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Jude Law: Samantha Burke is a Model Mom

Jude Law: Samantha Burke is a Model Mom

Jude Law signs autographs for fans outside London’s Wyndham Theatre after another performance of Hamlet on Thursday night (July 30).

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old actor’s rep confirmed that Jude is expecting his fourth child with a former lover — now to be known as aspiring model/actress Samantha Burke.

Samantha was trying to reach Jude to tell him she was having his child but she couldn’t get a hold of him,” a source tells Radar. “He had given her a cell phone number but it was no longer working and Jude was working on a film. Finally, Samantha contacted Jude-through his publicist! She had to go through his PR person to inform him she was pregnant with his child, a baby girl she’s already named Sophia! I don’t think he believed her, at first. But she passed a DNA test so he had no choice but to recognize the fact that he was the dad.”

20+ pictures inside of Jude Law sans his baby mama Samantha Burke

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jude law samantha burke 01
jude law samantha burke 02
jude law samantha burke 03
jude law samantha burke 04
jude law samantha burke 05
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jude law samantha burke 09
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  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she hit the jackpot
    seen a pics of her, nothing special honestly
    its more likely it was just a one night thing instead of a so called relationship =-p

  • sheryl

    Looking forward to seeing Hamlet in New York in October.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    WOW, he is so beautiful… Looking foward to seeing Hamlet in NY in November.

  • Pole

    He is both beautifull AND a good person. Love you Jude!

  • gemma

    He’s so sweet and such a great dad. Not to mention that he’s HOT as hell! Looking forward to seeing Hamlet in NY in September.

    Love & Kisses to you Jude

  • kim

    Jude looking hot and sexy; Yes, I’m feeling you Jude.

    Love Ya

  • Sara

    Jude, I’m with you. I carry you in my heart. ♥

  • me

    I agree with #1. He probably gave her a fake phone number after a one night stand. However, I’m sure he makes beautiful babies.

  • sheryl

    me @ 07/31/2009 at 8:04 pm

    I agree with #1. He probably gave her a fake phone number after a one night stand. However, I’m sure he makes beautiful babies.
    No, actually it was said that he had a cell phone while he was working in New York that he didn’t keep when he went back to London. I’m sure neither one of them expected to see each other again, but she commented that he was nice and he felt comfortable around him. Actually, I get the sense that they hung around each other for more than “one night,” because her mother reportedly said she treated him like a normal person and he liked hanging out with her.

  • jami

    I’ll stand behind Jude on this one! He’s worth it! love ya Jude <3

  • annie

    WOW look at these eys matching that shirt btw:)))

  • jami

    looking forward to seeing Jude in Hamlet in October in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Juliana

    me cansei de lero lero, dá licença, mas eu vou sair do sério!

  • iditot man


    Today Sponge
    $350.00 (lasts up to ten years)

    Free at most clinics

    HIV/IADS treatment over a life time.

    Cost of raising a child and sending it to college.
    1.5 million dollors

    Child support;
    3 Million

    Let’s see if Jude is smart enough to figure out if having unprotected sex and fathering an unwanted child with a random woman is worth it.To

  • yy

    So we all now know who Samantha Burke is.

  • dontmakemelaugh

    I don’t know who she is. Do you?

  • LOL

    What a dog he is. And all you b!tches here giving him love and props, i hope you find a man exactly like him………….one who goes around fcuking every b!tch in sight and dropping babies all over the place. Where he has a wife, a girlfriend and a mistress even as he sneaks in a fcuk every now and then with the nanny. He’s a sex addict no better than david duchovny. Sick b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

  • yy

    A 24-year-old aspiring model/actress. They’re some pictures of her on this site also.

  • fly


    What an appropriate name for the comment that followed.

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl


  • ericap

    Love you, Jude. <3 I’m hoping I can go to New York to see you in Hamlet while you’re there. I’m crossing my fingers.

  • dontmakemelaugh

    fly #18, I agree. Geez.

  • eloisa

    Sorry, I’m being the devil’s advocate here …. But if she could not contact him becasue the phone number problem, don’t you believe that if it was something more than two nights she would have his email?

    He is a great actor and i think he has a big heart, but he is a men. And very naive too.

  • dontmakemelaugh

    fly, what is he talking about? does he know Jude? i don’t think so.

  • Info

    I heard from a very reliable source that Jude and Sam’s fling lasted only a week. No longer than that.

  • Chefy


    WOW, he is so beautiful… Looking foward to seeing Hamlet in NY in November.”

    WOW, Look at those sweat stains under his arms!

  • Roxanne

    @iditot man: hahaha i’m laughing my a$$ off that is too funny. Honestly I don’t see the appeal.

  • socute

    Yeeeeah… those sweat stains look good under his arms… yummy
    People sweat… did you know that?

  • Jude is dumb

    I can believe that R26. His statement basically laid out the nature of their relationship. This guy is dumb, dumb, dumb. Clooney and DiCaprio would never allow some chick to get knocked up. They’ve both had steady girlfriends too, and its never happened.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Chefy, Yummmy Jude sweat!! I love it.

  • Lady croft

    Sounds like he is totally gross.
    Another Hollywood hound dog.


  • poly

    Jude is in trouble i feel sorry for the guy.

    I have just seen the video…..she looks to have a well organised team who know exactly what they are doing – holding out on interviews (driving up the price) not allowing free photo’s, already looking for sympathy at this ‘difficult time’ – she doesn’t come across as genuinely sweet and innocent i’m afraid.

  • AJoanna

    Am I the only one who noticed the enormous sweat stains?!

  • Daphne

    Jude Law is a great actor, a lovely man inside and out, and a complete professional. I saw his fantastic Hamlet in London and am hoping to see it again on Broadway.

    Jude is my favourite actor and he will always have my support. Let the world never faze you, Jude!

  • sheryl

    No, I noticed them, AJoanna. I bet it’s pretty warm out there with that crowd around.

  • sheryl

    @33 Poly, I’m with you after seeing that video. She obviously contradicted her plea for privacy that was read on her behalf by appearing alongside the speaker and having her picture snapped the whole time. And yes, pregnancy ain’t fun, but that’s what you keep in mind before you get in the sack. If it’s not planned, then it’s a consequence, sweetie. Both are responsible for it, not just Jude. He didn’t “get you pregnant,” you both did! There was also no promise of a long-term relationship, and you both willingly engaged in sex accepting of that. So suck it up and deal with it and don’t even try to milk a pity party over your “hard time.”

  • youknowit

    haha his pit marks :P

  • Thea

    a golddigging stupid famewhore and a dirty houndog sex fiend for parents. This kid had no chance!!!

  • OMG

    Leave the kids alone!!!! Will this torture never ends?

  • nndn

    He needs some rexona eww

  • Sue

    I kind of… don’t like him. He creeps me out.

  • Emily

    I went to high school with Samantha Burke and this is WAY to crazy. She was a really sweet girl from what i remember and probably just got caught up, i mean, it is Jude Law for cryin out loud. I hope people leave her alone.

  • Delores


    Are you kidding me? A one night stand and a pregnancy? She’s a prostitute with a womb. Please!!!! KA CHING!!!!!!

  • tamrara g

    @lakers fan in boston:

    What a pile of baggage for a 35 yr old! Who wants that? And what a receding hairline too – he’s going to look so old so fast.

  • Sara

    @ tamrara g – I want what you call THAT. He is the man in my dreams, and what a real blessing it would be if could make this dream come true, even if just for one minute by his side.

  • Sara

    @ tamrara g – I want what you call THAT. He is the man in my dreams, and what a real blessing it would be if could make this candy dream come true, even if just for one minute by his side.

  • azlyn

    i would like to keep his sweat in a bottle…enough about samantha burke already..we know jude is going to be a responsible man if not in person,..financially.jude is not perfect but he is a good man..maybe this will be a turning point for him to settle down find a nice gal to love take care of him n marry her.and live happily ever jude…still.

  • Julia

    Nice pitt puddle Jude! LOL!

  • nan

    @Pole: How good can he be, having unprotected sex with women he doesn’t even give a real number to? Oi!

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