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Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked

Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked

Jude Law interacts with fans outside London’s Wyndham Theatre on Friday (July 31) after another performance of Hamlet.

The 35-year-old British actor is expecting his fourth child with 24-year-old aspiring actress Samantha Burke. Her mom, Lea Burke, a massage therapist from Pensacola, Fl., told The London Evening Standard Newspaper: “This was no way planned. Hell no. She was in shock when she found out she was pregnant and terrified to tell him.”

Lea added, “It was tough for her – she was going back to school so she had to change plans. She’s decided to come back home – it is too expensive to stay in New York and she can be with her family… I am already a grandmother, but am of course looking forward to being one again. Every mother would prefer if her daughter had a child with a man she was married to – it would be nice if the father was around but that’s not going to happen because of his job and she knows that, she’s realistic about that.”

Lea finished, “I don’t know him but my daughter said he was very ‘nice’ – she likes him as a person and they spent time together when she was living in New York. She treats him like a normal guy and he liked hanging out with her.”

15+ pictures inside of Jude Law with fans…

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95 Responses to “Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked”

  1. 1
    OMG Says:

    First! Love you Jude

  2. 2
    socute Says:

    The same story, the same **** of how she was in shock and terrified to tell him. Blah

  3. 3
    sheryl Says:

    Jared, I appreciate the pictures, but why are you repeating the same story over the over? There’s really nothing new to say right now. It’s the same as it was yesterday.
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  4. 4
    marissa Says:

    of course she was “shocked”

  5. 5
    Pole Says:

    Thanks for the pictures Jared but I agree with Sheryl – the same story doesn’t need to get repeated IMO..

    Love you Jude *blows him kisses too*

  6. 6
    sweetannie Says:

    He looks wonderful and actually more beautiful i real life.

  7. 7
    nikki Says:

    Agreed with sheryl, Jared

    These pictures are of Jude comming out of the Wyndham Theatre on Friday (July 31) after another performance of Hamlet.

    Why can’t you just say that. This Burke thing is getting whyyy too much press. So she is knock up with Jude;s baby. but that about it. She is not interesting at all . She could have just remain anonymous. and the result would have been the same.

    Love you jude

    Stay strong boo

  8. 8
    whortensia Says:

    Evidently he liked more than just “hanging out” with her. Banging into her, perhaps?

  9. 9
    Roberto Says:

    LOL! I’m ready for a change of subject. : )

  10. 10
    Ouch! Says:

    You can’t be shocked if you’re not using a comdom! Retards.

  11. 11
    mslewis Says:

    Yeah, I bet she was “shocked” and that’s why she got a lawyer so fast and is making sure both she and the kid are “taken care of” for life!!! She’s probably looking at a couple million cash and maybe $30-$40 thousand every month until the “shock” is 18!!! That sure beats pounding the pavement looking for a modeling/acting job. Shocked, indeed. Bless her heart!! LOL!!! This is the smartest move this “model slash actress” has made in her entire career!! Good going girlfriend!!!

  12. 12
    super sexy girl Says:

    Jude, I want to have sex with you too. Aww =//

  13. 13
    Pole Says:

    Yeah, she’ll be shocked all the way to the bank. Her family is already making me sick :-(

  14. 14
    Yawn Says:

    Why do the family member get in on it with the same old talking to the media bs? Are you honored that your hillbilly daughter has been f’d in an elevator and left to deal with it on her own? Go away. This is just another southern trailor trash story.

  15. 15
    super sexy girl Says:

    ps: Not to get pregnat like this woman. Just to feel you.

  16. 16
    nikomilinko Says:

    i think he is a fool

  17. 17
    Stephanie Says:

    Okay, first of all I’m a Pensacola Native. And I know first hand about Burkes Intentions. Her family is very well off and they don’t need for a thing. She’s loving playing this “sweet and innocent” girl who accidentally got knocked up by Jude Law. I’m not buying it sister. Ain’t nothing sweet about her out at the local bars. I know it takes two to tango, and he should’ve worn a rubber. BUT, she’s only seeing money signs and she doesn’t even need money.

  18. 18
    MKS Says:

    wow a single man gets a single girl pregany. this never happens!!

  19. 19
    born Says:

    He’s not 35, he was born in 1972.

  20. 20
    idiot man Says:


    Well said. And the reason Jude will not be around is because this woman was just a fling, not because he works! All fathers work, I don’t know of any that don’t and they are with thier kids and the mother of their kids IF they love them. It’s that simple.

    Yes, this lady needs to shut it, her daughter is not a beauty – just you’re generic catalog model like Sienna was prior to hooking up with Jude, and was not going to have a real shot and so she decided to get knocked up and get child support, if Jude was not famous or rich she would have had an abortion.

    I mean, who waits seven months to tell a guy you’re pregnant. That is such a desperate move to get his money after she could not get him to date her or marry her.

  21. 21
    MKS Says:

    wow a single adult man gets a single adult woman pregnant: and they are keeping the baby. so strange.

  22. 22
    ------------------------------ Says:

    So Stephanie, do you live in a teepee with all the other Natives?
    This Burke hag isn’t well off. She has no class and should be embarassed.

  23. 23
    MKS Says:

    if she really wanted his money she would have told him as soon as the stick turn pink. And most girls get pregnant by a person thats not famous and they keep the baby. imagine that. he would be paying her hospital bills and all. What if it was an honest mistake?

  24. 24
    Pole Says:

    @idiot man:

    He lives in London where his family and three kids live. Should he abadon them for this new child?

    Besides I get the feeling Ms. Burke isn’t interested in having Jude around at all – she’s in this for the money. Why else talk to the press like this. How sad for the child :-(

  25. 25
    Stephanie Says:

    #22, haha! No, not in a teepee.
    But, I’ve seen her around quite a few times and she went to the same school as me. They had her on the local news yesterday, and she looked so sweet and innocent, I’m like ha!!! You never look remotely close to that when your out at the bars. And she was like, “just please give me some privacy during this very stressful time.” I’m like, your not stressed. Your just happy you got knocked up by a lottery ticket. I just feel bad for the baby, she’s not gonna use any of it for her baby. If I know her, she’ll hire a nanny and be out on the town all night!

  26. 26
    YES! Says:

    Then why didn’t she just use birth control or have an abortion (or take a morning after pill)?

  27. 27
    Pole Says:


    Wow, she seems to be a real find *gags*

    I just hope Jude hooks up with smarter women from now on. This is a pretty harsh lesson for him.

  28. 28
    MKS Says:

    i dont know ms burke, but i think its unfair to say that you feel sorry for the baby as if we know the future and we can see with clarity that this child will have a difficult life.

  29. 29
    Delores Says:

    My God could this family be ay more white trash if they tried? I bet they have two couches on the front porch and put beer on their cornflakes. “We’re gone make there here man pay fer what he did to our little girl”.

    Face , beyotch. You couldn’t make it as an actress or a model, you banged a rich guy and truck gols. You’re a baby-moma prostitue and I’ll tell you that your face!! BTW if you are 24 I’m a vermicious knid.

    But Jude, you should have worn a condom . Now these redneck inbred idiots’ DNA are going to be bound with yours forever.

  30. 30
    mimi prism Says:

    Wow! 3 or 4 active threads on Jude alone! I might be wrong but, i think that i have never seen that happened here before! He looks very beautiful and manly in those pics yet, vulnerable at the same time.


  31. 31
    Delores Says:

    Okay about 5 spelling mistakes there. I was mad. Still am. Why are people like this allow to breed?

  32. 32
    sheryl Says:

    I have a feeling the stories about her family have been exaggerated. At least I hope so. We’ll see, I guess. Seriously, we cannot take put much faith in anything from tabloids or that names a tabloid as a source.

  33. 33
    Dance Teacher Says:

    How did she meet him?

  34. 34
    go Says:

    That is such a nice jacket.

  35. 35
    MKS Says:

    why is everyone so outraged by the girl? Jude had the most to lose so he should have been thinking with his top head not his bottom head. I dont know this girl from adams, so im not going to talk like i do. i personally dont think its a big deal.

  36. 36
    mela Says:

    he’s a millionare and will be writing this goldigger a check for the next 18 years and I doubt he will ever see that kid. the only loser in this situation is the kid who will grow up with a ridiculed wh*ore for a mother and father he probabaly will never have a proper bond with. my reasoning for her being a goldigger is because she DIDN’T have an abortion….if she is so morally above abortion or the morning after pill or whatever, why the casual unprotected sex? because she is not morally above abortion. she’s a gold digger.

  37. 37
    Alfie Says:

    Poor guy, he doesn’t seem to happy about it does he? Maybe Samantha thought getting knocked up by a star would boost her career. Watch and see her pimp this baby out every chance she gets.

  38. 38
    liverwurst Says:

    You know they have a pill you can take every day that prevents pregnancy…*eye roll*

  39. 39
    mslewis Says:

    Well, you can bet she will make a deal with the rag mags for the baby’s picture now and in the future!!! The Brit tabs will be especially interested.

  40. 40
    eloisa Says:

    If i read the “sweet and innocent” thing one more time, i’m going to kill myself!
    Yes rigth, a 24 years old wannabe looking like 40, and she is trying to sell the image of a poor, virginal and good girl imagen in the USA . Woman: nobody is buying!!!. She and her family are that people in the USA call “white trash”. A woman without talent.

    So, i bet she must be doing a reality show in a cople of years.

  41. 41
    UrbanCowboy Says:

    4 thats crazy!!! I only got time for 2, and they go every where I go.

  42. 42
    Gracita Says:

    Espero que Jude estés bien.

  43. 43
    ...... Says:

    This is the most press Jude has gotten in a while since he fcuked the nanny. His peen gets into all sorts of trouble. I think Jude will get more women pregnant now that he is so popular from it. They will have a book and movie series like Harry Potter starring the adventures of Jude’s peen and all the kids – it will be awesome.

  44. 44
    sheryl Says:

    @UrbanCowboy: My ex has 5 now, wonder why the paps aren’t camped out on his lawn? Hmmmmm….

  45. 45
    90210 Says:

    I dond find this guy sexy or hot at all.

  46. 46
    Sara Says:

    I hope my Heart’s okay when all this mess has finally ended. And soon!

    Love You, Jude. ♥

  47. 47
    Miss Piggy hrmph! Says:

    For this very reason if I got pregnant and the man did not want the child he would not be hearing from me or that child let alone ever be able to locate us. Money is not worth it. The world tearing apart this child because of how it was conceived is horrible. I would say I got knocked up in a bar by a stranger, give the child my last name, and move along with my life.

  48. 48
    MKS Says:

    if getting pregnant when you are not married, makes a girl a *****. then there are many whores out there. Why do female degrade each other with these terms. Dont we hear it from guys enough that we have to insult another woman. Some people are angr y about it so much like it affects them. Dont kid yourself, it doesnt affect you, and ou could care less about the kid. again, abortion is not birth control. it irritates me when people say “y didnt she get an abortion, if she didnt want it” some people dont like to to the easy thing, they like to do the right thing.

  49. 49
    me Says:

    if this was a private matter like he mentioned in his original statment last week, why won’t he shut up about it.
    I hate it when people say things are private and then go out of there way to make it everyones business and then complain when they ware not left alone.

  50. 50
    Angie Says:

    @me: He’s not talking. Everything you read about up there is from her family.

  51. 51
    lizzie Says:

    So…liked hanging out with him in bars is rationale enough to have his baby? Sheesh

  52. 52
    Sara Says:


    I get a little irritated by yahoo’s like you saying “don’t have an abortion, life is precious” to women (and men) who haven’t the financial or emotional ability to take care of children, so the government ends up doing it and I end up paying for it. if abortion is so terrible to you, YOU raise all of the kids that are born to mothers who can’t or won’t take care of them.

    This woman can’t afford to pay attention, has very little wrok, no education or skills, yet blithly engaged in a short affair and had unprotected sex without birth control. Say what you will, if I was in her circumstances I’d of used 3 different types of birth control including a condom, with they should have used anyway. No way I would have gotten pregnant. They were stupid and careless. But she saw $$$ and, boy, is she gonna get it, set for life thanks to her womb. That makes her a ****.

    To the rest of the world, I say, if you can’t take care of a baby, then don’t have one. Technology has come to far with birth control and the morning after pill for this foolishness!!

  53. 53
    lil Says:

    Yeah anyone can fake shock for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And why go to school when you can make more money sitting on your ass all day doing nothing?

    I can’t help but feel that this family is actually proud of their little *****’s actions. But I hate Jude Law even more, so I don’t care too much.

  54. 54
    jami Says:

    Looking gorgeous as usual ;)

  55. 55
    meh Says:

    Yeah, right. Keep milking it for all its worth!

  56. 56
    ...... Says:

    Just wait, another 6 months or so – Cameron Diaz – will have a little announcement to make.

  57. 57
    ...... Says:

    Why are these people shocked when they did not use a condom?

  58. 58
    TATUM Says:

    He used to be so hot, but now he’s just like ewww making unknown actress became famous. ewww…now she got pregnant, too.
    I bet he’s still around with other ladies.

  59. 59
    MaryE Says:

    What kind of example is he to his other children? Why don’t they give that baby up for adoption? At least the baby would have a loving mother and father.

  60. 60
    dolorescraeg Says:

    all of the jude law critics and know it alls…..vas you dere charlie? the internet and press tell you everything and you believe. the only ones who know how and what happened are the people concerned. i can’t believe the way the internet makes everybody a critic. sometimes people who can’t handle their own lives are telling jude law what to do. it would be nice if human beings showed a little more compassion. but i guess that’s asking for too much. i’ve spent some time with jude. i have to tell you he is the sweetest and nicest guy… money’s on him and i wish him only the best…..if everybody on this board were perfect they’d have the right to be judgemental but me thinks…nobody here leads a perfect mistake free life.

  61. 61
    MKS Says:

    yeah everything sounds like an excuse, a cop out. choose the easy thing not the right thing. lots of high school educated create a career with their life and have kids. you are not this girl judge or jury. abortion is not the answer, and samantha never said she had a problem.. eor

  62. 62
    Daphne Says:

    Jared, keep the Jude stage door pics coming, but can we move on to another more interesting story please. This one has been played to death and it is booorriiinnng.

    He looks really good and healthy. Keep strong Jude, I am trying to see your Hamlet (again) in New York, and I do NOT want to travel all the way from up north to see your understudy!

  63. 63
    Sara Says:

    Hey girls, I just want to make clear that that Sara who posted those notes about the baby situation it is not me. I mean, I just commented n° 46. The rest it is not me. First of all, I love Jude and I don’t think he is stupid as she is saying but I agree when she says the woman could have had used a condom herself. So, it’s not excuse to make Jude look bad. I just think it got out of control and now becoming a mess. I just truly hope his baby to have a happy home life.

  64. 64
    Sara Says:

    Hey girls, I just want to make clear that that Sara who posted those notes about the baby situation it is not me. I mean, I just commented n° 46. The rest it is not me. First of all, I love Jude and I don’t think he is stupid as she is saying but I agree when she says the woman could have had used a condom herself. So, it’s not excuse to make Jude look bad. I just think it got out of control and is now becoming a mess. I just truly hope his baby to have a happy home life.

  65. 65
    gold baybay Says:

    Stop making assumptions, people. You don’t know whether or not he word rubber, nor do I. For all we know the condom could’ve broken. Or maybe she lied and claimed to be on birth control pills. I don’t know but what I do know is that it takes two to tango.

  66. 66
    whothewell? Says:

    gold bay bay, dear… you see it your way… I see it mine.

  67. 67
    anonymous Says:

    A one night stand is not a relationship, Mom. Jude Law is not going to be around because he is not in a relationship with your daughter.

    It took two to tango here, so you might want to have a little chat with 24 year old Samantha. Birth control, anyone?

  68. 68
    Vicki Says:

    one word PROTECTION stupid *****, there is such thing as abortions. dumb ho.

  69. 69
    Sherry Says:

    Lea taught her daughter Florida style of trapping a man.She probably use the pin the condom trick. I’m from Florida and women do that every chance they get. The other women are decent enough to work on their own career without planning on trapping men for their money.

  70. 70
    n.o.l.a Says:

    wow Jude Law the trashy actor
    poor Jude, he’s going down to be D-LIST actor.
    there are lot more british talent than him.

    poor Samantha, if you want to be famous and rich,
    go get Tom Cruise! (not Jude Law)

  71. 71
    Anon Says:

    #70, mmm, yeah, Tom don’t have sex with women, though.

  72. 72
    mery Says:

    Samantha Burke don’t have benefit of dude for me.
    She only want money and fame. She don’t want a father around the girl.

  73. 73
    Sara Says:

    There is no reason for my comment to be removed. It was not racist or obscene. I guess the truth hurts, MLK. Figures, when someone wins an argument with you, you just censor them

  74. 74
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i have a feeling the story is fake, but i have 2 say i hate the attention grabbing type of moms, if u were any good type of mom, u would keep ur mouth shut
    and she shouldnt worry about the money, like i said before, she hit the jackpot, she’s made for now

  75. 75
    twpumpkin Says:


  76. 76
    **** Says:

    I think it’s funny how everybody is quick to voice their opinions. Yes both of these two people made a poor decisions, but who are you to judge? I actually know Samantha….not well, but well enough. Yes she likes to go out and have a good time and yes she made a mistake. Who hasn’t? This situation would absolutely have never happened to me personally, but that doesn’t give any of us the right to bash her. I think it’s more irresponsible to just abort a child just because you can. It takes far more guts to raise a child than it does to have a surgical procedure. She has the means to take care of any child regardless of who the father is. In this case it just happens to be somebody who is an actor. Yes she and the child will be set for life, but she didn’t get herself pregnant

  77. 77
    super sexy girl Says:

    76! — Hmmmm… do you know her in person? Tell us more…

  78. 78
    Sara Says:


    She works as a model actress and babysitter. She obviously isn’t pretty enough to be a model, so how exactly is she going to have her own money? Her full time job now is to be a baby-momma, a prositute with a uterus.

  79. 79
    **** Says:

    She is a good person. And those of you who don’t know her only know what the media has reported…and they don’t even know her. Just because a person hasn’t become a super model doesn’t mean they haven’t been successful. She obviously had some sort of income to afford living in NYC. You’re no better of a person than what you’re accusing her of being.

  80. 80
    meagan Says:

    @idiot man:

    i know samantha personally and everyone on here with dumb ass comments need to shut it… she is a great person and beautiful in many ways. she will be a great mother and for all of you that say she is in it for the money… grow up!!! that was not the intention to get pregnant. if it were you in the situation you would of done the same thing. she just ended up pregnant… and by the way she did use protection. so keep your comments to your self b4 you judge someone that you do not know!!!!

  81. 81
    me Says:

    LOL #10

  82. 82
    DEanna Says:

    Why do all of you fat ass middle aged men hating women insist that you know exactly how this happen. Cause I mean really, you were in the room with them. You know if they did or didn’t use a condom? Pull your head out of your ass. Everyone wants to praise Jude like he wasn’t there. I do believe it was half his sperm and half her egg to get this thing going . Oh wait NO! she must have used a turkey baster. You are all lonely sad people and stop hating cause she got knocked up and your still stuck in your double wide somewhere.

  83. 83
    me Says:


    In case you don’t know, the point of a forum is to express one’s opinions. You are also judgmental of those who happen to disagree with you and have even resorted to name-calling. If you are so offended, then don’t read the comments.

  84. 84
    Stephanie Says:

    Okay, I know this girl personally. Yes, personally. I’ve grown up with her in Gulf Breeze, FL. Look it up on a map, it’s less than 10 mins from Pensacola FL. This whole situation makes me sick. Her family makes me sick, and she is no sweetheart. They are just taking ADVANTAGE of a star, so that her “daughter will be financially set for life.” This is not about supporting your daughter. This is about supporting a baby which doesn’t cost more than $600-$1,500 a month. Not $50,000 a month which they are speaking numbers about now. I think its absolutely sickening that they are taking full advantage of Jude Law. And Samantha don’t let me see you out in the local bars, because I swear I’m gonna have some words with you. Money grubber.

  85. 85
    meagan Says:



  86. 86
    socute Says:

    MEGAN – pleaxe pleaxe spare me the details

  87. 87
    Daphne Says:

    Meagan, I don’t believe everything I read but I do believe what I see. If she’s not about the attention, then why did she hold a press conference about her pregnancy? Now the public knows who she is and where she lives. Jude Law did not identify her to the press. She herself did. She’s selling out their baby before it’s even born.

    This woman’s true colours are showing. If she really wants to keep it quiet, she should not appear in the video and she should keep a leash on her blabbermouth family.

  88. 88
    meagan Says:


    she apppered in the video due to her and his lawyer making that the right decision. it is all being done on the part of both of them not on her against him or vice versa.. he knew she was going to publicly announce after the info was released, it was both lawyers agrreing on that. so she did not go out of her ways to blow his spot. her family is not acccusing him or her and is not pointing fingers either wasy if he is invloved that family has the financial ability for that little girl to have a great life, with or with out him. she wants a dad not a dollar. thtas what it comes down to at the end of the day!!!

  89. 89
    Luke Says:


    Uh Stephanie, to have seen her hanging out in bars you had to be at these bars hanging out yourself, no? That’s like saying to someone, “I know you shop at Wal-Mart cuz I saw that outfit you’re wearing when I was in the ladies’ section…”

    Now if you were in the bars to see her but merely “heard rumors” about it then you’re just as much a rumor monger as anyone passing rumors about Jude, yes? Either way sista, you’re either just as much a bar hopper as Stephanie or as much a rumor monger as anyone else in this whole scenario.

  90. 90
    Luke Says:

    When I took biology back in the day, I learned it took two donors to make a baby. So unless she held a gun to Jude’s head, if he’s da baby’s daddy he’s just as responsible, dumb, and at fault for this “accident” as the female in this case.

    What amazes me is if ya’ll had a daughter that got knocked up by some b/f you’d want her to get support/assistance whatever too for the sake of your daughter and forthcoming grandchild. Yet cuz you’re fans of Jude it’s POOR JUDE. Gimme a break.

  91. 91
    sheryl Says:

    @meagan: Then they need to read the London tabloids, because they have a pretty extensive writeup about what the family has supposedly said about Jude, and it’s very, very negative.
    This whole thing has become a bigger media storm than it should have and I believe both of them are getting more than their share of negativity from a public that knows less than squat about any of it that’s pretty embarassing for both of them, and any one of us that finds ourselves in less than glowing situations would be mortified to be treated this way. The comments about birth control, sexual histories, reactions, assumptions made about what each one will do, supposed comments by “sources” and “friends”, all of it, are simply elements concocted by media to create this firestorm of drama. I’m personally over it. I hate tabloids, and anyone that believes or repeats what they say is no better than they are. I also believe that the people who write (concoct) those stories will get whatever they dish out, measured back to them accordingly, I really do. This is 2 people’s lives, and a baby, it’s not a circus sideshow.

  92. 92
    sheryl Says:

    @meagan: Also, I’m not saying I necessarily buy into the stories of her family that are in the London tabloids, I’m just saying I wonder if they are aware of what’s been written. Although they say they have direct quotes from her family, I’m still skeptical.

  93. 93
    LOL! Says:

    Sheryl, LOL keep coming, boy. You make me laugh! Are you a boy, right?

  94. 94
    I live in Pensacola florida Says:

    Daphne @ 08/03/2009 at 11:17 am

    My sentiments exactally! Nobody knew or cared until she got on television and asked for privacy?! come on please…

    Now – everyone is talking. Can you be serious Samantha?

  95. 95
    shaun Says:

    i knew samantha through school and she is a wonderful person. and from what i hear Jude is degraiting to females and has plenty of children he dosent have anything to do with so. leave her alone.

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