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Rihanna: Twizzler Sizzler!

Rihanna: Twizzler Sizzler!

Rihanna snacks on some Twizzlers as she arrives for a business meeting on Thursday afternoon (July 30) at SoHo House, an exclusive members-only club in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

Nice dress, RiRi!

Besides carrying around some strawberry licorice twists, the 21-year-old Bajan beauty held onto a digital camera.

Last night, Rihanna ate dinner at her absolute favorite Italian restaurant in the city, Da Silvano.

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53 Responses to “Rihanna: Twizzler Sizzler!”

  1. 1
    NIck Says:

    She’s one stylish chickita

  2. 2
    jena Says:

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  3. 3
    lizzie Says:

    hate her hair!

  4. 4
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    another post about Rihana???
    can’t she cook?

  5. 5
    bestdamnthing Says:

    I’m start to sick her hairs. Stop it girl !!!! It’s enough and its not sexy any more :S

  6. 6
    MotivelessCrime Says:

    Nothing like smelling of licorice in a business meeting. Come on lady, get some class.

  7. 7
    Sassy! Says:


  8. 8
    lAlA Says:

    she is JUST a GORGEOUS LADY!!

  9. 9
    lAlA Says:

    i am so loving everything about Rihanna, she’s STUNNING, & beautiful.

  10. 10
    D Says:

    This chick is fug.

  11. 11
    Style Says:

    What a trendsetter luvs her style!

  12. 12
    G-UNIT Says:

    ***** IS UGLY AND BALD.

  13. 13
    G-UNIT Says:


  14. 14
    Diva Says:

    love the dress, she’s so chic :)

  15. 15
    becca Says:

    She really needs to do something about the Elvis hair and JJ needs to stop with the constant Rihanna posts.
    The girl does not look good and there are plenty of pics about more attractive and talented celebs.

  16. 16
    wexx Says:

    Nice dress? I think Jared is be facetious.

  17. 17
    Unique Says:

    Have 2 admit she’s a really cute girl.

  18. 18
    tiger Says:

    This girl needs to do something with her life and stop with the constant shopping and photo-ops.

  19. 19
    miwooo Says:

    so fcking ugly as usual, start the most useless celebrity vote, she’s got mine, useless hoe, she’s so fugly and her sad as*s fans A.K.A rhionna retardeds get lost, she’s a fcking shame to the music industry has no fcking talent whatsoever, no looks either… seriously i wanna be like her when i grow up, wear expensive clothes, get photographed for doing absolutely nothing at all and make 15 million a year for looking like a tranny and posting my own naked pics online, and paying chris bvrown money to beat me so he looks like a bad boy and i’ll be more famous, one word PR STUNT

  20. 20
    Loving Rihanna Says:

    MORE Rihanna posts JJ! She is simply Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    Lucky Says:

    She’s not cute at all. Kind of looks like a man.
    Her label must pay this site to mention her 24/7.

  22. 22
    Andrea Says:

    I’m starting to like her style… a little bit. LOL.

    Check out, follow & comment!

  23. 23
    Loving Rihanna Says:

    MORE Rihanna posts JJ! She is simply Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    lmao Says:

    lol. you can tell it’s the same Rihanna stan posting how beautiful she is..mix it up a little, *****! all your posts sound the same. lmao.

  25. 25
    miwooo Says:

    i have to admit she’s a really fugly girl, ewwwwwwwww like who the fck is she anyways so you guys are posting about her every move, gimme some real superstars, angelina and britney and gaga

  26. 26
    t Says:

    she is a dude in a dress.

  27. 27
    miwooo Says:

    @Andrea: OMG are you serious like WTF, she’s so ugly and her clothes are awefull

  28. 28
    Cutie Says:

    She’s so Adorable :-)

    Loving this girl :-) and her style is refreshingly different. Loves IT!!!!

  29. 29
    Ice Says:

    Wtf did she do to herself? She’s not a good looking girl anymore — she has nice eyes but her bone structure is off and she has a thick neck. She used to be stylish. Not so much anymore.

  30. 30
    cutie Says:

    @Cutie: Please get your own name and stop copying others.

    Cute girl. Bad look.

  31. 31
    achraf Says:

    why is this dude dressed like a girl ! wtf, who the f*ck is he!!! is he like grace jones’ hair stylist, ’cause this dude and grace are having the same haircut, he must be GAY then

  32. 32
    jaye Says:

    Not one of her best style choices.

  33. 33
    LRon Says:

    Look at the gushing comments. Clearly the same clam who works the TomKat thread. Must be fugmous working overtime. haha.

  34. 34
    Magnolia Says:

    Rihanna looks silly. I don’t know how she started out so cute and ended up so unattractive. She got really, really butch or somethng.

  35. 35
    let it go Says:

    I think it is a cover up not a dress maybe she was just going to the pool or something. I can see how some think she looks more masculine with her hair but she is still a beautiful girl… Love you RIRI

  36. 36
    Paty Says:

    She is ugly with horrible taste for fashion

  37. 37
    sooo Says:

    not a fan of the dress
    you can do better rihanna!

  38. 38
    Jill Says:

    she looks a mess and nobody likes youuuuuu….

  39. 39
    yoda Says:

    she looks like a 45 year old housewife in a moo moo.

  40. 40
    blah Says:

    Yet another post about this tacky chica. Cant stand her. She sucks. Move on. Yuck

  41. 41
    james Says:

    Might not like the haircut but she is a beautiful woman

  42. 42
    ny Says:



  43. 43
    sweetie Says:

    she looks afwul! i mean what has she done to her hair NOW?
    every 2 days she shaves it more and more like a sick man
    not even my boyfriend does these ridicilous things with his hair come on girl..
    who in boobywood would want her now? only cheating jayz may want her or discusting looking kanye west.. his girl looked like her too..

    but she is really going a bad direction.. i can see it coming like all those celebs who lost it..
    she is just a child and a attention seeking girl.. so this is nothing..

    let’s say, to be continued.. hahahaha

  44. 44
    jenny Says:

    Nice dress, RiRi!

    I agree

  45. 45
    jenny Says:


    use your council

    She enjoys her life your only critics of her


  46. 46
    NYCDiva Says:

    When will this arrogant, big forehead, sasquatch-looking b*tch go away?! WTF does she do besides hang w/Katy Perry & “coincidentally” run into Chris Brown?! Damn girl, go back to Barbados already!!!!

  47. 47
    tiger Says:

    @jenny: Of course, she enjoys it. Doesn’t mean it’s good for her. All she does is shop, party and eat. She’s living a shallow life right now.

  48. 48
    Mrs. Roper Says:

    @NIck: Thank you! I’m her stylist.

  49. 49
    Mrs. Roper Says:

    @NIck: Thank you. I’m her stylist.

  50. 50
    twpumpkin Says:


  51. 51
    christine Says:

    Black licorice actually helps you to stop the urge to smoke.
    I think Rihanna is smoking HOT but a COWARD as far as standing up to the whole publcity situation with the TWINK, Brown.
    Chris Brown sucks… literally…
    Only a meek coward with no balls would hit a female.

  52. 52
    jessies Says:

    She looks good

  53. 53
    suppress your appetite Says:

    I love her sooo much :)

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