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Michelle Obama: Cooperation Among Nations

Michelle Obama: Cooperation Among Nations

First Lady Michelle Obama holds hands with her husband, President Barack Obama, before he addresses a reception for ambassadors to the United States on Monday (July 27) in the Grand Foyer of the White House in Washington, D.C.

“For centuries diplomats have come together to discuss war and peace, commerce and exchange,” Obama said. “But now it is hard to think of an issue that matters to our people that does not depend in some way upon cooperation among nations… And that’s one reason why I came into office with a strong commitment to renew American diplomacy and to start a new era of engagement with the world.”

15+ pictures inside of the Obamas in the Grand Foyer…

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michelle obama cooperation among nations 01
michelle obama cooperation among nations 02
michelle obama cooperation among nations 03
michelle obama cooperation among nations 04
michelle obama cooperation among nations 05
michelle obama cooperation among nations 06
michelle obama cooperation among nations 07
michelle obama cooperation among nations 08
michelle obama cooperation among nations 09
michelle obama cooperation among nations 10
michelle obama cooperation among nations 11
michelle obama cooperation among nations 12
michelle obama cooperation among nations 13
michelle obama cooperation among nations 14
michelle obama cooperation among nations 15

Photos: Saul Loeb/AFP, Joshua Roberts/Getty
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  • Amanda

    Umm…You forgot to mention who her dress is by. I love it!

  • wendy

    The dress is by Michael Kors, and she looks so beautiful and stylish, what a great first lady.

  • Rachel

    She looks GORGEOUS! I love the shape and colors of the dress!

  • Bittersweetrc

    The hair isn’t amazing…looks like it’s breaking slightly. Dress is fabulous!!

  • jb

    Good pictures JJ! I think she looks really good here! Love them.

  • jena

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    pictures of ashley tisdale, selena gomez, cast of twilght, river phoenix….videos of michael jackson and more!

    If you want to add your own pictures, videos…… join the site!!!!

  • Supreme Queen

    Just lovely-both of them!!!

  • andamentothat

    good use of the belt in this outfit.. looking perfect!

  • nikomilinko
  • give me a break

    The Obamas are out to destroy this country. Obama and his cronies are some of the most dirty and corrupt politicins of all time. And the biggest racists of all… Look at their actions and read up on their history. Don’t believe they hype sold to you from the media. It’s been bought.

  • Birgit

    The skirt part is slightly unflattering in the tummy area, but I love the color scheme with black, red and white. However, she had better hair-days ;-)

  • missy

    Michelle, who was the community outreach coordinator for the university of ill hospital, her job, get the poor blacks out of their hospital, Michelle Obama, valerie jarrett, david axelrod all involved in “patient dumping” . PATIENT DUMPING, PEOPLE, Michelle is the girl, that “dumped” poor blacks into “dump” her pay went from 117,000 to 365,000 a year for her “patient dumping” abilities. Getting poor black people to believe them is a Obama specialilty!

  • DarkEmpress

    @give me a break: @give me a break: @give me a break:

    hahahahhaaaaaaa! what is going on inside your head??? hilarious! yes they are out to get you- run!

  • missy

    Don’t get sick with gang, kiddies, they will off your ass if you ain’t worth the money it takes to fix you.

  • missy


    you stupid!

  • Susan

    Her face above the nose looks very angry.

  • Halli

    She looks good

  • Chase

    Meh… its not her best look. Who cares. She’s the first lady not a celebrity

  • Lane

    She’s always happy, I like her

  • Obama Rocks

    @give me a break: Well shut up, evertyhing can’t happen in a 6 months, you have to give him time, I seem to recall we were fine with giving BUsh time to help our nation, why can’t we give Obama time, he’s just one person president of millions and millions of people. And don’t even say the crap like he’s destroying our nation blah blah blah, you just can’t face the fact that he is our president and for some people they can’t face the fact that he’s black, idk which one you are but give him a chance, cause he hsan’t done many wrong deeds yet.

  • angel

    Look closely at her head in the first picture. Doesn’t she look like the Devil?

  • Bill

    Don’t like her hair like that, but she’s fine. People are way too critical of her. She never set out to be First Lady, so give her a break, jeez.

  • Bill

    @give me a break:

    Get a hold of yourself

  • Shelly_2

    OMG are you looking at the same women? Always happy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it makes me laugh.

  • missy

    @Obama Rocks:

    proud acorn!

  • Dick cheney

    I vant to suck her bloooood!!!!!

  • Lacey

    Jared… she’s the First Lady and you put her on the same page as someone like Jon Gosselin. Seriously, its weird. Why can’t people leave this family alone, they don’t have that same privacy that other First Family’s had.

  • Dan

    Look, they actually color coordinated. Look at his tie

  • Paige

    Jared, your Michelle Obama posts always invite bitter racists and since she isn’t a celebrity you might want to stop doing it. Just saying

  • anon

    Most corrupt administration more than Clinton

    Michelle uses the other Air Force One jet just to shop in Paris

  • janice

    fashion icon when she looks like a man

  • Lane


    Oh I get it. Angry black women syndrome… right? Hmmm. Not all of us are ignorant racists Shelley. Whenever I see Michelle she’s always smiling or laughing and is a positive presence. Her approval ratings are in the 70s for a reason. Because she’s not a psycho that you and other losers want Americans to believe. Get a life.

  • robin3

    Do NOT trust Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He lied when he said we have choices in the “health care bill”". Read it carefully…………….he LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And he is very RACIST!!!!! If you voted for him you sold out your country and were snookered by his smooth talk,

    I did NOT vote McCain either

  • Halli

    SHe looks even better with bangs. She should just stick to that look.

  • Halli


    Take a valium or something, you need to realize your guys lost, okay? And its not very convincing to say a guy who is half black and half white is racist. You’re insane.

  • robin3

    Obama’s popularity is falling like a stone.

    Why? His true colors are showing and he is is on his his way to breaking his campaign promises.

    And you ain’t seen nothing yet! His popularity will plunge soon. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robin3

    The USA became mermerized by 2 Marxists.

    In fact, he is turning out to be more dangerous than Bush and I despised GWB.

  • Rhonda

    Patient dumping? I wonder if thats why she lost her law license?

  • Blake


    Every President’s popularity ratings fall. Every one. So its not surprising that sooner or later Obama’s will too, but also popularity ratings change weekly. So even Barack Obama said tis not something he looks at. Same with George Bush, when his war was failing he had even worse approval ratings than when Nixon left office! That’s pretty bad but not something he cared about either. But so far its at the mid-50s for Obama, which is good generally but low for him, so you need to relax.

  • Baya

    i am so tired of seeing her bare arms. It does not distract from her other flaws it just accentuates them. She is the wife of the most powerful person in the world an her fashion style is an embarrassment. She is pushing 50 years old…does anyone remember Jackie O dressing like this over and over…that would be a big no….

  • robin3

    Michelle is even more racist than her hubbie. Ever see her papers from college?

    The liberals made a serious error when they fell for Obama’s smooth talk.

    I’m an independent

  • 90210

    Simi Valley/Reagan Library is so packed they dont know what to do cuz Palin will be their guest speaker on Aug.8

  • robin3

    Those who voted for him can’t admit they made a mistake but there is a lot of disappointment with BO growing.

    Let me hear from his supporters what he has done right since he got elected instead of saying………..

    “I love their style” or “Michelle’s arms are so cool” or some other inane bubble-headed reason.

  • Rhonda

    Obama proved last Wednesday night that he is the “racist” Admitting he knew none of the details of the case called the Cambridge Police stupid! The rev wright of Harvard showed his ass to a whole group (white, black, and Latino) and now the mask has been removed.

    Michelle Obama is now tied directly to dumping poor black patients without insurance. Now these same people, MO and valerie jarrett and david axelrod are all involved in “patient dumping” now involved with OUR health insurance. Abort babies, No more Trigs, granma and granpa——GONE don’t get sick, if you aren’t worth the money your gone too! Poor Paige, JJ don’t post any more about the Obama’s I can’t take the truth. I want to put my head in the sand. POOR PAIGE

  • comment

    Obama needs to work on making AMERICA strong. BO needs be concerned with raising our standards of living, increase good paying jobs, and tackle the greedy bankers, corporations and Wall Street instead of running all over the world bailing corrupt countries out.

  • kelly

    The First Lady looks great! Very beautiful and classy look. They look soooo good together. Love them both and the job they’re doing trying to straighten out the mess this country is in.

  • Benny’s mommy

    Finally a “look” that doesn’t make her look like she dressed out of a hamper.
    Just because the couple LOOKS good, doesn’t mean they are good for the country. Wait until you pay taxes in April, this corrupt government will take you to the poorhouse. That is IF you pay taxes and are not part of the population who sucks off of us who do work.

  • robin3

    BIG MISTAKE falling for Mr. Smooths spun candy.

    BO is an arch-hypocrite and liar. And just a more photogenic version carrying out the same agenda as Dubya.


    Btw…….I am a registered Independent!

  • angel

    Obama’s approval rating as of today – 29%.
    Bush’s approval rating when he left office – 22%

  • Nay

    Illuminati bitch.