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Jon Gosselin: Scavenger Hunt Kiss

Jon Gosselin: Scavenger Hunt Kiss

Jon Gosselin gets a kiss from daughter Alexis while they shoot a scavenger hunt episode for Jon & Kate Plus 8 at their home on Wednesday morning (July 29) in Reading, Penn.

Since splitting from wife Kate, Jon‘s been pretty open with his money. “Kate controlled the money for the longest time in their relationship,” a close friend of Jon‘s tells Life & Style. “Now I don’t think he’s worried about money at all. He’s taking a bunch of us to Las Vegas at the end of August. It’s going to be wild!”

Jon is also convinced Kate is hiding major sums of cash from him – and he’s determined to find it. “Jon is sure Kate‘s keeping money from him, more than a million dollars,” an insider reveals. “He thinks some of the money she’s made from her books and tours has been put someplace where he can’t access it. Jon says he found out Kate had been hiding about $100,000 in cash in the house…. It’s turned into an all-out war over money. Jon says Kate‘s books and speaking engagements were based on their children and their relationship, so he rightfully deserves a cut.”

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  • nikomilinko

    I hate the gosselin story

  • jenna

    Why do some parents kiss their kids on the lips?
    I think it’s weird and should not be done.

    My opinion.

  • mailey

    @jenna: ur kinda paranoid there.

  • *******

    They seriously need to go away. Hide

  • lmao

    @jenna: it’s only weird for weirdos with weird thoughts floating around in their heads. It’s completely normal to kiss your loved ones on the lips.

  • sammy

    Don’t know if the money thing is true but judging from the way he spending it, he will be broke soon. Kate hiding it is a good thing.

    Go Kate.

  • Brenda

    Jenna, what’s the matter with you? I kiss my kids on the lips all the time.

  • dundies

    lol idk why. i think its weird when parents let their children run around naked….

  • Lindy lou

    Ain’t it always about da money.

  • Max

    That’s probably why old sourpuss was walking around with a look that would peel paint. He found her hidden assets! Uh Uh Uh Katie. Community property goes halfsies.

  • Lillianne

    At least the kids are smiling.

  • smack for a smack

    key word here… “she’s made from her books and tours “.. HER not yours get off your fat ass and get a job for the first time in 3 years. i cannot stand this peice of shit seriously. He “hates fame” but he sure loves spending the money.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr

    They shouldn’t be partying with money they’re making off their kids. It should go into a trust for their college educations. These two are idiots, but at least she’s not spending it in Vegas on her friends.

  • Stardust

    Way to exploit the kids, JJ. How do you sleep at night?

  • miapocca

    Well obviously kate knew two things and she took strategies to make the relationship work

    1: Is that he is immature and therefore she mothered him through the relationship–does she deserve more money for mothering him then?

    2: He does not like to work but likes to spend. Even if given 50% of everything he will be broke soon enough

  • sarah

    Great, so now Jon’s telling people that there has been a ton of money stashed in a house where his 8 kids live. Why not just take out a billboard inviting people to break into your home? Could this man be any more ignorant?

  • team kate

    I can already see what the episode will be about. He can’t interact with them without cameras but when the cameras are on he turns into “Superdad”. He’ll play the oh “I wish I could be here more I love them I hate leaving them” then do the sad puppy eyes and kisses one of them. He really sickens me ugh. No wonder she controlled everything and hid money. The way he is spending they will be poor again in no time. And we know he doesn’t like to work. What a idiot. Buying sports cars and Gucci this Gucci that.

  • nikomilinko


    i´m agree with you


  • team kate

    @sarah: EXACTLY. Did you see the story of the couple in Florida? And those monsters broke in and killed them. Jon is the most stupid person on earth. No wonder she treated him that way. I could not imagine being married to him. Can’t wait for the Vegas photos. He needs some therapy or something what is wrong with him?

  • tax collector

    Who else was Kate hiding money from, Uncle Sam? And Jon complained about having to pay taxes on the gifts (like his expensive custom motorcycle) and freebies they receive. What about all the $20 autographs and other cash received from while they were out begging for money? Were they even incorporated? I hope the IRS audits them.

  • mailey

    IF Kate was “hiding” money, OBV she has a good reason to do so.. Kids need that cash for college. Jon would blow it on vacays for him and his sleazy friends, motorcycles and crappy t-shirts.

  • Zara

    People stop watching their show…that’s the only way TLC will pull the plug. The exploitation of these little children is sickening. J & K are using them as cash cows and worst of all spending all the money on luxuries. While they are p.i.ssing away all the money those children will be left with nothing for their college education or future. The children are the ones who will suffer in the end if they aren’t already suffering. BAN THE SHOW!!!

  • Sam

    BOYS, where are you? Where did they forget you this time! I swear there are 3 boys in that family, but sometimes you gotta wonder! BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eml

    is there some source that says the kids don’t already have college trusts set up with loads of money in them? i hear that complaint made all the time and i honestly have not heard a source or article say that the children do not have trusts of their own. i’m guessing that was the first thing these two did. Those kids don’t want for anything… what proof is there that they will be wanting when it comes time to pay for college?

  • kelly

    I predict tax trouble down the road for these two who both think they are a little bit smarter than everyone else.
    Swiss bank account Kate?

  • anon

    Please, please do not put those kids through a long drawn out painful divorce and custody fight. Both of them need to get thier head of thier butts and think of thier actions are affecting the kids and that it’s all being recorded on the net for them to find at some point. Their sources also need to think of the kids and stop making accusations and provacative statements to feed the animosity.

  • anon

    Just to clarifty depending on the laws in PA any money made during the marriage is legally both of thiers and Kate will need to disclose that or face prosecution.

  • Kelly

    Low class Kate probably has big bills stashed in her bra. Scumbag.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    that’s jon’s new girlfriend? cool. she’s a bit on the small side thought, but whatever works.
    jared, you jealous? hahahahahaha..

  • Rhonda

    the kids seem happier and more relaxed when they are with Jon. They always seem angry when kate is around.

  • crazy Kate

    Kate has got to be burning with rage. I’m sure she thinks all of the money should be hers and if I were Jon I would not sleep in the same house as her and I would keep one eye open wherever I was. She is psycho crazy. If coupons, a little dirt, chewing gum, and magic markers set her off, then money ? Can’t really imagine the level of rage.

  • ella


    Really! And this is just a few weeks after a couple raising 16 disabled children was killed because some thugs thought they had a stash of cash in their house. Whether it’s Jon who gave this information or the magazine making it up, it’s reckless of them to print that they keep large amounts of cash stashed in the house. They have opened this family up to a whole new type of danger just to sell magazines. It’s disgusting.

    Now we can worry about the safety of these children on a whole new level.

  • tax collector

    It’s not only what isn’t disclosed or hidden in dividing the marital property. Once the forensic financial experts get involved and all the finances are exposed in court, if there’s anything illegal going on with respect to money, they’ll be reported.

  • got a grudge?

    Shame on JustJared for printing such crap about hiding cash in the house with the 8 kids there. We know Jon and Kate are irresponsible parents but what is Jared’s excuse for journalism and the childrens’ safety?

  • jenny

    How sad, the children only get to see their father when he comes home to (work) get more money. Does he see dollar signs when he looks at them. I thought that Kate was the only one who saw the kids as an investment. . Now Jon is in on the gravy train. How nice when you can live off your kids instead of getting a real job.

  • Barb

    Kate should have never hid cash in her home > irresponsible. Safety Deposit boxes Kate?.

  • linda

    I hope a good Judge gets involved with this so the money can be kept safe for the kids. That is probably why Kate is hiding some of it.
    Also, wonder why both of them are getting condos so far away from where the kids live. It seems like they would want to be closer to them in case of an emergency.

  • Christy

    So, let me get this straight. The only time the kids see their parents is when they’re being filmed? When it’s a wrap, they bolt?

  • dodo


    Get your head out of the gutter. I was raised in a household were everyone greets each other with a kiss on the cheek or peck on the lips. Before you ask… No we don’t have any incidents of incest in my family.

  • ella


    She may not even have hidden cash in the house, but now just the reporting that she has puts them all in danger.

    way to go whoever was stupid enough to put that out there (JJ or Life and Style, or Jon – whoever)

  • chelsea

    MAYBE Kate is trying to save the money for her KIDS, so they can go to college, afford food & clothes for the next 12 years of their life.


  • that’d be sweet

    I f Jon can find Kate’s stash and prove she paid no taxes, he can see her sent her to prison. Then Jon can blow all their money while she’s in the clink.

  • chelsea

    explotation? these cameras are all the kids have known. their parents are getting a divorce if they make the camera’s go they wont have THEIR normalcy.

  • Barbara

    What a difference a day makes. Yesterday Jon was smoking cigs, talking on his cell phone little interaction at all w/the kids only to give them packages and to take out the garbage all the while talking on his cell phone. Today oh a scavenger hunt and playing frisbee w/the dogs… Unreal. My heart breaks for the kids. The really only loving interaction with their parents is when TLC films. No cigs, no phone. Jon’s comments to the press are really stupid. Hopefully they have a great security system…. saying Kate “stashed” money in the house. How can he just keep getting stupider. Now he is blowing a wad of cash on a trip to Las Vegas which will be all courtesy of People Magazine, paps, etc. What happened to media black out? Jon just shut your freakin mouth.

  • Jon sucks

    Kate hiding money is a good thing the way Jon is spending it and so what i mean she worked hard for it with the books and her tours I don’t think Jon deserves any of it the only money he should get is from making the show anyways lately it seems he’s more interested in money,partying and traveling than his own kids.What happened to its all about my kids Jon.

  • mary

    @ Jenna… must not have any kids…..I kiss my baby on her lips….It’s just a way to show your love for them…..Of Course once they get older, they don’t want their parents to kiss them on their lips…

  • You’re going down john!


  • Barbara

    Please JJ don’t follw the fool to Las Vegas. I don’t like it but I don’t mind the home pics as much as the pics of him galevanting everywhere and following Kate around as she does errands. It also disgusts me that the only reason he came home after many days away from the kids is to film. Once he is done he will probably go back to the Hamptons and then on to Las Vegas. I am not a fan of Kates but she at least was w/the kids when TLC wasn’t filming. Jon is just acting like a complete a**. Paps if you go away and leave them alone Jon and Kate will go away. What a perfect world that would be.

  • tax collector

    It doesn’t matter who is doing the hiding. If both names are signed on the tax returns, it falls on both of them. Hopefully, they put the kids money into a separate trust account that wasn’t run as part of the family business.