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Megan Fox Rejects Seth Rogen

Megan Fox Rejects Seth Rogen

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Seth Rogen relives his first appearance on JKL in 2007 when Megan Fox was also a guest (it was her very first talk show).

Seth, 27, recounts the painful memory where he tried to offer a friendly kiss to Megan as she entered the studio and she blatantly rejected him. Wah wah…

Check out the clip of Seth reliving the embarrassment all over again!

Seth‘s latest comedy, Funny People, is in theaters NOW!

Megan Fox Rejects Seth Rogen
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  • yeyeye

    he’s a funny dude

  • Nahla

    Doesn’t surprise me from her. She’s such a ho who’s way too full of herself.

  • Bad Kitty

    LOL!!! That was really funny! Awwww, he’s cute, poor guy.

  • Katie

    wah wah she’s such a brat.

  • Tiffany

    hahahahahaha! she should of kissed him. Seth is hot.

  • mimilala

    LOL…too funny. It doesn’t seem to me that she was being a B about it, more like it was an awkward moment, people are nervous, not sure what to do – how to greet, etc.

    Pretty funny.

  • Nick

    That happened in Knocked Up when he tried to kiss her on the cheek after breakfast… too funny!

  • Megan Fox is ANNOYING!

    That’s just WRONG!!

  • ♥Tiff♥

    @Tiffany: have my name..

  • Double Dragon

    Ohhh I would kiss Seth :)

  • gal

    that was really funny. my stomach hurts from laughing…

  • parisgirl

    Lmaoo poor Seth!
    I’m pretty sure she was nervous though, she probably didn’t mean to diss him like that… at least, I hope so lol

  • dddjjj333

    HAHA that was so funny… he looked down so dejected after wards. But I honestly don’t think she meant to reject him, she just looked nervous. Hahahaha too funny.

  • rocky

    Yuck! I wouldn’t want him kissing me either.

  • jwelch

    Lol she wasn’t being a bitch. It was just an awkward moment. And it was her first interview so I’m sure she was nervous

  • Huh

    Will Rogen ever grow up or did all the drugs he take make him an insecure, angry man? So glad Entourage laid into him a couple weeks back. Cry me a river.

  • May

    He is so cute and funny!

  • hello1

    i agree #16!!! Seth Rogen likes to complain about people and cant let it go. First with Katherine Heigl, who is still talking crap about. LET IT GO. Then with Entourage and now with Megan Fox!!! Stop trying to be the guy who wants everyone to feel sorry for. People wont forget your comments on Date Rape you made for the movie Observe and Report! He’s a typical guy trying to bring women down just like all of his and Judd Apatows movies.

  • hello1

    reading all these comments, Seth seems to know how to persuade people otherwise. People here are now hating Megan Fox lmao. He likes to run his mouth about things and he comes out the good guy. Im glad Entourage cast and crew ripped him a new one.

  • Double Dragon

    @hello1: Ohhh I didn’t hear about all that….ewwww……I don’t like complainers :(

  • Lady

    Seth Rogen is adorable in a nerdy way. He’s like the “every man”. I think Megan Fox thinks she is all that. I think she really ruined her body with those tattoos. What the heck will all that crap look when she’s 40? Gross! What goes around….comes around tho. Megan Fox will be seeking Seth Rogen out for a kiss when her flame starts to burn out.

  • barry

    she is a bit**

  • pop

    what an idiot. he is a comic who like many like him to drag famous beautiful women down with him.

  • Brit

    It doesn’t look like she did that on purpose. It kind of looks like she mouths “thank you” to him, I’m sure for staying out there like she had asked him to. To me, if you saw that clip and didn’t hear his story, you would have no idea that she “dissed” him. I don’t think it looks like it was on purpose. But whatever…I love them both!

  • mailey

    omg, so funny. i was laughing so hard lol

  • vicks

    eww she’s gross! he’s HOT!! I wouldn’t reject him!

  • Lizz

    Aw poor Seth! Hey Jared so since Megan has been compared a lot to Angelina, people have failed to notice that Megan looks nothing like her except for the tattoos. Megan actually looks like latin actress Barbara Mori. Look her up and see how much they actually look alike.

  • Laine

    Hhaha aww! But she was whispering thanks to Seth as he tried to kiss her so it didnt work out. Shes not a bitchhh

  • lakers fan in boston

    i still remember that interview
    at that time, megan was pretty shy if i remember right
    it’s all right seth
    ur still the man =]


    LMAO this was hilarious!!
    bless him, he is so adorable :L

  • meh

    aw poor Seth! He’s such a cutie.

  • jane

    he looks great

  • butch

    why should she have given him a kiss? she didn’t eve know him – I’m sure she’d met Kimmel at least once before being on camera. I think even Rogen realizes he had hopped she’d be all flustered and kiss him. HaHa.. I’m sure it’s not the first time men thought they could take the upper hand…denied! She said ‘thank you’ for staying on stage, but kind of ducked around him – it was funny and made me like her more. I like Seth too, but looks like he was being an idiot. Serves him right.

  • chelsey

    LMFAO. What a bitch. shes seriously probably the rudest human being that I have NEVER met hahaha

  • Train

    Oh calm down people. He basically pussed out. He didn’t make his intentions known so she slid right past him. He didn’t even lean in. His own fault though I get his nervousness. Just stop trying to blame it on her when it was his lack of confidence that caused it.

  • emmaa

    Lmao!! Seth’s an attractive guy, he should have a gf

  • athena

    Seth, I’d kiss you…her loss.

  • cowlicker

    It’s good to know that the whole “cracked out slut” look isn’t a new thing.

  • sallyp

    I’m sick and tired of Megan Fox. When will her 15 minutes go away ?! She is attractive, but I don’t understand this undying media facination around her. She has no talent. I saw an interview with her & Diablo Cody for “Jennifer’s Body” @ Comic Con. It is obvious Diablo can’t stand her- she didn’t even hide it. Fox is too full of herself & she proved it @ the last MTV Awards.

  • jesse

    LOL this was hilarious..but i dont think she did it on purpose…i don’t think she knew he was trying to kiss her and was thanking him for staying


    fuking bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a stuk up hoe

  • lol

    unfortunately, i agree with sallyp

  • conor

    so close but yet so far unlucky mate

  • teddy

    @mimilala: No way, she dissed him, she did that on purpose. That is mean and so bad.

  • AMY

    Funny but not cool, she´s just pretty (like thousands at her age) why she believes thas she is untuchable? its upon the time….agree with LADY… :)

  • suppress your appetite

    heh heh heh – nice laugh seth!

  • Andreas

    For all we know, Seth rogen might act like a nerdy everyday joe or nice guy–but did you ever think perhaps he tried acosting Megan Fox? Did you ever think he tried using his then higher status to get with her? Doesn’t it seem pathetic when not so attractive me use their position of power to obtain female favors, yet denounce such women as superficlal when they are rejected, however the first thing Seth Rogen mentioned was “when…would he get with a pretty girl like that”?

    It’s not that she thinks highly of herself, rather why should she not value herself? Seth Rogen is not a very attractive guy, nothing wrong with that, but he shouldn’t use his fame to attract females, particualrly when they are much younger than he, asif admitting he doesn;t have a chance with a mature woman his age.

  • Cassie

    I’ve seen another interview with her on Live with Regis and Kelly, but Kelly wasn’t there. It was some other guy. She kissed Regis on the cheek, but didn’t bother with the other one. I just don’t think she likes to kiss a guy that’s not a host of the talk show. Understandable.

  • alicia

    well, it’s probebly very late to comment on this, (!) , but I think she didn’t mean to do that. I saw all of her interviews and that back then was her very first interview and she didn’t talked so much, she was abviously nervious. and she probebly didn’t know seth was expecting a kiss! Don’t judje her just because she didn’t kiss him. I know, if i were seth i would like her to kiss me, but, no biggy! seth is hot and funny, he get to kiss alot of other girls and maybe megan some day.

    And I hopefully will kiss kellan lutz:X:x