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Drew Barrymore is Sexy On The Set

Drew Barrymore is Sexy On The Set

Drew Barrymore shows some shoulder while filming her new movie Going the Distance on Wednesday (July 29) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress will debut her first movie as a director, Whip It, at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. The comedy, which revolves around a roller derby in Texas, stars Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, and Juliette Lewis.

Also expected to be at the film festival are acclaimed filmmakers Michael Moore and the Coen Brothers.

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Credit: RAM; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I love her!
    She’s seems to be a blast to hang out with!


  • me

    I love Drew . . .but as of late her clothing has been really off the wall. It is like she is having a midlife crisis and trying to recapture her youth. She still looks young, but she is in her 30′s after a certain age there are things you cannot wear. Sorry. I am in my late 20′s, and there are things that I know I am too old to pull off.

  • blah

    to comment #2

    Drew looks good for her age. Just becasue you cant pull off certain outfuits, doesnt mean the same rule applies to everyone. SOme ppl look good enough to pull off the so called young outfits well into their 40′s.

  • J

    I think this looks like a staged photo shoot authorized by a publicist. The photo looks purposely blurred to hide a very forced smile and situation on the right.

    I think you are having a mid-life crisis Drew. Just marry him and get it over with. You’ll be much happier.

    Stop all this sitting on the fence business. What are you waiting for?
    You know what’s really getting under your skin is you want babies and don’t have a realistic plan to have one at the moment. Just do it.

    I don’t think this is about love, anyone’s dreams or anything else but you and what you want.

  • lacy

    Looking good drew!

  • Jen

    I dont like her but she looks cute here

  • Sally

    She has a natural sex-appeal and is really cute!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate her but i admit she does look cute
    cute outfit minus the dumb ass shades and ugly flip flops
    at least she’s not rocking her stupid 80s look

  • me

    @blah: yes, woman in there 40′s can pull off younger outfits . . . they are called cougars.

  • richie.

    oh my god, she’s so hot.

  • lisa

    to comment ‘me’ :

    i just don’t understand what’s wrong with her. God, she’s SO cute!

  • lisa

    and ‘blah’, i agree with u

  • J


  • J

    Yeah: If you love somebody, set them free – that’s what I intend on doing.

    If you’re lucky, once in this life you get someone who believes in you. I don’t know why you did, but it makes me want to try harder.

  • J

    When you get married, you should marry someone you feel is your best friend. As far as I’m concerned there’s no reason you can’t.

    It wasn’t my intention to make you pick, but you wouldn’t let up so I feel like you’re giving me no choice.

  • J

    I can’t take this anymore. Don’t want any of this or you.

  • J

    It wouldn’t matter if you were with him or not…I never wanted it to be like this, but if I never see Los Angeles and I’m never in show business, it won’t be any great loss. Not being in a bad relationship isn’t a loss either – for either one of us, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to end like this.

  • J

    I still do hope you get that Emmy. I’ll hope you win. You deserve to.

  • J

    Am I supposed to feel bad b/c you’re sleeping with someone else? That’s what you’ve been doing all along. Right now, I’m feeling relieved that I won’t be stuck here powerless while you do that and any other thing you can think of designed to get what you want – whether it hurts me or somebody else. You’re not thinking.
    Has it gotten you what you wanted?

    I think maybe between the two of us, it might be you that’s really nuts. The very definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and then expecting to get a different result.

    Whether you want me romantically or not, do you think you’ve created a situation anyone could walk into? It didn’t need to be this bad. It still doesn’t, but you never frigging leave it alone. I can’t go 5 seconds without this little pitbull with her jaw set knawing at my heel and heart. It’s intolerable. That’s why I’m walking. You can’t not do it.
    I realize that now.

  • J

    TAKE THAT Patience? He doesn’t need to be patient.
    He’s got you right there, doesn’t he?

  • J

    All you want is sex, love and songs
    Once you get those you’ll be gone, gone, gone
    Gone with the wind that brought you in
    And I’ll be left somewhere in the bin

    Who do you think you’re foolin’?
    I know what you do
    So come here and give me a kiss
    Or we’ll be through, through, through
    If you’re OK with that, then just go away
    I’m not in the mood to wait around another day

  • J

    All you want is sex, love and music
    Once you get those you’ll be gone, gone, gone
    Gone with the wind that brought you in
    And I’ll be left somewhere in the bin
    That’s one of my fears that puts me in a dark place
    Even then I can still see your face

    Who do you think you’re foolin’?
    I know what you do
    So come here and give me a kiss
    Or we’ll be through, through, through
    If you’re OK with that, then just go away
    I’m not in the mood to wait around another day

    I had this dream
    Never told you about it
    You used to give me good lovin’ in the night
    The thing that was weird about it was
    We were like different people and it was another life
    It felt like you were my wife

    Don’t know what to do about it
    Because you aren’t anywhere near
    We live in this messy life right here
    Where we don’t speak
    And it’s someone else’s lips you seek

    What am I to do?
    Don’t know how to make it clear to you
    I wish I was what you need
    I’d be there on the double with all my speed
    But I’m not, I’m just me
    I can’t seem to get it right
    So I guess I’ll leave you be

    I’m not the only one who was playing a game
    But I’m not playing now
    For what it’s worth
    There was never a time I wasn’t true
    And I’ve only ever loved you

  • J

    You said express myself, so I did.

    You never said express yourself and do exactly what I want you to or else I’ll be trying to torture you into the ground some more, but I should have known from past history that’s what you’d be doing.

    I am going to write some great songs. I’m going to try hard to write some great songs. You can’t bloody well stop me from doing that.

    Who the hell do you think you are – one of those muses that you shouldn’t piss off b/c Zeus was her father and she has the ability with great heavenly force to take you out with a lightening bolt or some other bit of unpleasantness like tales of her sex life with the current love of her life?

  • J

    Fine. Be like that then.

  • J

    Oh brother. She wants me to be crying again. Not this time honey. That was heartfelt and it obviously means nothing to you.

    That’s fine. Go right ahead if it’s as great as you say.
    I’d hate to keep you from it.

  • J

    Look here’s how I feel about it:

    You’re not asking too much that somebody you love and who says they love you stand next to you (and to do that they better have a lot going on for themselves – careerwise and financially), that they treat you well and that they’re faithful if you’re together. That’s the least they should be.

    What I’m stumbling over is, you have to get the career in place before you can get that other stuff happening.
    Once I did, it wouldn’t be hard at all. It’s just v. hard right now, to juggle it all and deal with you shoving your guy in my face as well.
    It’s not a matter of whether it’s fair or not, it makes it impossible.
    I think you figure it’s a woman’s perogative or something to mess with me while I’m trying to figure that part out. It would go a lot quicker if you weren’t knocking me down all the time, so I take that much more time and energy to get back up.

  • J

    You know that scene from Mr. Baseball where she slips into a towel and bathes him…that’s alright. :)

    If there was a tad bit of that and a tad less torturing…well he||, running to the moon wouldn’t be hard, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    I really need somebody to make me feel better. In the past if I felt sad, I’d generally eat junk food or drink too much liquor. That can be fun, but it makes you fat and you can’t get up on stage like that can you? I think I need to get a dating life happening. I actually think I probably wouldn’t have been so tough to handle if I’d done that sooner. I really didn’t want to go out with anyone else, which is why I didn’t try harder to do that.

    The fact is we aren’t a couple and whatever you do or don’t do with him, I’ve got to assume you share a bed together. At the very least you date and make out with him all over town….I’d say I’ve gone without for long enough and that’s a bloody understatement.

    The fact is, who cares if someone is faithful to you, if they’re terrible to you and you don’t seem to be able to make each other happy. You need to look to other people to make you happy. Sounds like the makings of a break-up.

    We could say maybe it really is just bad timing.
    If we both still care about each other, maybe we could agree that’s what it is. For me, that’s how it is. I suspect no matter what happens, I’ll always love you. Like the Dolly Parton song. :)

  • J

    Actually, you can be heavier if you’ve got an amazing voice.
    Look at Mama Cass and Janis wasn’t exactly model thin, but they both had such an amazing presence it didn’t matter.

    I can do my own thing, but it helps if you put on the costume which doesn’t seem to include (I’ll use your words) a squishy butt.

  • J

    It’s a lovely sentiment ‘to go down with a ship b/c you love somebody, but why does a ship have to go down?

    Wasn’t the point of all this nonsense to stop the ship from sinking?
    If anything, shouldn’t we be trying to work together to make that happen? If not and we’re adversaries all the time, what’s the point? When I’ve felt you fighting me(especially w/ emotional blackmail and manipulations about him), it’s been one of the things that will, when I’ve decided I’m going to be a musician, change my mind and make me want to go and do anything else.

  • J

    That’s a very nice outfit you have on there, btw…you look v. pretty.

  • J

    “You’ve got it all over hiiiiiim…..” :)

    Can you get them to play ‘Run To You’ again?
    No wine in the house, but I’ve a hankering for some mouldy cheese. :)

  • J

    I’m sorry I was a shi+ to you Justin. You just love her don’t you?

  • J

    And you seem to know how to do that in a more positive way than I do. That’s a good, not a bad thing.

  • J

    I should say it’s good that she’s with someone who knows how to love her in a positive way and is good to her.

    That’s how it should be.

  • J

    Wait a minute here…”I’m using you”? Are you fu@king kidding me?!

    Screw you lady.

  • J

    You’re the one who’s trying to use me and you’re the one who started seeing someone else and trying to drop me in an unfu@kingbearable situation.

    I can’t believe you. Are you really trying to pick another fight?

    I don’t know how to love you in a positive way and I don’t want to be alone anymore. Where the hell have you been anyway? With someone else that’s where. Don’t give me this crap. Not now.


  • J

    You’ve never given me any love, just the tease of it. Aside from that, you constantly just give me a hard time and nag me, complaining that I’m not what you want. All the while you spend all your time with someone else and still try to manipulate me.

    If I went to Los Angeles (which I have no plans to do) and was hoping to use some connection you’d give me then maybe, but I could honestly give a fu@k. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t with you. That’s why I want to date someone else…I never should have stayed alone eating and drinking too much and letting you make me feel bad. You lost respect for me b/c I did and now you think you can do whatever you want and just get away with it.

    I think you’re a liar too, so I guess that makes us even. Did you ever give me any of your time? That would have meant a lot more to me than all the shi+ you did put together. Kiss my butt lady.

  • J

    You’re such a di@k.

  • J

    KIMBERLEY LOCKE I Could? That ain’t it.
    I’m not surprised you have no clue….or is that what you’re trying to tell me is how you feel? Nice little punches to the gut as usual.

    Why do you insist on testing me like this? Why now?

    Do you want to know how you really know if somebody loves you? You should know that better than me. I may not be worthy of loving you right now, but it doesn’t mean I don’t. I’m at the point where I don’t think I care anymore. As in…I’m so sick of you trying to make me feel bad b/c I’m not really what you want or need. Ironically enough, it wouldn’t make me feel near as bad if this wasn’t a thing that ran pretty deep. But go ahead and think whatever you want. Maybe it makes it easier to spend your time with and sleep with him. Maybe you need to rationalize or move on. If that’s it, then go ahead – assume whatever you need to. The truth is something else, I think you’re not all that interested in at the moment.

  • J

    Is that song what you’re trying to tell me is how you really feel?

  • J

    However you really feel….let go. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    Just let it go.

    Why does not now have to be never?
    Is it b/c you want to make your life with this man?

    How do I know that wasn’t your plan all along? You don’t have any committments for next year do you? Are you going to have a baby together? Is that what you’re not telling me? Who am I kidding?
    You never tell me anything anyway.
    I doubt you would even if that was the case.

  • J

    I was hoping you would be home for me in whatever capacity, but you sure don’t feel like it now. I’m not the only one of us that can be brutal.

    You easily give me a run for my money.

  • J

    You know what? I think that’s it. You decided you were done with me, but were still hoping to use me, so that’s why you haven’t been straight with me. That’s it, isn’t it?

    It’s quite something and quite clever, btw…to try to make me think it was my idea.

    This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?

    Kind of akin to going to Hawaii with a gf around Christmas instead of working on the marriage.

    Well, we were never married or even in a relationship at all, so you’re free to go where you’re heart leads and with whoever makes you happy and you think you could have your dreams with.

    I wouldn’t have ever made you choose at all if I’d had my way. As in choose me or the hardway. That wasn’t my idea.

  • J

    It just would have meant a lot to me to know whatever your choice was that you really did love me at some point and especially if you were picking somebody else, that you weren’t cruel as well.

    If you wanted me to make a pretty big sacrifice for you that is.

  • J

    You aren’t home to me, you’re just some broad I never knew.

    Just fu@k off and go with him. You know what?

    The truth is, in my heart I do want you, but once I had you, how would we live, with no way to walk through the world together?

    I can’t take this thing that’s all hard time and no love, from you anymore. Think whatever the fu@k you want to think.

    I don’t give a shi+ anymore. Just go.

  • J

    ….you got it right in one.

    I am love hungry…starved in fact and you aren’t doing much useful to help out with that, so I think I’ll go try to find somebody…anybody who can.

    All she’d have to do is show up and that would be better than this.
    I didn’t say better than you, b/c there is nobody in the world who would be…but better than this.

  • J

    Just for the record your honor…The irony is if I didn’t really love you, why would I care that someone else was ‘getting the best of you’?

    If I was just trying to use you for some career advancement, don’t you think I’d have been focusing more on the music and not cared who you were seeing?

    Probably just would have tried to not make waves, tried to keep my ‘connection’ good and gone out and been making some music. That would have been the smart move…it’s your heart and libido that can make your brain dumb and make you hard to be around sometimes.
    The insecurities that can come with a situation like this don’t help either.

  • J

    I actually wish I had never loved you, knew how to love you in a positive way or that in any case I had the kind of ambition for show business that you have and obviously want me to have.

    If that was the case, no one would have gotten hurt

  • J

    You can really be a shi++y article lady, you know that?–20090803

    I can’t believe you’ve been doing this all along and have the frigging face to say you love me.
    You just suck and I’m really glad we never did get together.

  • J