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Blake Lively is Super Saturday Sexy

Blake Lively is Super Saturday Sexy

Blake Lively joins InStyle managing editor Ariel Foxman to host QVC’s Super Saturday Live at Nova’s Ark Project on Saturday (August 1) in Water Mill, New York.

The 12th annual Super Saturday, which was also hosted by designer Donna Karan and talk show host Kelly Ripa, benefited The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Also pictured: Kelly‘s husband, Mark Consuelos. The couple purchased the entire line of Wholearth by Danny Seo beauty and bath products!

10+ pictures inside of Super Saturday sexy Blake Lively

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Photos: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for QVC
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  • Kendi


  • Sally

    Gorgeous ♥

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    This girl is way too tall.
    Why does she even add more height with heels?

  • gfhgh

    to YES! well she canwear wat ever she wants but u have a point there hahah

  • satoo

    I agree with number 3 she is too tall and she lijkes to wera heels !!!
    it is inappropriate to a girl to be taller than man !!!!!
    I like leighton meester’s body more !!

  • Nick

    Blake is so naturally beautiful

  • Nick

    @YES!: Some women are taller then men.. get over it

  • dundies

    it is inappropriate to a girl to be taller than man !!!!!


    weird? yes. inappropriate? no. lol are you mad because your insufficient

  • Juliet

    Who cares if she’s taller than men?. Why everyone needs to criticize everything all the time?
    As said Nick, Blake is naturally beautiful. And if she wants to wear heels like every other girls, I don’t see what’s the problem.
    It’s not like if it’s her own fault to be tall.

  • what

    LOL it is not “inappropriate” for a woman to be taller than a man. that means every single tall woman is now inappropriate! but HOW is that inappropriate? what a silly comment that is.

  • rhaissa

    Blake is so beautiful
    I love you so mush

  • kris

    i don’t really think she’s too tall
    i think she’s fine
    she looks gorgeous<3

  • hello

    she’s very pear-shaped…

  • TR

    What the h-e-l-l kind of name is Ariel? Isn’t that the name of some fairy in a disney movie? Guy looks like a gay midget. Not cute, sorta pasty and way too fem to pee standing up!

  • martin

    Blake looks great, with the skirt and shirt. But, why didn’t they lay out a carpeton that grass?

  • Sandra

    Being tall does not mean renounce feminity and not wearing heels.
    Ugh, such silly comments over here.

  • leka

    fake beauty

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    No one is blaming her for being born “tall”, but if you are so tall, don’t wear heels or such high heels.
    There are plenty of beautiful shoes that do not include heels.
    Ariel is a name from the bible I think. One of the angels, by the way.

  • Jen

    Such ridiculous comments in this post. Yea she is tall but she is a girl if she likes to wear heels, who cares? she looks great in them and has the legs to wear heels. She doesn’t have to renounce to wearing heels just because she is tall. I didn’t know heels were made just for short people for heaven sakes, heels are for all women.
    I think she has a great figure, and is a beautiful girl.

    Also, Mark and Kelly make an extremely cute couple.

  • tracy

    she is drop dead gorgeous as always ,i love her so much

    dont blame her height,she is a girl ,a girl has the right to wear the heels

  • rachel

    Kelly looks so much better when she does her own hair like in these photos. That hairdresser on Regis and Kelly always puts that ridiculous flat “shelf” of hair on her left side and when she looks at Regis she looks like she’s peering out from behind a flat, blonde curtain.
    I noticed when the hairdresser was on the show that she wears her own hair the same way – it’s so ugly!
    She and Mark are a cute couple!



    but from many candids ,she always wears the shoes without the heels.

    i think she wears the heels b/c she attends the events

    BTW,she is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful ,gorgeous chick

  • me

    She looks great as per usual . . .but is it my imagination or has she gained weight mainly in her hips.

  • blah

    i envy penn.

  • karen

    @satoo: Its not her fault some guys are short. Shes 5’10 and GORGEOUS. She can wear heels all she wants!

  • jason


    i always envy penn.
    I hope blake can be my girl friend.Beautiful ,enchanting ,amazing……

  • deraj tsuj

    i heard she’s a hermaphrodite , Penn loves it

  • jason

    @deraj tsuj:

    hater ,why you said that?

    i hate someone always create the stupid rumors

  • helena

    @deraj tsuj:

    i heard i heard……blah blah blah

    friend,this is the first time i heard the stupid rumor.If you hate blake ,why you pay attention on her?

    Blake is a super gorgeous girl ,hope she can be happy everyday.I hate someone hurts her without the evidence.

    And about the heels,every girl has the right to wear the heel ,not only for the short person

  • keely

    gorgeous as always, love her

  • Jz

    Blake is always so gorgeous!

    For those who think tall girl should not ware heels, which century did you come from? It’s such a stupid thing to say that it’s inappropriate for women to be higher than man, fortunately Penn is from this century and doesn’t have such a ignorant thought.

  • apple

    @deraj tsuj:

    deraj tsuj, I heard you are a hermaphrodite, but unfortunately nobody loves you.

  • magdalene.

    How can you say she is TOO tall?? I don’t get it. Every single model is tall and the height is kind of an asset – she’s got beautiful body and gorgeous legs to wear stilettos.
    I don’t find it bad that she is higher than that guy. He’s got a problem, not Blake.

    And how dubious is that – every girl wants to look special and good. If they’re short, no one notices them, and right when they’re tall – there are stupid statements about being too tall :/


    She is damn gorgeous ,has beautiful face ,amazing body ,why she cant wear the heels B/C she is tall?

    How ridicurous !!!!! I love her ,she is my super goddess

  • jason


    Gosh ,you are so ture ,that guy is a loser

  • susie


  • gigi

    wow, Blake is stunning, she looks so fresh, what a lovely girl!

    She is the only reason to watch Gossip Girl.

  • fanny

    she is gorgeous ,but why everytime same pose?boring boring boring

    she also the only one reason i watch gossip girl

  • lakers fan in boston

    @satoo: lmao, inappropriate?
    just because ur probably some stumpy person, dont be mad because if some1 is taller than u
    personally i adore tall girls, since im like 6’1
    she’s like 5’10, so with heels we’d probably be even so im fine with that
    what i find annoying are stumpy girls, especially along the rang of 5-5’3
    usually have horribly stumpy legs

    i dig her outfit, im just not a big fan of her face, she’s kinda like gisele 2 me, awesome body, bad face

    kelly ripa looks better on her show than in public, i think it’s because of what she wears, it’s just so strange 2 me

  • me

    I heard she is going to be in the next movie Ben Affleck is directing. Fortunately, he is 6′ 2 l/2″!!!!

  • me

    I heard she is going to be in the next movie Ben Affleck is directing. Fortunately, he is 6′ 2 l/2″!!!!

  • bell

    yes ,she will be in the movie “the town”.but she will be hook up Ben Affleck? I am not sure ,B/C her role is not big ,she is the sister of Jeremy Renner in the movie ,i never read that book,i dont know what about her role

    By the way,she is so gorgeous as always ,i always love her eyes ,so beautiful ,she is a really real-life barbie doll

    the heels ?she can wear whatever she wants?why many people blame her height,it is not her fault

  • bell

    @lakers fan in boston:

    i have the same feeling she a little likes gisele,but to me ,they are all drop dead gorgeous

  • Haya

    Her last name says it all, lively.

  • Lalala

    Wow, you guys can be so shallow. I’m 5’10 and I wear heels all the time.. I’m glad Blake isn’t afraid to show her curves, too. Finally, a celebrity that isn’t a STICK. She seems so real. I can relate to her — she’s amazing.

    @Sandra: I agree with you, girl :) There is no rule that girls should be shorter than guys.

  • jesse


  • liz

    overprocessed and haggard, like always.

  • jack

    OMG,she is always so charming .

    Blake lively=Gorgeous ,beautiful ,sexy ,amazing.WOW,i love her ,love her forever

  • Krista

    Blake’s absolutely gorgeous. I love how natural and effortless her style is.

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s cute! nice figure.