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TLC Gives 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Update

TLC Gives 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Update

TLC President Eileen O’Neill gave an update on their hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 at the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday (July 30). Will Jon‘s rumored girlfriends Hailey Glassman or Kate Major be getting any screen time? Maybe!

Here’s what TLC said: “Over the last four years and through 100 episodes, we’ve captured this remarkable family’s entertaining chaos. Viewers fell in love and the show developed a passionate, loyal following. But this past spring – life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.

“Our approach to the circumstance was simple: to cover the family with great care and thoughtfulness as they dealt with a subject that is all to familiar to many American families today. Jon and Kate [Gosselin] have never said they were perfect which has made them relatable and created an undeniable connection with the viewers.

“We will continue to capture this family’s journey in a respectful and sensitive way. The show comes back on Monday and most new episodes remain a work in progress. But I will tell you, the iconic couch is gone. Jon & Kate will now have separate chairs for their interviews. You’re still going to see two parents that love their kids, but you’ll be seeing them parenting separately.

“You’ll see what it’s like when Kate has to put a tent up for a backyard camping experience by herself. Or, see Jon trying to cook up a pizza for the kids. As far as new people and places that may be cycling into Jon and Kate‘s lives, we are taking it on a case-by-case basis.

“This is real life. It’s important to remember that our cameras are only there for moments in time, and those moments have limits.”

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  • Jessica

    Awww… That picture of the kids are too cute. The three little girls look so adorable, I just wanna hug them. The kids are so beautiful and sweet… the parents, not so much.

  • sam

    Poor boys. Look at the picture here, the one Just Jared is using. Look at the boys’ faces and then the girls’ faces. The boys are not smiling – says it all. Poor little guys, they are adorable and it’s pathetic how unfair they are treated compared to those girls.

  • TLC has no morals

    #41…It’s easy to find who sponsors this show. Google the sponsors of the show, or just watch the commercials on the next JON&KATE Plus 8 show and get your list. Most of the stuff is what we use on a daily basis…Clorox, etc. I’m on my last Clorox bottle until the show is off the air permanently, and there’s a list of other items….THAT WE ALL CAN DO WITHOUT FOR A WHILE. This show became a BIG HIT when the parents starting fighting and making comments about splitting up. It’s not about the children anymore; it’s about control. The children are the pawns in this; poor babies.

    TLC is out of bounds big time. We have since found a lot of other channels and now are enjoying shows we wouldn’t have thought of watching before. I miss a lot of the TLC shows I used to watch faithfully, but don’t miss them when I think what it’s doing to not contribute to the betterment of society.

    For all of the supposed faith in the Lord that has been expressed by both parents, and their speaking engagements shared of how the Lord has shown Himself good and faithful, it’s now all lost–at least for the moment. It’s not that they didn’t really experience those things, but it’s called “losing their first love.” I’m not one to judge whether they should or should not have divorced; it happens, and it’s not something that makes one rejoice, and yet, these children need to be protected. They don’t have a say at all! I don’t think this is right. I’ll be surprised if these kids don’t rebel bigtime real soon when it all hits them what has happened before the world. How shameful! Do we really want to be a part of this? I think we have a part in this if we continue to view this family, especially in connection to what is going on with their father’s depraved behaviour.

    As if we don’t have enough stinkin “reality” in our own lives and of those around us. I can relate to people when they say they’ll follow the show because of the kids, but it’s a better choice to not support the show in hopes of getting them off the air. Do I feel that Jon and Kate are evil people? Absolutely not, but they’re not making good choices, and we’re just paying for them to do all this by watching and continuing to buy the products of those sponsoring the show.

  • mark

    Whatever will all you bullying internet harpies have to yap about if the show is canceled?

  • Sammy

    Yes, I’m excited they are returning. I love the show. I’m hoping and praying they will work things out.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    @ TLC HAS NO MORALS— What was it Kate said a couple of years ago, when a viewer asked them ( e-mail time ) about church on Sunday, and how often they attended and where ??
    Wasn’t it something about being exhausted, and that was the only time she could sleep in and not have to worry about dressing 8 children and feeding them breakfast, just to go to church and have people ” bug them. “? I also believe she stated she did not know WHAT to think of ” organized religion anyway, “. Jon gave her the oddest look and just looked away, like, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, I HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE. ”
    She always talks about God and being a family, but one past nanny said when she was keeping the children over-night with other helpers, she asked if they were ready for their night prayers, and the children looked liked, ” what prayers. “? The nanny said she caught so-called good mother Kate in so many lies, it made her nervous.
    That ‘s not to say anything about the constant snapping , hollering and condescending remarks to her children, off the camera and out of ear-shot from the camera-crew. It was so ” heartbreaking to see the kids faces,, that she could NOT take one more day and quit without notice.” How sad.

  • sam


    Since you’re here too, guess you are a, ‘internet harpie’ doing some of your own ‘yapping’.

  • http://yahoo samatha

    jodi and kevin are so jealous of kateand jon. jodi leave kate alone. You slandered her name – you are the one that told the media that jon told you and kevin that kate is having an affair. If you really cared about kate and the kids, you would have withheld sharing that information so easily. But you were excited to share it and slander kate’s name. That is not fair to the children. You are hurting the children when you slander their mother’s name like that. jodi you are greedy for the money you are being paid to slander kate’s name and to destroy her. If you cared for the children you would not do that.

  • Lekili

    TLC is exploiting these children just as much as their parents are.
    Is it written in their contract that they must put the children on display for the press in their driveway so they can be photographed ?

    Divorce is a reality but it’s not to be broadcast on TV for everyone to see and especially at these children’s expense.

    I say boycott the program so the ratings drop and then and only then will TLC cancel this trainwreck.


    @don’t buy into the hype: B
    Hershey Chocolates has chosen Kate Gosselin as their spokesperson. Please, if you are serious about being heard and having this train wreck stopped, go to the Hershey website and voice your opinion as to her fitness to represent anything. If you don’t want to sign in to leave a comment, they have a toll free number listed.

  • sasha

    Okay where are the boys? Did Jon and Kate sell them to the highest bidder or something?

  • Save8in09

    @don’t buy into the hype: Some of us have been boycotting and writing sponsors for over a year. Nobody cares.

  • DebbieBeck

    @IWHYAWLI: meth freak.

  • Scruffy puffy


  • Scruffy puffy

    DON’T forget the CHURCH that should be built in the backyard and Kate could pretend she is religious with the kids, like MEL GIBSON, and Jon could visit and attend mass too! YAY ONE BIG DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A FAMILY.

  • Anonymous

    @Sole/soul fan: I think sole/soul was doing a play on words. Sole,like on feet. Sold their feet(soles of feet)

  • Anonymous

    @wowweewhippyforme: You want Kate’s bg to take forever & a day to solve the mystery of who’s trying to kill her & in the meantime her sister gets killed?

  • Anonymous

    @IWHYAWLI: You’re a evil minion from the firey depths of he*l.

  • Anonymous

    @Sammy: Are you the sammy that’s best friends with iwhyawli & post on her site now?

  • Olivia

    Tlc this family are not remarkable they are dysfunctional.
    Thank goodness a programme like this would not be allowed to be filmed in the uk
    wake up America stop allowing the exploitation of these children
    olivia uk

  • joy

    TheBEST thing would be for this show to be yanked off the air ASAP and let this family live their lives OUT of the public eye. Those children have and will be affected by this for the rest of their lives. The “adults” had choices, the children did not. Hopefully the children can come out of this wihtout too much baggage and trouble and lead “normal” lives.

  • lexi

    Why don’t they ask the kids if they still want to be filmed. TLC you need let this show go. These kids are going to be so messed up from this reality show. Their parents are now a mess. Money hungery parents that will do anything at their kids expense. Sad. . .live was better when they had no money. Gosselins you made a deal with the devil and now look what happened. It will be all down hill from here. . .

  • connie

    There is so much wrong with everything you said here, but I especially want to comment on the following:

    “But this past spring – life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television.”

    Bingo!! As you imply above, It’s all about television = ratings = money to TLC! How fortunate for you that this family is disintegrating in front of the viewing public. That’s great for ratings, isn’t it? Who cares about the children? How can this possibly be GOOD for them? Eileen O’Neill you have a lot to answer for. Perhaps when the eight children are older you’ll be willing to sit down with them and explain why you continued to exploit them and treat them as objects in a sideshow. or as lab rats, “how do children react when parents divorce”. How disgusting!!! These are living, breathing, feeling children. Certainly the parents are ultimately responsible, but who has the authority to break this contract? PLEASE! do what’s right….not what’s profitable.

  • jessie

    they’re cute

  • Dianew

    Seems to me that Eileen O’Neil must be taking the same drugs as Michael Jackson…….. Does she really think people are going to believe the crap she’s dishing out? The State of PA should investigate her along with the parents! Kate Gosselin pimps out her children for money — They are nothing but dollar signs to her. This show is anything BUT real life. Live in my house for one day – I’ll show you real life.


    Debbie Beck, you are so mad because Kate and I are real friends not putend friends like you on your dumbo ran site. Kate is great.


    NEW SHOW starts Monday; Kate hates the eight; but love the money; tune in.

  • anonymous

    Is Debbie Beck Baby Mama? Someone mentioned it,but they weren’t sure.



  • Kelsey

    You know, in a way I kind of have to respect TLC in what they are trying to do. I know it seems like one of those trash reality shows now because of all the media attention going on with Jon and Kate and their trashy affairs. I don’t think anything will change, but divorces are what people go through and maybe showing a different perspective of this family may draw viewers in. I think that it’s good that the kids are out of the picture with the recent events going on and that it’s just Jon and Kate donning the tabloids and drama. If the kids were in the medias eye, they would no doubt become more messed up than if they stayed out of the medias attention like they are now. Neither way is good, of course, but what they’re doing seems like the best option. Canceling the show wouldn’t get rid of the Gosselins…they are now intertwined with it and getting out will be complicated.

  • Tia marie

    TLC, you have lost another viewer…if I had any doubts you are in the business of exploitation …ask the guys at Miami Ink (hmmm, they didn’t renew), I wish the Gosselins can see past the 15 minutes of fame and look at the long term effects this will have on their children. They didn’t sign a contract at birth and haven’t theymade enough money to insure they have “healthy and happy lives”.

    Fed UP with it all!



  • http://justjared la-la

    well TLC you film all you like,make loads of money,and I for one will turn the channel as I’m not the least bit interested in watching this farce for money show!! Adios Jon&Kate,your days are numbered.

  • getreal

    If there was one ounce of decency in either of these “parents” they would have ended this show ages ago to protect their children. In fact they never would have started it. But these two trash piles love the $$$. Make the decision for them and boycott the show.

  • http://yahoo eddie

    seriously, why is he kissing her on her mouth like that – enlarge the picture of the little girl in red being kissed by her father. Why are her eyes closed while her father is kissing her? I do no trust jon

  • http://yahoo erica

    jon gosselin is the tin can man – should not jon being doing something with his three sons? this man really does not like shouldering his responsibilities. when jon and kate were together – kate said several times that jon was always passing off the boys to her. now that he is away so much, he should be focusing some attention on those little boys when he’s in their home.

  • Anonymous

    @eddie: The people that bring stuff like this up,are usually the ones doing it in the 1st place. So Eddie? HMMM…

  • lisamarie

    Jon and Kate, if you are getting paid to do the show, then your children are WORKING also and should be getting separate paychecks in nonrevokable trusts. If the home/family setting is considered the “set” and the kids are present on an ongoing basis, they are essentially working (“living their lives” or not).
    The PA Dept. of Labor supposedly has been investigating this situation, but we are in a budget deadlock and some state employees aren’t even recieving paychecks–so I’ll bet nothing is being done right now.
    Jon and Kate +TLC–exploiters and child pimps.

  • anonymous

    @eddie: Kids shouldn’t trust you.

  • Scruffy puffy

    jon and kate = PIG VOMIT IS BETTER
    8 kids = future AHOLES

  • Debbie

    Talk about over-sensationalizing! Eileen O’Neill is morally bankrupt concerning the American family. So, adultery and exploiting little children is now what the American family is all about, huh?
    This is what got me. O’Neill states: “… life intervened and the family’s status changed. It was certainly something we never expected nor planned to have happen. But this has resulted in unprecedented television”.
    Life intervened? And this “life” resulted in “unprecedented television”?
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Absoluted their so-called status changed. The more money and freebies YOU bestowed on them the more YOU encouraged. Ms. O’Neill let me remind you, as is the rest of America, that it is YOU who has caused this intervention.

    This show was good at one time. Now what we see is a broken family and a mother of 8 with implants, bizarre hair and clothes who has nothing good to say about anyone, and who never seems to have enough stuff. A dad with new hair plugs, chasing women all over who knows where on his custom made motorcycle. Thanks TLC. You have brought this crap into our homes for all to see. Including OUR kids.
    Pass the brain bleach, please.

  • suppress your appetite