of Human you are

    Jens has earned what $130 million and what ever else she has made history broke records the lot

    just Because she aint Been in the Limelight For a Few years you think she is over?

    But its Nice to know she still has her Haters That cant stop following her every Move =)

    Btw her Kids you call Out are Stinking rich before they are even 3 they will never EVER have to work

    so you haters sit there and Call out little children like that and You go work your 45 hour shift to Put food on the table People like you dont exsist to Jen
    Ugly people are so Bitter thats why Jen is stunning and has every thing she wants and more and could quit tommor and support her childrens children children and still Be richer then U and your entire Fam

    any ways back to the Pics

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they are sooooo Cute OMG and jen looks Fly she is the hottest mamma out there CANT WAIT FOR HER NEW MOVIE AND ALBUMS WOOP WOOP RETURN ON JLO THIS IS SOO EXCITING =)

  • dahlia

    A year old babies don’t smile much. Unless they are Violet.LOL

    Of course they do!My nephew was a month old and he started smile .You know why ?babies smile when they’re happy and well taken care off.Every time I see jlo’s kids they look miserable and scared.Maybe because most of time their either with their nanny or her bodyguards.Say what you will about Ben Affleck,bad actor whatever ….you can’t deny he’s a great dad and kids are happy and well ajusted.More than I can say about Skeletor

  • Marc anthony the hypocrite

    He’s a devoted father to his children by Lopez, but walked out on his 10-month old baby and his 2-year old by Dayanara Torres. A man that abandons his first-born children, but then turns around and dotes on his next children because their mother is a different woman, is less than a man.

  • zk

    It’s so obvious a nanny just handed those kids to their parents……look at how put together JLo is… don’t just wake up looking like that, she has been heavily worked on, by a team.

    Don’t fall for the PR garbage their trying to feed you … if they have no nannies!!

    Her career is SOOOO over, and she knows it, so she’s been carrying around her kids lately. It’s the latest hollywood accessory, don’t you know.

  • Jackie

    @my dong is bigger than yours: @bobe: @snore: @EYES: @Ewwwwwwwwww: @Jennifer G: @jenny: @sara: @eli: @marty:

    All of you get a life! You know nothing about them and how they live their life other than what you see in the media. Marc and Jennifer are awesome parents and their kids are beautiful. What person in their right mind would make fun of a little kid! You’re disgusting and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all!

  • Jackie

    What I said above also applies to. . . @Toby: @Jersey shore: @Roger: @pili: @dahlia: @Marc anthony the hypocrite: @zk:

  • Mable

    >>>>Jens has earned what $130 million and what ever else she has made history broke records the lot>>>>>

    What she had she lost when she married Marc Anthony in 2004 because its been downhill since then. Her clothling lines tanked “her movies flopped, her music flopped, her restaurant Madres shut down, etc. All she does is continue to come out with a zillion perfumes back-to-back because the one she comes out with isn’t selling well so she brings out another. JLO is a hasbeen that wants to be a big star again and is forcing herself on the public. She has the papparazzi follow her EVERY MOVE when she goes out in public with that cadeaver husband of hers wearing her expensive clothes and lace-top wigs. The only reason she looks beautiful is because she has had plastic surgery done on her face, and if you pulled off those wigs, fake eyelases, and wiped off the tons of tanner she sprays on her body, she’d look like any woman walking down the street.

  • Chris

    Mark is not only ugly but also absent father an d excuse of a man.

    To the person who is boasting about J.lo being rich please get a grip. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Being flithy rich is nothing got to do being happy. J.lo is a has been she needs a hit so bad. If this things she is doing now turns bad she is done.

  • me, myself and I

    I love this couple.
    They fit each other perfectly.

  • vIVIAN

    Lovely family! Emme looks like her beautiful mom and Max will be a heart breaker

  • MS


  • me

    #41, wow for someone who hates Jlo so much you certainly have been following her. I think you are jealous. Nobody down the street looks like Jlo so get over it girl.

  • me

    #24, two nobodies, just go to you tube and check out Marc Anthony’s concerts in Spain and all over Latin America you will see who he is…as for Jlo everyone knows who she is lol.

  • MS


    Do you know what is J.LO doing in Italy? ….she is promoting her J.LO clothing line, …so she is still working and making money with her clothing line, in fact she has J.LO stores in more than 15 countries outside the USA.
    And her perfume line in NOT all she does, …..she just finished filming for 12 weeks the movie “The Back up Plan”.
    And if her perfumes don’t sell then why they keep launching and investing money in promotion for new ones?? the perfumes are doing well that’s why she is still in the market.
    Another thing: her movie “Monster in law” was succesfull at the box office ($150 million worldwide), her album in Spanish sold more than 1 million copies, NOT bad for a spanish album, …and all this happened after she married Marc, …so it seems that he is NOT an issue for her carrer, an the other hand Marc gave her two BEAUTIFUL babies!

  • #22

    #22, I think the dogpoo is the white guy she didn’t marry. He ended up with a horseface shapeless woman with big feet, big ears, big forehead that she needs bangs to hide it , and he mopes around town like he married dracula cuz he has no life in his eyes, his happy demeanor has been sucked outta him. You see Karma is a beeotch and he certainly is being bi#ch slapped all over the place. His kids aren’t cute either cuz that little whatever her name is fuglie and so is that new baby, but of course since they are white they are beautiful right???even when they look like a whole bunch of a#ssessss.

  • uni

    Parece que los “haters” de Univision estan aqui lol, hablando mal de la princessa Jlo.

  • markey mark

    #42, all the movie stars are as good as their last movie. They all have years of slump, when was the last time Julia Roberts made a good movie, do you call her a has been? how about Renee Zelwegger, when was the last time she made a good move??? how about Halle Berry, oh, almost forgot Tom Cruises Ex, Nicole, none of these people have made any good movies in years, but of course Jlo is the only has been.