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Brad Pitt is a McDonald's Man

Brad Pitt is a McDonald's Man

Brad Pitt stops to order fast food at a family favorite, McDonald’s drive-thru on Sunday afternoon (August 2). This is becoming a weekly ritual!

It was once again a family affair for the Jolie-Pitts as Angelina Jolie sat shotgun just like last week. Brad ordered a few bottles of waters and picked up Happy Meals for the kids — Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 1.

Shiloh can be seen here and even baby Knox‘s reflection can be seen in the family’s Chevrolet Suburban SUV!

10+ pictures inside of McDonald’s man Brad Pitt

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brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 01
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 02
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 03
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 04
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 05
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 06
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 07
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 08
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 09
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 10
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 11
brad pitt mcdonalds drive thru 12

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  • jen

    Colon Cloggers ! Angie can’t cook

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    These people have an army of nannies, assistants, cooks, cleaning staff and drivers.
    We get that they want some PR as a family and “down to earth”, but this is junk food, and we all know they have many mansions and could have ordered in.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    These people have an army of nannies, assistants, cooks, cleaning staff and drivers.
    We get that they want some PR as a family and “down to earth”, but this is junk food, and we all know they have many mansions and could have ordered in.

  • manLESSton, I likely

    I love this family. As you for you Jen, at least they are together as a family. Unlike you.
    They’re still together.
    They’re still together.
    They’re still together.
    They’re still together.
    They’re still together.
    Take that Jenhens!

  • samia

    very nice!

  • noemie

  • male

    wow thats healthy!!

  • lazy Angie

    Rich White trash. Get in the friggen kitchen and cook something nutritious lazy Angie !

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Oh, so this is to make the point that there are still together? What a PR orchestrated outing.
    At least bring some food to the servants at home.

  • JA

    Looks Like Angie is on Strike . No nookie and no home cooking

  • ?

    Are those womens glasses Brad is wearing? . Thuper

  • Anonymous


  • manLESSton, I likely

    @YES!: You stuttering idiot.
    And your army of therapists have not been able to accomplish much with you. he he
    junk food is the best you can do?
    Your prune anus is just puckering. They are still together.
    They are still together.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha….

  • sharon

    OMG, Shiloh is soooooooooooo beautiful and Knox is sooooooo cute.

  • pendant

    I think they eat a lot of junk food, every time you see them they are either at Micky D’s or the kids are holdings packets of chips and cheeto’s. Never see them eating an apple anything healthy for that matter. Poor kids.

  • Drive thru

    “So what will it be today Grandpa? Prune juice ? Mc Stool softener?”

  • manLESSton, I likely

    I see we have one person posting as 7 right now. Won’t anyone listen to you? Poor little thing….
    I just think that you are so stupid. You criticize Brangie for a family outing while you are slobbering over your keyboard trying to write cr*p while your babies are crying in the background waiting to be fed. Or maybe there are no babies and nothing in your life.
    BTW, you want to see a good PR stunt? Go take a look at Mugly and her pokies begging for a date earlier on this site. Now that is pathetic!
    I love this family. I love that they will do what they want to do despite all you haters. And all of you saying they weren’t together for the last week……They are still together. They are still together.

  • yahoo

    The whole family is out and about. Love jolie pitts.

  • sooo

    he just discovered the great taste of mcdonalds

  • jay



  • Kady

    awwe i love this fam!♥

  • Mary


    please shave.

  • Jane

    Whoever you are posting all these inane posts, with different names, Go take you meds. You are phycho.

  • an oldie

    Shiloh is sleeping. They must be coming back from some long drive. Maybe Santa Barbara?

  • Anonymous

    why is important if they are together now?

  • manLESSton, I likely

    @jay: Go back to Mugly’s thread. That is where the PR wh*re is…pokies anyone?

  • Jenny

    I ‘ll bet Angie’s boobs look like two floppy Mickey D’ s Hot Cakes.

  • liam

    @YES!: They can do whatever they want. Don’t forget that.

  • jenny

    how sweet, family day is Sunday, they are so normal, what a great family.

  • alexanderina

    awwwww Knox is a cutie pie. Thanks Jared

  • Natalie

    Brad Pitt should give his kids good, healthy alternative to McDonald’s. I know I grew up on McDonald’s, know it’s simple and easy to get, but there has to be other things he could come up with.

  • t.m.delafonda

    YAAAY!!!! New pics! Who doesn’t love Mickey D’s?

  • Jane

    #22, unless you are Angie, you can’t tell Brad to shave. You are not sleeping with him at night.

  • anano

    love this family <3<3<3

  • me

    ALL kids love McD why their kids must be different…u freaks !!! :)

  • manLESSton, I likely

    @Natalie: Dear lunch lady. Go worry about your own kids. These kids look healthy and happy. So take your insincere concern to somewhere it is needed…

  • 8, douchie

    Keep cutting your life short at Mc D’s Jolie -Pitts and do the world a favor…… hehehe

  • Andrómeda

    Love them!

  • alexanderina

    oh here come the food nutritionists with their fake concerns about the kids having McDonald. What Brad and Angie feed their kids is none of you all f*cking business.

  • Idlemess

    You guys are a bunch of nick pickers. Guess no one on here has eaten a burger or fries, right!!!!! You mean it is only this family that does this making MacDonalds the huge business that it is? Geez, please lose your fakeness and hate.

  • Jane

    They are just normal family having breakfast together be it at Macdonalds or KFC or whatever fast food restaurant that they fancy. And yet this kind of outing can garner lots of hate comments. Grow up haters.
    Leave them alone and comment on somebody else who really need a wake up call.

  • amy

    @jay: Jealousy much? why don’t you go stalk the parents who are out with the kids everyday. Brad and Angie are the blance. They neither cheep for their status nor showing off.

  • manLESSton, I likely

    @8, douchie: Your name fits. Douchie…

  • Brad the connoisseur

    Tomorrow? Burger King….. yummm

  • carrie

    before this week,i didn’t think Brangelina family was very “mc Donald’s” family! they look very normal here

  • http://justjared always the truth

    They arejust a normal couple and I like that they take their kids out with. What I don’t get about the people that like to trash brad and angelina is that every time they go out with their kids to some place they always say that it is for PR only. But when other stars do the same thing it is not PR but cute. Why is that?

  • plez

    Plez. They have a chef thus probably eat very healthy for most meals. One meal of Mcdonalds will not harm anything.

  • an oldie

    If you eat gourmet food all week, you’ll crave McD’s hamburgers for sure on the weekend. Trust me. Hehehe.
    Families who eat fast food together, stay together.
    If Brad and Angelina were out for PR shots, they wouldn’t want to be seen at McDonald’s. Trust me again on this one, haters.

  • jULIA

    When I would pass by McDonalds, my grandon would see the golden arches, and say, I want to stop here. Children love McDonalds.
    Within moderation, most things will not harm you. Unless it is strychnine, or cyanide.

  • deraj tsuj