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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attends U2 Concert

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attends U2 Concert

Jonathan Rhys Meyers celebrates his 27th birthday by supporting his fellow Irish man, Bono, at the U2 concert at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland on Monday (July 27).

The Tudors actor was accompanied by his on-and-off-again girlfriend Reena Hammer. JRM has been in town shooting new scenes for his hit HBO series.

JRM was seen taking pictures with fans while smoking away on cigarettes. Special guests at the U2 concert were The Script and Bell X1.

Happy birthday, JRM!

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  • marika

    He’s not 27, JJ. He’s 32. Check a bit, before posting stuff.

  • geoff

    he turned 32 today, not 27.

  • renee

    His series The Tudors is on Showtime not HBO. OMG Johnny looks like he is getting a beer gut. NO JOHNNY…NO BEER GUT!

  • M

    His gf looks different from previous pictures.

  • jade

    Its showtime not HBO!

  • nikomilinko

    I thought that 27 wasn´t correct

  • Vicki

    That bitch is too ugly for him

  • NativeNYker

    He is such hotness! Damn.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • nanci

    I think he looks fantastic. That beer gut is muscle. I really like him with a bit longer hair like this.

  • fran

    Wow, he looks great. So good to see him out and about. He’s my favorite actor and the most beautiful man on film

  • Zoey

    He looks awesome. Love him on the Tudor’s.

  • fran

    Now there are new pictures of him at record producer’s party the next day with another girl. Looks like this gorgeous man is playing the field.

  • tere

    chicas no es linda ella pero esa es la gracia nos pondriamos peor de estarel de novio con una siliconada famosa o escandalosa ademas ya tiene que casarse porque la prensa es mala y comenta ademas ella siempre sale en las fotos o sea….mejor que gane ya el emy por the tudors se lo merece

  • elvina hui

    h is 32 thicko!! i actually work with him…research!!!!

  • Marco

    He’s gorgeous and looks 27 anyway

  • Sarah

    JRM was born on July 27th 1977. That would make him 32.

  • Buckley

    does he have a new show on HBO?…otherwise Tudors is Showtime.

  • diva88

    He’s hot! I wish he didn’t smoke though. But I love him on the Tudors.

  • irishtit

    Aw here we go again. Poor Reena was called in as the plus one. Reena will go back to the UK because shes not needed and JRM will have his usual meltdown within ten days to two weeks. Notice how shes never around when the shit hits the fan for him? She really is’nt a positive force in his life and she is brought out and dusted off whenever damage control is needed and JRM wants to protray to the world that he is stable. I feel sorry for them both because if it is this boring for us how must it be for them! Groundhog day.

  • irishtit


    Fran where are these pictures. Do spill the beans!! What party was it and how could that be if those photos were only taken on Monday??

  • fran

    They are on the wenn website here:
    She’s probably just a friend who escorted him when his girlfriend was busy but he seems to be photographed with so many women lately. Nothing wrong with playing the field when you’re young, beautiful and talented.

  • Sara

    I think he’s cute. But that’s just because he resembles my husband. :) He looks like he’s bored with Reena and she looks smug just to be able to hold his arm so he won’t run away lol

  • Oprah

    He looks healthier than I have seen him in a while, good for him.

  • Keepin it on the positive

    The girl Jonny is with at the musician’s birthday is his assistant and is also in the picture with Jonny and Reena at the U2 concert. Whomever else, I don’t understand why people are knockin on Reena, she is pretty, he digs her and if anything they have a lot of history together. Would you rather see your beloved Jonny lonely and unhappy? Peace~M

  • fran

    I’m not knockin anyone. If she is his assistant she’s a different person than appeared in airport photos in January and at the GGs. I think it is great for him to love whomever he does love. It does seem, though, that he is changing it up a bit. Why, afterall, do he and Reena always break up?

  • Lola

    Jonathan’s show is on SHOWTIME not HBO!

  • born in paris

    Oh no! He’s back with the ugly chick again! Geez…this woman must have a GREAT personality.

  • Keepin it on the positive

    I didn’t say you were sayin anything bad Fran, I was sayin that to the haters. Who knows if Jonny and Reena even break up or if they are even together now. They could just be comfortable with eachother and made a friendship out of what they have. Jonny once said that it is fun to make people wonder, keep them guessing, one of the reasons he wears the ring, besides the secret promise.An old hollywood saying” Any publicity is good publicity, keeps you in the spotlight”.

  • fran

    Interesting. Somehow I would be surprised if he bothers to be with someone or to wear a ring to keep the public guessing. He’s always seemed to me to be someone who wants to keep his private life private as much as possible.

  • Keepin it on the positive

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Explains Mystery Ring,,20185335,00.html
    this is a link, cut a paste.
    He likes to keep people guessing.

  • blahblah

    as if they ever broke up….when did HE ever say that…never
    they have been together for ages again…obvioulsy as they keep showing up together….
    and duh
    just because he is pictured standing or sitting next to another female doesnt mean something is going on….
    Are you having relations with every person u stand next to…???
    I dont think so

  • Alida Minkel

    Fran: Do you have a link to these pictures?

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s cute!