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Rachel Bilson: Hit The Road, TXT L8TR!

Rachel Bilson: Hit The Road, TXT L8TR!

Rachel Bilson rubs shoulders with Elle magazine creative director (and host) Joe Zee at the Hit the Road TXT L8TR campaign event at West Hollywood’s Nobu restaurant on Wednesday (July 29).

The 27-year-old actress, who wore an Express black boyfriend blazer, helped stress the importance of driving responsibility and exercising control on the road. For this event, Express partnered with RADD (Recording artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) and Elle magazine to create awareness amongst tens of million of teens and young adults on the dangers of texting while driving. The print and online campaign also features Ciara, who also co-hosted the event.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson hitting the road…

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rachel bilson hit the road text later 01
rachel bilson hit the road text later 02
rachel bilson hit the road text later 03
rachel bilson hit the road text later 04
rachel bilson hit the road text later 05
rachel bilson hit the road text later 06
rachel bilson hit the road text later 07
rachel bilson hit the road text later 08
rachel bilson hit the road text later 09
rachel bilson hit the road text later 10

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Stefanie Keenan/WireImage
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  • Ange


  • liz


  • Frankie

    Somebody needs to tell Rachel that an engagement ring is NOT a fashion accessory, not wearing it draws attention to yourself and puts you in the news……… oh, of course that was the plan.

  • tina

    OMG, what ugly legs, what is she thinking!

  • Ajumma

    I totally forgot she was live until this very moment.

  • Lisa

    jealous pigs ;)

  • yo momma

    exactky! she will soon be donning a baby as an accessory.

    boy er hubby sure isnt supportive is he? dont know how he can stand her.

    that one girl is rachel style, she is on rb’s twitter page, she mentioned going to paris when rb was there. rb probably spent more time with her than hc. the whole things is a sham…..or a terrible shame to exploit a relationship.

    hc mentioned a fiance, y still play games. sick people

  • yo momma

    wow, she has serious black heads. warning, dont click twice!!!

  • yo momma

    her hair is lifeless and annnoying. put some shape into it geez!

  • tina
  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    the new breed of puggles (pug mixed w/ a beagle) that are all the rage are all cuter than pug-ug-bilson.

  • tina

    She is literally begging for attention, this is all her pr team can get her to do! Wow, what a loser!

  • rachel

    Ugly legs, ugly skin, unemployable midget dimwit.

  • lady jaja

    She reminds me of Leighton from gossip girl

  • yo momma

    she isnt there for the awareness but rather the owner of Elle mag. plus all the real fashionistas, hoping she’ll land some more work in fashion. selfish prick. i hate celebs that feel they can just go into a career without training or education.

  • tonie

    Hemlines on skirts and dresses seem to go up when women are single or about to be single. Engagement rings are not fashion accessories to be worn at the grocery store or getting lunch. The H necklace has disappeared . No Hayden sightings in weeks. Lifeless hair and bags under her eyes. Could this be her subtle way of telling us that they’re ending? Long term couples breaking up is the lastest trend. Could be that Rachel will jump on that bandwagon too.

  • mailey

    she never does anything with her hair. she is sooooo BORING.

  • ariel

    This is what she lives for to be a teenager again reason we see her dress as a teen, do things like this for teens and do fashion design and columns in magazines ment towards teens. Wonder did she get all her back to school items yet. The idea is to look your age not like some HS kid. Agree engagement rings are not accessory pieces If they are the real deal they are worn no matter what function it is all she is doing is showing disrespect for the men who gave it to her. Saying it’s good enough for the trailer park or supermarket but, not good enough for high class functions that she attends. As for his comment in Paris the man whispered it then looked away as if he was ashamed to claim her as anything but, arm candy when he needs it.

  • noreaster

    Awful hair, bad skin, just very average looking girl BEGGING AND PLEADING to be noticed by someone that matters. She wants to be part of the fashion scene so bad she can taste it, but how can she when she doesn’t dress that well? The outfit she wore was not flattering and very boring. And don’t ask me why she won’t wear her engagement ring to an ‘official’ event when every other married or engaged actor wears theirs EVERYWHERE except on a movie set or on stage. Unless RB thinks that working the press and sucking up to important people in the fashion industry counts as working as an actress it just looks silly and desperate.

  • anonymous

    @mailey: Was about to point out same, thanks. She has a terrible complexion, surprising when she stocks up on so much health food. I did think she was pretty, not beautiful, but pretty in a spaniel kind of way, but after seeing her ravaged skin close up, I’ve changed my mind. It’s serious yuck.

  • yo momma

    hc claimed in paris intrview,his fiance likes way he smells

  • stacy

    Is it just me, or does she seem to show more interest and chemistry with Joe Zee (even if she is just posing for a picture) than she EVERY has with her fiancee? She and HC always look so stilted and uncomfortable – even unhappy. If you’re in love you don’t look unhappy being around the person you’re in love with. Regardless of whether or not cameras are around. It is interesting indeed.

  • carrie

    The second paragraph should have said “The 27 year old has been wannabe but can’t act so called actress is out on town again doing nothing relevant with her time.” Why in the world is she still relevant in any of the Hollywood circles?

  • yo momma

    she has a damn good agent.

  • tonie

    @24 If her agent was that good she would have a job. Since she doesn’t and only shows up at these C list events, maybe it’s time to accept the fact that no one wants to hire her. Should consider a reality show, that’s what HW people do when they have no talent.

  • yo momma

    he is still keeping her in the news despite not working. thats good work.

  • sophie

    All those blackheads on her forehead r caused by bad facial hygenie. She’s sleeping in her make-up n not taking it off till morning. Swear to God, that’s what causes it. Now I get it why HC doesn’t like making eye contact with her n never kisses her in public, you know, just a normal kiss, not tonsil hockey.

  • @yo momma

    They r not clean ppl. HC got bad BO, ppl on set have complained bout it n RB struts bout with greasy hair. They r SLOBS n dont wash much so guess she dont mind much he smells coz she smells rank 2.

  • Sally

    She is a beauty. Her face is perfect. She seems to be so sweet. I don’t know so much about her, but I admire her sense of style: love the bag and the shoes. She is always fresh and elegant, in a modern but not too much way.

  • Kelly

    Where is the ENGAGEMENT RING?

  • @Sally 29

    Look at her face I almost vomited when I saw it coupled with the misshapen legs. And this is what Hayden has to look at after Natalie and Sienna, no wonder he is MIA.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh, up close she doesnt look that good
    freckles, raccoon eyes,. and bad teeth
    i also admit im getting tired of seeing her, especially just showing up at events just 2 look good mostly
    i do like her outfit tho, it looks really cute and the shoes make her appear as something normal in height

  • lakers fan in boston


  • lexy

    I guess this is Rachel showing us she does things other than shop!LOL!

    This is a sorry event if Rachel Bilson is the biggest celeb there. Who’s on the cover of Elle this month that they couldn’t show up and promote this event.

  • lexy

    This is Rachel showing us she does charity work! LOL!

    It’s pretty sad for Elle that this is the biggest celeb they can get for an event. Guess the magazine business is doing worse than I thought.

  • @Sally 29
  • lexie


    Well for someone with ugly legs (according to you) Rachel’s legs sure figure prominently in the promos for New York, I Love You. So it seems others may disagree with that opinion.

  • @37

    In New York I love you the director cleverly is showing the side of the legs in the commercial, but the above is the real thing
    ugly ugly ugly, don’t you have eyes for crying out loud?

  • @37

    hayden’s legs are better than rachel’s LOL

  • omg

    Wow, no posts of her shopping today . . .annoying as hell this girl is!!!

  • @40

    disgusting to look at too

  • lexy

    Why would he use Rachel’s legs when Blake Lively is in that movie and she’s tall, slamming body and great legs????

    Let me just say that despite my dislike for Rachel, I don’t think she’s ugly. Just that I wouldn’t use her or her body to promote a movie that I wanted people to see – especially when there are some REAL actors in the film.

  • pepto

    Those HQ close ups are absolutely revolting. As much money as she spends on clothes and shoes, you’d think she’d go to a salon and get something done about that horrible skin. No wonder Hayden always looks so miserable, having to look at that greasy thing with all those bumps and black heads. Gag. And to think, before he took up with her he always looked like fresh from the shower perfection. Tsk, tsk.

  • @42

    The director had an idea for a shot like that, so he did it and managed to hide the hideous shape of the legs. Isn’t Blake L in a different segment directed by another director?

  • Tintin

    STAR-TREK was casting (see below) and Bilson just missed her chance!

    -Unusual looking people were also encouraged to come. Talent w/ interesting and unique facial features such as long necks, small heads, extreamly large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes, large forhead, short upper lip, prounced cheekbones, over-or undersized ears and/ or nose, facial deformities, ultra plain-looking people, ultra prefect-looking people, pure wholesome looks, MIDGETS, twins, triplets, emaciated talent, dinwit’s, dingbat’s and media press wh*7e’s need to apply!

  • mailey

    @anonymous: Im not talking anything over-the-top or fancy either.. but maybe I dunno.. put up her hair sometimes? A braid? lol

  • sterling

    She even got YELLOW teeth – yucks!

    JJ you have to quit that sh#t (as you are losing some sort of credibility -if you have one) & put on some celeb who truly flawless even for a “close-up” like this one –

  • voice of reason

    @47 Sterling JJ does not care every time people post here it’s a hit and more money for him.

  • crapshack

    Poor Crapchel… she got busted again for the nth time on her patronized gossip site. She should now put herself on a metal leash & opt for another indefinite hibernation period LOL

  • sidony

    Poor Douchel, she is not aging well at all & now getting more homelier (as she was never been a beauty in the 1st place). She (probably) needs to tone down or more like bring to a halt her shopping mania & mediawhoring.

    @47 –
    Agree Much. Douchel would badly needs a very sympathetic fairy godmother just to “transform” her to look like Alexis Bledel even for a bit LOL