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Jennifer Lopez: JLo For Yamamay

Jennifer Lopez: JLo For Yamamay

Jennifer Lopez is accompanied by her husband Marc Anthony, as she presents her new autumn collection of “JLo for Yamamay” at the Yamamay Store in Rome, Italy on Thursday (July 30).

The 40-year-old mother of twins presented the new autumn collection with Italian clothing brand Yamamay. She signed a three-year license deal with the intimate/swimwear apparel manufacturer, Inticom Spa last year.

Jen celebrated her 40th birthday at Greenwich Village’s Hotel Griffou and at the Edison Ballroom last week.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez: JLo for Yamamay…

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  • Meee

    She looks NIce!

  • Meee

    I don’t really digg the collar but the Dress is nice…

  • Manou247

    Jennifer looks stunning! Sexy summer glow!

  • liberian girl

    she looks great! a pure beauty

  • Imko

    Beautiful! :)

  • nikomilinko
  • Toby

    I remember when JLo had her lingerie in our high-end stores here in Chicago. It stayed 40% off and people still weren’t buying it until they discontinued it entirely. I also remember when she had the big media frenzy when she bought the JLO by Jennifer Lopez clothing line to Marshall Fields on State Street, and it didn’t last a year before Fields also had to discontinue it because of such poor sales. So I see why she’s taking it overseas.

  • rocky


    It will do the same thing overseas Toby. I don’t get why people invest in her clothing.

  • rocky

    Can someone please explain why her husband feels he has to always have his shirt opened? If he had a nice body and chest to look at I could understand, but there is NOTHING sexy about this man.

    Dress is not bad, but looks to close to dress she wore for her birthday. The collar has to go as well.

    Just wish these two would go away!!

  • abrazos rotos

    wow wow wow that´s all i can say
    she is smoking hot, like in her best days
    I loved her lingerie line…I don´t understand why she doesn´t continue to sell it ,it worked very well in my country

  • mina

    #7, yeah an there is also a recession here. If Jlo’s clothing line is not doing good here, I am pretty sure that other celebrities are not doing as well either!!!

  • NativeNYker
  • slambang

    How come we hardly ever see her with her kids?

  • mina

    Watch other celebrities take there clothing line overseas, Jlo is very innovative, just like every single celebrity went into the perfume business after they saw how successful Jlo was, it is only a matter of time. She is a trendsetter.

  • may

    gorgeous!!!!The most beautiful celeb

  • mailey

    i like j lo, but her hair is so played out. she needs to do something diff with it.

  • Jen


  • muse

    She is still so beautiful

  • danielle

    Wow, she has had the plastic surgery!
    Another failed design line from her.

  • Lollipop

    Beautiful as ever! I love the energy she emits. She’s not just a pretty face. She has an incredible spiritual energy that lights up a room….And I love her JLo perfume that smells like gardenia…so soft and pretty. She is what you would call a Superstar!! :0)


    Yes and she should be on Heidi Klums tv series talking about what not to do..since she is the queen of discount prices on her merchandise and finding a designer overseas. That is the real reason she is in Italy.. Way to go..Failure at everything you do Jlo..

  • melanie

    She looks great!

  • jenny

    I’m not mad, she’s doing what she gotta do, but these paid posters and butt kissers are going over board, she is not all that beautiful and etc, stop it already, she’s alright, BTW, i love Marc,

  • Jo

    Wow, she is georgus! I love these photos, cause she looks just like she used to be, so beautiful!

  • barry

    Why i can´t put a comment????

  • barry

    It´s interesting how some people are always trying to convince themselves jennifer is not successful anymore, when you can say she has no talent, or you don´t like her, or she is just marketing…but she is truly succesful in whatever she does

  • barry

    “Lopez owns a clothing line called “J.Lo By Jennifer Lopez”. Her line is the most successful clothing line of artists on the industry market. Furthermore, she is planning to launch a Jewelry Line, Hats, Gloves, and a Scarves Line. “

  • Mable

    All JLO can do is “look nice” and that’s about all that can be said about her. She’s not the only woman with money that can look gorgeous after paying thousands of dollars to a glam squad to fit a wig on her head and pretty her up for the cameras. So what artistic or creative endeavor has she excelled in in the last 5 years? Halle Berry, Penelop Cruz and Kate Winslet can look beautiful too but have won Oscars, Beyonce and Alicia Keyes can look beautiful and have won Grammy’s, Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek can look beautiful and both have success as TV producers, but what has JLO done – NOTHING but consistently getting dressed up and posing for the cameras, day in and day out, and her taking a clothing line that failed in the U.S. overseas is no acomplishment.

  • toni

    I just don’t get why she’s famous (or is she that famous???). I agree with what Mable has just said. I think she is just famous because of the way she carries herself wherever she goes, always attracting attention with her HUGE entourage and stuff. Don’t you think? She hasn’t done ANYTHING of real quality. As for the way she looks, who wouldn’t, with the professional staff ALWAYS there at her whims??!!! Do you know what STILL annoys me no end, how she STILL puts on that stupid look when she is being photographed – her eyes half closed and the mouth….. Can’t stand it!!! Anthony always looks like a dork next to her and really HE IS THE ONE WITH THE TALENT!! Not fair.

  • Rhonda

    J Lo your surgeon did a wonderful job. Kudos for having money for a good cosmetic surgeon. good for you!

  • perplexed

    I don’t understand how Marc, being the great ‘macho’ guy that he is, can stand just holding her hand and playing the little insignificant one accompanying her to all her second-grade functions. HE is the talented one here. He is the one with Grammys under his belt. What has she ever got that is really significant? Nothing. NOT FAIR!!!

  • J.Garner

    Puerto Ricans are so low-class and trashy! No one wants her ghetto rags. She is a washed up, has-been, do nothing slug.

  • leo

    I don´t think penelope, salma or halle berry could be better actress than lopez, sorry(kate winslet and sandra bullock, yes)…I think she is a good actress and a great singer and dancer, it´s only all the whole Jlo thing has done some people think she is just marketing…someone with no talent can´t be in the level of jennifer so many years

  • leo

    Oh and she is really sexy, she has been always really pretty, c´mon women don´t be so envious

  • truthfully

    Beautiful! She looks to be in incredible shape and she hasn’t lost anything in the looks department. Wow.

  • j-LO is a lip-syncer

    JLO’s singing is ALL studio created with loads of pro-tooling to disguse her voice, and when she has to perform to promote an album she lip-syncs, or screeches like a cat and is always out of breath. Her dancing is mediocre at best. Real dancers are the pros that perform on “Dancing With The Stars”. As an actress, she ALWAYS plays herself. “The Back Up Plan” is going to be JLO pregnant all over again. No diversity, no range and no challenge. In the meantime she alerts the papparazzi EVERYTIME she comes out in public so she can be photographed. She’s a mother of 2 children and they look miserable EVERYTIME she’s seen carrying them, yet you never see her comfort or cuddle them. Just check out the recent pictures of her carrying MAX. Or the one of her and EMME on the movie set and the girl looks miserable and is pushing away from her. They probably don’t even know who she really is.

  • Baffleck

    … and when she gets asked about her beauty sercet she answers that the only things she ist doing for looking goods is staying healthy and doing a little sports. she is such a pretender! 24 hours a day she is investing thousands of dollars in her beauty! she thinks 24 hours a day about staying beautyful or getting more beautiful! so she got no times for being with her children! the children are abused for piming her “perfect woman” image. the children are photogaphed by her OWN “paparazzy”!!! so herself gets paid for the “paparazzy” pics and not a paparazi !! she selects the pics !!!! so you never see the face
    of emme. she wants to hide her with big heads, big pacifiers or never seen pics about her real face.

  • bree

    baffleck??J.garner??Look at the nicknames, It´s seems like a Garner fan is still jealous of Lopez, probably because Ben Affleck still talks about Jlo in almost every interview. This woman is incredible, always the same, she is selfish, she is a bad mother…when you have a lot of photos of jen and her babies everywhere, do you want a photo of emme?Here you have

    It´s so funny when people don´t know anything and they pretend to know everything. It´s only that jennifer doesn´t want to show her babies all the day in front of the paparazzis, like others celebrities do. That´s what i call a good mother, who tries to protect her children´s childhood. How do you know she is going to play her own pregnancy in the film??Have you seen the film before they finish it?Jennifer calling paparazzis, when she tries to avoid them always?Or the true is she is so famous they are always trying to catch a photo?So please garner fan, try to get over jennifer. She looks amazing, i remember when people said she was over and she´d never recover her shape and her beauty after the twins. Some people(probably always the same haters)are always get away jennifer get away!They can´t stand the idea of jennifer again in the job market, because they know she is still very successful

  • bree
  • Jgarner

    I wish I had her beauty. Ben goes on and on about how beautiful and amazing JLo is. I cant stand it! Why oh why can’t I have Ben’s attention the way this woman does??? Its not fair!! He never spends any time with me alone. He never looks at me the way he does with JLo,

  • baffleck

    I will never get over JLo. She is the most beautiful woman in the world! I will always regret the day we parted ways. She will always be a part of me forever.

  • bree

    haha people are crazy ^^

  • jennifer Lopez

    @bree: And the nick “bree” means you are the shopkeeper of “bree”, isn´t it?! ridiculous conclusions … besides “baffleck” wrote about real (!) frontal (!) pics of emme … what the …
    Best wishes of the real “Jennifer Lopez” ;o)

  • cassie

    jlo last year get 200 milion dolars from jlo by lennifer lopez inot a success ı wonder whatr means of success someone just jeaolus of her scared of her talent.everybody know none can dance like jlo

  • Wendy

    I love Jennifer and I’m so sad that some commends are always racist. Some one called puertorican trashy and ….so you see is just pure racist. That is so sad that people can get to that level. You should keep those words to your self…it says a lot about a person. If you do not like her because she is puertorica keep it to your self. Thanks

  • toni

    I agree with you Wendy. However, Jlo intrigues me because I am sure that she is this person in public (she puts on an “I am a nice person” act when she is being photographed) and another one behind closed doors. People have always complained about her diva demands and so on, and I can believe them. God only knows what goes on in private. I imagine her to be not so nice somehow.
    And where are the kids? She takes them with her but she is always out on her own with her entourage – I have never seen so many people at her disposal!!!! Is she a Royal or something – FAR FROM IT.

  • may

    she looks gorgeous

  • Princess

    I`can`t believe my own eyes when isee some of these comments here.You don`t know the person well to say stuff about her,only what the magazines says believe it or not. we have to admit that the woman is so talented,i know that she have the money so that would be more lot easier for her but i love her music,her acing and her perfumes.If her clothing line had to stop it`s because the world is a crisis.

  • Princess

    The woman is sooooooooooo talented,i like everything about her. I have all her albums,films,concerts,clothes,lingerie and fragrance

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks amazing!