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Suri Cruise is a Red Coat Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Red Coat Cutie

Katie Holmes takes a break from filming her new movie Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark to take a walk with her daughter Suri Cruise on Thursday (July 30) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 30-year-old actress recently performed a tribute to Judy Garland on So You Think You Can Dance to raise awareness for her charity, Dizzy Feet Foundation.

Although most people praised her rendition, other experts were more critical of her performance. In Katie‘s defense, SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe tweeted, “I’m trying to figure out why Katie is being judged as a dancer. When a star throws out the opening pitch no one says, ‘Ooh, crap pitcher.”

15+ pictures of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise taking a break down under…

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suri cruise red coat 01
suri cruise red coat 02
suri cruise red coat 03
suri cruise red coat 04
suri cruise red coat 05
suri cruise red coat 06
suri cruise red coat 07
suri cruise red coat 08
suri cruise red coat 09
suri cruise red coat 10
suri cruise red coat 11
suri cruise red coat 12
suri cruise red coat 13
suri cruise red coat 14
suri cruise red coat 15

Credit: Boz1; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Not Name

    People say crap pitcher ALL the time. Heck, Obama got heat for his mom jeans! Wake up, Nigel (still love you tho; don’t like Katie tho!).

  • Not Name

    People say crap pitcher ALL the time! Heck, Obama got heat for wearing mom jeans while throwing out a pitch! Wake up, Nigel. Love you, Nigel. Don’t love Katie tho–terrible performance, but if Nigel doesn’t want us to make fun of her dancing, we can stick with the vocals/lip syncing, kay?

  • Sally

    Suri is a total cutie!

  • Lovethatdoll

    Suri has grown so much, and I can’t get over how much Bailee Madison actually looks like Katie! She could be her daughter as well.

  • FM

    suri isnt cute anymore

  • lora

    There’s something about Sure , can’t describe but she’s just soo charming . : ))

  • marissa

    because katie holmes is NOT a dancer. I felt bad for all the struggling dancers out there who CAN actually dance. they probably will never get a oppurtunity like she did! But she got it, because she is a wife of a freak.

    Hollywood is a crazy place

  • marissa

    In deep down inside, Nigel knows katie suck big time. but hey, it got good ratings or his show

  • emma#2

    something is wrohg with that kid.

  • Jane

    All winter long, Katie let Surie go around with no coat or sweater on. In the cold dead of winter.
    NOW that it is summer, hot as hell, Katie has on a heavy coat on the child.

  • lazy princess katie

    she really can’t carry here own umbrella? she has to have her Leprechaun lover do it?

  • jolie-pitt lover

    Emma #2 and somthings wrong with your mother

  • got a grudge?

    Jane needs to google Australia and its climate for this time of year. Judgmental?

  • to Jane

    Although I don’t like this pretentious idiot, you need to learn your geography. It is WINTER in Australia, not summer. Which means temps are in the 40′s at night and anywhere from the low 50′s to the high 60′s in the day.
    Google weather Melbourne, Australia yourself.

  • Nahla

    LMAO #10! Suri used to be very cute but she looks weird here………something’s freaky here lol! But she has grown so much!!!! seems like her hair grew a bit too. Still kind a cute! I agree with Marissa though, just because she’s the wife of Tom Cruise they took her to do that while there are so many good dancers out there who struggle to get in the business……….unfair Hollyweird!

  • vool

    r she and tom cruise estranged?

  • dani

    We all know Jared loves Katie and Suri…and it is just truly amazing how much mileage Jared can get out of the same set of pictures/circumstance. Lord enough of this red coat and black coat series.
    Please don’t post this set again. Wait until something new happens–like Suri wears a blue coat. Such news is sure to dazzle us all.

  • Anonymous

    Suri is starting to look more and more like her beautiful mum katie Holmes. She is a really cute little girl. Finally we see her wearing pants. In thes pics she is wearing legginses and it seems like she has grown tired of wearing just dresses. Or maybe she has this phase that she rather wears pants. Either way she looks really adorable.

  • jenna

    Katie Holmes Cruise cannot carry her own umbrella?
    Wow, things have changed.
    Suri looks great. What are u all talking about?
    She is a beautiful kid.

  • Susie q

    I believe, Nigel, it is because you said her performance was “Oscar worthy”. Hmmm, maybe one should think before one speaks!

  • Susie q

    I believe, Nigel, it is because you said her performance was “Oscar worthy”. Hmmm, maybe one should think before one speaks!

  • baby huey


  • AH!


  • lennie

    Suri is so so cute and now such a little lady.

  • Jill

    How come Katie can put a coat on Suri when it’s winter in Australia but she can’t even put a sweater on her when it’s winter in New York?

  • lennie

    Picture 3 is so beautiful.

  • blah

    that little brat is cute

  • AEP

    What is up with these daily boring photo ops? Now she is making all these dumb faces and parading her kid around again. Looks like the crew is about as sick of her as I am. BORING!

  • HockeygurL

    Suri is a adorable

  • Ramona

    Katie puts a coat on Suri in Australia because Suri probably asked for one. Realize that Scientos let the child make all their own decisions. It takes Suri being a continent away from Tom to be able to wear pants.

  • ronnaB

    Grow up,people! its a matter of opinion! i happen to think that Suri is adorable,and that Katie is classy and always looks nice.Who cares about the Scientology,really? Its a dead issue! John Travolta is ALSO a Scientologist,but i don’t see you calling HIM a freak all the time!!! Get over it! In this country,we have freedom of choice! If you dont like it,GET OUT!!!!! But dont sit in judgment of others choices!~

  • dumboronnaB

    # 31- ronnaB

    YOU need to grow up. People are just commenting like you are.

    Who cares if YOU think Suri is adorable or if bimbo Katie is classy which she is NOT. LOl. You need glasses or a new brain.

    Why bring up John Travolta here? JJ has not posted anything about him in quite awhile so stop nitpicking. Having freedom of choice is a stupid reason you came up with. So, if someone picks a cult to belong to and do harmful things…’s ok? Idiot

    It just happens that you don’t seem to understand the real facts about TomKat. It’s sad you are so obsessed with them and can only see what you want to see, LOL

    foot in your mouth…lol

  • Carly

    Jane #10…are you an idiot? What spews from your mouth is ignorance and garbage. It’s winter time there…go back to school, get and education and stop being such a miserable, jealous, hater.


    The other girl is Katie’s daughter from a previous relationship and now
    mother and daughter can be together.. Since she gave HER UP FOR

  • lacy

    I luv eher so cute!

  • Sal

    I’d give anything to see photos of chris klein at that age.

  • huh?

    Why do people still bring up Chris Klein? I don’t know who Suri’s father is, but that kid looks nothing like Chris Klein. And why can’t Katie Carry her own umbrella? Being followed around by the umbrella fairy is ridiculous. I guess she thinks she’s some sort of royalty.

  • cari


    It is because it became about the self indulgence and entitlement of someone who ‘performs’ PDA in public with her questionably untalented husband, another publicly scrutinized being who is rightly so chastised. When you whore out your life for the cameras and tabloids purposefully, you sometimes get what you deserve. Deserved and undeserved judgements.

    IF she had come out with a statement before the ‘performance’ herself honoring and speaking of the charity AT LENGTH, maybe it would have not been judged by all the Tom & Katie bashers. The tiny PDA she did at the sit down before the performance was too little too late.
    It became more about HER and not THE CHARITY because she chose it to be that way. C’est la vie.

  • to #37

    the umbrella fairy is kate’s “companion”

  • slambang

    So, we can’t criticize her singing and dancing? She’s an entertainer, that’s supposed to be her thing! She’s not throwing out the first pitch in a baseball game. What a silly analogy.

    And Suri looks like an alien.

  • Sal
  • May

    Suri is sooooo cute!

  • Clarita

    Suri looks prettier with the page haircut. Yesterday I saw a photo of 8 years old Cindy Crawford´s girl and is a stunningly beautiful child.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Suri is adorable, but Katie is at least 32 years old.

  • LisaJane

    Awwww, Katie looks like she’s having so much fun on set. Suri and her are both so adorable.

  • eliza

    As usual, too much photo exposure for Suri, but at least she and Katie look happy, relaxed and normal. Maybe Tom’s being so far away has helped.

  • Carol

    What is up with all the dumb, over the top faces. She just looks stupid. And how long is she going to be there? I hope forever.

  • Gross

    Suri Cruise is pimped out and her mom is nothing more than a D list actress that married money. Pretty gross.

  • bobs

    Suri is not cute at all anymore. She looks strange and makes weird faces all of the time. Something is messed up about her. She is a special acting child.

    Katie thinks she is the Queen. She needs to get over herself. She is so blah! Her dance performance was boring. Judy Garland would be disgusted. Katie has no class. I can not believe she practiced for a year to be carried around by hot male dancers.

    Maybe it was Tom who wanted to check out the dancers.

  • LisaJane

    I honestly don’t understand all these people saying Suri isn’t cute. Are you all blind?!?!? She is soooooo beautiful. I can see both Tom and Katie in her face, so adorable.