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Sienna Miller: G.I. Joe Sent To Seoul

Sienna Miller: G.I. Joe Sent To Seoul

Sienna Miller attends the G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra press conference at the Shilla Hotel on Wednesday (July 29) in Seoul, South Korea.

“It’s really exciting to be in a film that people actually want to go and see! I was having to pay people to see my movies!” the 27-year-old actress told Nylon magazine in its August 2009 issue. “If you want to make amazing, artistic films, you’ve got to have some sort of box office credibility, which I don’t have.”

“I basically realized that I was so resentful for so long about the state of my celebrity,” Sienna shared, “but I wanted to turn it around and do something good.”

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Photos: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty
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  • wendy

    God, SUCH hypocrisy!!!

    She resented her celebrity? Really Sienna? So i guess being topless on a beach in Italy, grabbing your lover’s crotch in public, giving all those interviews and posing for endless magazine covers is something you don’t acknowledge?!! Puhleaseeee how dare she insult our intelligence like this, she worked her way to the top in the most crude of ways, and used media as much as they used her, so when it got rough with the paparazzi and tabloid headlines, its all of a sudden “i didnt sing up for this”! Cry me a river!

    I have endless more respect for celebs like, lets say Victoria Beckham who honestly says she would never ever complain about any attacks or paprazzi because its what she SIGNED on for, and has not despite being under way more ridicule than Miller or any starlet ever was in the past decade and more. So please Sienna retire then, give us all a rest!

  • Ckayed

    Your poor celebrity status really has nothing to do with your films Sienna — it’s about you and your morals – none. I do feel bad that Jude Law messed you over but then to get involved with Balthisar Getty, well, I think that speaks for itself.

  • NIck

    I might be in the minority but I like her.. the media picked on her even though Balthazar was the one who left his wife to be with her..

  • Rachel

    Loving the dress!

  • Jen

    Horrible dress

  • tawi-tawi

    I agree with #3, he should be getting all the bad publicity not her!
    plus it’s their person life, why should we care?!
    I like her

    #1, i think paparazzi should be sent to jail, all of them – for disrespecting privacy! it’s enough to see pictures of celebrities from different events, and publication! what paparazzi do is inhuman! actor – is a profession, and actors are people. what does their personal life have to do with their profession? – NOTHING!!!!

  • kris

    She’s a very talented actress, and I think it’s BS that people are still giving her crap about the Balthazar affair. Personally, I’m very excited to see this movie and I think she’s right about doing movies that include box office hits.

  • Meream

    I love her dress! I don’t care about her mind or anything. She’s just pretty to look at. ;D

  • mailey

    I also like Si-Mill. She speaks her mind. She does what she wants. I like this yellow dress!

  • Sanna

    I don´t care about her privatelife….I think she is beautiful..she shines and smiles in a way that get`s me feel happy somehow… and have a great simple her skinny jeans she´s wearing… I always go back to see what she´s wearing….and then i go to my local H&M

  • sheryl

    Gee, Sienna, I think you know…you talk about your private life like it’s everyone’s business (except of course when it comes to Gettygate, because you don’t smell so good in that one, do you?). Your hypocrisy is overwhelming. You don’t want people dogging you for Gettygate but you can’t let Jude rest at all…
    It’s like “Hey everybody, remember when I dated Jude? I really hated all the attention that our relationship got, so I’m going to talk about how much I hated all the attention Jude and I got in case you all forgot about mine and Jude’s relationship and how much attention I and Jude got. And remember I was hurt? ….public….Jude….hurt….public…blah blah….Jude….. ”
    So, here’s a thought: Try keeping your big trap SHUT and then see how things go.

  • Flora

    She really is kind of stupid, isn’t she?
    Where is the rest of the cast? Why is Sienna representing? Gag.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate it when she talks, she always says something that makes her easily attackable
    the dress is alright, i mostly dont like the yellow patterns but it’s still a nice dress
    i think she maybe it look better with the stockings
    she should stop smoking imo, she really shows her wrinkles when she smiles and she’s not that old either

  • nikki

    i love sienna’s optimistic personality, everytime i see her in an interview i just feel happy. She is always cheerful and energetic

  • Fran

    Such a hypocrite..thinks that just because she is beautiful she can get away with anything. I was just reading rosetta’s twitter and read that she was up all night cause the kids were the same time sienna’s twittered; in italy!!! took a speedboat to nerano and had lunch at lo scoglio..its love here….nice dont u guys think? shouldent the addict have been taking turns with his wife in taking care of his sick children? how can sienna in her right mind dig that kind of behavior in a man? who abandons his 4 kids that easy? all she does is lie about everything..makes her look like an idiot…can someone please tell her that…and stop giving her work!!

  • shortstarrgore

    cute. too bad she can get better roles.

  • michelle

    Smoking sure aged her to look like a trashy old looking woman. She doesn’t even look 27, more like 37!!!

  • c

    The state of her celebrity is in the condition that it is because of her bad behavior and poor decisions. If she wanted to turn it around to do something good, she wouldn’t still be having such a public affair with a still very married man and spreading lies about his wife. She will have credibility when she owns up to her bad behavior, stops flaunting her affair with a man who won’t even divorce his wife, stops spreading lies about the married man’s wife to justify her actions with the woman’s husband, stops trying to push the notion that she is suffering more than the married man’s wife and kids/that they are not suffering at all, and stops trying to sell her affair as something cute or romantic.

    She is still sleeping with the married man and it won’t be too long before she stages another “love=publicly engaging in pda on family holiday” photo-ops under the pretense that they are just friends. She gives it away with that smirk. What type of person would gloat over the fact that she is sleeping with a a man who doesn’t have any qualms about hurting his wife and kids, doesn’t even respect her enough to make real commitments to her, and only spends “quality time” with her when he has “fallen off the wagon”.

  • c

    What does personal life have to with their profession? For SM it’s her meal ticket. SM built her career and image by inviting the paps into her personal life, and she only whines about not having privacy when they don’t spin the affair/her bad behavior so that she comes out smelling like roses. The very same media that she criticizes is also the same media that she uses to make attacks against Getty’s wife.

    If she doesn’t want people in her business, then she should stop tipping off the paps or trying to draw attention to herself by always whining. Like when she vacations with the married man in Italy not once, not twice, but three times. Each time knowing full well that there will be photos.

  • Casioclio

    Love Sienna’s dress!And she is very beautiful as always.

  • susie

    She is beautiful as always…she does have great fashion sense..all true..but people..SHE LIES!! she must be laughing her ass off cause everyone lets her get away with it.. she let the reporter of the prestigieus VOGUE magazine write: today she is officially single”..there for making the reporter look like an idiot..not only because she went on holiday with daddy again where he spent fathersday (!) with her..but she said in the aussie radio interview last week that all is good and that she doesent talk about her relationship. So dear sienna it is a full blown relationship after all. have the guts to admit it instead of looking like a fool everytime your face pops up somewhere. U are losing all respect and credebility.
    She also said that she would never move to america cause london is her home. I also read her twitter where she said how said she was that she had to sell her house cause there was no need for it anymore since she lives in both New York and LA. I do wonder why we didnt see sienna take all her stuff out of her house after she sold many paps following her every move she claims, yet no pics of that. i find that very strange. Maybe we all should become worthless hypocrits with no class and morals, being like that seems to give you the best of shows..perfum advertisements etc.. etc.. she is lauging all the way to the bank…
    how stupid society has become…..

  • Crystal

    Maybe she should stop banging married men.

  • kk

    i usually like her sense of fashion but this yellow dress is hideous, she was having to pay ppl to see her movies, well yeah! she isnt famous because of her great acting skills, she should thank Jude Law for putting her in the map

  • Jackie

    Such an ugly cow

  • c

    “so many paps following her every move she claims, yet no pics of that. ”

    I agree. Now she is claiming that she and her mother scrubbed her house when it was vandalized, yet there is not ONE photo of her and her mother doing such a thing. If the paps are “always stalking” her, there would have been tons of photos of her cleaning the house.

    She is also claiming that she couldn’t leave her house when it was vandalized, but yet there were tons of photos of her all over the place(How did the paps capture her vacationing, but not cleaning off her house?). She was so heart broken over her house being vandalized (how is that the paps who are always stlaking her, didn’t get one photo of the person doing this to her house?Was this vandalization orchestrated by Sm and her mother to garner sympathy for her?) that she popped up with the married man in London wearing short shorts to show off her bruises and walked around London wearing the married man’s watch.

    She is once again trying to give the impression that she is suffering more than the married man’s wife and kids. Note to SM: If seeing **** on her house was traumatizing, then how much more traumatizing was it for RG and her 4 kids to see/face their peers who saw BG publicly engaging in pda/sexual acts with his mistress or prancing around Italy X3, Prague, LA, NY, Mexico, London with SM as if no one was being hurt by the affair? How hard was it for them to witness BG “falling off the wagon”?

    Now that her career and image are in jeopardy, she is trying to redeem herself by talking about her experiences in the Congo. If she had learnd something in the Congo, then why is she still playing the victim and still hasn’t shown an ounce of sympathy towards RG and her 4 kids (as evidenced by her latest vacation with BG)?

  • vanessa

    tawi tawi!
    you hit the nail on the head there! perfect… its such a shame that in entertainment your personal life seems to hold more importance than your work!

  • c

    There are dozens of celebs whose personal life doesn’t hold more importance than their work. SM personal life holds more importance than her work because that’s the way she made it. It would make a huge difference if she stopped courting attention (ie-tipping off the paps, playing the victim, having very public affairs with married men and rubbing it in their wive’s faces).

    I have never seen any actress who has been so self-destructive. If she wants people to take her seriously, then she needs to be a responsible ADULT and stop acting like she is 16 yo old.

  • Gita

    Sienna looks great in these photos.

  • suppress your appetite

    love her so much