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Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle Makeover

Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle Makeover

Vanessa Hudgens shows her transformation from school girl to style star in the latest issue of InStyle Makeover.

The 20-year-old High School Musical starlet, who wore a Ferragamo dress on the cover, tells the mag about one of her hair disasters growing up. “I had short hair only once in my life,” she reveals. “When I was 7, I cut it myself, which I think every girl does – once. I gave myself a bob and bangs. It was really sad. I looked like I had worms on my head.”

Watch Vanessa Hudgens’ 60 seconds of style at

Bigger cover pics inside…

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  • zanessa91

    SHE’S ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camille

    why is this important??
    she’s not that pretty as she thinks, she’s not that talented
    the only good thing about her is her bf

  • Tiptoes

    She is gorgeous ! Can’t wait for the mag !

    Camille – Get lost !

  • sweetie

    its true camille.. she’s not THAT pretty or interesting..
    only her boy is, oh yeah and those nude pictures way before..
    and her name is beautiful.. not her mouth.. naaahh
    cutthecrap jj

  • suzy
  • peggy


    Lets see Bandslam, Sucker Punch, Beastly,one coming out and 2 being filmed all in one year, Mag covers galore obviously her boyfriend as nothing to do with anything at least Hollywood doesn’t seem to think so.

    Sorry you and Camille are so ugly your jealous

  • peggy


    The video is amazing

  • smtambay

    your just jealous because she has zac efron as a boyfriend because she is good and pretty inside. the outside doesn’t matter but vanessa is absolutely beautiful inside and outside so haters get a life.

  • kristi

    its so annoying how pretty she is :)

  • smtambay

    your just jealous because she has zac efron as her boyfriend simply becauseshe is not only beautiful outside but inside. the reason why zac loves her. she is not just an ordinary girl. so haters get a life.

  • feebz

    well, meeting her in person – i can firsthand say that she is even more beautiful than in stills and films….! very nice and modest as well.

    Viva, Vanessa and may you cover more mags!!!

  • Malia

    I see the jealous little girls from the “other” side have come over to bash Vanessa. You all need to go back to your slimy hole OR grow up.

    Being jealous of this beautiful young woman will get you nowhere. And it will not persuade Zac to “dump” her and take up with the “girl” you want him to be with. Get over it, because it’s NOT going to happen.

    Zac and Vanessa are both adults, not stupid little kids.

  • Carol

    She is amazingly gorgeous!!!
    SO mature….Love her!!

    PS..I don’t get why people who don’t like her feel the need to come in here and coment.
    Get a life!!

  • Malia

    Very matures answers from a mature young woman:

    17: We heard you had to audition for Bandslam. What was that like – being a big star and all?

    VH: I actually audition for everything that I do. I think that’s really important because that’s how you’re supposed to get a job. And I feel like if it’s just offered to you, it’s a little less exciting. You want to be able to compete a little bit! And I completely forgot the fact that I had to come in and sing a song, so I came in completely unprepared, did the scene and they were like, “Okay, what song do you have prepared for us?” and I was like, “Um…nothing?” Todd [the director] was like “Well, we have sheet music, if you want to look through it.” I found “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse and ended up singing that. And that was the audition.

    17: In the film, you and Gaelan have a super awkward kissing scene. What was it like filming that?

    VH: In order for us to make it that awkward, we had to do it so many times. I mean, it’s extremely choreographed and it’s all about timing. I’m really happy – I think it turned out great!


  • dora_

    oooh I cut my hair like that when I was little too lol I looked horrible!! I’m soo happy Vanessa is in the cover! :)))) Love her =D

  • Star

    just jared is really disgusting! but also put the news of Ashley Tisdale! she is a true star! vanessa is just disgusting!

  • dora_

    Malia, are you the same Malia who writes in that blog about Zac and Vanessa?

  • tami

    yep, the jealous zikki fans can change their names, but you can sure recognize their trite, jealous girl comments. bet they all got ulcers from seeing the recent zac and vanessa pics together. the ones they say are “staged.” at the virgin music festival and on the 4th. lol

  • kate

    she’s a beauty. post more about her jared

  • Luiza

    All Brazil loves her! She’s so amazing, my first bad habbit ♥-♥

  • zanessa91


    you are disgusting to say this things about vanessa! Shut up! We don’t say horrible things on ashley like you!!!

  • Malia



  • awurbii

    This photo shoot is great. The other photos of Vanessa in the inside are even more fantastic. It is great to see a former Disney star making it in this industry. Many people have tried to say over and over again that Vanessa’s career would be finished after High School Musical. Yet she has a film coming out in two weeks, just finished filming Beastly and will go on to film Sucker Punch with Zach Snyder. She has also continued to score magazine covers over the past couple of months.

    She auditioned for every single role she has and his working hard. That has nothing to do with Zac Efron. Personally, I am sick and tired of that juvenile statement.Used over and over again by people with no originality. Everyone seems to think that the world revolves around High School. “She’s only famous because of Zac Efron, she’s not pretty and has no talent.” The same exact statement because it is the only thing people can come up with yet she still continues to prove everybody wrong. You know what they say “success is the best revenge”.

  • lola

    love her she is a real fasionista lol i love the vid
    she looks great as allways thanks she belongs in jj
    she is a great actress and more importent down to earth and very sweet and a nice person with a big hart

  • gracemarie

    Thanks JJ for putting Vanessa on JJ this time with a new movie coming out and films like Sucker Punch in her future it’s good to see her here.

  • jumba


  • Naomi

    Gorgeous girl! Self-assured and comfortable in her own skin enough to talk freely of her fashion mistakes and laugh at herself.

    What a mature young woman she has turned out to be and this is just the beginning.

    Thanks for posting that interview Malia. That particular answer demonstrates that she is not bothered about her status but just picks the roles she’s interested in and goes along to audition like every other actress. So down to earth and unassuming. Love her!

  • ayen

    Thanks JJ! I’ll be getting my copy soon. Looking at that big picture you have. wow. She looks even more gorgeous. -////-

  • jena

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  • awurbii


    I don’t know if you took the time to read the headline but it says VANESSA HUDGENS covers Instyle Makeover. Don’t insult Jared just because there isn’t a post about her. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a galore of posts over at JJJ so why don’t you go post over there. Why don’t you think about reading the headline before you post next time.

  • Toya

    Vanessa you are so awesome keep up the good work girl. Stay sweet and be happy.

  • dora_

    @Malia: ooh that’s so great!! the blog is amazing, really

  • mar

    I love her video on InStyle

    Vanessa look Beautiful :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    cover is bad imo
    they photshopped it 2 much
    she’s a cute girl but i also find her 2 be boring

  • BrightinLA

    Does anyone feel like her head doesn’t look like it should be on her body? Weird Photoshop?

  • gracemarie


    Where did you see the other pixs or do you have the magazine.

  • kristi


    Why don’t you take your comments over to Ashley’s posts on JJJ? She sure could use them, unlike Vanessa, who’s a top celeb on both JJ & JJJ

  • lexy

    She is beautiful and it’s good to see her trying to get out of the Disney Princess stuff.

  • sony

    she’s wowooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow¡¡¡¡
    AND WHERE’S SHE?????????????

  • sara 12
  • sony

    zac’s fans :don’t mess with NESSA

  • livia

    I agree with you camille.

  • theresa

    I don’t agree with camille at all. i mean vanessa is going out of her range and are doing movies that she has never done before. She’s going to be in an action chick flick.

    i love zac, but i feel like every movie he does, is going to be predictable.

  • Jen

    I still dont find her all that pretty

  • theresa

    And really, the list of reasons of why you should be jealous of Vanessa Hudgens just goes on and on, but it usually starts with the fact that most people only hate her because they’re jealous. Unlike when people hate you, which is usually because you suck in someway.

  • sandra

    camille me i love vanessa but i hate zac so mush so

  • heat.

    she looks so great! my goodness

  • jazmin

    thanks jj… she’s amazingly beautiful

  • lexy

    I think she’s very pretty and looks great in the Neutrogena ads but if other people don’t think she’s pretty or don’t like her acting, they are entitled to their opinion. Not everyone is jealous – they don’t like her. Welcome to America where we can not like you and complain as much as we want!!!

    People could say the same thing about fans who like her and think she looks good – don’t we have anything better to do than sing her praises?

  • eliiiisa

    WOOOOW, she is amazing, so beautiful