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Stephen Moyer & Robert Pattinson Cover EW

Stephen Moyer & Robert Pattinson Cover EW

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson take the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly, which ranks the 20 greatest vampires in its latest issue. Check it out now:

1. Lestat, Interview With the Vampire
2. Christopher Lee’s Dracula
3. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula
4. Edward Cullen, Twilight
5. Bill and Eric, True Blood
6. Asa Vajda, 1960′s Black Sunday
7. Angel
8. Mr. Barlow, Salem’s Lot
9. Schuyler Van Alen, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series
10. Gary Oldman’s Dracula
11. Klaus Kinski’s Dracula
12. Zoey Redbird, P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series
13. Jean-Claude, Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
14. David, 1987′s The Lost Boys
15. Miriam Blaylock and Sarah Roberts, 1983′s The Hunger
16. Blade, the Blade trilogy
17. Eli, 2008′s Let the Right One In
18. Countess Bathory, 1971′s Daughters of Darkness
19. Selene, the Underworld trilogy
20. Caleb and Mae, 1987′s Near Dark

DO YOU AGREE with EW‘s list of bloodsuckers???

You can check out a gallery of the 27 hottest TV/movie vampires at

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • LuckyL

    And some people are complaining about some names not being on the list that are on the list.


    Edward Cullen, from the Twilight Series, is the best vampire of all times. He really makes vampires look sexy.I loved “Interview with a Vampire” and watched Christopher Lee in Dracula and “True Blood”, but nobody does it it better. I want something different, I want Edward!!! ;)

  • Mind Over Matter

    of ccourse I disagree with the list
    Twilight , Edward Cullen will be in the TOP

    I never fell in love a vampire
    Except with E.C

  • Elaine

    Hate True Blood I Know Edward Should Have Been Number 1

  • Fried green tomato

    I may be dating myself with this one, but where is Chris Sarandon in Fright Night? I mean sure, the movie is cheesy, but he was a darn good vamp…and hot too.

  • surph

    Frank Langella’s Dracula should be on this list.

  • Diana

    Greatest vampire is a little vague. If we’re talking hottest vampire, than Edward Cullen is definitely #1 and Angel is #2, in my opinion of course. If we’re talking coolest action vampire, than yeah, Twilight isn’t really about that type of vampire…it’s just a love story that happens to have friendly (and gorgeous) vampires in it lol. But do you people honestly think that they could run an article like this and not include Edward Cullen in it? If so, you either live in a shoe or you’re just crazy.

  • j

    This list sucks on so many levels! And Edward Cullen is not even a vampire! I’m all for playing around with the mythology, not destroying it completely!



  • http://N/A Celina

    “True Blood’s Stephen Moyer”

    2 things wrong:
    (1) “Stephenie Meyer” is the correct spelling of her name.
    (2) She did not do “True Blood” but rather Twilight, New Moon, etc. True Blood is a television show.

  • WhoCares

    Stephen Moyer is A UGLY DOG!!! I watch true blood and think he is UGLY!!! I thought vampires where suppose to look sexy but man he need to go back inot the grave and stay there!!

  • elaine

    Edward Cullen is the only vampire that rocks everybody’s world!!! No if’s and but’s about it. Isn’t it obvious that Vampire’s are relevant again? Get real Entertainment Magazine!

  • silvia

    all ya’ll who think edward cullen shouldnt be on da list r stupid. he should be da first one on it!!!!!!:}

  • silvia

    all ya’ll who think edward cullen shouldnt be on da list r stupid. he should be da first one on it!!!!!!:}

  • Edwardisdaman

    Awwww Yeah!
    Screw True Blood!!
    Edward is DA man~

  • km

    Edward Cullen should be 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://______ MERCEDES


  • Carol W.

    unforgivable omissions: Max Schreck, Frank Langella, Jonathan Frid, Willem Dafoe,Gerard Butler and Chris Sarandon.

    even more unforgivable ordinal placement: Bela Lugosi should be FIRST, darn it all. Then Chris Lee. Lugosi owns the role of Dracula, and no one can make me see that differently. ever.

    also, I am second to none in my admiration of Twilight and RPattz, but Mr. Cullen was way too high on your list. To my thinking, Eddie’s just too new to rate such an exalted position. he’s too young and he hasn’t yet, you should excuse the expression, cut his teeth. in time, perhaps, in time…..


    Edward SHOULD be on the list… and Brad Pitt as well…. I’m glad that Edward IS on the list… He’s the best of the best… And then it’s Lestat…TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY….!

  • lily

    Pretty good, but much as I love Edward, he definitely isn’t an awesome enough vampire. Though I think we’re missing Mitchell from Being Human (show on UK telly) – he’s not a particularly hardcore vampire or anything and he’s one of those lame ones who is trying to be ‘good’ – but quite honestly, he is HOT and he has a habit of biting women, after they’ve had a good shag – not complaining there, at least you’d have a great last hour or so….

  • Sissi

    I think the list need Damon and Stefan of “The Vampire Diaries”.

  • lani may

    Good list….Except, Stephen Moyer (BILL ) should have been on the top!! He is so, totally the best Vampire!! So, So….Hot!!! Then Eric of course…

  • lupinepal

    You guys are a joke.

    Lestat was a great vampire in book only.

    I agree with those who said that Eric should be on the cover. I also agree that Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000 and Alex O’Loughlin in Moonlight – ( remind me again why somebody in control of a tv network thought this show should be axed because it would not work today ) should have been included.

    Greatest Vampire of all time is a long list, a lot of research and a big ask, even to narrow down 20. I quess they got tired half way through.

    Of the 21st century vampires – (yes, let’s try and forget the past pasty replicas of well written and badly acted vamps, Bella Lugosi, a master for his time being the exception) – they should include those below because they are real vampires.
    To love these guys is to fear their dark side. A side they can’t always control. People die around them and yes they have fangs. They gotta have fangs.
    Let’s stop makin’ them pink and fluffy. Give them the capacity to love, ok but keep them dark and dangerous.

    Eric Northman – True Blood – Alexander Scarsgard
    Mick St. John – Moonlight – Alex O’Loughlin
    Angel – Angel the series – David Boreanaz
    Dracula – Dracula 2000 – Gerard Butler

    Anybody agree with me? :)

  • tulona


    STEPHEN MOYER is an actor who plays a vampire called Bill Compton on the HBO show True Blood wheres S. Meyer is the weirdo mormon who wrote Twilight. The other poster didn’t get confused between them, you did.

  • clash of the fandoms

    The vampire on the left looks like a real vampire and that old vampire on the right looks fake. Look at his face, the one on the right looks like he is 70, get him off the show pronto.

  • violetrae

    Agree with the list, but sorry twilight wasnt even all that great they didnt have fangs wtf? Whoever said TrueBlood sucks, ok thats your opinion. Here’s mine. To me its way better than twilight. It actually has a plot, symbolism and the vampires actually have fangs and are badass. It comes with everything ppl want. Sex, violence, bloodthirsty vamps, even romance. So sorry in my book Twilight gets K.O’d by TrueBlood nuff said. don’t ya wonder why ppl call twilight vamps pu5sy vampires? Even the vampire diaries guy Stephan (who everyone said was a knockoff of edward) is hotter than robert pattinson. I didn’t see anyone jockin r.pattinson when he was in harry potter 4. SO YEAH. that guy from vampire diaries is hot. Who saw his bod wen he lifted his shirt? i was shocked he looked so good. who knew that would be under his flannel shirt yum.

  • poison

    lmao wow. i love that comment that eric northman could kick edwards ass thats hilarious! it wouldn’t even be a fight it’d be a BEATDOWN LOL! all u twilight fangirls who r saying edward should be #1 id like to know WHY? why should that glittery fangless emo hundred yr old virgin ‘vampire’ be at the top? He’s not even worth being called a vampire. fangs? no. die from the sun? no. feasting/seduction of humans? NO. wow for all we know, they could be cold blooded insomniac crackheads in a cult who have ‘adrenaline rushes’ and steal drugs from the hospital carlisle works at to get all doped up and perform rituals with animal sacrafices and happen to drink the blood! What kind of fcking vampire glitters in the sun??? WTF! stephenie meyer and her dumb series that couldve been told in 2 books but she wanted to milk it out in 4 bigass books. and we all knew in the end she’d choose edward. pfft tryna play it off like bella’s dumass was gonna pick jacob. yes i read all the books so u cant say sht about me not understanding them. plus her damn hybrid baby that she made jacob imprint. she made him like a pedophile. the movie was awful. with kristin stewarts pothead ass blinking every millisecond. anyways done with my rant. twilight vamps arent really vampires at all. Just an emo glittery animal sacraficial insomniac cult. stop lying to urselves :(

  • Critter

    Where is William the Bloody? At vampire list without Spike is no list at all.

  • Cil

    I think the woman who wrote Twilight could have named her things everything… as long as it is not VAMPIRES, because:

    1. Can’t go out during the day?
    2. Can’t be catholic?
    3. Holy water is not good?
    4. Fangs?
    5. Badness degree?
    6. Blood?
    well.. yes… of course…

    Her “monsters” didn’t obey any rule of a real vampire… so No. They should not be in the list.

    Besides: Angelus, Spike and Drusila should appear in it

  • suppress your appetite

    ;I agree :)!

  • Noliah

    Lestat, definitely number one, but, God, the rest of the list is a mess, with all the best ones rated too low, other great vampires not on it at all, and that wimp Edward shouldn’t be within a hundred miles of the list. He’s a softy…..blech.

  • Victoria D

    Is this a list? Angel is in the 7# and Edward in the 4#? You must be joking. Angel is totally better than Edward, he could kick the sparkle vampire’s ass! Angel has a hot immortal body, is sexy, is special, has a soul, back from hell to be with his love, the vampire slayer, the loved Buffy. If someone tried kill Buffy, he never asked for her “run”. He stay with her and fight together. But Edward, no!
    Twilight is clearly a awful and terrible imitation of Buffy, Angel and True Blood. I don’t know why he is there. Angel deserve be 4#, 3#, 2# or 1#. ANGEL/ANGELUS TEAM!

  • Sarah

    Dracula’s way better than twilight…Christopher Lee is my favorite Dracula..because he’s just AWESOME..

  • quentincollins

    No Barnabas Collins?!?!? This ranking is highly inaccurate… and ridiculous.

  • Lois

    @coleen: Yes I totally agree about Gary. He is so amazing and was incredible in Dracula. He should be further up for sure. Maybe even number 1.