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Rachelle Lefevre: The Casting Change Sucks!

Rachelle Lefevre: The Casting Change Sucks!

Rachelle Lefevre is speaking out on yesterday’s announcement that Bryce Dallas Howard would be replacing her as the villain Victoria in the third installment of the Twilight franchise, Eclipse.

“I was stunned by Summit [Entertainment]’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse,” Rachelle said in a statement to Access Hollywood. “I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to Barney’s Version is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for Eclipse. Although the production schedule for Eclipse is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for Eclipse, never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

The 30-year-old actress continued, “I am greatly saddened that I will not get to complete my portrayal of Victoria for the Twilight audience. This is a story, a theatrical journey and a character that I truly love and about which I am very passionate. I will be forever grateful to the fan support and loyalty I’ve received since being cast for this role, and I am hurt deeply by Summit’s surprising decision to move on without me. I wish the cast and crew of Eclipse only the very best.”

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# 2
mochakiss8503 @ 07/29/2009 at 7:27 pm

Rachelle WILL always be Victoria!!!! Eclipse won’t be the same w/o her :o(

# 3
Heather ♥ @ 07/29/2009 at 7:29 pm

wow that new victoria looks like shes gonna suck. i want the old victoria!

# 4

well this sucks a little. :(
she plays victoria amazingly.
she will always be victoria in my eyes.
you can never beat the orginal. :)
still excited for the film though. :D

# 5

Such a bad move, Summit. The Twilight fandom is toted as being beyond huge and beyond passionate. Rachelle has been grateful and gracious as well as enthusiastic towards the franchise as well as the fans. Of all the supporting cast members…she’s really not one the fans would want to see pushed out. ‘Specially as this is the character Victoria’s big exit.

# 6

I think it absolutely stinks….. I knew it wasn’t a scheduling change as this was announced only a week before rehearsals start for Eclipse. I feel bad for Rachelle and it almost makes you feel like boycotting Eclipse. It won’t be the same without her.

# 7

I can’t believe that. Summit is making a horrible decision in replacing her. Once an actor has established a character, it is difficult to think finding another red-headed actress can easily keep the character’s persona. They were able to accommodate when cam only had a short amount of time to get all his filming as James done for Twilight. That is so unreasonable and Victoria will not be the same without Rachelle’s brilliant portrayal of the character.

# 8
JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ 07/29/2009 at 7:34 pm

whyyyyyy? Was it necessary?
Team Rachelle.

# 9

This totally sucks! I love Rachelle Lefevre. Summit sucks.

jesus, cry us a goddamn river! let me tell the public how upset i am about losing a gig!


Rachelle, your fans love you! Wishing you the very best…screw Summit

Oh, they’re replacing her with that girl from Spiderman 3…I hate when shows/movies change the characters – it totally disrupts the flow of the plot.

everything about Summit sucks right now (from controlling the actors i.e. their personal lives and the rushing of the production schedules, )…this is their biggest suck. I am shocked that they would let her go over something like that, continuity of actors is something that I and several other fans value highly (for ex. i would have preferred katie holmes in TDK even tho as an actress she kinda sucks). Rachelle will be sorely missed and I put the blame completely on Summit. I’m sure BDH will do a good job(no hate on her, its not her fault), but I just hate hate hate continuity changes and Victoria = Rachelle for me.

She was boring as Victoria, I am okay with the change. They should replace kstew while they are at it, she is horrible as Bella.



that totally sucks i love rachelle! Such a wrong decision, she should be Victoria all the way !this will change Eclipse radically in a bad way

silentsophi @ 07/29/2009 at 7:52 pm

Summit is just a terrible company all around. Man could you imagine how wonderful this franchise could be if the Harry Potter or LOTR people were in charge of it.

I love her!!!! Why are they re-casting???? That’s sooo annoying, now it wont be the same.

She is Victoria! I can’t believe they wont let her complete the role. This other chick doenst look like she can pull off a villian! This stinks. I hate when they chance actors during productions…they should only change if someone dies! thats it!!!

wow that sucks major!!

@Kristen: THANK YOU!! they worked around cam’s schedule so they should do the same for rachelle. this is complete bullsh*t. rachelle IS victoria and this abrupt change of actors is so unfair. this news has really disappointed me and eclipse just wont be the same without her.

what a horrible decision. they should just film her scenes after she is done filming her other movie.

Whose your daddy Bryce Howard? She only got the role because her daddy is big hollywood director Ron Howard, nepotism rules in Hollywood.

i actually found Victoria to be a lame character in the first book and first movie. when New Moon comes out, perhaps I will change my mind.

as for the casting change, who knows what other details could be at play. so lets not blast Summit as being just a bunch of jerks.

and who knows, Bryce might actually do just fine. why not give her a break and wait until after she’s been a total disaster before we slam her


I Loved the old Victoria. Such a shame. Def not a Howard fan, don’t think she can play the villain, don’t really think she can play anything but we’ll have to see.

@yashi: Awwww.. it is so cute when six year olds try to type and act all grown up. Even if they are so silly and immature.


Double Dragon @ 07/29/2009 at 8:12 pm

I loved her as Victoria!!! And I actually thought she was one that gave really good interviews for the movie. How can they do this? What a stupid move. There is only one original Victoria and she will ALWAYS be Victoria no matter who they think they can get to replace her. The new person will never measure up because people aren’t replaceable :(

i agree with #23.

Ron Howard probably insisted to let her daughter replace Victoria since it’s a good opportunity for her daughter to be known.

the twilight fans are going to freak on the new actress and summit… they better bring Rachelle back or thwy’ll see an international movement on them =P

What d*mn idiot in the movie industry makes these decisions??? They did it with the Evie part in The Mummy 3, they did it with Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2, and now this!! They seriously suck, yet another movie I won’t bother paying to watch. People invest in these characters and the actors who portray them and it’s just not the same when the characters/actors are switched out like this. F*ck Hollywood, I’ll be buying my bootleg copy now and save myself some money instead of trying to be good and putting it in the hands of a-holes who don’t give a sh*t whether I, the movie-goer, am happy or not.

Double Dragon @ 07/29/2009 at 8:16 pm

@: They should have cast her in a new role or made a new character for her. There were plenty of other openings. This is very sad. I liked her in the role and thought she played her part well. Again…people aren’t replaceable. Just because they get another actress with red hair won’t make her “Victoria”.

It’s possible those ten days were crucial for location or other actor’s schedules. She committed to Twilight first, so that should have come first.

Double Dragon @ 07/29/2009 at 8:17 pm

Her hair in this picture looks like mine did in highschool. LOL

This is so stupid! Besides, how would they make this Bryce girl look like Victoria if vampires CAN’T change their physical apperance? The only way they can get the REAL Victoria in Eclipse looking EXACTLY the same is to keep Rachelle. Tsk Tsk Summit.

Double Dragon @ 07/29/2009 at 8:25 pm

I want to be honest and tell you why I did it and how I came to my decision. Not that I already hadn’t before, but the light bulb moment. It was because after that night I felt really bad that I could have missed a good opportunity. Now I don’t know if it was real or not. And in the end I know nothing serious was going to come of it. But the lightbulb went off and said…yes maybe not him….BUT the person could be here. THAT person. And what if they were and what if you really missed THEM. It was a wakeup call. It was symbolism. The actual person was not it, but stood for the person, if I could borrow the Delorean and find out, could be. And that is when I knew, as much as it hurt to miss the immediate opportunity, it would hurt worse to miss the real opportunity. Having felt that, and seen that cyrstal clearly I knew I didn’t want to miss the real opportunity.

It’s only a ten day overlap, they couldn’t wait until the end/middle of filming to let Rachelle do her part? She’s an amazing actress she would be able to pull it off >_<

I feel your pain Rachelle! Summit can suck it, probably gonna lose more money when Eclipse hits theaters because fans will be disappointed with the new Victoria.

wow. when i first heard about this i assumed rachelle was the one who wouldn’t compromise and wanted to be recast. to find that the opposite is true just shows how unbelievably stupid movie studios can be. it doesn’t matter who would be replacing rachelle…to change the face of a character in the 3rd movie is a really really dumb move. no matter how good byrce is, it will feel awkward and unnatural. summit = idiots.

The Summit execs are big bullies….i hope their movies bomb. Rachelle is such a sweet girl, hope she goes on to do greater things!

Btw, Bryce is a mediocre actor at best who gets roles because of who her dad is.

in twilight, elisabeth reaser was shooting a tv show at the same time as production and summit worked around her schedule! same with cam! rachelle’s role would only take 10 days yet they couldnt try to work around HER schedule when they have done it for other actors. they probably just didnt want her eclipse for some reason. this is definitely a cover-up.

Scott Summers @ 07/29/2009 at 8:54 pm

You’re very ignorant, #23 and #42.

This is sooooooo STUPID!!!!!!!

I am so disappointed in Summit’s decision. :( Rachelle *is* Victoria, IMO. Bryce is a fine actress, I’m sure; but to recast this role is such a misjudgment. I’m sorry, Rachelle.

Ricky (team victoria/rachelle) @ 07/29/2009 at 9:04 pm

Victoria/rachelle was bada$$ and I fell in love with her the first time I saw twilight and I never read the books. But I’m pretty pissed off about hearing Rachelle not being in eclipse. I don’t care for the new actress replacing her even if she’s good cuz she’s not rachelle. It might sound stupid but I’m boycotting the movies and I’m not gonna be wasting my money going to go see a movie without her in it. It really truly sux and no matter wat I’m gonna be team victoria/rachelle all the way. Summit did a really bad thing by switching people its prob gonna cost them for that.

aww this sucks i loved rachelle as victoria no offense but it’s not gonna be the same rachelle was the perfect victoria i loved her in twilight

Celebritywatcher @ 07/29/2009 at 9:19 pm

Everything happens for a reason–good things are in the works for her.


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This is so stupid! Why would Summit replace someone like that. It just ruins the movie knowing that wasn’t the original character. Stupid Summit

i think summit is stupid and the movie will suck without you. switching the cast is ridiculous.


That’s too bad. Casting changes mid-series tend to disrupt things. She did fine with the part and it sucks that they decided to drop her for a bigger name because of a 10 day overlap. If she were a bigger name they would have never done that. Best of luck, Rachelle.

THAT SUCKS!! shame on you Summit!! How could you do that to her….we should protest.

I really like BDH as an actress but, if you read the book, Victoria is depicted as “wild & catlike” which comes across so well w/Rachelle. Of course I would give BDH the benefit of the doubt that she could pull the part off but it is really a shame. Victoria is the main antagonist in Eclipse & would have been Rachelle’s time to shine. She is just a side character to the Twilight & New Moon stories.

This really is BULLSHIT!! its not fair…they are going to ruin the series. i have nothing againt bryce whats-her-face, but they really shouldnt recast victoria. Ecplise is the last movie we are going to see victoria in , her part in the movie is very crucial, it’s really stupid to change the actor at that point. she has already built a character that a majority of people love.

Just learned that Bryce howard id Ron howards kid!! wonder how she got the roll!! this really blows.

Bryce only got the part because DADDY paid for it!!!!

Daddy buy me my very own Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

juZt_a_fAN @ 07/29/2009 at 10:14 pm

This is a disaster, they are not thinking, changing Victoria will ruin everything!!! DON’T LET RACHELLE GO!!!

@lakers fan in boston:

were you born yesterday? looks like it as with the others here.


lol. I agree with both changes need to be made.

This is so wrong, Opie with tits is no Veronica.


as if Twilight is the **** to be in, Bryce is way above the level of this movie and she’s done indie movies as well as blockbusters. She’s motherfvcking John Connor’s wife and Spiderman’s love interest for goodness sake.

this girl is fugs. bryce is so much prettier. she’ll do better in the role.

that’s messed up…they really did her wrong :(

I love Rachelle’s hair, shes very pretty..

I never noticed before, but her hair is so gorgeous…she has lion hair, i love it…

is this official news??? Could they still change their minds. This is awful… I already know Rachelle as victoria…. TERRIBLE move to re cast for the third movie…TERRIBLE.

ugggggh! The Saga won’t be the same anymore. You can’t just replace a character. it’s like when they were gonna replace Taylor as Jacob. You can’t! it ruins the whole thing!

i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 07/29/2009 at 10:52 pm

finally a real actor. hahahahahaha.. dallas will be the only one in that movie that can actually act.

twilight123 @ 07/29/2009 at 11:00 pm

i always though rachelle looked the part, but i never liked the way she portayed the charector.
too over-the-top stereotypical physco *****.
but, it was pretty ****** of them to replace her, especially in the way they did, and i’m glad she’s speaking out about it.
i’m glad she told everyone the truth.

Summit seriously suck.

No one will play Victoria like her. She was born to play Victoria!

Why should I even watch Eclipse now?
Victoria is hardly in the Eclipse book anyway.
Bryce is the wrong backup girl. Do better Summit..
I can think of better backup choices.

she’s the only Victoria based one what? a total of 10 min screen time and 5 line? Victoria is such a minor role, who cares.

rachelle is the perfect victoria!!
summit just screwed themselves over like they did with the whole ‘whether taylor should play jacob’ mess…


did you read the book? she plays a major role in the very climax of the movie in eclipse. it doesn’t matter how short/long the scene is. it’s the crux of the whole story. changing a major character like this will only make it feel awkward. bad move, summit.

why would they cast someone new?! are they going to say in the movie that Victoria had some face transplant or something? this isn’t a soap opera where you can just cast another person for the same part.
fans have watched twilight and have grown to love not just the character victoria, but as well the talented actress who plays her. so they’ll accommodate the main leads, Pattinson and Stewart who are also filming in between movies but not to other important actors in the movie? Summit might as well replace new actors for Bella and Edward while they’re at it!

team rachelle

So bad.
What the f**** seriously.
you can’t recast someone that’s already been in two movies.. it’s so stupid.. Especially if she’s only going to be in the other movie for 10 days! that’s ridiculous and a screw up on Summit’s part.
i love rachelle! she seems really nice and i love her prescense during the interviews.
it sucks.
maybe Summit will see how angry some of the fans are and bring her back .
but i can only hope

noooo !! omgg why did summit changed rachelle !!! badd badd decision !! you made her feel bad as well as make the fans go mad !

I love Bryce Dallas Howard, she’s gorgeous and an amazing actress but it’s a little awkward when I have to watch the same character played by two different people for no real reason =/ I’m not heartbroken over this decision, but it does suck just a little. I feel sorry for Rachelle, you could see in all her interviews that she really loves the project.

Summit should think twice before making a decision. Rachelle should still play the part, she started it. It would be pathetic not to be able to finish her final appearance on the saga.

Both parties should have a sit-down and re-negotiate. The role of Victoria should be played by Rachelle. She has been a great supporter and promoter of the movie and its cast and crew. Summit made an unwise and rash decision w/ this re-cast.
I am certain that Bryce is a fine actress, but she will have a hard time replacing Rachelle in the hearts of fans.

veryy bad decision..very bad.

This totally sucks!!! She was the perfect Victoria! =(

While I like Rachelle Lefevre (and Bryce Dallas Howard for that matter), it is ultimately an unremarkable role in a mediocre series. I feel bad that she got screwed out of a paycheck, but I can’t help but be a little pleased that she’ll no longer be involved in the train wreck that is Twilight.

I think its soooo stupid. I really liked Rachelle as Victoria! I have nothing against this other whats-her-name-again.. but once you put an actor out there as a character from a series.. you cant just change it on us! Summit is the worst production company ever. They cant make up their mind at all!!!!!!!!!!!! Geeeez. When they replaced C. Hardwick I was kinda happy cause I felt Twilight could have seriously lived up to the books with enough effort.. But when Taylor Lautner was almost out of the picture.. that was ridiculous!!!!! YOU CANNOT CHANGE MAIN CHARACTERS SUMMIT!! K. Stewart I wish wasnt cast in the first one at all cause she has no facial expressions and she doesnt do Bella well but it would be stupid to change her now!! KEEP RACHELLE SUMMIT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANOTHER RETARDED MOVE AND SCREW UP YOUR COMPANY!

So SAD…i feel so sad for her….that’s quite UnFAIR!!…poor thing!

i am so pissed the recasyed her because of a 10 day overlap. hello summit?!?!? y wud u do something so stupid arent u filming for 3 MONTHS she isnt gonna be there for 10 DAYS and she should be incognito until the end of teh movie unless ur gonna show how she created the new borns which still wouldnt be alot so thats just silly im not gonna say stupid and let u all jump me like obama and then beck coem and call me a racist (lol) so yea recast her!!! she IS victoria please dont be stu… i mean silly

@mime: thats exactly what im say she is supose to be INCONITO until the end so it not exactly alot except for the fight scene which cant take up more that two wekks if that much. and its just 10 days thats wat make me angry teh most *sigh*

@vero: so im not the only one who thinks summit is controlling eddy poo, jacub, abd s-stew i knew it!!! summit sucks!!

@Double Dragon:
thank u so much thats what im trying 2 say!!

ah so? that doesnt make her god!!! every1 knows who rachelle is i had to google the other chick (ha i still cant remember her name….mayb its because she’s a nobody?) look we are not saying she’s not good but its not her role and she isnt the original victoria so she will never be her beacause victoria is rachelle. thats like saying the guy that replaced heith ledger in dark knight after he died is better that him which HE IS NOT!!!

that SUCKS

the worst actress from twilight is kristen stewart, i have tried to like her but her acting is horrible. Rob does a great job but kristen’s acting isnt intense enough

this is the most stupidest idea ever!!! no one wants a new victoria!!! we all love RACHELLE!!!!

this is the most stupidest idea ever!!! no one wants a new victoria!!! we all love RACHELLE!!!!

Summit is stupid and my friends tell me they would not watch Eclipse without Rachelle Lefevre

Wtf? This is such a weird move. What were the reasons behind this?

i didnt know she didnt wanna give the part away, this is sad and unfair! if i were her, i’d fight to get it back, but maybe she can’t.

nstead of moaning over this situation… MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD! BOYCOTT the film, or better yet, start a petition drive to bring Rachelle back for “Eclipse”. Ther’s time to due it since it doesn’t start filming until next year, right? So, get to work!
Word it like this… “We, the undersigned, are hereby protesting the sudden and unfavorable replacement of Rachelle Lefevre in place of {Bryce Dallas Howard}. We are therefore Making a point NOT to attend the movie, ‘Eclipse’ when it is released.”… Or words to that effect.
It worked for other shows &/or bringing back actors’ who were fired/released from their contracts & later replaced. TV & movie-land. Try it… What can it hurt?

that’s not fair! we want Rachelle back :((

There may only be ten days of conflict, but those ten days may be the only days they could get on a specific location. Also another actor who is more important (Rob or Kristen) may have conflicts which mean they have to shoot scenes with Victoria on one or more of those days. She signed on for another movie after already being committed to Eclipse. It’s her own fault if they had to replace her and going public trying to make them look like the bad guys just makes her unprofessional.


All actors sign for different offers.
Johnny Depp has 17 movies in process.

No one films one movie, signs another, and then signs the next only after the other is done.

Filming a movie takes a lot more work (and time) than you seem to think.

There’s the script writing, location scouting, casting, make up artists, finden the right directors of photography and companies, financing and so on…

Never watched the teenie Twilight movie, but I have seen Rachelle in another film. She is beautiful and i think the new actress will not compare to her. JMO

Summit Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT! I thought there wolld be a more reasonable cause for her not being in Eclipse, but this is unexcusable!

@Lucy: Looks like you don’t know the book at all. The final fight between Edward and Victoria is very important, and not short whatsoever.

Reality Bites @ 07/30/2009 at 9:35 am

Come on teenie boppers.

Ron Howard has not paid to get his daughter into anything. And I would bet they had to pay Bryce more than some unknown actress with only Twilight and New Moon on her dance card.

In fact, I am amazed the Bryce was even willing to take the role and deal with rabid ridiculous fans. Much worse than the comic geeks involved with Spiderman.

You may not like the decision but the studios do things for their own reason.. if they saw the threat of even the slightest delay to their schedule then the extra cost of casting a known actress like Bryce (The Village, Lady in the Water, Spiderman3 and Terminator Salvation) out weighted the cost of pushing their schedule to make room for Rachelle’s indie flick.

Wow. Reading the majority of these comments is so incredibly painful to the rational part of my brain. The part of Victoria was a bit role with no more than a few lines in Twilight, but to listen to the mewling taking place here, you would assume they recast one of the central roles over the span of the entire series. Rather than that, Summit has removed a no name actress and replaced her with someone better known, virtually the definition of a casting company’s job. Some of you may not like Howard, though based on what I’m reading, your principle problem seems to be that she isn’t a member of the original cast and that (since apparently a lot of you are Hollywood insiders with excellent information) you actually believe Howard was awarded a role in Twilight because of her father. For those of you who have functional brains with the ability to reason, I don’t think I even need to point out the severity of the flaws in this argument. Also, a number of you have commented that Summit is being inconsiderate about recasting her because of the ten days she is unavailable for filming. Rachelle’s personal statement in regards to that issue reveals virtually everything that you need to know, which is that she is a small time actress who does not understand the role of professional obligation. She has no grasp of the concept that she is contractually obligated to be available all through filming on Eclipse because
1) She is a supporting character, and her schedule is molded around those actors who play major roles in the films. Producers DO NOT bend over backwards and rework the sequence of scenes which they intend to film because a “D” List supporting actress is in violation of her contract, they tell her to hit the road.
2) Similar to working around the stars schedules, Rachelle’s contract violation that causes her to miss 10 days of filming (By the way, thats huge, a lot of people seem to think its insignificant) may take place when the crew has limited access to certain locations to shoot scenes in which Rachelle is supposed to be a part of.
3) As previously stated, the purpose of signing a contract guaranteeing your availability for filming (the very thing which allows Summit to terminate Rachelle without repercussion) is to demonstrate responsibility on the part of the actor, to the film and to other members of the crew. On an important project like a multi-movie production like Twilight, it is unprofessional to take on a conflicting obligation, particularly when you are in a supporting role. I could go on and on, but the bottom line that a lot of people need to accept is that Rachelle is a complete unknown who brings nothing to the movie (except continuity, and believe me that I am a huge stickler for that as well. Someone previously mentioned how they didnt like Katie Holmes but they still wanted her in the dark knight because they hated having a new character in such an important role. I felt the same way, but again, the part of katie holmes / maggie gylenhaal was a starring role). Summit did exactly the same thing that virtually any other company would have done, recasting someone that probably 98% of people who have not read the above article have no idea ever even played Victoria in the Twilight movie.

Rachelle is Victoria.

I’ve seen Ms. Howard’s acting and while it may be ok to some, I don’t think she can pull this part off, especially as it’s already an established part and Rachelle has been Victoria in Twilight & reprises her role in New Moon.

Surely Summit could have worked around this conflict better to everyone’s satisfaction, including the many of fans that made Twilight a box office success.

Bring back Rachelle!

WTH. Ok Summit sucks biggest time. Only Rachelle Lefevre can be Victoria damn it!!! Gosh a part of me is already hating Summit Entertainment and Eclipse! Bullshyte man! GET LOST BYRCE AND SUMMIT!!!!

WTH. Ok Summit sucks biggest time. Only Rachelle Lefevre can be Victoria damn it!!! Gosh a part of me is already hating Summit Entertainment and Eclipse! Bullshyte man! GET LOST BYRCE AND SUMMIT!!!!

I find it difficult to believe that summit could not have found a way to accomodate the schedules of both films. They are supposed to be proffessionals. It is so annoying when movies change characters like that. Twilight is a series and it makes it look less proffessional when their are character changes. I wish the fans had more input in this decision. After all, we are the ones that go to see the movie.

yeah, Bryce’s daddy ( Ron Howard ) probably helped her. His lil girl must have everythuing she wants. Nobody cares that she’s a lousy actress. Daddy’s got her back…

rick springfield @ 07/30/2009 at 11:13 am

Rachelle Lefevre is a horrible, flat, boring “actress”. She’s just a pile of hair and tits.

I was impressed with her acting abilities in The Village, I think she could do a great job. On the other hand, I think Rachelle Lafevre did a great job, also; it is sad she will be gone. It’s hard to adjust actors/actresses changing in a saga like that. I mean, what if they just switched up who was playing Princess Leia?

Who cares….

redheads rock! @ 07/30/2009 at 12:35 pm

How did they come up with BDH???? Of all the talented actors they chose this one? Of all the beautiful redheads they choose the one that looks like Opie?? I don’t get it! Boo on you Summit, I hope this twilight sucks

She was the best! –

Who Cares @ 07/30/2009 at 1:34 pm

Summit seems really shady.

That sucks.. Rachelle rocks :(

@Reality Bites:

ahm what? i didnt even know that her name was brice? or w/e it is all i know is that she was the chick in spiderman, she was in terminator as who? i had to check all these things out wen i heard that she was in the others i only know her from spiderman thats it!!! she isnt that big beacuse…………… i dont even know her name i wouldnt know she existed unless summit didnt become an ******* i have known rachelle for liek what 4 years mayb more and im just hearing about the role stealing wrench (i have nothing against her but she is not victoria material


ahm my friend ur reason number 2 and 3 are bullshit!!! oh sorry im being rude. hello!!!! rob was filming two movies during new moon yea yea yea he’s bearly in it but i love him dont get me wrong but its teh same here and summit did not say that those ten days she was supose to be shooting i read the thing and they did not say that so that total bs and actors can be doing more than one movie eg. rob-oatz and have u read eclipse she is a huge part of that book not a supporting role as u put it she is one of teh main roles in eclipse so pick up the book and read!!!!

Summit does it again, first trying to get rid of Taylor Lautner and now they are doing it with Rachelle. Greedy, Stingy, unsensitive to the fans feelings as always. Get over yourselves and keep Rachelle.

Horrible. @ 07/30/2009 at 8:21 pm

an absolutely horrific decision. Summit must have lost their minds. Howard is terrible and ugly, and to push out the real actress is insane. i’m sure little miss famous director’s daughter bought out her part. twilight was cool because they used real young actors who were fresh and interesting. now they’re selling every part out to whatever big name with zero regard for the fans or the original actors. this is about the last straw and i think the franchise is going to blow now. better hurry and replace rob & kristen w/ gwneth paltrow and eddie murphy or something!!

btw #113 with the long post..
i am an actor myself and you clearly know nothing about the industry. this girl got this part and all her other roles BECAUSE OF HER FATHER. this is why no one knew can break into show biz because it is entirely based on who your parents are. a “legacy” as we call them.. daddy’s power and money = an acting career no matter what. just like Paris Hilton.
it would not be unusual for any production to move a schedule to respect actors commitments. and how is she a bit part? the ENTIRE third movie is about Victoria. what a ridiculous know it all, who knows nothing.


non non non non et non . En aucun cas personne va être capable de jouer se rôle et elle est la meilleur qu on peut dire , je suis fière de notre québecoise sa prouve que on n est capable de monté sur les studio des États Unis. bravo a toi ma belle tu es une fierté de notre pays comme Céline Dion . Je suis de Laval alors continu je t’aime très fort et dit bon tournage à toute l Équipe salut a tous.

REPLACE BELLA!!! Kristen Stewart is one of the all time worst actresses I have ever seen. Why doesn’t anyone else see that? Seriously, she is abysmal.

Are people stupid or what? ‘Ron Howard probably insisted to let her daughter replace Victoria since it’s a good opportunity for her daughter to be known.’ – Uh, Bryce Dallas Howard is far more well known for her acting than Rachelle Lefevre.

Gerard Gibney @ 04/04/2010 at 6:46 am

Come on, she played the role from the start it’s hers, nepotism is disgusting. Ritchie’s a c@nt!!!! Howard and Marianne would have been ashamed but that was just a fantasy unfortunately wasn’t it?

Gerard Gibney @ 04/04/2010 at 7:09 am

Me thinks Kevin doth protest too much!!!

teamrachelleforever! @ 05/10/2010 at 1:59 am

Rachelle IS Vittoria!!!
Bryce Dallas is sooo not meant for her!!
Many ppl are not going to watch eclipse then! She’s not scary at all!
Whenevr she tries to glare or do an evil smile it turns out to be a too sweet cute smile ugh
I feel sooo sorry for rachellle!
i feel sorry bryce dallass howard cuz now ppl hate her so much cuz shes the replacement i mean they some websites say she’s a hate target

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