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Jon Gosselin is the Tin Can Man

Jon Gosselin is the Tin Can Man

Reigning tabloid king Jon Gosselin makes tin can telephones with his two daughters, sextuplets Leah and Alexis, at their home on Thursday morning (July 30) in Reading, Penn.

The trio was taping a new episode of their hit TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The 32-year-old reality TV papa was also seen blowing up a plastic glove and giving a kiss on the lips to Leah.

Yesterday, Jon took the three girl sextuplets to the dentist — Alexis, Leah and Hannah — all while the cameras were still rolling!

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  • rhonda

    You never see the kids kissing Kate and laughing and having fun. It’s always when Jon is there! Things are always “tense” when Kate is around!

  • lee

    what a great dad

  • ???

    Kate’ s turn to go off and leave her children…….BUT WHERE?….cameras never follow her…has she bribed them?

  • anne

    my 4 year old daughter likes to give her daddy a big smooch like that as well. so cute. alexis is my favorite gosselin kid.

  • America

    His kids look so Asiatic and foreign, poor guy. He’s disappointed because he wanted white children like his dad.

  • ashley

    it’s good to see him playing w/ his girls!! they really look like they are having fun and starting to ajust somewhat better w/ the living arrangements!! :)

  • rhonda

    I believe TLC and Kate want the show to go on with her. Jon even seems to be willing to be the bad guy. Don’t believe their plan is working, people just don’t like Kate.

  • emma


    Just to tell you its Leah kissing her father.

  • Howdy neighbors

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    Is Jon and Kate on the right path?
    The Oracle replied:
    Although you do not understand this yet, it is all for the best. Trust me.

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  • back on earth

    the natural reactions of children and pets do not lie……they are comfortable and happy around Jon, whoever and whatever he may be to others

  • Barbara

    Where are the boys???

  • Lizzy

    Everyone’s comments on here make me sick. KATE IS A GREAT MOTHER AND JON IS A GREAT FATHER. NO ONE SHOULD CRITICIZE THEM ON THEIR PARENTAL SKILLS. Jon does have issues though but it’s not in how he is a parent.

  • Lizzy


  • O_0

    i noticed too
    kids happy with jon

  • fijiwaterismyf.a.v.

    Although I agree they’re both great parents, I think they both approach it differently. It’s easier for the kids to be kids around Jon. He’s laid back, plays + jokes around with them. Doesn’t care so much about making a mess. Kate, on the other hand, is a bit of a control freak and not so laid back. She doesn’t like to be messy or put a lot of effort into playing. I don’t think that makes one any less of a parent than the other.

  • Puddin

    The children are always sad and crying when they are with their shrew of a mother. Kate is spending time at her new MD condo so she can be near Steve the bodyguard.

  • Lisa

    AWE! Alexis is just too cute for words! Love her!

  • Ehhh


    What’s wrong with looking Asian?? Racist. And how do you know he wants his children to look white??

  • Ladybug

    Yes, the kids are more relaxed with Jon and it shows. None of the kids have to fear Jon, like they do Kate. The kids know that Jon won’t hit them like Kate does, and there are pictures to show that Kate does hit them. All of these kids will end up much closer to Jon then to Kate.

    As far as Kate goes, she is probably in Maryland stalking Steve.

  • maria

    These parents don’t do anything with their kids unless the cameras are filming them! so pathetically sad.


    Let’s get this straight: the kids are filmed with Kate at their home by TLC and then she heads off for a few days to be by herself and perhaps go to a spa which she says is her favorite thing to do. While she is gone, Jon comes to the house and the kids are filmed with him for TLC. Like Kate, he makes certain that play activities are within range of the paparazzi cameras. Then he heads off to be with girlfriends and Kate returns from her “alone time” and again, the kids are filmed with her by TLC.

    Jon and Kate claim that their kids aren’t working.

    But simple math tells you that the kids are not only working – they are working twice as much as either of their parents. New houses, new condos, trips to France, weeks at Bald Head Island – even the faux wedding that took place in Hawaii less than a year ago – the kids paid for it all. The ring that Jon Gosselin bought for one of his girlfriends? The kids paid for it. The only reason the Gosselin parents have money is because they exploited their children.

    No – neither Gosselin is a good parent by any stretch of the imagination.

    Someone needs to step in, intervene and see that the children have the chance to live a life off camera and their parents need to refrain from giving interviews to tabloid magazines. They have ruined these kids’ childhoods.


    The kids are always dressed in the same dang clothes. kate musta lost her gymboree endorsement. GO BUY YOUR KIDS SOME NEW CLOTHES!! THEY’VE WORKED FOR IT ALREADY!



  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tanya

    I like Kate. You must have missed the photos of her playing play doh and the kids laughing with her.

    Good grief.

  • bill

    I’ll bet Kate is worried sick for the kids alone with the air head Jon sneaking off and having a joint, he’s just not responsible. Off course they are laughing it’s for the camera. i quit watching this stuff the minute they bought the mansion and all fellt to pieces. What did Jody and Kate’s brother say on the morning show?

  • allie

    why are people so mean to kate? i’m sure she provides for her children in diffrent ways. ways jon couldn’t. i don’t know about everyone else, but when i was thier age my dad was the jokester/friend and my mom was the one who cooked and cleaned and made sure i was healthy and clean. it’s just the way things are in some families.

  • lynne

    I loathe Kate. You must of missed the memo where this is all for show and ratings and to improve these 2 dolts image. They don’t play with their kids, they get PAID to play with their kids. They don’t make the money, the KIDS make the money for this family.

  • Amy

    I haven’t seem any pictures of him with the boys since he has been home this time.

  • Tara

    Rhonda, I suggest you check out the pics of Kate taking the kids to the park a couple of days ago. The girls were laughing, smiling, and having a ball. They weren’t filming either.

  • Amy


    Kevin and Jodi said the same things they always say. I don’t know why the press even bothers to talk to them.

  • Kate changes mind on condo

    In some homeowner/renter associations there is a committee that screen who is allowed residency.

    -single or married

  • http://justjared foreveryounf

    I used to feel sorry for Jon but now, not so much. Kate might be a control freak or whatever but shoot! Wouldn’t you be too if you had sextuplets and twins??? We only see these people on the outside, we have no earthly idea what’s going on inside. I feel for Kate, I really do. Sure, she filed for divorce but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. How would you feel if you saw your soon to be ex-husband galavanting with two different women just two weeks after you “seperated.” You’d be in a world of hurt — I don’t care who you are. Jon claimed he wanted to be out of the spot light and now he’s the center of it even more so. He puts on a show for the whole world and he looks like an idiot. Neither Jon or Kate are innocent here, but they are human beings.

  • carly

    has anyone noticed that back during season 1 or 2 jodi and kevin said somthing like jon and kate will fight for a little while but then they would make up really fast and then they said recently that the cameras could barely get any footage because they were fighting so much? strange…

  • Doreen

    The kids know which parent is the disciplinarian. That doesn’t make Kate a bad parent. Kate is the ONLY parent. Jon is too childish to parent. As for Jon, he is going to die inside when Kate remarries and the children have a stepfather. He’ll wish he tried a little harder to keep their marriage intact.

  • New invention


    I dont’ have to say anything else.Thanks.
    One ? When do the kids get a vaca,vacation?
    Oh, I’ll answer my own question.Ans.the kids don’t get a vaca,time to be off camera.These kids have had their whole lives on camera,in the media, filmed,examined,etc.
    One more?
    Why must JON and KATE stay in the front of their house that is far from the road where the photgraphers can have legal access to photograph the kids every move.Why must JON and KATE who live on a few aces not blow bubbles, grill, cookout, have picnics, etc. in the back of the house on those acres where the photgraphers cannot get to them and where it is ilegal for them to get pics? Oh,Iansweredmyselfagain.Imustbesmart.LOL!!JONandKATE don’t do this which would ensure privacy,because what would be the point in the fame game if every minute is not exposing the kids. TLC is not filming now,yet the kids are still on.
    Badddd. Shameful.No concious. Noclue to reality. Real reality which is in 10 years you are going to have some messed teenagers there do some real baddd things.

  • killyourtv

    OF COURSE they look like they’re having a good time, they’re taping a TV show. The way these two are exploiting their children is disgusting. For the kids sake boycott this sorry excuse for entertainment.

  • jackie

    Hey Jon – nic pic of you french kissing your daughter!
    That going on an episode of TLC? or is that just practice for the upcoming por*o’s……

    what are the other episodes going to be?
    Daddy shows the kids how to roll their own joint?
    Haley shows them how to do a bong hit?
    Kate shows them how to be a media whore?

    Jon – you said you were concerned about your kids googling you some day….well “google this” buddy!!

    You are training your kids to be drug-snorting-smoking-por*o kings and queens. congrats!

  • sunny

    @reply | Flag This
    # 25
    tanya @ 07/30/2009 at 2:56 pm

    I like Kate. You must have missed the photos of her playing play doh and the kids laughing with her.

    Good grief.

    Yea…..saw that SCRIPTED episode — are you freaking kidding me?

    Everything she does is scripted by TLC (except the hitting her kids, denying them water while she guzzles it down in front of them, forcing them to work and slapping them and yelling and screaming at them).

    Do YOU spend all your free time sitting on a white plastic chair in front of your home – or do you actually DO something.

    This woman is ALL about the cameras.

    Ask any of the other parents where those kids go to school and any of the other kids.
    They are extremely misbehaved, sad and maladjusted — this is from Teachers, Parents and other children.

    This children are being exploited to the highest level and sick people keep watching because why — they don’t have their own lives to lead.
    sad all the way around.

  • mailey

    I bet he is bored doing mundane things like taking his kids to the dentist when he was just in the Hamptons and France. That’s why he is already palnning his next get-a-way.. whoring around in Vegas.. Father of the Year, folks..

  • jess

    luv the kids, so cute

  • reality check

    The kids always look so dang happy when they are with Jon. They always look miserable and stressed when around the shrew. Just an observation.

  • More real reality check

    The kids look “happy” when they are told to “smile for the cameras”

    When the cameras are off, they are sad, miserable and constantly misbehaving. This is a known fact, by people in the know.
    They are like this when either parent is there, or not there, with nannies or whomever.

    You are “observing” little snippets in photographs.
    You do NOT know.
    I do.

    Watching other people’s children for your own entertainment is a severe sickness.
    People who do this need to turn off the TV, get off their fat rearends and get a freaking life.

  • anothermommy

    Weekend dads have kids run to them because they miss him. Divorce sucks for kids, I know, my dad left us. At first, you run and cling to him. You wish he didn’t leave, and when he comes back you run up and hug him wanting him to stay. Jon did not do the right thing in leaving them. Their whole sense of security is gone because this loser wanted to “find himself”. He thinks he deserves to be happy and it is AT HIS KIDS’ EXPENSE. No one can do divorce right. There is no right way to divorce. He just decided he really wanted to leave. He also was excited and proud of himself. He says he can finally ‘be himself’ and he defines himself away from his kids. Running around, smoking, living the single life is fun, and his kids will see that he pops in to see them here and there until he can escape to the real party. They will know and they will have all these pictures of how he dates young losers before he even divorces. His kids, especially the girls, will hate him or they will date married losers themselves – wouldn’t that make him proud? I hate this guy for what he is doing now and what this will mean for those kids. I watched the show all along and have a 5 year old myself. I cannot believe he is willing to hurt them rather than standing up and telling Kate not to “rule the roost” which she obviously HAD to do because there was no man in the house stepping up by himself. He is spitting mad because she made him look like a wimp. He was a wimp. He didn’t stand up and fight for his family. He would have been proud of himself had he done that and his kids would be better off. I hope Kate finds a real man to show these kids what one looks like.

  • christine

    aaawww…. JON LOVES HIS KIDS! Jon just wants happiness…
    He suffered enuf under Kate. First he gets verbal abuse from Kate for being a decent guy and then he gets hell from female bloggers. He doesnt deserve it. He’s a good person.

  • Asian

    Asiatic? Foreign? Wow you sound like the most uncultured person ever.

  • sam


    Left out. As usual. It’s the ‘norm’ for that family. I’ve noticed it since the beginning of the show. Kate never went on any of the boys ‘special day’ trips, but Jon and Kate went on all 5 girl’s special days. Kate and Jon have called the boys ‘gross’, ‘nasty’, ‘disgusting’ and more. The boys are often grabbed and talked to badly. It’s the norm for these people. The boys are so cute and much better behaved.

    It’s ok boys, only about 13 years left and then you can get away from it all.

  • sam


    That’s not a big surprise. These people have always been all about the girls. The girls are spoiled and it shows just watching them scream, throw fits, boss the boys around, etc.. The boys are not spoiled and it shows, they are calmer, sweeter, better behaved.

    It’s ok boys – 13 more years……………..

  • origaMIb

    Jon is a scumbag. He says he doesn’t want his twins Googling him and reading all this crap about the dating and smoking–but her keeps on doing it. To date we have photos of Jon kissing and snuggling his 23 year old girlfriend in the park, pictures of Jon hanging out with some college aged girls–while drunk in the wee hours of the a.m., photos of Jon with the skanky reported (not compromising like the others but-yuck), and oput in his car with younger woman leaving a bar.Not to mention the video and photos in France with the Doctor’s little girl. Photos of Kate in compromising situations to date? Zero.

  • Jessica

    Aww… I love little Leah! She is sooo CUTE! Shes such a little girly girl, and has on nail polish. The girls are so beautiful and look very happy. They have such beautiful children.