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Channing Tatum is Suspenders Sexy

Channing Tatum is Suspenders Sexy

Channing Tatum is dressed to the nines in a vest and suspenders as he leaves the Waldorf Hotel on the Upper East Side of New York City on Sunday (August 2).

The 29-year-old newlywed and costar Sienna Miller attended a press junket for their new movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which opens this Friday.

Channing is in town with his wife, actress Jenna Dewan, who has been shopping in SoHo. “I’m a little obsessed with TopShop shoes now”, she tweeted. Jenna has also been hitting up all of the great NYC food spots. She added, “Going to dinner at the Waverly Inn. So excited. The food is to die for. Between Ray’s Pizza, NY bagels and Cafe Habana, I’m in food heaven!”

FYI: Channing is wearing Diesel Black Gold “Pegawelt-B” pants.

10+ pictures inside of G.I. Joe stars Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller

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  • Ckayed

    Dear God, I hope Sienna doesn’t try to wreck Channing’s brand new marriage!

  • J

    sienna and her ugly pants, it doesnt look that bad on her though.
    she basically looks good on anything

  • Sally

    Beautiful cast!

  • jillywilly_bean

    @Ckayed: Yeah lets pray that train wreck leaves the newlyweds be. She’s such a joke!

  • Nick

    I heard G.I. Joe is actually pretty good. Be sure to check out my name link – it’s a cool movie review site. I thought for sure it would suck but i’m glad it doesn’t… probably a great popcorn flick

  • jtredway

    Um…that is a lot of makeup on Channing. But he’s rockin’ the clothes!

  • Nick

    ahaha dude looks like he has too much bronzer on… it’s like he has that fake tan look when you wear the eye goggles.

  • Hotness overload

    Gosh Tatum is so damn HOT! He’s my dream guy. Anyway, I can’t wait to see that movie GI JOE, it seems to be amazing! <3

  • c

    Finally, a quote from someone other than SM.

    Did SM play the victim during these press junkets for GI Joe? Now she, the very same woman who was spotted partying with the married man after she supposedly had a “semi-breakdown” , is supposedly “suffering’ more than BG’s wife and kids. Way to go, in an attempt to play the victim, she proclaimed to the world that her concern for the plight of women and children is all a farce.

  • 28

    Maybe its time to stop with the bashing..i wasent too happy about the lack of compassion i was seeing in sienna and balthazar..or the lies she keeps telling. but i have to say that i somewhat lightened up about it all. Seeing the pictures of balthazar out with his wife did that to me. Who are we too keep bashing sienna when its clear his wife of all people, can stand to be in his presence. She was the one who was humiliated beyond words, who got left alone with her 4 children when their father chose to be with sienna on thanksgiving and fathersday. and yet she still went out hiking with him and laghed with him. She wouldent be doing that if she didnt forgave him. She accepts that he is with sienna now and maybe so should the world. Pretty soon sienna will be moving to LA and they will stay together wether people like it or not..that just makes them more determined i think..We dont know what went on in their marriage and probaly never will. we dont know what sienna was told by him.. but maybe we should let it be. If anything i feel worried for sienna’s state of mind because i could NEVER get over the fact that my man so blatantly could leave his wife and children and so easy humiliated them. All is well during the first period of being crazy in love when she might think that that was all so very romantic..that a man would do that for her..but after the first rush is gone i know it would pop up every time in my head especially when talk of marriage and babies comes along. Imagine all the doubts and frustration ,anxiety she will have. Not a great way to start of a relationship is it?

  • susie

    i think she will probably move into is New York appartment when she does broadway and i think they will stay together too. Sienna is constantly dropping hints that she wants to move..check out her twitter..she said; i want to move sooooo badly. LA sunshine..
    just to prepare us all that they are starting to work on their lives together. no matter how much heartache people and press are giving them. doesent that say something? she could have walked out so easily after being treated like shit for over a year now, but Rosetta is still talking and laughing with Balty.. dont think i could be so forgiving..
    these people confuse me..pffff

  • NativeNYker

    Channing is hotness!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • jj

    It really depends on which day of the week it is for Ms Miller. Let’s review just these past few weeks:
    Vaca and slobbering over Balti in Italy and prancing naked on balcony.
    So in love and buying a house with Balti in London.
    Balti seen enjoying time with WIFE.
    SM discuss her semi break down (totally brought on by her vapid behavior).
    SM wants to move to LA, after pics appear with BG and wife.
    New interview state she is single.
    Geez, scary huh?
    Prediction…loving reunion with her lovah Balti coming soon. She wants those bizillions of dollars!!

  • Ilia

    Is G.I. Joe sporting a make-up?

  • bella

    what is with the peace sign and him nowadays?
    Lets hope Sienna does nto try and ruin another marriage.

  • G.I. Joe

    Hey, because he is a Joe he can sport anything (our fav TOY) including make-up (don’t think HE is wearing make-up though just bad lighting on his face happens sometimes in photos).

    I so love his style – hot Joe.

    I’m also worried about his friendship with SM she is really bad news in everyway .

    By the way, their new movie is getting great reviews so let’s all support our Joe and make this huge HIT nice wedding present.x

  • c


    The bashing will stop when SM stops playing the victim(ie-now she whining about how she had a semi-breakdowm, funny that this comes right after BG is seen with his wife and all of her attempts to play victim fail), owns up to her bad behavior, stops trying to rub the affair in RG face (ie-wanting to movie to LA), stops lying so much(ie-is now claiming to be single, didn’t she do this in the Vogue interview only to pop up in Italy with the married man a week or two later), and stops acting like she doesn’t understand why people are not impressed by her actions(ie-things are unfair, even though she is sleeping with a married man and flaunting it).

    Why is there reason to believe that SM has changed? Because she says so? Because the married man was spotted with this wife?SHE IS PROMOTING A MOVIE AND WILL SAY/DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET PEOPLE INTO SEATS. So what if BG was seen with his wife, he did that twice before and then he and his mistress popped up together. SM is SINGLE(or the married man is “reconciling with his wife” only when she is promoting something. If she has to go through this much trouble to lie about her affair with a married man, then it means that she knows that what she is doing is wrong.

    It looks like the photo-op with his wife was a success, which was to get people to think that SM isn’t seeing the married man and that BG’s wife is not suffering as a result of the affair. Well SM and BG pulled this stunt too many times, so just because he was out and about smiling with his wife means nothing. Wait two weeks or after the promotion of GI Joe and SM will once again be vacationing with the married man on a family holiday.

    What BG and SM had isn’t about love. He is a relapsed alcholic (notice when he is with SM he always has a drink in his hand) and SM can only feel important when she is competing against another woman. No one is going to support her as long as she keeps waging a war against a mother and her 4 kids and dropping hints that she is stillsleeping with the married man(ie-wanting to move to LA).

  • c

    SM is a walking contradiction. Just when you think that she can’t stoop any lower. She attempts to take ownership for the consequences of her actions during the affair, but then ruins it by once again passing the buck. She thinks that if she were a man that she wouldn’t be receiving any criticism for the affair? What about JL, he was a man and he received much criticism for his affair.

    She wouldn’t have received criticism had she had the decency to say no the married man’s request, didn’t try to deflect from her bad behavior by playing the victim, didn’t pop up in LA or talk about moving to LA everytime the married man is spotted with his wife/kids, didn’t flaunt her affair as if no one had been hurt, didn’t spread lies about the married man’s wife to jusitfy her actions with the married man, didn’t pop up with the married man after whining about JL infidelity, didn’t publicly engage in sexual acts/pda with the married man, didn’t tip off the paps and then cry wolf, and stops blaming others for her bad behavior. She needs to take responsibility and stop trying to make excuses for her actions. When she shows up with the married man after promoting GI Joe and people criticize her, it is going to no one’s fault but her own. Why? Because she says one thing and does another.

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again sienna ruins her outfit
    really a shame imo
    those pants look ridicuolously stupid
    but at least she decided 2 wear some nice shoes for once instead of those ugly boots

  • jane

    @28: maybe his wife was talked into doing a favor? by your own words it’s already taken some of the heat off of these two sluts.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is pretty