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Jennifer Aniston is Perky Pretty

Jennifer Aniston is Perky Pretty

A perky-looking Jennifer Aniston steps out in a pair of straw wedges as she arrives to the set of her new movie The Bounty in New York City on Thursday (July 30).

It’s been recently revealed that the 40-year-old actress allows herself a nightly cigarette before heading off to bed. She does this while taking in the skyline of her favorite city on Earth — The Big Apple.

15+ pictures inside of perky Jennifer Aniston

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Fame Pictures
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  • bet

    bad kittly

    i taught she is just half Greek, i know her tan Goldn skin comes from her father side.

  • Plumeria

    Her shoes – Stuart Weitzman Women’s “Alex” Crochet Espadrilles -

  • Neverending

    Also, some are stating that this outfit is not “age appropriate”. Since when did a t-shirt and shorts become something that only 20 yr olds can wear? Is she supposed to be wearning a mumu or something? AJ fans must be about 12 yrs old. That’s just retarded.

  • Bad Kitty

    @Neverending: Oh and I was right about the bird flu panemic now wasn’t I? Hmmm, I seem to remember being told I didn’t know how pandemics work blah blah blah….Who turned out to be right? Yes. That’s right. ME!

  • NeverendingDIATRIBE

    Neverending @ 08/01/2009 at 3:31 pm STUPID Kitty

    Your post is absolutely offensive. How dare you chastise someone like that for their opinion. Who, exactly, do you think you are for your opinion to have more value than someone elses?

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Someone’s wittle feelings got hoit. Where does it hoit, Neverending? Perhaps it is this part:
    ………..contrast that with the pathetic life anuston is living, the frequent humiliation she brings on herselff, both in her choice of lovers and her career moves; the absence of family love; her singlehood and apparent lonelines, such that she told the world that her best friend and lover is her dogs (remember, she said her dogs come first in her life before any lover, child, friend or parents!!!!!!!!).

  • bet

    real facts

    no body is smoking hot she is. everyone is hot and smoking in thier way. everyone has thier on something that they do not like. no one is perfect. but everyone in your list is smoking hot body just like jen. All the women you listed has perfect body just like jen, but i prefer her leg and Ass better than the other, excpet halle ass.

    thank God you put list of woman with curve not Anoraxic looking women with bold haid and chiken leg.

  • bet


    welll she is Sexyyyyyyyyyy. what can i do she is sexy, so have to say it.

    and also to answer your question i love her.


    bet @ 08/01/2009 at 4:00 pm bad kittly

    i taught she is just half Greek, i know her tan Goldn skin comes from her father side.


    Sorry ‘bet’. Her ‘tan golden skin’ comes courtesy of: days upon days and hours upon hours lying by the pool, with azz and coochie up in the air as she tries to get a seamless tan. And when she cant get to the sun, she roughs it on a tanning bed in her built-in spa and gym.
    How many times are we to tell you that there aint nothing ‘natural’ about your b!tch. LMFAO!!

  • bet


    Weather God given or from beutifull sun, still her skin look Goldn on that flawless body. what a body. An art of body.

  • NeverendingDIATRIBE

    And btw, idjit, there ARE in fact some opinions that are more valuable than others. Are you a complete moron or youre just pulling our leg?
    In general, everyone has got an opinion about something. Thats just like saying we are all human and that we al have an azzhole. Aint nothing unique in that. But you bet your azz that some opinions are more valuable that others.
    You think, for example, that anyone places any value on bet’s opinions? Bet is the 21st century example of a court jester. She exists solely that we can have someone to ridicule on this board. Completely and absolutely.
    One can only hope, for her sake, that even bet doesnt take herself seriously. Now THAT would be tragic. (altho i have a sinking feeling that the tragedy has already occured. LOL)

  • Neverending


    I rest my case. You are showing as much class as I expected. And I’m sure you’re sitting there patting yourself on the back thinking how absolutley brilliant you are. It dosen’t take brilliance nor intelligence to sit behind a computer and attempt to insult someone. What would be brilliant is if you could actually make anyone care what you think. Grow up and walk away from the sandbox every now and again. Oh, and ….drink milk, it does a body good. And hopefully will you grow up nice and strong, you’re going to need it with the attitude you’re sporting.

  • HAG

    AnusStain is a smoking hot MESS!! b*tch trys too hard and FAILS every time!! give up L.O.S.E.R.

  • all


  • Bad Kitty

    As long as she looks good she can wear whatever she wants. If we didn’t know how old she really was we probably would think she was a lot younger. I don’t think you are ever too old to do something. I know some people in their 50s or 60s getting tattoos for the first time. Hey, it’s her own person they can do what they want. There are men her age that still dress like they are in their 20s so why not.

  • HAG

    this hag can dress like a 20 something but that face screams COUGAR!!!!!

  • *

    Any real man would take that over Morticia Jolie

  • NeverendingDIATRIBE

    Have you taken a look in the morror recently? Go look up the word HYPOCRITE in the dictionary (fyi and convenience, try and see if you recognize the picture right beside that word. (hint: it look like the reflection you will see looking back at you in the mirror).

  • hehehe

    After what? 3 or 4 of her own Jolie must have some real floppy flapjacks.

  • She’s friggen HOT!

    Looks like this thread is filled with jelous pigs and fruits BWahahahhaaaaaaaaaa.

  • HAG

    hagistons, this post is about your ugly hag. the focus is on skankinston. that desperate, old woman who uses “tricks” to keep her relevant. the pasties are just played out, old and PATHETIC!!

  • NeverendingDIATRIBE

    hehehe @ 08/01/2009 at 4:37 pm
    After what? 3 or 4 of her own Jolie must have some real floppy flapjacks.


    You mustnt allow your inferiroty complex to be revealed so clearly. We’re embarrassed for you.
    Here’s the thing: when you sit in your dark little corner (both literally and figuratively) and ‘believe’ something to be true, when in fact, the objective reality is there for you to access freely, it makes you look exactly like the hick from the boondocks that you try so desperately to pretend you arent.
    Can you grasp that?

  • so true

    Wow! The poster who wrote this is so spot on. Kudos to you. Even the most hateful person can look and see for themselves that this is true:

    ……….the love of a good man who has made-all-her-dreams-come-true; the blessing of motherhood six times over and counting; the love of a large, wonderful extended family; the undying, reciprocal love of her wonderful mother; a career that just keeps moving skyward; the love and admiration of millions of people ALL OVER THE WORLD, many of whom know nothing about her movie star career and love life, but only that she has a huge loving heart that propels her to go to the ends of the earth to help make life better for them………..
    See, thats just a smattering of the wonderful, rewarding life that Angie is living. She is clearly reaping her just rewards. She MUST, therefore, had sown very well.

  • Bad Kitty

    I’ve had two kids and besides being about 30 pounds overweight everything is as it was before. It’s my completely anecedotal opinion that the younger you have the children and your own personal genetics lends to how much your body changes. The younger you are the better your body bounces back.

  • HAG

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are living a “well sown life”!!!!

  • french

    She is pretty.

  • Zoz

    @anonymous: what boobs she’s just B cup.other celebrities aren’t attention whores married to one big star then divorced.a waitress would still get attention if married to pitt and did what this chick does.

  • dono

    That woman is so ugly, and that body is ugly too. Those shorts look so ugly with that shirt. And just when you thought she couldn’t get any uglier. Every square inch of Jennifer Aniston is ugly and horrid. She’s gotta be older than 40 thats for sure.

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    Everyone *use* to love her. Maybe she is getting a backlash now because of the unkind things she has said about her ex’s. I personally felt bad for her ex’s when she made some very unflattered comments about them. I think every high profile man she has been with has done her favors and they don’t deserve the unkind words.

  • jen the stripper

    OH look, it’s Ms. NIIPLE-POP LOOK AT ME. SHE wants attention again! Did Michael Jackson news cut into your spotlight? God, when will celebs stop being so shallow! You are a glorified stripper at this point. This is something LOHAN does, not you!

  • furbaby

    Ewwww….gross. Yup, L-O-S-E-R

  • eli

    Attention WHOREEEee

  • wobbler30

    Geez I wish Pitt would go back to her. I feel for his children but Angie would share parental rights. She’s not that kind of girl and from the looks of it he probably wouldn’t fight for custody. Cause he really is tired of all the kids.He keeps on whining about how difficult it is to raise six. Let the hag have him Angie, it’s not like you wouldn’t find another man. Jen can’t so let her have the arrogant one back he has gotten to big for his own britches lately. He thinks he is hot shite because he has YOU and this idiot let’s everyone know she still pines for him because she is so insecure ans stupid. He is a selfish terd believe it or not. PLEASE SEND HIM BACK AND SEE HOW HE PARADES AROUND THEN! Go ahead Angie do it for the natural free world. Please put him and Aniston in their places.

  • bill

    She looks fine, nipples or not

  • Marieme

    @sienna: Who in their right mind “would die for a body” like anyone’s. It’s such a lame and stupid thing to say or think. Anyone who wastes a moment of their life wishing for a perfect physical image in their head is as stupid as someone who spends tons of money to achieve that image. Like Maniston with her two nose jobs, boob job, tan jobs, hair dyes, and continuous flashing of T & A to maintain a superficial career. So I guess you’re the perfect kind of fan for her! Superficial as all he*LL

  • nyob

    Her legs look great and I love the shoes. But what is up with her face lately? Looks very puffy, particularly around the eyes. Botox I guess?

  • Scruffy puffy


  • G

    If anyone looks at those pixs and think this woman is….seriously needs to get their eyes checked..Right away..I don’t hate her..But WTF!!
    Oh my!!
    Someone should have stopped her from showing her face outside..Ugh!
    And by the by,Why is an over 40 old woman dressing like a teen?
    Please..Jenny..Like WTF!!
    Get yourself together and fast!!
    You have to damn Money..
    Well i guess no amt of money can stop father time!!
    That f*** king sure..Just look that Jenny!!

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    I think people are reacting not to the style of the clothes but to the fact it looks like a pathetic bid for attention. My attitude about clothing myself is to look classy and dress conservatively. Let someone be attracted to you for who you are. Then when you get to know them better, if they are deserving, allow them to see your sexier side. Anything else is just not classy. So people are probably reacting to the fact that this looks like an unclassy desperate bid for attention. And on someone her age, acting this desperate, is in really poor taste.

  • sookie soo

    When you enlarge the picture , something is off wth her boobs. It look as if something is in her bra, and it looks like something is around her nipple.

  • K.G.

    If Angelina showed off her her body and her chicken legs like Jen is right now everyone would praise her. Seriously the Jen haters are one person using different names typing the same crap they said earlier.

  • mom

    she’s old enough to have an 18 year old kid! GET A BRA and stop acting like you’re 22.


  • so true

    K.G. @ 08/01/2009 at 7:42 pm If Angelina showed off her her body and her chicken legs like Jen is right now everyone would praise her. Seriously the Jen haters are one person using different names typing the same crap they said earlier.

    Dumbazz, thats just the point…………..Angie doesnt dress with the primary goal to attract attention so that people can say how ‘sexy’ she looks.
    Because the characters Angie portrays are such empowered women who dont need to use their body to attract men, when she is on set you donts see her in clothes like this.
    When Angie is on the red carpet, her clothes are also always admired for the way SHE makes the clothes look good – not the other way around.
    And in her personal life, when Angie is out and about with her man and/or her kids, she dresses modestly and looks like any other mom.
    Unlike anuston, Angie doesnt use her body to get the approval of others.

  • Zoz

    @real facts: All smokin and I love mila….giving the lady a shoutout since she doesn’t get mentioned.just to add on….every supermodel in the 80′s and 90′s.every sports illustrated babe.example Helena. Christensen linda evangelista.list goes on of course.

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    @Zoz: Thats because in the 80s and 90s all those supermodels were a size 4 or 6. That was considered thin and model weight. Now it’s size 00 with implants. They are getting girls that aren’t as attractive but can maintain a skelelton weight instead of women who are truly stunning but weigh a bit more. Notice how a woman can have a beautiful face but if she has a bigger body she is considered unattractive? But if the woman has not so beautiful face but a stick thin body people just drool over her. I don’t like the current ideas of beauty. And actually I don’t know many men who do either. Those models are usually being marketed to other women.

  • Pavolv

    Angie is a PIG……now write a littew creative pawagwraph loser cuzz your wittle feelings are hurwt Bwahaaaaahaaaaaa….. I love to make you B&A fans respond………………………and you’re my dogs

  • ladams


    loyal @ 08/01/2009 at 3:47 am Oh, my. She is looking her age here. The bra-less look is good for 20 year olds, this just looks sad. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to start dressing more age appropriate. She is on a downward slide now age wise, so before it is too late, stop and start selling herself on her looks.
    Yeah right sure!!!! You must be kidding. Jealous MUCH??????

  • Zoz

    @Miss Piggy hrmph!</

    I know.I’m a fan of perfection.It comes in different forms,so even though I’m 5’1 the naomis tyras kathy irelands heidis will be forever one example of perfection.I think the fashion industry has bought into relatibility too.Notice magazine covers are all actresses not the supermodels of yester year.Reason ….more folks look like an anuston and witherspooon not a linda.More folks will purchase their face on a mag cause they look like them.Folks insecurities.I think the industry gets skinny ugly girls too cause they don’t want folks to focus on the model just the clothes.I truly believe in every entertainment realm music fashion and acting they don’t want superstars.When you have a superstar they’ve gotta pay them super big bucks.That’s why great talent is no longer supported.Since the late 90′s folks have wanted mediocrity cause they feel insecure about themselves.Reason why folks pump up ugly girls that are polished up versus all the beauties that live a healthy normal lifestyle.I’m going to shout out other ladies I don’t hear about like thandie newton toni braxton all the ladies of en vogue…ladies of tlc r&b singer tamia.The list goes on.Mariska Hargitay from Law And order SVU.People are intimidated by perfection when they will never achieve it.NATURAL beauty,genuine beauty,a good heart,and mind hungry for knowledge is being perfect.Everyone in every culture sees the beauty in Kate winslet rachel weisz.Everyone at every age sees that.

    To that person talking about anuston being a role model for you cause she says to you that even at 40 you can still take care of yourself after kids.Aniston has none.Go admire courtney 60yr old black father said she’s cute and said aniston looks alright.

    @Miss Piggy hrmph…remember when linda said she doesn’t role out of bed for less than a million dollars.I’ll be turning 26 in a couple of weeks and I miss the good ole days…LOL.

    Days of greatness from Helena to Denzel to Michael.Before that it was Marilyn Sinatra Sydney Portier Lena Horne Miles Davis.

    We have been getting better in the last couple of years though of putting out an adelle or jasmine Sullivan.

    That’s my rant.I’ll give it another yr or two and this chick will be out.People are getting over the trash.


    I used to have nipples like that before I breastfed the PittCrew:( :( :( :(
    Now they are the size of saucers and point down to my knees…….

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    @Zoz: That was one good thing about radio. The only thing that mattered was how the music sounded. Now, it’s like that is one of the last considerations. Imagine how many of the greats may have not been great had they had to be an entertainer/model to be successful.

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    @AJOLIE: Breastfeeding isn’t what does it. It’s being pregnant. However they change (if they change) after pregnancy is how they will stay. And breastfeeding doesn’t change your nipples either.