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Brad Pitt Flies Air France

Brad Pitt Flies Air France

Brad Pitt takes a first class Air France Flight back to LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 30).

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was seen landing her plane at the Bob Hope Airport after an hour and 28 minute flying lesson from Las Vegas. Her sons Maddox, 7, and Pax, 5, were reportedly on board and on hand for the Sin City trip.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt flying Air France…

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Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide/NS, WENN, Nathanael Jones/James Breeden; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, SplashNewsOnline
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    meanwhile tomgay is busy spending his millions trying to look like Bruno and having fun with the boys.

  • INglourious Basterd

    From JOBLO.COM

    Quentin Tarantino’s long awaited WW2 epic, concerning a group of Jewish-American soldiers- who parachute into France to wreak havoc on the Nazis.

    REVIEW: *beep* I loved this movie! It`s exactly as kick-ass as I hoped a war epic directed by Quentin Tarantino would be. I’ll be honest- I had my doubts about whether or not it would deliver. I read the script last year, and while it was good, I wasn’t sure if it would make for a good “war film” as it’s pretty far out, and fantastic. Also the word from the Cannes premiere wasn’t the most enthusiastic, although that didn’t worry me too much, as Tarantino always makes movies that divide audiences- and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is no different. You either go with it, or you don’t, and judging from the rapturous response it got at the Fantasia Film Fest, where it made it’s Canadian premiere, more people will love it than hate it.

    That said, it’s an extremely unconventional film, and the ads certainly aren’t doing the film any favors. It’s being sold as a HARDCORE WW2 action-adventure film starring Brad Pitt, and while at times it’s exactly that, Brad Pitt & the BASTERDS are really just part of an ensemble, although you wouldn’t know that from watching the trailer.

    Pitt is great as Aldo Raine. I know a lot of people choked when he was announced for the role, but I honestly never understood why. Sure, he’s a handsome Hollywood megastar, but he’s also the kick ass character actor who made SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB, and SNATCH. His work here has a lot more in common with those films than it does with LEGENDS OF THE FALL, films of that ilk and I honestly could not imagine a better choice for the role.

    However, Brad Pitt is not the star of the film. There really is no clear cut lead, and several of the other actors have just as much screentime as Pitt. One might argue that the real lead is in fact French actress Melanie Laurent, who plays Shoshanna Dreyfus, a young Jew who escapes the clutches of SS Col. Hans Landa aka The Jew Hunter (played by Christoph Waltz who’s a revelation, and a shoo-in for a best supporting actor Oscar nod). In a way, I think Tarantino’s heart was really with her character, as she’s the one with the real arc (and also has a show stopping sequence set to David Bowie’s “Cat People (Putting out Fire)”). I also LOVED Til Schweiger as German Basterd, Hugo Stiglitz, who’s so bad ass, he has a wanking guitar theme play every-time he does something cool. HOSTEL director Eli Roth was also extremely memorable as Donnie Donowitz a.k.a The Bear Jew, who likes bashing in Nazi skulls with his baseball bat (Roth also directed the hilarious film within the film, NATION`S PRIDE, which is a faux Nazi propaganda movie starring one of the characters in the film).

    I could really go on and on about the cast, as it’s huge, and everyone- from Diane Kruger, to Mike Myers (who pops up in an amusing cameo) is spot on. Hell, one of my favorite sixties actors, Rod Taylor (THE TIME MACHINE, and the sadly not out on DVD, DARK OF THE SUN) even pops up as Winston Churchill.

    Casting aside, another striking thing about the film was the use of music. Of course, Tarantino always puts together a great soundtrack, but this really takes the cake, with loads of great Ennio Morricone tracks playing throughout (in addition to some more unconventional but memorable choices like the theme to the Sammo Hung martial arts epic EASTERN CONDORS, and Billy Preston`s blaxploitation theme song “Slaughter.”

    As much as I loved the film, there will be people that will nowhere near as keen on it as I am. If you go in expecting SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, you’re bound to hate it. If you think this is going to be a WW2 KILL BILL, you`ll hate it even more, as it`s nowhere near as action packed as that film (although this works in the film`s favor, as the action scenes tend to come on suddenly, and when they do, they hit harder than anything I’ve seen lately). If you want to know where Tarantino gets his inspiration from, check out some sixties and seventies, Italian WW2 flicks. There`s loads of them, and Tarantino even pinched his title from one of them (the director of that film, Enzo G. Castellari even has a cameo).

    Others will also claim the film is too long, and, at over 150 minutes, the film definitely is on the lengthy side, although compared to TRANSFORMERS 2, which had the same running time, this speeds along like a freight train. Heck, my only problem with the film is that it actually feels a little rushed towards the end, but I`m sure there`s loads of stuff on the cutting room floor, and I hope someday we get a directors cut (although I won`t hold my breath, as I`m still waiting for KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR to come out).

    I really can`t wait to see INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS again, as I haven`t been this energized by a film in some time. I`m sure a lot of readers will think I`m just a gushing fan boy when reading this, and to an extent- you`re right. Tarantino is the man, however- he`s not infallible, and if the film didn`t hold up to his high standards, I`d say so. Like many of you, I thought DEATH PROOF, while overall still a good movie, was a tad self-indulgent, but this really is a return to form for QT. It`s a great flick.

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    pitt is fug . he looked like shat on the red carpet.

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    they will be together forever, because they understand they need some me time, i know he miss his family and they miss him, it’s good to have something to come home to, unlike someone else we know, what a great family.

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  • Inglourious Basterd

    IMDB BOARD by pulpmaster2517 3 days ago ( Mon Jul 27 2009 20:50:16)
    WARNING!!!! with mild spoilers
    WARNING!!!! with mild spoilers
    WARNING!!!! with mild spoilers
    WARNING!!!! with mild spoilers
    WARNING!!!! with mild spoilers

    heres my review of the film there are very mild spoilers, basically I outline the point of each chapter(not the actual chapter just the purpose of each chapter) but chapters 1-4 are all set up and chapter 5 is basically the only “plot” in the whole film. The film blew me away. For those who don’t believe I saw it, link to my facebook page where you can see my pic with Eli Roth at it

    Quentin Tarantino is my favorite filmmaker because he is plain and simply the greatest storyteller of all time. Unlike most films where you come into the theater for the two hours or what not and then you leave, Tarantino crafts a full universe around his fully developed characters whose entire life story you know Quentin knows and you feel more engaged in the story when you can see into these characters. If you ever have read a script that he has written, he delves into so much detail about every little thing, the character, the setting, the mood, how he is going to approach the scene. Every film he has made to date is a full on masterpiece and Inglourious Basterds is no exception. After getting out of the screening I debated if this was in fact Quentin’s finest film and I think that Pulp Fiction, due to its innovation and cult status has to be deemed his finest film, but Basterds is without a doubt his most mature film.

    Before I delve into reviewing the film itself I want to talk for a moment about how(like Pulp Fiction) this film is just as well three stories about one story. The first three chapters of the film set up each set of characters, Chapter 1, introduces Shoshanna Dreyfus and her motives yes, but it belongs to Colonel Hans Landa “The Jew Hunter” who ultimately holds the film together as he is the glue that clings all the characters to each other. The opening chapter sets the tone for the film as well as establishing the character of Landa and setting up the motives for Shoshanna. Chapter 2, sets up the Basterds themselves and introduces us to the mythos behind their notoriety in this fable, much like Kill Bill Volume 1 set up the Hanzo and DiVAS mythos for us. The Basterds, who despite being the titular characters are actually the least important of the main characters in terms of actual plot. Chapter 3, shows us what happened to Shoshanna Dreyfus after she narrowly escaped from the clutches of Landa and sets up her side of the big final sequence. Chapter 4 sets up the Basterds plan for the big final sequence and it isn’t until chapter 5 that there is any plot to the film at all, the first 2 chapters set up the mythology, chapters 3 and 4 set up the plot and 5 is the actual plot itself.

    Most filmmakers could never pull off something like that only about 30-45 minutes of a film being plot and everything else just setting it up, but QT uses that to his advantage you know so much about this whole world and characters that by the time you get to the big bang(literally and figuratively) it is 500% more impactful then if someone had done it differently, had this plot been taken and made by someone else, it would have been much more like a simple heist film, setting up the whole trap and then springing it and treating it much more like a thriller rather then doing it like Tarantino and making it into a fable that really draws you and gets you engaged for the characters, I’m all for heist films I love films like Ocean’s Eleven but how much do you really know about the characters? Nothing and it is a fantastically underrated film but it is just the pinnacle of a perfect cliché film, where Basterds is as unique of a film as Pulp Fiction and had it been made 10 years ago it would be praised 10 times more then Pulp had been. Now I will do a Chapter by Chapter analysis of the film as each chapter is a masterpiece better then any film of the last 10 years (albeit a few) on its own.


    It still baffles me just how well Tarantino knows film, he effortlessly combines the genres of Spaghetti Western and French New Wave with Macaroni combat war iconography, the opening chapter in particular is just breathtaking to watch the amazing visual aspect of it, the tension building just like fast draw moments in Leone’s westerns but QT does not do this with shots of holsters and guns, but with words and eyes. Watch the shot/editing pattern of the opening scene in contrast with Waltz’ breathtaking Alan Rickmanesque performance.(the frighteningly evil yet charming at the same time) The opening sequence shows Colonel Landa interrogating a farmer who he suspects is hiding jews, Waltz is just such a delight to watch for the eyes and the ears, he has a handsome brashness about him but just listening to him effortlessly go from German to French to English back to French is just breathtaking, also keep in mind he has monologues in every language as well. His Jew to Rat monologue(which sadly they cut down by about 5 minutes) should go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. I think its pretty obvious how this scene ends but I won’t give it away for those super spoiler conscious folks out there, all I will say is I have a feeling there will be a lot of people who feel Landa’s motives at the end of the chapter are unrealistic and I have this to say, that is because they cut out his second monologue in this chapter that explains his motives.


    As most know the second chapter opens to Brad Pitt’s monologue in the teaser trailer (but the film version is about 3-4 minutes longer) Tarantino uses his trademark hold on one actor for a long period of time brilliantly in this sequence, there’s like a 2 minute shot just following Pitt as he delivers the best part of the monologue followed by a shot that holds on Eli Roth as the monologue finishes and his smile slowly widens as you see in the teaser. This Chapter definitely earns its R rating as we see several scalping, people being beating, shot and stabbed to death among other things. Til Schweiger’s character’s introduction I have no doubt many people will hate it so much with Samuel L. Jackson narrating it and rock music playing during it but I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Eli Roth, who sadly doesn’t have all that much, to do but he makes up for it with being the most badass character to grace the screen since Die Hard. No doubt many will complain that his character is unnecessary and has no emotion but again that it because they cut his 5-10 minute origin story out which is an amazingly well written segment but it would have interfered with the tone of the Chapter so I am glad they cut it out. Sadly however, you have probably seen about 1/3 of this Chapter already just in clips and trailers its only about 20 minutes long but it received a standing ovation in my theater as Brad Pitt gives his final line in the Chapter as it fades to black.


    This Chapter while essential is probably the weakest aspect of the film as it suffers a bit having a totally different tone from the rest of the film, originally it was supposed to be in Black and White but that distracted even more away from the rest of the film(as it is styled like a Godard film). It is not by any means a weak Chapter simply in comparison to the other 4. Still better stand alone as any other film you will see this year. This chapter shows us what has become of Shoshanna Dreyfus after the opening scene and it sets up the first aspect of her masterplan which also happens to be the Basterd and Landa’s master plan as well, as the next chapter sets up that up. There is a simply heart pounding scene in a restaurant which (I don’t want to give away details as the way it unfolds is simply heart jumping to watch) which I will say most likely will raise possibly the biggest question of the film and you will know what I mean when you see the scene “Does Landa know?” that is all I will say about that.


    The next Chapter starts with Mike Myer’s scene which I thought was brilliant, he and Michael Fassbender essentially play an older and a younger version of the same character have amazing chemistry together in this scene which essentially sets up the plot of the whole movie. The sequence that follows “La Louisiane” has been described as a mini Reservoir Dogs and I think will possibly be the most talked about scene in the film, it is thrilling, funny, informative and it ends with one of the most shocking and unique things I have ever seen on film that I couldn’t believe I just saw after I finished seeing it, this Chapter introduces the character of Bridget von Hammersmark(Diane Kruger) but the Chapter essentially belongs to Michael Fassbender as Lt. Archie Hicox and while Landa gives the finest performance of the film, Fassbender has the best delivery of any line in the film, I got a giant shiver and felt a tear go down my cheek as he says it. Maybe you will have the same reaction to it as I got. As I said the 21 minute “La Louisiane” sequence is the best scene in the film(although it is close as there are about oh a million amazing scenes in the film) Sadly they cut a good portion of the vet scene out that deals with PFT’s Utivich and Hirschberg’s(Novak and Levine respectively) jobs in the final sequence.


    For obvious reasons being the plot segment of the film I won’t go into too much detail here on the actual plot. Many were concerned about the selection of the David Bowie song here but it worked amazingly well as we see Shoshanna get ready for her big “premiere”. The best shot of the movie comes in very early in this chapter as the camera goes from looking at Shoshanna looking down at the red carpet to Landa looking down then it tracks with him to reveal the Basterds, each of these people with a master plan of their own, not knowing that the others all have a plan as well. The actual ending of the film is the same as it was in the script but how it happens was changed due to the leak of the script and wow am I glad they changed it, my theater gave a standing ovation to a…very violent…part of it that I think you will know it when you see it as the two characters involved and what goes down having their story end that way is just perfect, my theater cheered and clapped until our hands were raw. And afterwards in the final scene of the film, if you have been paying attention you will see whats about to happen coming and want to just stand up and cheer. Many will no doubt think the last line of the film is pretentious but I feel it is well deserved and the perfect way to end QT’s passion project for the past 9 years.

    Pitt, Fassbender, Kruger, Laurent and Waltz all deserve Oscar nominations(for now but I’m sure at least 3 of them will still be there by years end) and this is the best script written since Memento, QT’s direction is just mind blowing especially if you consider the short 5 month shoot/edit before Cannes. I wish they would have put about 20-25 minutes back in making the film just under 3 hours but for obvious reasons (Weinstein’s cough) I doubt we will ever see Quentin’s Directors Cut of this masterpiece. If you have enjoyed QT’s other films as much as me, there is no reason this should be any different, it is just as unique, has the same(but better) type of dialog and perhaps the best characters he has ever written.

    “Well, if this is it old boy, hope you don’t mind if I go out speaking the kings. There’s a special place in hell reserved for men who waste good scotch, and seeing as I might be rapping in the door at the moment…I must say. Damn good stuff sir.”

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    Welcome home papa.

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    Angie and kids must be so happy to see Brad. Hugs and kisses. Beautiful family.

  • Inglourious Basterd

    Posted at IMDB BOARD

    A seemingly half-assed review, full of standard critical jargon, but effusively positive all the way down:

    It’s funny… I frequently attend festivals, and I publish my reviews from those festivals, and I ask you to trust me that my reaction to those films aren’t colored by where or how I see them. And yet, here I am at the end of July, and after seeing “Thirst,” “Anti-Christ,” and now “Inglourious Basterds”, I’m going to have to dismiss outright all of the buzz from this year’s Cannes festival, because it seems to me that those early responses have next to nothing to do with my own reaction to those films.

    In particular, Quentin Tarantino’s newest film really took it in the face this year. I’m guessing part of it was simply the urge that seems to exist in many people to take Quentin down, no matter what. Ever since he was “annointed” with “Pulp Fiction,” every single film he’s released has been an opportunity for people to declare that he is no longer relevant, or that his voice has been dulled, or that it’s just the same old thing again and again. I politely disagree on a nearly molecular level. I think there are very few filmmakers with a voice as innate as Quentin’s, and I am perfectly happy to sit through an “inconsequential” movie as fun as “Death Proof” or an “homage mix tape” as ridiculously entertaining as “Kill Bill.” Personally, my favorite of his films is “Jackie Brown,” and I think I can pinpoint why that is. It’s a movie about people, and not a movie about other movies. Do I mind that he’s a shameless magpie? Absolutely not. You can find my “Kill Bill” or “Grindhouse” reviews over at Ain’t It Cool, and I still feel the same way about both films, but “Jackie” hits me on a deeper level. I adore those people, and I could spend time with them, even away from that particular situation. I just plain enjoy every element of that movie, every performance, every shot, every exchange of dialogue.

    [more after the jump]

    When the “Inglourious Basterds” script leaked last year, I read bits and pieces of it, but at this point, Quentin works at such a deliberate pace that I decided to hold off and not read it before seeing the movie. And, man, I’m glad I made that choice, because as I understand it, there were some pretty major changes from script to screen, and if I’d just been sitting there cataloguing what was different, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the experience quite as much.

    And let’s be clear… I love this movie. In an age when everyone rushes to remake old movies and old TV shows and comic books and toys and whatever, Quentin decided to remake World War II.

    And this time? It ends right.

    I think some people may have taken the title too literally, and as a result, there’s some dissatisfaction that we don’t see enough of the titular Basterds in the film. I would argue that this whole movie is filled with self-serving bastards, ruthless people who will stop at nothing to accomplish what they want, and that both of the major storylines actually tie into the title, thematically speaking. The film starts with a riveting sequence at a dairy farm in France, where Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) shows up on a mission. He’s known as “the Jew Hunter,” and he’s searching for the Dreyfus family, who vanished into thin air. When he finds them, the results leave Shosanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent) alive, alone, afraid… and very, very angry.

    The second chapter of the film introduces us to Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) and his special squadron of Jewish soldiers, ready to parachute in behind enemy lines. Aldo explains their mission in one of the film’s most entertaining bits of dialogue. They are tasked with only one goal: killing Nazis. They aren’t really a strategic weapon… more like a psychological one. Their methods are brutal, and their purpose is pure terror. They plan to destabilize the Nazi regime by scaring all Hell out of the rank and file. And just as soon as Raine finishes outlining their plan, we find ourselves in the office of the Fuhrer himself, where we learn that the Basterds are indeed accomplishing their goal. By this point, even Adolf Hitler (Martin Wuttke) himself has heard of them.

    We definitely see the Basterds in action in the field, but we also spend a significant amount of time with Shosanna, who has resurfaced four years after the first scene, now the owner of a cinema in Paris, where she is determined to wait out the rest of the war, surrounded by film. It’s a good plan until she meets Fredrick Zoller (Daniel Bruhl), a young German soldier who loves movies and who finds himself smitten with her. He’s a hero, having killed over 300 men from a sniper’s eagle nest during a three-day assault on a town where he was the only German soldier left. And his heroism brought him to the attention of Joseph Goebbels (Sylvester Groth), the Third Reich’s Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels saw Zoller as a symbol that common soldiers could rally around, and so he decided to make a film about Zoller’s exploits, starring Zoller as himself. Very Audie Murphy. Now that the film is finished, there’s a major premiere planned, and Zoller, desperate to impress Shosanna, wants to hold it at her theater.

    That premiere becomes the focal point of the energies of both Shosanna and her lover Marcel (Jacky Ido), as well as the Basterds, who pick up an OSS officer, Lt. Archie Hickox (Michael Fassbender), who is determined to help them destroy the theater during the premiere. Shosanna has the same goal, and she seems more than willing to burn down this place that is so obviously dear to her if it means she can cut the head off the Nazi party. Most of the movie is dedicated to gradually bringing these two storylines together at that fateful premiere, and that slow burn pays off in some of the most inspired and emotionally satisfying material of Tarantino’s whole career.

    In fact, I find it hard to describe quite what I felt at the climax of the film. I won’t tell you what happens, but I’ll tell you that the imagery that unspooled pulled a primal reaction out of me, a genuine bloodlust I didn’t know I possessed. Part of it is because of the situation, but part of it is that Tarantino has put together one of his most eclectic and interesting ensemble casts ever.

    Brad Pitt seems to relish each and every line of dialogue he has, like each one is a perfect piece of steak he can’t wait to eat. I really don’t get people who think Pitt is anything less than the most eccentric leading man working right now. He looks like a matinee idol from the golden age of Hollywood, but his heart is pure ’70s character actor, and he makes Aldo a focused and fascinating angel of vengeance. The Basterds themselves are made up the last actors in the world most people would have used to fill out a WWII film. Samm Levine, Paul Rust, Omar Doom, and B.J. Novak are all guys who look like anything but the typical action heroes, and that seems to be the point. These guys aren’t larger than life because of how they look… it’s what they do.

    A few of them in particular become near-mythic figures. One is Hugo Stiglitz, played by Til Schweiger, a former German soldier who started killing his own officers out of disgust for what the Nazi party was doing. The other is Sgt. Donny Donowitz, played by director Eli Roth, known to the German soldiers as “The Bear Jew,” infamous for beating his victims to death with a baseball bat. I assume some people will never judge Roth’s performance fairly, taking whatever baggage they have about the “Hostel” films into the film with them. Screw that. Roth does very, very good work here, and I’d love to see more directors use him based on how good he is.

    I’ve seen Melanie Laurent in a few films, but until now, I had no idea what she was capable of. She’s wonderful, delivering a textured, rich performance full of anger and pain. Even better, Christoph Waltz’s work as Landa, the Jew Hunter, is staggeringly good. Alternately charming and terrifying, he is the ultimate opportunist, a disturbing character who is compulsively watchable. Daniel Bruhl, so good in “Goodbye Lenin,” comes of age with his work here as Zoller. Tarantino’s Hitler and Goebbels are grotesque parodies, appropriately exaggerated, and overall, the entire cast seems to be made up of the exact right faces, the exact right people.

    Robert Richardson’s photography is lush and gorgeous, and Sally Menke’s got this final release cut of the film fine-tuned so that it hums along with a genial malevolence. I love the use of the Morricone music throughout the film, with a few notable exceptions. As much as I sort of rolled my eyes when I heard that the David Bowie song from “Cat People” was going to be used in the film, it’s perfect where and how he uses it. More than anything, what I love about the movie is that, for the first time since “Jackie Brown,” Quentin has made a movie about people, a movie about characters and a particular situation, and not a movie about other movies. And considering how little of this is stitched together from moments or ideas from other films, it’s sort of amazing how the movie ultimately seems to be about how cinema itself can be a weapon, a powerful tool for revenge.

    There are some images towards the end of the film that I’ve been replaying in my head, over and over, since I saw the movie on Saturday night. I plan to see it again the second I can, and I’m fairly sure I’ll see it several times during its theatrical run. This is a movie that should be seen with a crowd, a movie you should see in the very best theater you can find playing it. This is a movie that once again restores my faith in one of my favorite working directors, and one that I think should silence any of his detractors who actually watch the film instead of just prejudging it. “Inglourious Basterds” isn’t what I expected when I sat down to watch.

    Instead, it’s so much more.

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    You sure did and I’m happy a fan made it first than the idiots who can’t stay away from Brad and Angie’s thread. Have a nice day missy.

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    jolie-pitt rocks forever!!!!!

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    angie is super gorgeous!!!!

  • Laila

    Why can’t people say nothing if they can’t say something nice. Do they not realize how these children will be affected in the future because of these bad comments. Let them live as they choose as we do with our lives, never judge if you don’t want to be judged. I feel for Jenn, I have been through the same as her, but in the real world people only leave their marriages if there not happy, Brad can get sex with nearly anyone he would choose, so Angie must have a lot of good in her for him to stay with her and have these children. So please don’t scar these innocent children with more nasty statements and indirectly harm these children they already have to lead a different childhood due to the media they have no privacy as it is.

  • Jadeide

    Please do not curse people like that! What is wrong with this person to be so nasty and evil towards somebody she/he doesn’t even know or has never met! Must be a very disturbing and miserable person. Just go away, I feel so uneasy reading your comment, if you don’t like them, ignore them and read somebodyelse’s thread.

  • Jadeide

    I happen to like BP and AJ because they look cool and are unconventional in a very conventional world, it’s refreshing!

  • Bill

    Ooh, I love brad hot.

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  • tgk

    Yeah, you can totally tell from pictures of Pitt and smoked windows of a plane.WOww, impressive.

    The gorgeous, fabulous,most beautifulest person in the world comments would just sound a little less idiotic if based on pictures where you can actually see the person.

  • Maniston the slu*t

    @heisse jamballjaa:
    What did BP ever do to you?.. Typical JA fans… evil, despicable low class monsters!