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Jon Gosselin Sports Big White Floppy Hat

Jon Gosselin Sports Big White Floppy Hat

Jon Gosselin takes fashion cues from his ex-wife-to-be Kate Gosselin, doning a big white floppy hat to block out the sun on Thursday afternoon (July 30) outside their home in Reading, Penn.

Cute look, Jon!

Last week, rumors surfaced that Kate would be moving to Maryland. Turns out she changed her mind!

“She is not buying or renting in the area,” a source tells People. “Kate was having lunch there, and after spending a total of one hour in a restaurant that has condos for sale above it, a rumor began that somehow, suddenly, she was buying a condo there. She didn’t even know there were apartments for sale there. It’s totally false.”

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  • Ariana

    and to think he used to complain about the attention…pshh yeah right he love the paps! one word: douche

  • kenza

    OMG! Jon looks hilarious!

  • Go Jon

    Mock that witch… Yeah! hillarious

  • team kate

    I KNEW that rumor had to be false. Kate had continually shown support for her children most especially since she filed for divorce from this dead beat dad so for HER to move 2 hours away like Jon did, just didn’t ring true to me.

  • Sandy

    Jon has a sense of humor. It really is funny even if you think Jon is a jerk.

  • Lizzy

    He looks preggers too!

    Best he’s looked in ages. He should get more fashion tips from Kate. Beats Ed Hardy anyday!!!! Loser.

  • jeff

    Why do you say she “changed her mind” when it’s apparent she never intended to buy an apartment there in the first place. Still trying to stir up shit huh?

  • I hate Jon

    Yah Jon, disrespect your wife even MORE than you already have. I just hate this dude!! Kids are better off without him.

  • ella

    Look how as soon as someone at Ed Hardy said there is no fashion line in the works, suddenly he stops wearing Ed Hardy. Falling out, anyone?

    Good move wearing a hat. He has to protect his bald spot from the sun. Must be painful to have a sunburned bald spot.

  • Bitter Jon?

    What’s the matter Jon? You asked for the press and now you’re getting bitter about it?

  • ella



  • joanne

    jon looks like a woman in the big hat , big sunglasses , plus the earrings . LMFAO .

    no offence to him or anything .
    i love the gosselins <3

  • jeff

    How would these people ever LIVE if somebody took away their cell phones? Didn’t Jon say he was going to put away the phone and just enjoy hanging out with the kids? Well they’re better off without him blowing smoke in their faces anyhow, disgusting pig.

  •,,20294800,00.html KATE WASN’T GETTING AN APMT

    Just Jared – Why are you saying she changed her mind? She did not change her mind. it was a stupid rumor that went about just because she was having lunch at that place. I guess we have to go to the People website for correct information.

    Correct this please.

  • rhonda

    No way mamma gonna “abandon” that house. No problem leaving the kids to go with her bodyguard on a book tour, but leave that house, NO HER CHILDREN NEED HER!

  • lisa

    I say take that pic of Kate, put it on packs of condoms and use it as birth control…….. YES YOU could get stuck with THIS…use protection !

  • samanthae

    Looks like Kate isn’t the only Gosselin to have had their boobs enlarged…

  • Sally Mae

    Be careful Jon, Kate is not going to be happy that you got into her hat collection.

  • Shelly_2

    He’s an *ss.

  • Dog the Bunny hunter

    looks like he got his teeth done.

  • kelly

    Looks like Jon just got some great news from his lawyer. Half of all future earning.

  • eileen

    Kate is one scary old hag.

  • Hey team kate

    @team kate:

    So team Kate, where is Kate these days? And who was she having lunch with in Maryland?

  • Jan

    I think that is Kate’s hat and he is wearing it to get photographed to tick her off. He is smiling as NO kids are around. He told People Mag he could not wait to get home and turn his cell phone off and be with his children. LIAR JON. He spends time with them WHILE FILMING ONLY and frowns the entire time. Jon wants to PLAY with young women and hang with old x con men. KATE PLUS 8 AS A SINGLE MOM WOULD BE A GOOD FAMILY SHOW. TLC, FIRE JON.

  • Amanda

    Never seen Jon smile so much; genuinely smile, and Kate always has a sour puss or forced smile. I guess it’s a reflection of the divorce proceedings ; )

  • jena

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  • Bad Kitty

    @Dog the Bunny hunter: I don’t like it when people get their teeth “done”. Even if I had the money to do it I wouldn’t. I like natural looking teeth. Why do people think that looks good? I can understand if you have an issue, but even then they make natural looking veneers.

  • Lisa

    Yeah Jon thats right make fun of the mother of your children right in front of them….thats mature. Oh yeah thats right your are an immuture idiot and it is a no wonder why she has treated you like a child. You need to grow up, stay out of the public eye, quite dating and concentrate on your children and having a civil relationship with their mother. Your actings have been discusting to say the least!

  • got a grudge?

    Jon does have a sense of humor, something Kate is lacking. Perhaps Kate was meeting her former body guard, Steve Neild since he lives in the area. She denied that little affair too but quack, quack, quack.

  • Bad Kitty

    @Amanda: Do you mean he’s relieved to get out from under her thumb and she’s angry she no longer has a whipping boy? Because I am sure he’s not happy about his divorce. Divorce itself is very sad.

  • kris

    big bug glasses, floppy old bag hat, and the sardonic smile……. .still laughing

  • VICTORIA # 1

    @ JAN — NUMBER. 24– What about the title, ” JON MINUS 8, PLUS NUMBER # 2 KATE. ?
    It looks like Hailey douche bag might be on the back burner where she belongs. Forever. Someone on this site said Kate Number #2 left her job for beer-belly Jon boy. How stupid is that? Was she counting on him to support her also? He is already handing out the $$$$$$$$ to”’ deep in debt Lohan.” Of course, being the BFF he is, Lohan just HATES to turn down Gosselin.
    ” Just one more Gucci store and I will tell the ole guy, NO MORE clothes and shoes. ” ” But man, he sure loves to buy me things and take me to the best restaurant’s and hotel suite’s, so I hate to disappoint him. ”
    Can’t wait for the next gold-digging BFF. Can you guys ? Or the next visit to the nearest A.T.M. machine for $$$$$$$$ withdrawal of his children’s money. His pudgy, yellow and nicotine stained and smelly fingers cannot wait to push that pin number. **** $$$$$.

  • rrr

    -The fact that Jon is pudgey and out of shape makes his little joke with the paps even funnier.

  • .

    I think it is pretty clear that Jon and Hailey had a little fun with the paps, the fans, and Kate with their played up fake romance. Jon is having fun with all of this and so are others like Kate Major. Only Kate looks PO’d.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as michael k would say, lol

  • betcha

    Kate was rejected the condo based on her negative reputation and the baggage she brings along.

  • TracyPartridge

    @team kate: How do you see with your head so far up Kate’s butt?

  • Shelly_2


    No kidding, I guess when said he didn’t hate Kate and wanted to remain friends for the sake of the kids, he was a big fat liar. He’s really blowing up like a puffer fish and making himself look totally stupid. His lawyer needs to clam him up and tell him to stop with the high school actions before he’s sitting on the street waiting for the next Hayleigh or Kate Major to come along. What’s his first tart, Deanne, been lately?

  • Michelle

    It’s obvious to me the kids have always loved being around their daddy more than their hyper-controlling, critical, bossy, phony, self-absorbed, nagging, rude, clumsy, selfish, bad-mannered mother. Jon is not a saint that’s for sure but he clearly loves his kids and is starting to figure out the price of fame and fortune isn’t worth hurting his kids or the young woman he loves (Hailey) IMO. Lot of people like to bash Jon but at the end of the day, he is clearly the better of the two parents. I hope when this nightmare reality show is finally cancelled, he will write a book about what really happened.

  • Pinkrose

    NO such thing as “ex-wife-to be”!! that is an Oxymoron…..Why not go with estranged wife?

  • Jenny

    hahahaha!! LMFAO.. That’s priceless.

  • tinker

    You know what’s funnier than Jon’s hat? You guys. There are hilarious pictures of Jon wearing some hat, possibly mocking Kate, and some of you have gone off the wall talking about apartments, who is a better parent, picking sides, ect. Holy crap! People don’t even have to watch the show to support those two. There is more than enough attention given to them as soon as an article is released.

  • Payson

    At least Jon “can” smile!! The kids would be happier if you got rid of Khate and had Jon +8. I’d watch that show!! Tired of Kate tooooo much of her is toooooo much of her.

  • suzie

    He’s FAT…and ugly.

  • FLO

    So it was just a coincidence that she was not looking at condos on the same block as her body/lover. Must have just been a fluke that she was having lunch 160 miles from home, steps away from Steve’s {who she is not shagging} office.

  • FLO

    Narcissistic Kate changed her mind because she could not handle the idea of her public thinking badly of her .

  • my9cats

    Yeah…she changed her mind when all the outrage came out.

  • 4t4t


  • jdub

    he just keeps making himself look more and more like an ASS!

  • sheila

    What homeowners association would want paps and kooks hanging around the likes of which would come with Kate. She is going to have to buy a single house on private property.