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Katie Holmes Blacks Out

Katie Holmes Blacks Out

Katie Holmes bundles up in her black Kathmandu bubble jacket and hides behind black shades while walking around the film set of her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark on Wednesday (July 29) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 30-year-old Mad Money actress took time off from the set to play with her 3-year-old daughter, Suri. The little cutie ran all over the grass with her colorful boots and blue sweatshirt!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes blacking out…

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katie holmes blacks out 01
katie holmes blacks out 02
katie holmes blacks out 03
katie holmes blacks out 04
katie holmes blacks out 05
katie holmes blacks out 06
katie holmes blacks out 07
katie holmes blacks out 08
katie holmes blacks out 09
katie holmes blacks out 10

Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • I Love Katie Holmes.

    Katie Holes is an amazing actress and a beautiful lady.
    I love you Katie.

  • first


  • frances

    Good to see her enjoying Australia.She looks really good.

  • anonymous

    Katie looks so pretty. I really thought she was amazing last Thurs.night. Thanks for the photos of the family Jared and I hope we have some Tom sightings soon.

  • Yes!

    Katie is so lovely!

  • 2012

    so sweet and natural.

    a class act

  • Mike

    She do not have sweet face anymore

  • lainey

    No makeup but she is very pretty. Good 4 for her enjoying her filming and what she did for Dizzy Feet. Props to Katie<3

  • jared thanks

    Her hair is growing again. Yeah Baby….

  • abby normal

    Cutest lady ever just like
    her baby.

  • tasty

    she’s looking good with the longer hair…

  • sarah =]

    beautiful people

  • Sally

    This sunglasses was beautiful in her. Katie has a very cute face and her body was just amazing as we can see in “So You Think You Can Dance?”.

  • nikomilinko
  • Hannah

    Like that the jacket is from Kathmandu.

  • sweetpea

    she looks really cute and natural.

  • kiki

    Katie definitely looks better with longer hair. She has a beautiful face and her skin looks great.

  • jim bo

    Ha ha ha! She had to go all the way to Aussie to get a role in a cheap, horror movie!! Now THAT’s funny! She’s stupid enough and desperate enough to go all the way over there for a B movie horror flick!

    Katie is Fug and Suri is Fug. I wouldn’t DO Katie Homely if I was paid to.

    BTW, anybody else think she looks like Michael Jackson resurrected?
    She looked just like him on SYTYCD. Katie the FREAK!!!

  • jim bo

    Hey #1 through #17 – You obviously have NO LIFE. ha ha ha ha

    Staying up all night posting comment after comment about beard Homely. ha ha ha ha

    YOU ARE A LOSER!!!! Get that? LOSER!!!! HA HA HA HA AH

  • jenna

    Ya think?

  • liverwurst

    Page six strongly hinted that the reason we don’t see pictures of them is that the attorneys have come to a settlement for divorce (or contract)

  • NativeNYker

    Poor Katie. Girl doesnt get a break!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://justjared Tim brown

    So serious! Where’s her cute smile? Bless her heart.

  • lol

    gold digger is out trying to look like posh. she is classy for marrying tom over money. it was really nice of her to donate money for dizzy feet but in exchange the show must let her perform even if she sucked big time. what can they do? they need money and she desperately needs attention. and to those who says she’s a great actress, you must really have poor taste.

  • to #1=17

    You aren’t fooling anyone. Same person.

  • its robo-bride

    What a joke this film is going to be. This woman can’t act worth ten cents.

  • cottoncandy

    poster 1-17 is the same person!


    must be a dumb obsessed TomKat lover.


  • **Jamie**

    Katie Holmes is beautiful.

    She has a gorgeous cute smile and young face. She is just so sweet and pleasant.

    Her hair looks great longer and those Ray Ban sunglasses look nice on her. Love the Jacket too.

  • tulsa

    chic and simple

  • iron chef

    Her face and sunglasses reminds me of Jackie Kennedy.

  • svelt

    What ugly and sad lives the trolls have. Get some help.

  • foodfight

    Love Katie.She rocks.I loved her in Broadway and movies like Pieces of April,Singing Detective,The Gift,Batman Begins,Wonder Boys.

  • norma

    She is a natural beauty that’s all I have to say. Oh and a terrific actress with the sweetest coolest personality in Holllwood. That is rare which sets up apart and above the rest.

  • steve

    She’s hot!

  • jojo

    To the judgemental idiots please finish school with your awful spelling and grammar. You go on and on how fans are the same person when you do the same using different monikers to shut down celebrities you dont know to further your low self esteem.
    Guess what? Katie is doing a movie in Australia,she has a supportive loving family,a great career and making a differnce helping others in this world unlike you just typing in your keyboard as hypocrites
    and cowards.

  • june

    she’s boring

  • 100% TOMKAT Controlled PR!!!

    Closed set my A$$ Here’s the proof: In the UK it is illegal to print a child’s piture without premission from thir parents. That is why, for example, that Paul McCartey’s young daughter’s face is always blurred. Suri’s closed set photos how up in all the British papers instantly and are mega-pixel.

    Hmm…I smell a skunk. A skunk who should potty train her daughter.

  • Anonymous MD, psychiatrist

    Simonette Alanes, comments 1-17 and 28-35, you have a psychiatric disorder and you MUST take your pills everyday and DO NOT miss a pill.

  • if suri won’t potty train

    you shouldn’t punish her by not changing her diaper. that is really really mean and bad hygiene. older girls in diapers easily get urinary track infections. poor kiid.

  • cottoncandy

    yeah…she does seem to have some level of autism.

    claws and bump on head among other things like bratty behavior, still wearing diapers, etc….

  • Reed Richards
    suri’s hands have always had the claw/clenched fist issue. always. that’s why they always have her holding something. THAT’S WHY SHE ALWAYS HAD A BOTTLE. 90+ percent of the time she’s not holding something, her hands are acting up. really. they were trying to hide the problem.

    don’t know why she’s still in diapers. can she talk?

  • #18 yes

    always reminds me of MJ. they had the same plastic surgeon.

  • to jojo @ 07/29/2009 at 11:34

    Katie is in Australia: Yes
    Katie has a loving/supportive family: Hasn’t seen tommy girl in what? Three weeks? Bella and Connor aren’t there. Neither are her parents or her siblings. She dropped all of her friends when she met Tommy girl so they aren’t there. Oh, yes. Sci-fi minders are there.
    Katie has a career: Only one that Tommy Girl’s fame has bought her.
    Katie is making a difference in the world: Now that is just about the funniest statement ever. Doing what? Dizzy Feet? A foundation for the poor, underprivileged kids with talent (key words WITH TALENT) get to dance? Or do you mean the millions Tommy Girl gives to the cult? Or maybe you mean the money the paps make off the pictures of her pimping out Suri on a CLOSED set?
    Yep Katie sure is one heck of a wonderful icon and example to women all over the world. She is so awesome, amazing, magickal and wonderful (guess that uses up her limited vocabulary).
    Now I must go and watch Katie’s dance tape again. Wow she was great–just out there kicking up a storm, movin’ those tootsies, flailing the arms–just deserving of an Oscar her dancing was so great.

  • cottoncandy

    # 35

    YOU are the one that needs to go back to grammar school.

    Run…not walk……back to school already!

    (rolling eyes)

  • Scott Summers

    You couldn’t be more wrong, #18.

    Well Page Six is wrong, #21.

    They chose heer to danc, #24. No one was forced to do anything.

    You’re a moron, #43.

  • Now Reedy poo is scotty poo

    Au contraire Mr. Summers–you are the moron.

  • Scott Summers

    rosie loves katie’s singing and dancing

  • vi

    she’s a foxy lady…

  • Scott Summers

    katie released a new video. she sings about the current state of her marraige to tom. very moving. she’s an amazng and magical performer. wowsa!

  • baby

    Barely any makeup or zilch makeup she is still lovely. It will be interesting to see if she and Guy Pearce will exude chemistry.
    Im sure tho its not much romance since Deltorro is more into scary tactics.