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Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked

Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked

Jude Law interacts with fans outside London’s Wyndham Theatre on Friday (July 31) after another performance of Hamlet.

The 35-year-old British actor is expecting his fourth child with 24-year-old aspiring actress Samantha Burke. Her mom, Lea Burke, a massage therapist from Pensacola, Fl., told The London Evening Standard Newspaper: “This was no way planned. Hell no. She was in shock when she found out she was pregnant and terrified to tell him.”

Lea added, “It was tough for her – she was going back to school so she had to change plans. She’s decided to come back home – it is too expensive to stay in New York and she can be with her family… I am already a grandmother, but am of course looking forward to being one again. Every mother would prefer if her daughter had a child with a man she was married to – it would be nice if the father was around but that’s not going to happen because of his job and she knows that, she’s realistic about that.”

Lea finished, “I don’t know him but my daughter said he was very ‘nice’ – she likes him as a person and they spent time together when she was living in New York. She treats him like a normal guy and he liked hanging out with her.”

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Fame Pictures, Bauergriffinonline
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95 Responses to “Jude Law: Samantha Burke Was Just As Shocked”

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  1. 26
    YES! Says:

    Then why didn’t she just use birth control or have an abortion (or take a morning after pill)?

  2. 27
    Pole Says:


    Wow, she seems to be a real find *gags*

    I just hope Jude hooks up with smarter women from now on. This is a pretty harsh lesson for him.

  3. 28
    MKS Says:

    i dont know ms burke, but i think its unfair to say that you feel sorry for the baby as if we know the future and we can see with clarity that this child will have a difficult life.

  4. 29
    Delores Says:

    My God could this family be ay more white trash if they tried? I bet they have two couches on the front porch and put beer on their cornflakes. “We’re gone make there here man pay fer what he did to our little girl”.

    Face , beyotch. You couldn’t make it as an actress or a model, you banged a rich guy and truck gols. You’re a baby-moma prostitue and I’ll tell you that your face!! BTW if you are 24 I’m a vermicious knid.

    But Jude, you should have worn a condom . Now these redneck inbred idiots’ DNA are going to be bound with yours forever.

  5. 30
    mimi prism Says:

    Wow! 3 or 4 active threads on Jude alone! I might be wrong but, i think that i have never seen that happened here before! He looks very beautiful and manly in those pics yet, vulnerable at the same time.


  6. 31
    Delores Says:

    Okay about 5 spelling mistakes there. I was mad. Still am. Why are people like this allow to breed?

  7. 32
    sheryl Says:

    I have a feeling the stories about her family have been exaggerated. At least I hope so. We’ll see, I guess. Seriously, we cannot take put much faith in anything from tabloids or that names a tabloid as a source.

  8. 33
    Dance Teacher Says:

    How did she meet him?

  9. 34
    go Says:

    That is such a nice jacket.

  10. 35
    MKS Says:

    why is everyone so outraged by the girl? Jude had the most to lose so he should have been thinking with his top head not his bottom head. I dont know this girl from adams, so im not going to talk like i do. i personally dont think its a big deal.

  11. 36
    mela Says:

    he’s a millionare and will be writing this goldigger a check for the next 18 years and I doubt he will ever see that kid. the only loser in this situation is the kid who will grow up with a ridiculed wh*ore for a mother and father he probabaly will never have a proper bond with. my reasoning for her being a goldigger is because she DIDN’T have an abortion….if she is so morally above abortion or the morning after pill or whatever, why the casual unprotected sex? because she is not morally above abortion. she’s a gold digger.

  12. 37
    Alfie Says:

    Poor guy, he doesn’t seem to happy about it does he? Maybe Samantha thought getting knocked up by a star would boost her career. Watch and see her pimp this baby out every chance she gets.

  13. 38
    liverwurst Says:

    You know they have a pill you can take every day that prevents pregnancy…*eye roll*

  14. 39
    mslewis Says:

    Well, you can bet she will make a deal with the rag mags for the baby’s picture now and in the future!!! The Brit tabs will be especially interested.

  15. 40
    eloisa Says:

    If i read the “sweet and innocent” thing one more time, i’m going to kill myself!
    Yes rigth, a 24 years old wannabe looking like 40, and she is trying to sell the image of a poor, virginal and good girl imagen in the USA . Woman: nobody is buying!!!. She and her family are that people in the USA call “white trash”. A woman without talent.

    So, i bet she must be doing a reality show in a cople of years.

  16. 41
    UrbanCowboy Says:

    4 thats crazy!!! I only got time for 2, and they go every where I go.

  17. 42
    Gracita Says:

    Espero que Jude estés bien.

  18. 43
    ...... Says:

    This is the most press Jude has gotten in a while since he fcuked the nanny. His peen gets into all sorts of trouble. I think Jude will get more women pregnant now that he is so popular from it. They will have a book and movie series like Harry Potter starring the adventures of Jude’s peen and all the kids – it will be awesome.

  19. 44
    sheryl Says:

    @UrbanCowboy: My ex has 5 now, wonder why the paps aren’t camped out on his lawn? Hmmmmm….

  20. 45
    90210 Says:

    I dond find this guy sexy or hot at all.

  21. 46
    Sara Says:

    I hope my Heart’s okay when all this mess has finally ended. And soon!

    Love You, Jude. ♥

  22. 47
    Miss Piggy hrmph! Says:

    For this very reason if I got pregnant and the man did not want the child he would not be hearing from me or that child let alone ever be able to locate us. Money is not worth it. The world tearing apart this child because of how it was conceived is horrible. I would say I got knocked up in a bar by a stranger, give the child my last name, and move along with my life.

  23. 48
    MKS Says:

    if getting pregnant when you are not married, makes a girl a *****. then there are many whores out there. Why do female degrade each other with these terms. Dont we hear it from guys enough that we have to insult another woman. Some people are angr y about it so much like it affects them. Dont kid yourself, it doesnt affect you, and ou could care less about the kid. again, abortion is not birth control. it irritates me when people say “y didnt she get an abortion, if she didnt want it” some people dont like to to the easy thing, they like to do the right thing.

  24. 49
    me Says:

    if this was a private matter like he mentioned in his original statment last week, why won’t he shut up about it.
    I hate it when people say things are private and then go out of there way to make it everyones business and then complain when they ware not left alone.

  25. 50
    Angie Says:

    @me: He’s not talking. Everything you read about up there is from her family.

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