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Jude Law and His Wyndham Women

Jude Law and His Wyndham Women

A female fan grabs at Jude Law as he signs autographs outside London’s Wyndham Theatre after performing in another showing of Hamlet on Sunday (August 2).

Earlier this weekend, the 35-year-old British actor’s baby mama Samantha Burke, 24, had a request for all media outlets and photographers: “I just wish that everyone could respect my privacy during this time. Thank you.”

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law and his Wyndham women…

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jude law wyndham theare 02
jude law wyndham theare 03
jude law wyndham theare 04
jude law wyndham theare 05
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jude law wyndham theare 10
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  • IrreverentMommy

    This is news? why? It’s not even important info or gossip. Just a chance to bring up the baby mama drama. Snore.

  • nikomilinko
  • jami

    @ #1- Well, not much of the stuff that is posted on JJ is “news” really anyway,
    People just like to look at sightings of their famous celebs. But, bringing up the baby drama again IS getting old. I agree there.

    Well, Jude is delicious as always :D

  • Neverending

    Don’t any of these tools use a condom?? I mean how do you just accidentally get preggers anymore?? Especially with a guy you date for just a few months. Do any of them use their heads? Now this nobody woman (actress??) wants privacy when you know full well she probably wants the opposite. What a way to get on the map. Uuuggghhh!

  • Daphne

    He is such a professional. The show is over 3 hours of brilliant intense physical performance. He does 3 matinees a week and evening shows as well and he goes out to meet the fans almost every night. I am just amazed how he can do all this. He has my greatest respect.

    Keep the pics coming, Jared. Thank you.

  • dolorescraeg

    listen i had the great opportunity of visiting jude backstage at the wyndham theatre. i had just seen his unbelievable performance in hamlet. the audience exploded with cheers and applause. it was unbelievable. let me give you a first hand impression of this man. first off as anthony minghella once said..”he is unbearably handsome” my eyes started watering. secondly he is the sweetest, kindest and sensitive young man. he was interested in everything i had to say….remembered me from a couple of nights before when i waited to get an autograph. the tabloids, the gossipers, the hate mongers can write what they want. this is lovely man and an amazing actor.

  • http://vv acaba

    he is alwaays all time perfect sooo handsome and kind this is so important

  • sheryl

    Wow, what a madhouse! Love you, Jude! <3 *hugs*

    *yawn on on the rest of it*

  • hi!

    Jude is awesome!!

  • jo

    I love the pictures, but hate the same old story.
    What about “Jude Law handsome as always at the Wyndham Theatre”

  • janet

    I expect Jude´s child, too. LOL

  • But is it art?

    Outside the Wyndham Theatre, umm. Let’s hope his kid doesn’t turn out to be a Midwich Cuckoo or it’ll be a case of his cuckoo coming home to roost.

  • dolorescraeg

    you wish ….so does most of the female population on the planet….he is so sexy and gorgeous….how doesone guy get it all….talent too…oh my.

  • Jade

    I got tickets for his show in November! I’m happy.

  • marketa linden

    Min.he has good taste in women. I think Samantha is very nice woman and maybe thanks God for this ,baby accident’ with his middle age crisis and skinny jeans. I’m suprised, he produced something with his tight pants donated by Mossy. Samantha’s family can keep quiet, but the child is the best what could happened him in his middle age crisis, prob.he can feel ,worthy.’ He has to clean his own mess and not to be bossy with his housekeeper.You have a choice of housekeeper and partner, you haven’t choice of relatives. I heard now, one my over 60 y.old aunt playing lady will play in some movie. Her daughter in law to be played in soft P, so I expect, dear auntie Pushy [she's pushover] will start shooting in some blue ray or with her book about Jean d’Orleans she wants to play Virgin d’Orleans:]]I don’t know…my relatives are …no comment. Natasha Law, a sister of this small big bedhopper in skinny Mossy’s jeans, has her exhibitions in gallery with share bought from money of my family [in the way, a mother of gallery shareholder where Natasha had her exhibitions, bedded my cousin, who inhereted only something, cos my grandfather stepped back, and her peep mother influenced my cousin, he will put our money to gallery's shareholder trust - for her and her brother.In other way she isn't able to have some share of gallery, comfo life or etc, her father paid off her mother who clinges on my cousin etc, that's why I am against all speaking families, bedhopping etc].Next time Law can wear cap somewhere down, not on his head. I cannot wait with balding head of my nephew and his plays with condom over his head as Danger in Pacific, what he would do…

  • Neverending

    marketa linden
    I don’t mean to be rude, but what the heck are you saying?? You make no sense whatsoever. I’m friggin dizzy after reading your post.

  • Chili Pepper

    @15, put down the bottle and go sleep it off! WTF?

  • Pole

    He’s a great person, a good actor and a wonderful father. I find it so admirable that his does this almost every day after hard work on the stage, with the paps following him, the tabloids writing nothing but crap about him and all these fans screaming for him. Wow.

    Love you Jude *blows kisses*

    Thanks Jared.

  • anonymous

    @Neverending: Me thinks Marketa Lindens comments may be coming from Jude Law’s housekeeper, May Ling!

  • anonymous

    @Pole: He’s requesting a DNA test, wise man! Never trust a girl who spreads her legs as easily as that one. I’d want one too. All he has is a duty to provide for the child, not the mother, which, if the child is his, he will do so. The mother doesn’t deserve the steam off his p***!

  • Pole


    I can’t figure out if he is or not – the tabloids are writing so much crap about this story. Whatever – I am sure he’ll do the right thing for the baby if it is his. I do agree with you though – I don’t see why the mother should get money out of this. She played her part too obviously. Taking money from her makes her look partly like a paid woman IMO. Has she no pride?

  • mimi prism

    Oh dang! He is so perfect!!! BTW, look- look ELLE, he is showing you his Sharpie!… I mean, Sharpie pen : D!


  • dolorescraeg

    jude has done the right thing by his three kids. he spends every waking minute with them ‘when he’s at work andwhen he films all over the world they come to him. it was jude who approached his ex wife and suggested that they put old grievances behind and take the kids on christmas holiday…they go his son’s school performances together. jude and sadie give the kids a family atmosphere as much as they can. he lives 15 minutes from his ex’s house. yet he is single and does need companionship. it’s unfortunate that this happened but as long as it did you can bet your bottom dollar. jude will do the right thing. he always does.

  • Fat B****

    @Pole: Obviously not, or she wouldn’t be spreading it about. Nor her family too for that matter. Jude is a wonderful father, if the child is his he’ll love her but I have nothing but contempt for the mother!

  • Pole

    @Fat B****:

    I do hope she’ll turn out better than she seems at the moment but so far she sending of a lot of golddigger vibes IMO. I hope she learns..

  • anonymous

    @dolorescraeg: He needs a good woman to love him, how come he keeps ending up with trollops and trash. Daft in the head, love the guy, but swear he’s daft in the head when it comes to choosing women!

  • Fat B****

    @Pole: Would not want to bust your bubble but you know what this girl is. There are words for girls like her!

  • Pole

    @Fat B****:

    I know, I know – I just feel bad about how obvious it is. He really has the worst taste in women. Or perhaps it’s just that he’s not looking for real love – he’s looking for an easy time and that’s obviously what he got this time! I do think he ought to grow up and start looking for a better woman. This time his bad taste certainly had consequences for his entire family and I feel sorry for Raff, Iris and Rudy. This cannot be very fun for them. Please learn Jude! You deserve so much better that all these easy women!

  • eloisa

    Jared, tahnk for the pictures. But, can you please stop talking about this woman and her family? It’s no big news and you only are doing exactly what they want: publicity.

    It’s a shame that a good performance is being overshadowed by a mistake in his personal life, that at the end is not our business.


  • anonymous

    Children are resilient and, in time, they’ll prolly enjoy having a kid sister about and Sophie’s a brick, she’ll stand by him on this coz she knows he’s a good father, she had a fairly unconventional childhood herself. He’s got to sort his head out though and stop falling for all these tarts he keeps hooking up with.

  • Sara

    Love You, Heart!

  • Pole


    Do you mean Sadie? I am sure they will both work hard on securing that this will affect the children as little as possible. I think it’s very admirable how well those two deal with co-parenting and divorce. They seem to always put the kids first.

  • hassosehr

    These photos are about 2 years old.
    What happened?
    Why is Brad so old now?

  • sheryl

    @Pole: I might be wrong, but I don’t see this as having that big of an impact on the kids. My kids have 2 half siblings…and they’re just fine with it. They don’t see each other every day but they get along quite nicely and love each other. Personally, the fact that Sadie allowed young men to live in her basement had more potential for consequence, in my opinion.
    As for “easy women,” I myself am not careless woman, but I’m not going to lie, if I found myself chatting and getting along with Jude and the promise of a little sump’n sump’n was in the air, I’d go with it…because I’m single, he’s single. I think The Independent article said it best, he just needs to hook up with those equal to his stature in fame. I think Jude doesn’t look at people in that way, though. Obviously George Clooney doesn’t, either. LOL

  • Pole


    I’m mostly worried about Raff. He’s old enough to get an impression of what’s going on – and here I’m thinking of what sort of treatment Jude is getting from the press and also to a degree what sort of women Jude seems to hook up with. That must make an impact. You are right about Sadie and her young men but they may have been shielded more from that. This will have a long time impace and if Samatha is a trouble maker that won’t be good.

    As for taking him up on an offer of a little sump’n sump’n – heck, I’m married and I’d probably go with it too.. it’s what happens after that makes these women easy IMO. They seem to use him and that’s just cheap IMO.

  • bang

    Great foresight! He banged her to get some publicity for his NY show
    I imgine Samantha going to give birth during one of his performances, maybe at the premiere on October. I heard the advance sell is NOT doing well.!

  • sheryl

    @Pole: I don’t quite see how kids could be shielded from someone living in their house and knowing about it….? But okay.
    As far as Raff, the media is always after Jude for one thing or another. His mom as well. I’m sure he’s well schooled on how important the media is in their lives (or how it should be disregarded). They already know the games paps play as well. Jude seems to have an inner strength that keeps him focused on the important role he’s doing right now and also on his children and everyone else be damned, and I think that strength has to be passed on somehow. I’m not saying Raff won’t be bothered at all, but I don’t think it’ll be that major. That’s just my opinion, though.
    As far as the women after the fact, well, how do you know what someone is going to do? Everybody he has went out with hasn’t went all famewhore. So to have entire assurity, either he quits dating entirely or he sticks to those on his own level of fame….which might be not quite as easy as it sounds.
    I’m going to say again that I think this was a result of BC malfunction, because it can and does happen, and I think him making his one and only statement about it and then steadfastly continuing his life as normal is the best way to go, because this way he’s not validating what the fickle media or anybody has to say, and that’s a strong message to pass on to Raff and the other children as well.

  • sheryl

    “His mom as well.” I meant mom, as in Raff’s mom, Sadie…not Jude’s LOL!

  • dolorescraeg

    the first sunday the ad came out in the n,y, times almost one million dollars worth of tickets were sold.

  • nikki

    Jude Law being grab by a female fan as he signs autographs outside London’s Wyndham Theatre….While remaining calm and sexy doing so.

    Love you Jude
    Stay strong boo

  • kelly

    @marketa linden: hey there, i read over this comment so much and i do think i understand what you are trying to say. Jude, at the end of the day is a human being and i still respect him as a person. If he is willing to support the child, good on him. i wish him all the best.

  • suppress your appetite

    heh (:

  • Liz

    @marketa linden: WTF???? Are you trying speaking English or what? You make no sense whatsoever with all that jibberish you posted…