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Chris Brown Forever Grateful For JK Wedding Dance

Chris Brown Forever Grateful For JK Wedding Dance

Chris Brown is making a profit off of the viral hit “JK Wedding Entrance Dance,” which features Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz and their entire wedding party dancing down the aisle to Brown‘s “Forever.”

Digital sales of the song jumped from less than 3,000 the week ending July 19 to 50,000 for the week ending July 26. The “JK” couple and wedding party were even interviewed on The Today Show!

The video has garnered 12 million views and 50,000 comments. Check it out below!

Chris Brown – “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”
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73 Responses to “Chris Brown Forever Grateful For JK Wedding Dance”

  1. 1
    niki Says:

    that was impressive:D

  2. 2
    pout Says:

    chris who???????????????????? who cares!

  3. 3
    marissa Says:

    Great! more money in this Women Beater Pocket. Just great

  4. 4
    Gagstastic Says:

    It is soo sad, the women beater (Chris) is making money, while the victim (Rihanna) has not done anything relevant careerwise, except going in and out of hotel entrance posing for the paps with a shaved head! wahahhaah

  5. 5
    Sam Says:

    I hate that video. What a bunch of internet attention whores.

  6. 6
    xo Says:

    Although not a big fan of the song but nicely done!!! watched it a cpl of times.

  7. 7
    HA! Says:

    Attention whores? Right. Jesus, lighten up.

    It’s too bad that Chris Brown is making money off of this, but it’s the perfect song to do what they did to. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s a great choice. I enjoyed their video. Everyone was genuinely happy and enjoying the moment, which is what a wedding should be about. A non-convetional choice wouldn’t work for every bride and groom, but why would you HATE this? You had to seek it to see it or, at the very least, click on a link and go to an alternate site. Blame yourself for being voyeuristic.

  8. 8
    Ekaterina Says:

    @HA!: I dunno but a song by an admitted abuser at a wedding seems insanely wrong.

  9. 9
    me Says:

    I love that song!! The video is awesome.

  10. 10
    marissa Says:


    it is wrong! Like there was no other song. they just had to pick this one though

    The Irony

  11. 11
    RINA Says:

    I thought it was adorable, and one has to think of this from the wedding party’s point of view. Chris Brown was the LAST thing on their minds, it was about the bride and the groom and what the lyrics of the song meant to them; NOT the person singing those lyrics.

  12. 12
    Halie Says:


  13. 13
    me Says:

    wo wlove it…they did NOT pick the song cause of him…probably has smtg to do with memories … u have to have hell of a cray friends to make this ))))

  14. 14
    Hello Says:

    They picked the song cause its a great song period

  15. 15
    Halie Says:


  16. 16
    s Says:

    To HA! I completely agree with you… All of you guys need to lighten up seriously! You don’t know what this songs means to the couple, afterall the song came out before the offense. Plus, this video is about the couple and how they chose to present their love to friends and loved ones. If you don’t like THIS video, then don’t comment on it. Me personally I loved it. It made me smile for the happy couple, I wish them the best.

  17. 17
    UGH Says:

    They are going to look back at this and cover their heads in shame. If the marriage lasts that long.

    The bride looked awful with that cheap dress and no bra dancing like a drunk mess. Very unattractive and what was with the weird pucker on her butt.

    I am so sick of people acting like perennial college students. Not cool.

  18. 18
    HockeygurL Says:

    I remember I saw this last week when it first came out, now over 12 million views thats awesome and @ Sam Attention whores ? how ? they didn’t think it would blow up to be big this big, jealous much ?

  19. 19
    jen Says:



  20. 20
    marissa Says:


    I agree

  21. 21
    Hello Says:

    You guys are just mad cause they had more fun at their wedding than you had or will have.

  22. 22
    LolaSvelt Says:

    So Chris Brown is gaining more money because of this video? What a group of idiots.

  23. 23
    cr Says:

    TEAM CB!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!

  24. 24
    White people.... Says:

    CAN’T DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    Haley Says:

    Make your money Chris Breezy. Brush off the haters.

    Whether people like it or not Chris Brown is back and he’s going to be around. He’s going to keep making his money and living life. You guys will have to live with or just keep on complain. Either way it doesn’t matter to him because he’ll be making his.

    He isn’t just a performer, he’s also a Writer. Which is why he’ll be making a lot more $.

  26. 26

    Chris Brown does not get a profit from this stupid song.. and why would he care.. If they played umbrella too at the wedding it would
    be a double hitter. Now that is fun.. Why would it make Chris feel
    better..The wedding party just loved the song not Chris Brown…

    Please.. give it up.. what next..

  27. 27
    Helena Says:

    just beautiful!

  28. 28
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    that video is really overrated
    it was funny the 1st time but then it got old fast
    i didnt even no that was one of his songs
    but good for him, he’s making $ =p

  29. 29
    Sunshine Says:

    Song was nice and great to dance to. Chris has been punished so we need to forget it. I just think it was it was of poor taste to come in to a wedding in that manner. It should have been done at the reception where there is dancing.

  30. 30
    zk Says:

    This is disgusting!!!!!!!! What kind of society are we living in?!?!

    He beat the **** out of Rhianna, threatened to kill her, avoided jail time, apologized MONTHS afterwards, and even then, only when his career was tanking, partied it up on boats and basketball games….

    Only in America would he be rewarded for that kind of behaviour…..absolutely sickening and offensive to women everywhere.

  31. 31
    Drew Says:

    @ JENNIFER TANABE – Here is a link to Chris Brown/Sony make money off it.

  32. 32
    Jenny Says:

    This is insanely AWESOME!! =D So creative. I love it!

  33. 33
    Trey Says:

    I see #26 is another hater.

    In case you didn’t know Chris co-wrote “Forever.” So whatever “Forever” makes he gets money. Just like with Distrubia and with the new Mary J Blige song “Stronger” he wrote that too and it’s being use on as the trailer song for “More Than A Game” Movie coming out October.

    So people saying CB is make his money ain’t wrong.

    Like you …. Please.. Give it up.. What’s Next.

  34. 34 Says:

    LOL That’s a living wedding!

  35. 35
    Meli Says:

    lmao! @ people sticking it to #26. lol

    Anyways, I don’t get why people care soooo much whether people like Chris Brown or not. Or if it’s his music they just or not. It makes no big difference. He’s still having his career. Whether people want to admit.

    I really don’t get why people always have the need to argue over Celebrities it isn’t like they are putting money in your pocket or even benefiting from you disliking them. They really don’t care as long as their fans are their and they are living their life.

    I also don’t get why people comment on things they dislike/hate. I’ll never understand that. But hey, do you.

  36. 36
    HA! Says:

    For the record, I think that what Chris Brown did to Rhianna is horrible and he should have gone to jail. But I’m able to separate him from his songs. They chose this song for very obvious reasons. All you have to do is pay attention to the lyrics and listen to the hope in the melody.

    And to the person who said they’ll look back on this later and be embarrassed – you must be a joy to be around. Funsucker. Their kids are going to LOVE seeing the happiness that surrounded their wedding 20 years from now and when they are gone, they’ll have proof that their parents celebrated – CELEBRATED – they day they got married. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  37. 37
    HA! Says:

    I’ll add this. It didn’t even occur to me that the song was sung by CB until after I’d seen the video. It was that perfect for what they were doing.

  38. 38
    UGH Says:


    Oh really…..Their kids? Puhleeze m-f’er, I give them 6 months.

  39. 39
    Lauren Says:

    oi stop hating on him, the whole situation is over so get the *** over it!

  40. 40
    laila Says:

    I think this video is ridiculous and extremely sacreligious. It would have been more appropriate done at the reception. I don’t know why this is getting so much attention and i can’t believe no one else thinks there is anything wrong with it!

  41. 41
    jake Says:

    you guys are haterrrrssss!! Get a life.. They do not have to please the world..obviously they like Chris so get over it…and nobody likes rihanna that’s why she isn’t doing anything with her life right now..and when she does I’m sure all the riri lovers will love it but to the chris brown haters get over yourselves he will always be the best no matter how much y’all try and bring him on it.. And as Soon as he comes with a banger yall will be all over it…and say what you want about my comment I don’t care!!!

  42. 42
    Jill Says:

    Y’all are lameeeeeee…team CB!

  43. 43
    gutsy Says:

    idiots. and this is special how? bunch of stupid, ugly people being their stupid selves and this is news? and nothing says a successful marriage like woman-beater chris brown. oh brav-O. IDIOTS!

  44. 44
    jess Says:

    What a great song!

  45. 45
    polly Says:

    Get off of Chris Brown!!!
    The Song is good Period!!!
    Stupid Hypocrites…

  46. 46
    aNNABELLE Says:

    Eff Chris Brown! why the heck are you covering anything to do with this dumbass??

  47. 47
    og Says:

    Get over it.. Good Song!!!

  48. 48
    polly Says:


    U r a fool….
    Move On!!!

  49. 49
    Nita Says:

    Chris Brown should send them a VERY nice wedding gift.

  50. 50
    HA! Says:

    Why? Because they like to have fun and apparently actually celebrated getting married? Jesus, what’s wrong with you, Cynic?

  51. 51
    HA! Says:

    @UGH: Not to mention that apparently they are surrounded by people who are equally as supportive and fun-loving. Willing to do what they were asked while standing up for them at their wedding. Right, this couple (of all couples) don’t have a chance. [for the record, Moron, that was sarcasm]

  52. 52
    kelly Says:

    @Sam: Your just jealous, so grow up.

  53. 53
    kelly Says:

    It pisses me off when people think there better than the next, If you don’t have something nice to say shut the F%^& up. And you wonder why the world is the way it is. Life WILL go on. Have more positive than negative.

  54. 54
    mel Says:

    @LolaSvelt: They have actually created a website that has a link to donate to the Sheila Wellstone Institute (an organization working to end domestic violence in communities)

  55. 55
    maria Says:

    Have you checked out JK Divorce? HIlarious…

  56. 56
    krayzeman Says:

    Preach, Rina…

  57. 57
    julia Says:

    I hope people realize how terrible are the values of this person, and if we don’t want to spread violence, we all have to ABSOLUTELY REJECT PEOPLE LIKE THIS, PLEASE BE CONSCIOUS AND DON’T LISTEN HIS MUSIC, DON’T WATCH HIS VIDEOS, and we all can make him know what we think about violence.. he doesn’t deserve all the attention and money he gets.. this is the kind of people we want to be successful?

  58. 58
    Leon Says:

    CB hit assaulted Rihanna: FACT

    He is still making money: FACT

    He has EARNED the money he has made: FACT

    Both he and Rihanna seem to have moved on: FACT

    Some bored hypocrites(who, by the way, are irrelevant) have taken the incident too personally and need to find something else to do other than point the finger at others: FACT – as seen by some comments here.

    And lets not miss the main point here, these newlyweds dont have to answer to anyone for their choice of music, dress, dance moves, shampoo, socks or whatever else you want to judge them on.

  59. 59
    Leon Says:

    Wow Julia, you’re such a pioneer for morality.

  60. 60
    lol Says:

    i wish that was michael jackson song instead

  61. 61
    j-9 Says:

    I am old (62) and I loved it – I keep playing the song over and over on U-Tube – he will not be the first “wife beater” nor will he be the last – if he has talent then let him sing. Kudos to the bride and groom and I think Chris Brown should send them a wedding gift now!!

  62. 62

    Oh….my….how great is this…I am a florist and a wedding planner and have helped couples get married for 30 years…this is SO FUN..and
    besides, they never dreamed over 15 million would watch this…we
    intruded on them … they never thought about pleasing us..!!! I know nothing of the singer and his hangups but I saw this couple on the TODAY SHOW and they seem very happy and in love..God bless them..
    I wish them all the blessings in the world and thank them for a great
    time….It sure beats “sunrise, sunset” ….Let’s celebrate with them and all their nice friends and supporters!! Most of the 15 million people who watched this loved it …even many old fuddy duddies….

  63. 63

    @<a href=”/2009/07/30/chris-brown-wedding-dance@HA!: /comment-page-1/#comment-14300941″>HA!:

    I AGREE, TOTALLY, I don’t know this couple but the whole thing just makes me wish so much for them that the joy they obviously felt on this day and shared with others persists forever!

    Lighten up naysayers and be happy.

  64. 64
    neves Says:


  65. 65
    ahdy Says:

    White people dancing is the funniest **** ever and over TWENTY MILLION NOW can’t be wrong.
    I love it. Watched it a bunch of times myself just to laugh and cry. You can feel the joy.

  66. 66
    Shannon Says:

    It just makes you smile when you watch it. How much fun would that have been :)

  67. 67
    Mickey Says:

    @Sam: Sam, you’re an idiot.

  68. 68
    team breezy Says:

    wooohoooo go Chris! haters keep hatin haha. Team BreezY 4EveRRR

  69. 69
    Paul Says:


    Chris Brown is a wife beater simple: for those women that think is still cool then there are good odds you will end up with someone like him!!! shame on you and don;t go crying when it happens to you!!

    The video is fantastic, i wish i was there or did somehting as cool as this at my wedding! Brilliant song and video … love it !! for those that hate it get a life you cynics !!!

  70. 70
    MiraclesGift Says:

    wat da hell
    ight it wasnt rite wat chris did
    but there’s always 2 side 2 da story
    rihanna isnt a saint
    duh if she got hit
    there’s gotta b a good @ss story b hide it
    i love, i love dat there is still fans out there
    i love wat those ppl did wit chris Brown music

  71. 71
    MiraclesGift Says:

    wat da hell
    ight it wasnt rite wat chris did
    but there’s always 2 side 2 da story
    rihanna isnt a saint
    duh if she got hit
    there’s gotta b a good @ss story b hide it
    i love, i love dat there is still fans out there
    i love wat those ppl did wit chris Brown music

  72. 72
    suppress your appetite Says:

    @UGH: I agree!!!!

  73. 73
    Jeff Says:

    My girlfiend like this vids..n i love it tooo. Its Coooolllll Chris..! We can try that during our wedding..

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