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Jennifer Aniston is Perky Pretty

Jennifer Aniston is Perky Pretty

A perky-looking Jennifer Aniston steps out in a pair of straw wedges as she arrives to the set of her new movie The Bounty in New York City on Thursday (July 30).

It’s been recently revealed that the 40-year-old actress allows herself a nightly cigarette before heading off to bed. She does this while taking in the skyline of her favorite city on Earth — The Big Apple.

15+ pictures inside of perky Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston perky 01
jennifer aniston perky 02
jennifer aniston perky 03
jennifer aniston perky 04
jennifer aniston perky 05
jennifer aniston perky 06
jennifer aniston perky 07
jennifer aniston perky 08
jennifer aniston perky 09
jennifer aniston perky 10
jennifer aniston perky 11
jennifer aniston perky 12
jennifer aniston perky 13
jennifer aniston perky 14
jennifer aniston perky 15

Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Fame Pictures
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  • ck_always

    She’s got some nipples alright!

  • yeah

    One word: loser

  • iris

    nice body

  • Danielle

    Love those shoes!

  • Sue

    Ever heard of a bra?
    Ugh. Pitiful.

  • emma


  • Raichill

    I think she has a bra on but it’s one of those thin lycra ones.

  • loyal

    Oh, my. She is looking her age here. The bra-less look is good for 20 year olds, this just looks sad. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to start dressing more age appropriate. She is on a downward slide now age wise, so before it is too late, stop and start selling herself on her looks.

  • loyal

    @loyal: whoops, up too late. stop selling her self on looks.

  • headlights are on


    I think that outfit might be part of her movie wardrobe….

    I have never understood why her ni/pples are always hard. It’s the wierdest thing. In any event, she looks good. And I love her shoes.

  • sakura

    hello… Nipples!!! LMAO

  • hmm

    She has the best body.

  • K.G.

    Amazing body. Her legs look great in those photos.

  • whatever

    she’s wearing a bra so get over it!

  • babe

    I heard that Brad once bit on them (the nipples that is) and he also got hard.


    Those aren’t her real nipples. They are sticking out in the same way in EVERY picture. Real nipples don’t do that unless there’s an artic breeze. She’s wearing pasties. It’s 90 degrees outside, sunny and she’s wearing a bra. Seriously, for a 40 yr old to wear pasties! It screams, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

  • FAke!

    Her hairstyle changes but her nipples stay the SAME in every picture?Those aren’t her REAL nipples. Real nipples don’t stay out unless there’s an artic breeze. She’s wearing pasties. It’s 90 degrees outside, sunny and she’s wearing a bra. Seriously, for a 40 yr old to wear pasties! It screams, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

  • FAke!

    What a sad needy, attention-ho, wearing FAKE pasties!

  • amy

    nice nipples, someone’s horny…John Mayer, where are you?

  • lisa

    GROSS! She puts nipples in her bra. What if men stuffed their pants? HOW GROSS! She’s like a stripper, wanting people to LOOK at her chest. TRASHY!

  • hello

    the hair is incredible

  • nikomilinko

    i think she has bottox

  • Gross!

    Most decent and talented actors wouldn’t walk around with their NIPPLES POPPING OUT FOR THE PAPARAZZI. What a total gross attention-whore!

  • hag

    that dam* ugly man horse face under the hair is the real problem!! YUCK!!

  • e.lis

    UGH…… Bra please, comb please, a less botox. More Angie photos

  • sienna

    She has a great body. Most women of her age and even younger would die for a body like hers. Beautiful legs.. and beautiful shoes.

  • Zorro


  • exotic

    those paparazzis make her day!
    stupid cow. She pays these blogs

  • jen the aging porn star

    Bra less look sexy on the twenty something but when you’re 40′s ,it look YUCKY and low class.

  • hag

    look at this ugly skank! wearing nip pasties to pull attention from the crow’s feet eating her beady eyes!!! NASTY CUM BUCKET!!

  • cj stjohn

    Those are her real nipples..she has what they call nursing nipples..very prominent…she talked about the subject many years ago…and why shouldn’t she show her do???..I’m just tired of the fact that a woman can show every part of her breast except the nipple and yet men show their nipples all the time…time to grow up people.

  • exotic


    that’s right. However, shame for you, that’s the only good thing you maniston fans like about her

  • hag

    can someone please tell skankinston to comb that rat’s nest! she needs Carol’s daughter hair care products.

  • cj stjohn


    I’m not a maniston fan…just stating the facts..I don’t like or dislike the woman.

  • exotic


    No. 14= go see an ophthalmologist

  • exotic

    @cj stjohn:

    Oh, ok. fair enough

  • meme

    just georgeous as allways

  • jaxon

    It’s obviously a warm day as she’s wearing shorts so WHY are her nipples sticking out? She’s not aroused is she? Those are the onlly two reasons for hard nipples. I can’t believe she wants to look like this. It would embarrass me to death. If mine were standing up like that I would be grabbing a sweater to cover up with. That’s just gross. And if she really is stuffing something in her bra to make it look like that then she is beyond pathetic.

  • liverwurst

    #14 thru#20,#23 all the same flabby assed loon.

  • liverwurst

    @hag: @e.lis: There are some pics of Angie at McDonalds drive thru you can look at? LOL!

  • Alexandre

    Looking HOT! Dang!!!!

  • just for show

    @jaxon: You’re are so stupid. Nipples can appear hard without arousal or chill. Their are woman who’s nipples never get hard too, you know the ones that are just one big soft looking nipple? Nothing woman can do about it, it is what it is. I think it looks sexy though, and with those great legs, she’s looking mighty good.

  • Americassweetie

    NORMAN! He’s so cute!

  • louisa

    Jennifer is soooo classy. Put a bra on. Also her nipples are either fake or she does something to stimulate them (icecubes). She’s the only person in the world who’s nipples repeatedly shows up in 90 degree weather.

  • fugliston

    Maniston looks like an AGING PORN STAR! Pam and her should do the walk in HW blvd. LMAOOO!!

  • oh yeah

    Maniston looks like an AGING P 0 R N STAR!!

  • neil

    Just how long will she be able to “milk” these to feed her career?!
    You are all aware of course that fake “errect” nipple pasties are available? In the 2000′s nobody pads their bras anymore. Now it’s all about the nipples. As a guy I can tell you it is verry effective.

  • poorloons

    All the hater loons are so upset cause Jen looks a decade younger than Angie. And yes, we always mention how hot and sexy Jen’s body is because Angie has such an ugly body and we know that you know it too. LOL, she’s built like a coat rack, if it weren’t for all the plastic surgery Angie had on her now beautiful face, she never would have got her hooks into Brad. Evidently the pretty face wasn’t enough cause their relationship os over. They just get together for the kids. Oh and no need for a divorce, cause he never married the coat rack did he? Ha!

  • Aaaaatsche
  • hag

    Skankinston looks like one of those long haired “best in show” dogs.