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Stephen Moyer & Robert Pattinson Cover EW

Stephen Moyer & Robert Pattinson Cover EW

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson take the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly, which ranks the 20 greatest vampires in its latest issue. Check it out now:

1. Lestat, Interview With the Vampire
2. Christopher Lee’s Dracula
3. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula
4. Edward Cullen, Twilight
5. Bill and Eric, True Blood
6. Asa Vajda, 1960’s Black Sunday
7. Angel
8. Mr. Barlow, Salem’s Lot
9. Schuyler Van Alen, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series
10. Gary Oldman’s Dracula
11. Klaus Kinski’s Dracula
12. Zoey Redbird, P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series
13. Jean-Claude, Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
14. David, 1987’s The Lost Boys
15. Miriam Blaylock and Sarah Roberts, 1983’s The Hunger
16. Blade, the Blade trilogy
17. Eli, 2008’s Let the Right One In
18. Countess Bathory, 1971’s Daughters of Darkness
19. Selene, the Underworld trilogy
20. Caleb and Mae, 1987’s Near Dark

DO YOU AGREE with EW‘s list of bloodsuckers???

You can check out a gallery of the 27 hottest TV/movie vampires at

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185 Responses to “Stephen Moyer & Robert Pattinson Cover EW”

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  1. 126
    Tristanya Says:

    It’s the movies before TV…ie, Lestat and Edward before Bill and Eric, They went straight to the big screen, people!

  2. 127
    nina Says:

    Ummmm, what about Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys? This is a pretty wimpy list. I am pretty sure he would have eaten that sparkly vampire’s face off. Or headbutted him.

  3. 128
    Reality Bites Says:

    How in the world can you compare Lestat and Edward? Lestat would lay waste to the entire Cullen family in minutes. Torture and kill Bella over a week for the pure joy of it..all while looking like a sweet choir boy (the book Lestat not TC’s version). Then he’d let Claudia lure some people into the woods.

    And in my opinion Let the Right One In was the best vampire movie I have seen in 10 years. Unbelievably amazing and perfect in every way (well except for maybe the CGI cat attack). I am horrified they are going to remake it for lazy people unable to read subtitles. You cannot capture lightening in a bottle twice. AARgh!!

    1. Eli, 2008’s Let the Right One In
    2. Lestat, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles
    3. Claudia, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles
    4. Louis, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles
    5. David, 1987’s The Lost Boys
    6. Miriam Blaylock and Sarah Roberts, 1983’s The Hunger
    7. Selene, the Underworld trilogy
    8. Caleb and Mae, 1987’s Near Dark
    9. Mr. Barlow, Salem’s Lot
    10. Christopher Lee’s Dracula

  4. 129
    Erika Says:

    wth why isn’t richard roxborough from van helsing on this list? i’m sorry but he’s waaaaaaayyy hotter than stephen moyer as bill

  5. 130
    Yar Says:

    OMG I didn’t know Twilight vamps didn’t have fangs. That’s pathetic! Edward shouldn’t be on the list. Vamps should be dark, complex and sexy. I agree with whoever said that vamps shouldn’t dazzle.

  6. 131
    Kily Says:


    You took the words right out of my mouth!! Gary Oldman was utterly amazing. And I also think the David from the Lost Boys should have been higher . Thank goodness that at least Lestat was where he belongs!

  7. 132
    nick Says:

    no vampire ever caused as much love and interest for vampires as Edward Cullen. You people are crazy for knocking him. He was the lead in the most successful vampire movie and book series of all time. Drop dead groin quivering unabashed hawtness easily puts him inthe 1 spot. He did not look constipated that is your mom.

  8. 133
    Jenny Says:

    A top-vampire list and no Spike ?!?!

  9. 134
    annestan Says:

    Twilight has not produced a serious vampire. They are teenie poppers that shine like diamonds… maybelline vampires. Hats off for the other candidates though.

  10. 135
    Ouch! Says:

    Um, where is SPIKE?! That’s the greatest vampire ever! Lestat is so damn overrated!

  11. 136
    BloodTiesfan Says:

    Blood Ties – Henry, Duke of Richmond :D

  12. 137
    CRDFilm Says:

    Hmmm, no Max Schrek in “Nosferatu”? And Klaus Kinski was also “Nosferatu, the Vampire” not “Dracula.”

  13. 138
    Alx Says:

    Edward Cullen #4? I desagree, #21 maybe

  14. 139
    Alx Says:

    Edward Cullen #4? I completly desagree, its not vampire, just good seller

  15. 140
    Natchy Says:

    No SPIKE From Buffy/Angel?!

    This list can’t be right… ¬¬

  16. 141
    austintable Says:

    Lestat I agree with. But where the hell is Max Shrek who played the Count in NOSFERATU!? It is THE original vampire movie, and he was hands down the ultimate vampire of the silver screen.

  17. 142
    nick Says:

    @annestan:a person who obviously did not read the books. Completely false statement

  18. 143
    nick Says:

    @Alx: I disagree with you being born but it is still a reality

  19. 144
    Allen B Says:

    No Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows? Surely a vampire that was on television from 1966 to 1971 and starred in an MGM movie (House of Dark Shadows) is worth some merit. I’m glad Johnny Depp and Tim Burton haven’t forgotten him, as well as all the devoted fans going to the Dark Shadows Festival in two weeks!!

  20. 145
    erin Says:

    as long as lestat is number one, who cares about the rest…..but i am surprised that none of the other anne rice vampires were on there. some of them are quite memorable, especially louis.

  21. 146
    laura Says:

    Where are the Buffy vampires – Angel, Spike, at the very least? And where is Brad Pitt as Louis?! Edward Cullen is all very nice, but he should not be #4…

  22. 147
    missy Says:

    lost boys!!! i have dreams with david in them. hahaha

  23. 148
    Luna Says:

    There’s a serious lack of Anne Rice vampires. And Carmilla should be there, too.

  24. 149
    carrie espinosa Says:

  25. 150
    LuckyL Says:

    Umm, isn’t it about the vampires, not the actors who played them??

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