Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney's New Girlfriend!

Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney's New Girlfriend!
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  • Thousands of Sex and the City fans are expected to show up in Chelsea on Tuesday to audition for a role as an extra in the upcoming sequel.
  • Bruce Willis was spotted yesterday apartment hunting around Columbus Circle with wife Emma Heming.
  • Ed Westwick was seen trying out a bed as he shopped for an apartment redecoration at West Elm on the Upper West Side.
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta will kick off their second season tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo.
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  • Wendy

    Well that picture is very suggestive to say the least hahah.

  • Shemp lugosi

    George Clooney’s new beard, you mean. I can’t believe how naive people are!

  • Pearl

    New girlfriend? Sure for about a month. This guy is a man whore to the extreme, still she is a beautiful Italian woman let’s wait and see if she is the right one for ole Georgie.

  • ri23

    She’s done p o r n. Keeping it classy as usual, Clooney.

  • lovely

    Italian women are so beautiful.. she has a great body, but she looks like she’s sk@nky..

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Why do you post that Jared??? next week he will have a new one anyways.

  • Marti

    i’m italian and Elisabetta is very very popular in my country,considered one of the most beautiful woman;she is 30 years old and she loves to change different men,especially footballers!Sure,George will be one of this men!

  • lovely

    she really is gorgeous, but i think italian women are the most gorgeous in my opinion… also spanish and brazilian..

  • Sofia

    @Marti: si, e se sei italiana dovresti sapere che la canalis è solo una delle tante veline-troie sfondate intelligenti quanto un cucchiaino da zucchero..

  • Cammie

    She isn’t that pretty, another horse face

  • hymelami


    ahahahaha brava!!!

  • OK

    She does look sorta skanky in some of those shots, but also her skin looks really damaged in a few photos–she’ll look like Donatella Versace if she’s not careful….

  • Sally

    Nice to know about the sequence of “Sex and the City”. Can’t wait to have more news about the movie!


    Thank you for post the link for the news about “The Goree Girls”, that Jennifer Aniston will both star and produce. It will be definetly another challenge to her and it’s great to know about it. She is a very talented actress and it’s a chance to prove this one more time with this so different role.


  • bestdamnthing

    Who the hell she is?????????

  • http://dlisted.com lakers fan in boston

    im really digging clooney’s new girl
    face is so-so but she has an amazing body
    i also dont like her tattoos, they looks stupid especially the bicep 1s, they look like the tribal tattoos a lot of guys get
    awww come on aniston….this 1 is gonna flop

  • Chanel1990

    pleasee!!! don’t let me believe it!!!
    I know here, and I’m SO gelous!

  • Marti

    si infatti ,appunto perchè la canalis è una troia come del resto tutte quante le altre, sicuramente clooney sarà una nottata e via!

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl

    George Clooney is so old. EWWWW his nuts must be all saggy and people act as if he was still so hot ! PFFF

  • christine

    Oh! I havent one of those popsicle stix in such a long time! Wish my local store sold them. They’d probably run out quickly!

  • christine

    @pretty young girl:
    LOLOL… funnny…. i’d marry him. Have me a SUGA daddy!

  • biba

    Clooney is a big time playboy…..everyones know that. My bf is Italian and he told me about Clooney and Elisabetta last night. She’s a TV Host and famous in Italy.

  • fifi

    She’s REALLY HOTTTTTTTTT on google images!!!!

  • Sofia

    @hymelami: @Marti: beh, almeno la pensiamo uguale!;D
    ahhh ma io conosco il signor clooney, non si vuole impegnare con un matrimonio, ma un annetto con la prostituta di turno ci sta tutto!XD

  • hymelami

    @biba: she’s not!! She’s not a tv host!! she’s nobody.

  • Rob12

    oh george! why you can’t find a SERIOUS girl???
    she is famous in italy, yes. but only for her ex-boyfriends…
    BOBO VIERI, REGINALDO, etc, etc… and for her

  • Ari Ola

    Just another gorgeous lady showcasing her impressive oral skills.

  • Orchid

    She sure looks like she’s been around the block a hundred times.

  • Dav

    It’s better to get an unknown than some Hollywood sh-t head like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson. Good for Clooney.



  • sara


  • Italian Girl from Sassari

    Thanks to everyone who notice she has a horse face…I’ve been saying that for years and still in Italy she is considered one of the most beautiful celebrity women. She’s not worth that consideration and she is not even a good showgirl.

  • freddy

    faccia da cavalla :Horse’s face! She surely has a good agent who boosts her together with gay George!!

  • freddy

    Horse’s face! She surely has a good agent who boosts her together with gay George!!

  • messenger of peace clooney

    I think it’s getting more bad reputation for George Clooney,
    he does it by his own and I put a question:
    “Can George Clooney be serious for the work as Messenger of peace? Does he deserve this job?”
    He has a very bad reptutation and OSN should realize it. The public sees him like an playboy and average actor who does losers movies, so he wants make in political scene when he is not educated and not respectable persona?
    His political activism is for good reasons but I don’t think he deserves his title of “Messenger of peace”. I would ask: how he wants make the peace in the world when he himself has a lot of fauls in his life? Whenever people can to say him to shut up because he’s no journalist, no politician. If he will continue in his bad fauls with pornactress or another naked waitres, model, he will try OSN’s and public’s patience.
    He dated many naked women, drunk alot and cared for motorcykles and parties.
    1. dating pornactress Krista Allen, (the worst choice).
    2. Sarah Larson had saucy pics from the casina where she worked like an hostess and did company for people. (not a smart woman).
    3.Elisabetta Canalis is an erotic model, (not a serious woman).
    His list of bed women is long:
    Céline Balitran, Lisa Snowdon, Lucy Wolvert, Denise Crosby, Russell, DeeDee Pfeiffer, Maria Betrand, Kelly Preston, Dani Behr, Lucy Liu, Zellweger, Elvira Cantantore, strip dancers, models, waitresses……

  • 5000
  • elena

    In Italy she is a famous showgirl ( i’m italian ) and mostly she is famous for her one-week-boyfriend ( Valentino Rossi, Cristian Vieri,…)

  • serena

    Ma che persone superficiali e invidiose che siete! Elisabetta è stupenda e intelligente, anzi secondo me è fin troppo per Clooney!!! io da donna, vorrei essere lei!!!

  • Lynn Boyd

    Yet another skanky bimbo du jour for an aging, extremely average, never that great looking actor. Why would any woman want to be with him; I hope she gets checked for diseases and from the looks of her skanky face, he probably needs some disease checking too.

  • ruggiero

    She has pretty masculine facial features for a woman.

  • ophelia krotch

    Isn’t it obvious by now that George is our generation’s ‘Rock Hudson’ who lives his gay life entirely in the closet out of fear of losing his career/popularity/social standing & must be a slave to forever be watching his back while “dating” a revolving door bevvy of ‘young starlets’ (his “beards”) who are there only to self promote themselves while possibly being financially renumerated for said ‘deal’ (?). If there is no ca$h involved, there certainly is payback – being in the glareful ‘public eye’ and feeling fame for a few fleeting moments. I am sure they must sign their life away in non disclosure forms in the process.

  • http://charlottechng@hotmail.com charlene cot

    I really would like to say that Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney make such a beautiful couple. Both are so beautiful and so connected. I wish them the very best

  • http://charlottechng@hotmail.com charlene cot

    I wish them the very best because I see that they are such a beautiful couple. please be fair and not jealous

  • http://weightloss-help.info suppress your appetite

    the girl is hot.