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Megan Fox: I'm Not Angelina Jolie!

Megan Fox: I'm Not Angelina Jolie!
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  • me

    We know!! You’re absolutely nothing like her! Angelina is one of a kind.

  • http://h ashleigh

    No she is not similar to Angelina at all. Angelina can act

  • seus

    William Shatner was so hilarious, I just love the way celebrities take Palin’s word verbatim and use it for jokes and prose lol.

  • mia

    No you are nothing like Angelina, there is only one Angelina, Madonna, Jlo, and Beyonce period!

  • hannah

    Is Megan Fox the Next Angelina Jolie? As If!!!!

  • NativeNYker

    Your completely right. She is no Jolie!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Dont worry Megan, we know it!!!

  • liz

    Meagon fox compared herself to Angelina first.. about the tatts.
    & aww AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz a 90210 reunion?! (:
    When I saw Kellan Lutz in 90210 I was suprised, he’s so funny!

  • megan Fox

    Angelina is just a homely older sister compared to me.

  • 1- 10

    Megan ——–9+
    Angelina —–8 —–and dropping real fast
    (10 =perfection is unreachable)

  • Whateva’

    She sure ain’t NO! Angelina. With all that plastic surgery! NO!

    and she needs to stop saying Angelina’s name in her interviews,

    trying to draw attention to herself. it’s NOT working! cause NO ONE

    would ever confuse her with the BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED,

    emphasis on the word talented Angelina Jolie.

  • n.o.l.a

    Megan Fox is absolutely right,…She is not even CLOSE to being THE JOLIE!

  • no contest

    Young and hot vs. older mom of 6…….9 out of 10 men chose Megan

  • karen

    Why does she keep saying what everyone else knows..

    Can we move on or is this crap going to last as long as the pretend triangle of Brad/Angie and Jen

    I wish Megan would stop saying Angelina’s name.. She needs to talk about her life and so on…. But she can’t shut that p o r n mouth of hers.

  • Megan Fox is annoying!

    Get a clue Megan, You Suck!

  • jolie-pitt fan

    Don’t worry, you are no comparison to Angie, she is not you & you will never be like her. Preriod.End of story.

  • Megan is young & HOT

    “I’m Not Angelina Jolie!’
    Thank God… theres only one of those whack jobs

  • Megan fan

    Angelina is long in the tooth, literally….It is an insult for Megan to be compared to Angelina.

  • Poppy2

    what a Brain Drain…

  • openyoureyes

    The story that eveyone here is missing is the other article on Cindy Crawford who is without a doubt on of the most beautiful women. Forget Meghan, Gisele, Angelina, etc. The models of the 80′s and 90′s produced some of the most amazing, stunnng women ever and Cindy led the pack.

  • stacy

    Megan Fox’s face literally frightens me. It looks like it was made by Mattel.

  • wake up


    Cindy is a beauty.. but the day of the “super model” is dead..
    Gisele is on mag covers, but it would not make me buy one. sorry true.

    Actresses and such have moved them out. No one really cares anymore.

    sorry Cindy but you are a thing of the past.. a beautiful one no doubt.. but that time is just gone.

  • Samantha

    Ofcourse stupid b*tch
    You are NOT and NEVER will be Angelina
    She’s gorgeous

    You are a Tranny
    and NOT talented

    You are not even worthy of saying her name
    stupid arrogant b*tch

  • Katie

    She’s NOTHING compared to Angie

  • Sweetie

    Megan is nohting like Angelina, and she never will be. ahe is not close to angelina at all, her personality, her acting her great heart and passion. Megan ias a steel wannabe. Her lips and rest of her is Fake. megan euw.

  • Lynn

    There’s only one angelina.
    And megan fox sucks!! she looks like trash in a porn movie. She will be better doing porn movies instead of transformers or things like that.
    Megan fox you are not even close to being angelina. Shut the f…. up. and stop saying angelia’s name.

  • Lynn

    There’s only one angelina.
    And megan fox sucks!! she looks like trash in a p…. movie. She will be better doing pxxx movies instead of transformers or things like that.
    Megan fox you are not even close to being angelina. Shut the f…. up. and stop saying angelia’s name.

  • Isabella

    Megan Fox can’tr act so she doesn’t deserve to be the Next Angelina Jolie. I saw Transformers and all she did was pout her lips, and show her ass. She’s a horrible actress.

  • Ruby

    You’re damn right…so stop trying to convince that you are!!! This chick doesn’t know, what she doesn’t know, humble pie goes a long way my friend-get a clue!

  • sweetie

    @Sweetie: Please use your own name. I always go by sweetie here. Thanks!

    Agree, they are both their own women. There is only one Angelina and one Megan. The comparisons are silly.

  • Jessica

    Angelina is pure class….and megan and pure trash. Why won’t she just go AWAY!

  • melissa

    she’s hotter than jolie


    Megan, dear. You- will- NEVER measure up to the Jolie! NEVER in this life or any life! YOU HEAR ME?!

  • Dirty Denise

    Megan, you are not even in the same league as Angelina Jolie. There’s only one Angelina Jolie. They mold was broken.

  • tired of megan

    Megan, start talking when you possess some brains.. like Angelina.

  • Paty

    honey we all know that

  • catherine

    Megan doesn’t have a chance next to Angelina. Her looks don’t even come close and her acting sucks! Megan looks like she paid to have her looks (although she is still unatractive no matter what she does) she looks like she belongs in a wax museum, not to mention she needs brases with those buck teeth .Angelina is beautiful, born beautiful, classy and warm hearted I would say the most beautiful,and talented actress of today. Megan, you belong in a porn movie, they don’t care what you look like or how you act. You might as well spread your legs, cuz that is all you are worth. Wait, I am sure you will have to bag your face first…

  • catherine

    @melissa: You are kidding right? You actually think megan is above Angie? It’s not about looks but about the over all package.

  • Bad Kitty

    @Dirty Denise: I think she is trying to be the same “brand” as Angelina but be unique also. She’s a decade younger so she is probably just trying to follow her footsteps. There are tons of blondes in hollywood that are like marilyn monroe not too many like Angelina. She’s the closest to it. She will be okay as long as she tries to be a little more different. Otherwise people are going to resent her.

  • jenny

    we already know this Megan, it’s good to see you do too, the jealous posters of Angie are pathetic and childish, the entire world knows better, we can not list all of Angie’s accomplishments not only in front of the camera, but most importantly behind it . how gorgeous is Angie? but there’s way more to her than beauty.


    All ages love Angelina because we’ve grown up with her watching her movies. Megan is still young and mainly attracts young/old horney guys.

  • help I can’t get up

    any younger guy would chose Megan Fox. She is climbing the ladder of stardom while Jolie has been to the top, briefly, & tripped and fallen on the way down like an old lady with a broken hip.

  • c.h

    I wouldn’t compare them though even if they do have some similarities. Angelina Jolie has already made a mark for herself while I’d like to see Megan Fox develop and mold herself more as an actress. She’s young and may still have a long way to go in this business. I’m not interested in Megan Fox at first and don’t get all the media fuss about her and I surely am not fond of her statements either. But I don’t know, there’s something about her (not her looks) that makes me want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Dani

    jajaja That’s so funny.
    Angie = Beauty and intelligent
    Megan= Fake and Stupid

  • Poppy2

    She just compared Zac to Tom and Rihanna to Beyonce (what an insult to Beyonce, she isn’t even near Beyonce’s toenails)

    Now Megan is saying don’t compare her to Angelina???

    What a Air Head!!!

  • Mercy Me

    She just compared Zac to Tom and Rihanna to Beyonce (what an insult to Beyonce, she isn’t even near Beyonce’s toenails)

    Now Megan is saying don’t compare her to Angelina???

    What a Air Head!!!

  • Passive Aggressive

    I still like her. She isn’t Angelina but she’s still entertaining. I hope she works on her acting skills and gets more movie parts.

  • lol

    if she doesn’t want to be compared, why would she even bother digging up this old topic?

    yeah right Megan, you don’t want to be compared to Jolie but you can’t stop mentioning her name.

    she should just stfu because honestly, Jolie doesn’t give a fck about her.

  • It’s a no brainer Megan, you will never be Jolie so stop copying her.

  • Laine

    @karen: Because they hound her with it at interviews and its frustrating to not have your own name.. not being recognised for being YOURSELF.

    And whoever is cracking plastic surgery jokes Ange has had a LOT of work done before her fame blew up.