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Lindsay Lohan: Back To Blonde

Lindsay Lohan: Back To Blonde

A newly-blonde Lindsay Lohan dons Sauce‘s “Panda” pullover in green as she leaves a friend’s house in West Hollywood on Thursday (July 30).

The 23-year-old actress dyed her hair and had long extensions put in during her 11-hour trip to the hairdresser, The Sun reports. Lindsay also reportedly wants to star in a remake of movie classic Some Like It Hot, as Marilyn Monroe.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lindsay Lohan’s new blonde hair?

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan: Back to Blonde…

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  • Dog the Bunny hunter

    Unemployable, talentless, junkie, no work ethic, stupid, and alchy…. momma would be so proud, oh wait…mamma is in the same ballpark

  • Jake

    straight out of the trailer park. nothing more amusing than white trash with money

  • rocky

    AWFUL! JUST AWFUL! She needs to go back to being a red head.

  • yeyeye

    Long Live Kelly Bundy

  • mailey

    zomg, it looks really bad.

  • Lalique

    Lindsay looks like she’s been used up and spit out.

  • marrie

    i dont like :s

  • Annmarie

    I think she looks so much prettier as a redhead. She looks hard. When she’s 30 she’ll look 45, drugs, alcohol, smoking, hard life adds up and takes a toll on people. She looks haggard already and it’s too bad because she’s such a pretty girl.

  • niki

    red is the best, i love her with red hair *.*

  • Dani

    I am by no means a Lindsay Lohan fan, but, there is no call for anyone to say some of the hateful things they have here. She’s young. She has made mistakes. We all do. Only hers are plastered for all of us to read and see. She is a talented actress, whom has not been very smart in her personal life, nor in her movie roll selection. I wish her the best with whatever role she is attempting to get. I personally don’t like her blonde hair. Red or dark brown are good on her. Be nice people!

  • bluezy

    I think she’s been drinking to much of the kool-aid – the girl thinks she;s marilyn monroe re-incarnated or something

  • Phillip

    i think her hair is sexual

  • M.T

    she looks hot and i love her goo lindsay

  • Pandora

    Black, brown, blonde — same *hit, just a diff pile. She looks like hell.

  • ljh

    Lindsay looks horrible!

  • to dani

    The majority of the comments don’t seem particularly mean. If you are not a fan why are you defending her? She has been in rehab yet she is out boozing every night. Smoking cigarettes. Taking drugs. Fighting publically (just check out X17′s videos of her) with Sam. She prefers “easy celebrity” rather than work for her stardom. She WAS a talented actress. No one wants to hire her because she is such a risk–she was universally disliked on Ugly Betty because of her entourage, her airs, her substance abuse. She turns down parts because she’d actually have to work at being an actress.
    Poor Choices. Yes. But she has had plenty of chances to turn her life around and she deserves many of the comments that are negative.

  • drew

    she looks cheap & wasted

  • tidbit

    Jared, this child deserves to be on Just Jared Jr. She hasn’t done one thing in the last what–five years that proves she is over 13.

  • Leslie

    She CAN NOT remake Some Like It Hot. That is Marilyn Monroe’s movie and a classic.

  • Leslie

    She CAN NOT remake Some Like It Hot. That is Marilyn Monroe’s movie and a classic.

  • Lani


  • Nahla

    When is she going to realise that blonde doesn’t suit her at all??!!!!!!!!!!! With her tan, brunette or honey/gold blond might be pretty on her. This is just AWFUL. Horrible. I personally think she looks the best as a red head!

  • melissa

    She looks sober

  • ace11a

    i’d eat hot hot

    jealousy on this board towards is her is incredible

  • vi 1004

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! please no remake for “Some like it hot”!!! i love this movie so much as original !!!!

  • dundies

    someone needs to fall off the face of the earth

  • yeyeye


    yeah we’re real jealous of a junkie who butchered her own career lol f’n moron


    she’s gone blonde again? i think that’s the only big news about her.

  • nicolette

    i think it doesnt look HORRIBLE but i loved the red on her
    im a big fan of redish hair on people that could pull it off and i think she did it well.
    about monroe movie i dont think so, maybe a remake of the little mermaid would be better for her lol

  • sistahc

    i love the shoes! stop walking so i can get a close up

  • clare

    JAKE #2–how about black trash with money?? Is that funnier you racist POS.

    On another note–she is too skinny to play marilyn, and looks nothing like her she is like too skanky looking or something.

  • gutsy

    … and orangey.

  • Bad Kitty

    Now now. I know some men that really really really love that kind of hair. In fact they hold it up as the ultimate mark of beauty. There are men who would absolutely think of her as their dream woman with that hair. Probably the same type that dream of Pamela Anderson and her barb wire tattoo and perpetually surpised painted on black brows. I’m telling you, I know people who idolize women with this look and will accept nothing less.

  • !!!!!!!!!!


  • yeyeye

    @clare: lol you are a moron.

  • mimilala

    She looks terrible and so old.

  • JJ

    She looks good blonde!
    I looove me some Lindsay!

  • chloe

    11 hours? I can’t even last an hour getting my hair cut.

  • clare

    @yeyeye: Why am I a moron?? Someone says something racist and I cant say anything? You are the moron and hypocrite. Its ok to say white trash in todays world..I think its offensive as hell to white people. Think what you want about someone you dont know I could give a shit., but I have the right to say thats offensive..Im speaking up about it when most whites dont and you dont like it do you? well too bad

  • Frida

    She needs to stop trying to be Marilyn Monroe and sort her life out. She looks awful.

  • annie

    i love sam ronson, they make a cute couple though…

  • lakers fan in boston

    @melissa: sometimes f’ing wrong with u if u think lindsay is hot, u need 2 get ur head checked, either that or ur in2 trannies

    blond makes her looks even trashier, i honestly dont even no why im commenting, im just giving her attention
    she’s nothing but a useless piece of shiz, she hasnt had a job in months
    i think everybody should totally reject her so she can be done with hollywood

  • Mar

    … Some like it hot???!!!… dont make me cry!!! that movie is only for Marilyn, the real Marilyn, not for you Lindsay!!
    And about your hair… dont like me :)

  • Maddie

    Winner: Best female looking like constant trash.

    YEY! Gosh… she should really stop acting, and dressing like a $2 hooker. Put some clothes on, wash your fake tan off, and behave like a normal person. Stop constantly seeking attention. Maybe then, and only then… some people might like and respect you!

  • bill

    She looks horrible as a blonde, to harsh.

  • bill

    She looks horrible as a blonde, to harsh.

  • bill

    She looks horrible as a blonde, to harsh.

  • lily

    everybody is hating so much…..

  • Alex

    Love her!

  • DaleMurph

    Lindsay looks good as a blonde.