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Jon Gosselin is the Tin Can Man

Jon Gosselin is the Tin Can Man

Reigning tabloid king Jon Gosselin makes tin can telephones with his two daughters, sextuplets Leah and Alexis, at their home on Thursday morning (July 30) in Reading, Penn.

The trio was taping a new episode of their hit TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The 32-year-old reality TV papa was also seen blowing up a plastic glove and giving a kiss on the lips to Leah.

Yesterday, Jon took the three girl sextuplets to the dentist — Alexis, Leah and Hannah — all while the cameras were still rolling!

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67 Responses to “Jon Gosselin is the Tin Can Man”

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  1. 1
    rhonda Says:

    You never see the kids kissing Kate and laughing and having fun. It’s always when Jon is there! Things are always “tense” when Kate is around!

  2. 2
    lee Says:

    what a great dad

  3. 3
    ??? Says:

    Kate’ s turn to go off and leave her children…….BUT WHERE?….cameras never follow her…has she bribed them?

  4. 4
    anne Says:

    my 4 year old daughter likes to give her daddy a big smooch like that as well. so cute. alexis is my favorite gosselin kid.

  5. 5
    America Says:

    His kids look so Asiatic and foreign, poor guy. He’s disappointed because he wanted white children like his dad.

  6. 6
    ashley Says:

    it’s good to see him playing w/ his girls!! they really look like they are having fun and starting to ajust somewhat better w/ the living arrangements!! :)

  7. 7
    rhonda Says:

    I believe TLC and Kate want the show to go on with her. Jon even seems to be willing to be the bad guy. Don’t believe their plan is working, people just don’t like Kate.

  8. 8
    emma Says:


    Just to tell you its Leah kissing her father.

  9. 9
    Howdy neighbors Says:

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  10. 10
    back on earth Says:

    the natural reactions of children and pets do not lie……they are comfortable and happy around Jon, whoever and whatever he may be to others

  11. 11
    Barbara Says:

    Where are the boys???

  12. 12
    Lizzy Says:

    Everyone’s comments on here make me sick. KATE IS A GREAT MOTHER AND JON IS A GREAT FATHER. NO ONE SHOULD CRITICIZE THEM ON THEIR PARENTAL SKILLS. Jon does have issues though but it’s not in how he is a parent.

  13. 13
    Lizzy Says:


  14. 14
    O_0 Says:

    i noticed too
    kids happy with jon

  15. 15
    fijiwaterismyf.a.v. Says:

    Although I agree they’re both great parents, I think they both approach it differently. It’s easier for the kids to be kids around Jon. He’s laid back, plays + jokes around with them. Doesn’t care so much about making a mess. Kate, on the other hand, is a bit of a control freak and not so laid back. She doesn’t like to be messy or put a lot of effort into playing. I don’t think that makes one any less of a parent than the other.

  16. 16
    Puddin Says:

    The children are always sad and crying when they are with their shrew of a mother. Kate is spending time at her new MD condo so she can be near Steve the bodyguard.

  17. 17
    Lisa Says:

    AWE! Alexis is just too cute for words! Love her!

  18. 18
    Ehhh Says:


    What’s wrong with looking Asian?? Racist. And how do you know he wants his children to look white??

  19. 19
    Ladybug Says:

    Yes, the kids are more relaxed with Jon and it shows. None of the kids have to fear Jon, like they do Kate. The kids know that Jon won’t hit them like Kate does, and there are pictures to show that Kate does hit them. All of these kids will end up much closer to Jon then to Kate.

    As far as Kate goes, she is probably in Maryland stalking Steve.

  20. 20
    maria Says:

    These parents don’t do anything with their kids unless the cameras are filming them! so pathetically sad.

  21. 21
    LILLIBET Says:

    Let’s get this straight: the kids are filmed with Kate at their home by TLC and then she heads off for a few days to be by herself and perhaps go to a spa which she says is her favorite thing to do. While she is gone, Jon comes to the house and the kids are filmed with him for TLC. Like Kate, he makes certain that play activities are within range of the paparazzi cameras. Then he heads off to be with girlfriends and Kate returns from her “alone time” and again, the kids are filmed with her by TLC.

    Jon and Kate claim that their kids aren’t working.

    But simple math tells you that the kids are not only working – they are working twice as much as either of their parents. New houses, new condos, trips to France, weeks at Bald Head Island – even the faux wedding that took place in Hawaii less than a year ago – the kids paid for it all. The ring that Jon Gosselin bought for one of his girlfriends? The kids paid for it. The only reason the Gosselin parents have money is because they exploited their children.

    No – neither Gosselin is a good parent by any stretch of the imagination.

    Someone needs to step in, intervene and see that the children have the chance to live a life off camera and their parents need to refrain from giving interviews to tabloid magazines. They have ruined these kids’ childhoods.

  22. 22
    MARYMAY Says:

    The kids are always dressed in the same dang clothes. kate musta lost her gymboree endorsement. GO BUY YOUR KIDS SOME NEW CLOTHES!! THEY’VE WORKED FOR IT ALREADY!

  23. 23
    MARYMAY Says:


  24. 24
    Cathey Says:

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    tanya Says:

    I like Kate. You must have missed the photos of her playing play doh and the kids laughing with her.

    Good grief.

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