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Jessica Alba & Honor Warren Pair Purple

Jessica Alba & Honor Warren Pair Purple

Jessica Alba matches her purple Converse sneakers with her daughter Honor Warren‘s purple sweatsuit for an afternoon meal together at Griddle Cafe in Hollywood on Thursday (July 30). Other pictures include the pair eating at Lemonade and shopping at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood on Wednesday (July 29).

The 28-year-old actress and 13 ½ month-old daughter went home with a balloon after shopping at Bel Bambini’s summer sale.

Jessica is currently filming Valentine’s Day alongside the star-studded cast: Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, and more.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba & Honor Warren pairing purple…

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jessica alba honor warren pair purple 01
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 02
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 03
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 04
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 05
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 06
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 07
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 08
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 09
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 10
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 11
jessica alba honor warren pair purple 12

Photos: Famepictures, Agent 47/WENN
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  • nikomilinko
  • wow

    Jessica is BEAUTIFUL! Honor is beyond adorable! Makes me want another baby looking at these two, gorgeous!

  • jill

    I thought she’s filming a movie in Oklahoma City? What happened to that project? Hey I don’t blame the film execs…with Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba in a movie, u better just shelf the project instead of spending $$$$ to make and release the film….even if this valentine’s movie is a hit, Jessica can’t claim it’s hers….it’s partly due to all the real “actors” in the movie and her and Ashton Kutcher don’t count.

  • rosemarie

    lol, Jennifer Garner must be her idol, she is playing out of the same playbook lol, pimping her baby to the paps lmao.

  • NativeNYker

    Does that baby ever smile?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • punkinpie

    Honor still looks like a boy in baby girl’s clothes

  • Dakota

    Is she still with Cash Warren?? You hardly ever see them together…

  • Samantha

    The movie is gonna flop
    they should have known better than to put Alba in it
    not to mention Garner, the woman cannot act to save her life!

    I have a rule not watch anything with Garner or ALba in it
    Now the two of them in one movie!!!!!

  • Alice

    Honor is not cute.

  • Denise

    Don’t even know who this is but she needs to realize that balloons are incredibly dangerous for a baby.

  • Maritza

    Honor does not seem to be a happy baby, she never smiles.

  • Lollipop

    What happened to her? She looks like somebody stiffled all her chakras? She was so beautiful. Now she looks so sad even with a baby. Im sure her hubby isn’t exactly the nurturing type.

  • Nahla

    Honor is such a cutie awww! Jessica is gorgeous but her sense of style has gone down the toilet since she gave birth

  • melissa

    What a cute baby!

  • Dirty Denise

    For those of you who are so concerned. Honor is seen smiling in several photos over the months.

  • Jane

    wow @ 07/31/2009 at 9:00 am

    Jessica is BEAUTIFUL! Honor is beyond adorable! Makes me want another baby looking at these two, gorgeous!
    I hope you are kidding. I hate to think you would want a baby, just because you see Jessica with one. That is pretty juvenile.

  • LOS

    #3 I dont think she had a real big part in the movie. And its possible to shoot two movies at once. They could be shooting scenes with other actors at the moment and dont need her.

  • Elena

    they are both very cute!!!

  • Sc

    Sad that Jessica’s self esteem is low and she has to dye her baby’s hair lighter to fit in!
    Sad that Jessica’s self esteem is low and she has to dye her baby’s hair lighter to fit in!
    Sad that Jessica’s self esteem is low and she has to dye her baby’s hair lighter to fit in!

  • Peach

    Picture for 7/31/09. When the little girls grows up – she can have a picture for every day of her life.

    Jessica’s PR person must work 24/7 to keep the paps advised of her whereabouts for the daily picture.

    How these women can use their babies (or puppies) as accessories is beyond me..

  • Honor

    I may have a little piggy nose but I am still cuter that Emme, JLO’S daughter.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s looking a lil better than usual
    im still pretty over here, i find nothing about her appealing
    honor has really grown up 2 be cute, at 1st i doubted she would get inherit any beauty genes from jessica but i was wrong

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Isn’t she like 30 years old by now?

  • nurd

    Aww one of the few photo-ops where she looks adorable

  • http://AOL SUSAN

    There are cute babies, and ones that are not so cute. JJ shows a lot of celebrity babies and let’s face it, we all like to comment on them. IMO, Honor is not that cute. Ritchies’ baby is not, nor is Hudsons baby and certainly not Salma Hyack. However, the Jolie PItt girls are gorgeous and I will bet those two twins are more than gorgeous, if we ever see them again. Violet always smiles, but she is not that cute and Suri used to be cute but lately has not been. Her hair is awful. Denise Richards girls are gorgeous as are Brooke Shields. So, that is MY OPINION.

  • Info

    Jessica’s face is so long! Ew, not pretty.

  • Camille

    I completely agree with Susan.

  • Under The bridge

    Don’t you hate it when a person comes on and writes their comments then come on again using a different name to agree with what she wrote the first time. I mean it is so stupid and obvious. Just state your opinion and stand by them if you so chose without trolling!

  • Cash Warren

    Susan you are right on!
    The only thing I would change about what you said is that not only is homor not that cute she wins the top three of ugliest kids in the world….add to that how obese she is and she just might be the winner dont know how jessica even can stand to look at her!
    jessica and cash are never together they are having marital problems and looks like a split is imminent

  • mrs sweden

    it is funny how homor has the exact same sour puss that jessica has you never see jessica smiling at her own kid and she always has her head hanging down and now homor does the exact same . in fact it was stated on another celeb site that homor was diagnosed with autism or a form of retardation there are pictures of jessica taking homor to a childrens dr office that specializes in pervassive developement disorder which is the same as autism or retardation or slow abnormal development if you notice homor still is incapable of walkng and if you are educated you can clearly see she has motor skill issues and lack of eye contact coordination! definately autism!

  • mrs sweden

    “Ummmmm” i know for sure iam gonna rain on someones parade that trolls around celeb sites whining about alba all over the place but ahhhh that kid is so not cute she has the nose of a pig “oink oink” and a unibrow to match her miserable personality she look so unhappy like jessica does and she definately is going to have weight issues when she gets older .fat cells do NOT ever go away and hoger oh i mean honor already has a problem with them you can see! she is fat her thighs are as big as an adult someone else mentioned that jessica has to buy depends adult diapers because the largest kids diapers dont fit honor anymore and if you look at pictures her butt looks just like cash’ butt same size and all!

  • mrs sweden

    there is a video of jessica where her biotch kid is throwing a tantrum and all jessica does is say over and over to honor “do you want some snacks do you want some snacks do you want some snacks” ……… honor keeps screaming!!! why doesnt she try pulling that big fat diaper of hers down and spanking her big butt a few times maybe she would stop her tantrums if she would get some disipline she is going to be one of those obnoxious kids no one else can stand to be around ! she already is!

  • alisa

    anyone else notice that cash and jessica are no longer together ? since the last time she went out clubbing and got drunk cash got pissed they got into a huge argument and looks like cash left…they are NEVER together since that night!

  • madi

    I hope they did split up “FOR GOOD”! it would be disgusting to have to look at any more of their offspring and lets all face the honest truth here the first kid together did not turn out so good and that is being very nice!

  • Thida

    Seriously, I was checking email and clicked on an article about best dressed Pres and 1st lady, a couple clicks later ended up here for the 1st time, curiosity got the best of me, started reading comments and have to say that that some of you really need to get lives. Seriously. #1- if you have children, please tend to them instead of checking every celeb gossip magazine in the world to see what someone else child looks/dresses like, smiles,’s one thing to think it in passing, but to take the time to write a comment, practically cyber-stalk these children and just to say mean things about children is ridiculous. I’m willing to bet your own children wouldn’t fare so well in a cute or not cute poll or you wouldn’t be so obsessed with other people’s children. #2- If you don”t HAVE children, I would wait to reserve judgement for the same reasons cited in reason 1. Maybe if you didn’t spend your life online reading about celebs and the lives they lead that you detest but secretly WISH you could have- oh if only, even for just a day, right ? ;) – maybe you could get out and meet a real person and maybe date and start down the path to find someone who loves, maybe have your own children and not have to obsess over others. You should be ashamed and embarrassed. We all know rudeness or most hatefulness is borne out of insecurity and some sort of an inferiority complex gone mad, lol :)
    well, I must be getting back to not working, please don’t take any offense out of this, just re-evaluate yourself and if I’ve made even one person see the err in their ways, it was worth the 10 mins it took to type this out. also, I’m sure at least a few of you will feel compelled to respond, but I assure you, I will never be back to this site again for the simple fact that the comments are so ridiculous, so don’t even bother, though I’m positive that you dedicated ones will anyway:) Yes, every one is entitled to their opinion and before you get self-righteous on me, don’t forget that also applies to people who disagree with you!

    Have a great day and please, for chrissake, get outside and enjoy the sunshine while we still have it! and try find at least one person to smile at today, Sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how much a smile from a stranger can lift your spirits, even if only for a sec. baby steps, people, baby steps. .

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