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Rachel Zoe To Start Fashion Blog

Rachel Zoe To Start Fashion Blog

Nicole Chavez (middle) is the genius celebrity stylist behind the looks of actresses Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Bell.

Fashion blog Fashionista got a tour of Nicole‘s L.A. studio and sat her down for a interview, where she shared that Rachel would be coming out with her own fashion blog.

Apparently Rachel ZOE, the stylist is coming out with a blog, not Rachel Bilson!

Check out Nicole‘s full interview at

WILL YOU read Rachel Zoe’s fashion blog — YAY or NAY?

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  • sweetie

    Yes, she’s adorable and always looks very pretty. :-)

  • super sexy girl

    So sucks.

  • Amy

    She has a great fashion sense, so I’ll definitely check out her blog.

  • annie

    never she cannot act or dress herself without help but she knows how to live off of hayden.

  • sam

    YAY!!! definitely

  • eli

    She is so pretty, I like her why isnt she acting?
    She needs to be in a movie or
    She should have a tv show not the Micha B-whatever

  • …love Maegan

    of course! I’ll read ANY fashion blog ;)

  • mju8

    Her own fashion blog? But she is styled by SOMEONE ELSE!

  • ailey

    Nay. I really don’t get why so many people think she HAS fashion sense. 90% of the time she looks hideous, I’m not wasting my time on 10% of a blog.

    What Kristen is wearing in that picture is horrible too.

  • e


    I concur.

  • a

    I would not read her blog or her stylist’s blog for that matter. I guess she has no hopes for a thriving movie carrier so she is trying fashion, or wait, she copies designs and fails at fashion too.

    Seriously, she is going to read fashion magazines, steal ideas from others and pass them on as her own.

  • liz

    she is not an actress? who will read a blog done by a retarded?

  • idiot man


    It’s all her stylists ideas anyway, why bother. I guess she’s given up on being an actor and would rather make herself un-castable as a JJ celebutard. LOL

  • f you

    F YOU JJ

    Y do you put this worhtless POS on your main page?

    and liz, dont insult the retards…=)

  • 1

    Why bother reading her blogs if you can follow real designers, besides, if anyone likes what her stylist does for her, they can go on JJ and see Rachels pictures. How can she give an advice without seeing the person. It has to look good and fit that person, that is why she has a stylist herself.

  • 1

    She can not be trusted with her advice bc she will be promoting the designers who will give her something to advertise them, bc she can not afford it on her own, unlike real stars who make millions per film.

  • mag

    I’d absolutely read her blog.

    and please Jared, just keep posting about Rach :D (I know you won’t stop posting about her, I was just saying)

  • tonie

    Nay. She usually looks like she copies the teen girls at the mall. And to think a stylist helps her dress is scary. Rachel needs to up what she is paying her because her “look” is the same as five years ago. What could she possibly say about fashion that would be relevant to adult women. “Buy this or that because it’s some fabulous sh*t.”

  • lexy

    Why would I take fashion advice from someone who pays someone else to tell them how to dress?? That makes no sense. I agree – why not just go to the designer or stylist’s web site/blog for advice?? Why take advice from an out of work actress?

    Maybe she should write a blog with sex tips – clearly she’s doing something right. She doesn’t work and when she does it’s b/c her boyfriend/future hubby has gotten her a job. Now that’s advice a girl could use!

  • jamie

    Wow Jared! Even when not there are new photos of her, you keep posting news about she. What she did was so interesting for you are so obsessed with her? I don’t remember any good work that she did. Why you not put she on Just Jared Jr? Is the perfect place for it.

  • Lexie

    I can’t wait. I love Rachel’s sense of style and I’m always looking for items similar to what I’ve see her wear when I go shopping.

  • Amanda

    just what exactly does she know about fashion?

  • UrbanCowboy

    She needs to cut or vains so people can see her eyes. Or maybe she is just high. The ladies look great, but she looks like she went shopping at a thrift store.

  • liz

    I would like to know the name of the person who works in this site that she sleep. In my opinion, she is not so important to be news every day.

  • Maria


  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    I love Rachels hair!!

  • kara

    I would read her fashion blog, if Rachel Bilson only knew what well-dressed means, ahah
    American girl, I’m sorry but you don’t know what fashion means. Come here in Italy or France, we’re gonna show you!

  • funkey

    My questions is does this woman understand the meaning of RECESSION or the fact that many people are not going down the route of high end items anymore. First off the economy can’t handle what is out there already. Then we have some spoiled rotten princess telling people to buy only high end fashion and why b/c she has a rich daddy, mommy and gay guy who is fundning her pocketbook. Which in her eyes gives her the idea and right not believe she can pass on this so called imput to other Beverly Hills debutants who have rich daddies and b/f’s. Plus I see how broken up she is over the loss of all her VINTAGE designs. I don’t see anyone taking the trouble to want what she has to begin with.

    Then add to this that she only dresses in designs that others have done. I guess anyone will pull out the stops to give her whatever her little princess heart desires. The ones that seem to live for this woman are the HS girls and the under 21 crowd that loved the OC days.

  • me

    Sorry I will be too busy watching grass grow.

  • audemars

    Starting a Fashion Blog?!
    Such a “thick-faced”!
    JJ tell her to go to a DERMATOLOGIST 1st – being truly fahionable goes accurately & credibly w/ having a smooth & flawless skin.

  • mickey

    NAY. She has got style but I don’t care what she has to say.

  • audemars

    And this one…
    should be more apt to have a fashion blog – got a great skin, real pretty, model type tall & I think its “uncontestable” her being a fashionably tasteful on & off social events. But as of the latest, wont do some mindless blog as she’s still a “working” celeb.

  • um

    She’s not known for a high style and she should be embarrased to be styled by someone else.

    I’d rather read a blog by a chic unknown woman from Milan or Paris than this chick.

    Please JJ we need more sophistication and less gossip girlie type people on here.

  • audemars
  • sidony

    Well if Douchel going to have a fashion blog…. it’ll be “dead-sure” that it just falls under her name but the “dirty works” would “all” be done by Nicole Chavez – a name that JJ had to name-drop recently just to start off anything out of nowhere his regular update for his patronized tabloid pet, Douchel.

  • jemma

    I only skimmed the article but I think it’s the stylist that is starting the blog not Rachel.

  • Jen

    he.ll no, her fashion sense is so lame. She is very boring.

  • elle

    not that stylish, not high fashion… why?

  • Gasol_fan16

    The recession is bad and I even heard from my more well off co-workers from work and they are not happy. Ratchel is a spoiled little princess that gets anything she wants. She has bragged about that before you know? She has bragged she has always gets everything she wants. No surprise. She does not care what us chumps think of having to scrimp and save. She only cares for herself and no other. God forbid that thing has Hayden babies. Well…With her living style and all. Fashion, drugging and partying and shopping. The poor kids will come out being special needs kids. Oh well. That means I will be not out of work.

  • @13

    Amen. Why read a blog written by a failed actress that dresses like an 80s retro reject and is styled by someone else anyway?

    HELL NO I would never read her blog.

  • rem

    Is she going to steal ideas from Thai designers again and try to pass them off as her own?
    Nice to see plagiarists rewarded for somebody else’s hard work.

  • al

    Dear Readers,

    It’s cool to steal fashion ideas from others. I know I do it all the time. And because I’m a celebrity, I can get away with it.


  • pfarmar5

    she has taken the worst part of 80′s fashion to make it look hip. what a joke! oh 1985 called they want the fugly clothing back. oye!!

  • ta

    PEOPLE…did any of you even READ the article????

    It is Rachel ZOE who has the blog, NOT Rachel BILSON.

    42 of you wasted your time commenting on something that JJ misquoted….

  • Gasol_fan16

    If you want to do 80′s fashion that is fine. You don’t need to make it look trashy is all. Plus, Shave! Please shave the armpits and the legs while your at it and get rid of some blackheads for close up shot’s. My God! If, the woman is going to media press. PLEASE…. for the love of Christ! Don’t scare us!

  • Gasol_fan16

    If you want a true fashion icon and great cook. I would suggest JJ would show more of Giada DeLaurentiis! She is beautiful, slim and tiny, She is barely 5’2″ but their is true beauty and talent behind her then, Bilson who can only manage to do what she does is shop! Oh please?!!!

  • tonie

    Rachel Bilson or Rachel Zoe. It doesn’t matter I still won’t be reading. RZ looks like a chipmunk who is starving to death. Her outfits are nothing special either.

  • pfarmar5

    yep giada is cute. nuff said.

  • Erin

    It would have been a joke if she came out with a fashion blog considering she uses a stylist herself and even then 50% of the time she looks so wrong.

    I still don’t understand the coverage. She’s so mediocre she hasn’t scored a decent acting gig in years. I know she’s a famehore and promotes the heck out of herself, going to the opening of envelopes and such. Still, why do they keep inviting her??? I guess because bloggers like Jared use her pics for his and maybe 20 teenybopper fans enjoyment.


  • anonymous

    From what I can understand the post isn’t actually about Rachel Bilson but about her ‘stylist’ and Rachel Zoe. According to the post RB isn’t doing the fashion blog. Please someone enlighten me. What is this post about exactly?

    More free publicity for RB though.