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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Elton John & Billy Joel Concert

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Elton John & Billy Joel Concert

Reese Witherspoon and beau Jake Gyllenhaal take her kids, Ava, 9, and Deacon, 5, to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert held on Saturday night (August 1) at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Penn.

Deacon had the best view in the house, sitting stop Jake‘s shoulders. During the 3-1/2 hour show, Elton dedicated the song “Tiny Dancer” to Reese, saying, “Reese, this one’s for you, girl.”

The happy family danced to “Crocodile Rock” with Reese and Jake bumping their hips together.

Reese is in town shooting the not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie.

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  • Shawna

    Jake looks like he’d be such a good step-father. I hope they get married soon, they look so happy together!

  • Miss Piggy hrmph!

    Perfect. Perfect timing. They look so happy together. They are a great couple. Reese has never looked happier!

  • lora

    Jakeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33333333333333333333333333333

  • shamrock

    How cute are these two and the little kidlets!!! Looks like a FUN time, dancing, singing, and grooving to some classic ROCK N’ ROLL!!!

    Very sweet*

  • emma

    Reese is the only one having fun! Jake looks hot, Deacon looks heavy and bored and Ava looks mortified.

  • karen

    Guess since there aren’t that many paps in Philly, they had to go somewhere to have a photo op, it’s been a while. Those poor kids look thrilled at having to listen to music they probably never heard of. To bad Jake feels he has to beard to look straight and the way to do it is to become Mr. Witherspoon. He should have stayed low key and not have the sex appeal and spark killed out of him by Reese the Chin.

  • gay and the beard

    The fauxmance goes on!

  • People

    I think that they are really together but I can’t stand how they shove their love. It was so step by step making them a “hot Hollywood couple”. They leave me totally cold.

  • Anon

    That is not a pap pic, go to twitter.

  • mailey

    kinda sick of these 2.

  • Kate

    Of course people know that is not a pap pic, but they have to justify their comments by wishing it was!.

  • fauxmance

    Just another fauxmance photo op for two boring publicity wh*res.

  • Pattycake

    Holy moly, does Deacon look like his dad!

  • no such thing as an accident

    The guy who tweeted this is a reporter from Philly who has known Ryan and Reese for many years. She obviously let him take the pictures since she was surrounded by security. What do you want to bet that was the only minute Deacon spent on Jake’s shoulders?

    Also interesting is that this same reporter did not tweet any pictures of the kids with Ryan even though he saw them at a Phillies game and a public place they were fair game for photos.

    Don’t be fooled by celebrities folks. Like them for their work but understand these A listers are products constantly being sold, improved resold and repackaged. They aren’t like “real” people. Jake and Reese wanted you to see this. THAT is why you are seeing it.


    Resse is finally smiling..too bad it’s fake!

  • bored

    I think they date for real, but are too pretentious and boring. YAWN!

  • kelly

    That is a real Reese smile. She’s all “Look how my fans adore me”. Meanwhile her daughter is making the exact same face and gesture her father used to make in photo ops with his ex-wife. LOL.

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Reese Witherspoon is ugly piece of sh!t.

  • Pattycake

    @no such thing as an accident: I hear ya. Ask me how much it pisses me off that RW and JG use her kids to get PR?

  • life


  • phillycheese

    #14 sounds spot on

  • Neverending

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this is the JUST JOLIE site. Anybody else gets trashed here. Grow up, who cares what they do. They look happy and fairly normal to me. They look like they’re living their lives in spite of the paps. Unlike another couple I know of who do more than their share for the cameras with their kids in tow.

  • Neverending

    But I would be kicking Jakes ass if he were in front of me with a kid on his shoulders at a concert.

  • Jared’s sister

    If you don’t care what stars do why are you commenting on a gossip board telling people to grow up? Why don’t you just go away?

  • Phonyspoon

    @Neverending: Jake and Reese are fakers – they are USING THE PAPARAZZI to sell the showmance.

  • Kate

    So #14 and prob most of the other hate comments, how many times a day have you been on twitter searching for Jake and Reese sightings, bet you were getting really uptight with all the sightings but no pics. Well now you have your chance to embarrass yourself with your ramblings. p.s. How many times have you been blocked?.

  • #14

    I pointed out something that should be obvious. I have no hatred toward anyone. You sound a bit worked up though #26.

  • fugly and fake

    Reese Witherbeard and gay Prince of Persia are so fugly

  • Annie

    So Kate @ #26 are you a new CAA intern or the old one posting under another name. Sounds like the firm finally changed the script from adoring Reese fan to nasty Reese fan. Still not working, we know you work for Reese’s PR firm.

  • Kate

    Worked up, no, but for someone that has no hatred (or anything for them) as you say, you sure like to keep tabs on them!.

  • Kate

    “Annie” Pr?. I wish I had such a job.

  • cari

    Jake looks like he is on the Christian Bale diet.

  • Wendy

    They are becoming my next favorite couple after Brangelina and Posh&Becks.

    Cute pictures.

  • Amy

    Reese and Jake are so damn cute together.
    Jake is so great to her kids and they would make an incredible family.

  • AL

    I don’t know if they are a real couple or not, but Jesus christ, aren’t they boring? that guy is only 28, I wish I was his age to party all over again………

  • carrie

    they look loving classic pop music!

  • Techie

    I wonder if she would ever have more children. I bet she won’t which means Jake would never have a family of his own. Those kids “family” is their mother and father and each other.

  • alamokid

    I don’t question that Reese and Jake are friends. I just don’t believe their “grand romance.” It’s hard for me to think they were not expecting photos or to be noticed at the concert since Jake is calling attention to them all by carrying Deacon on his shoulders. A child his size could have stood on the seat and would have been able to see the stage. Really now, who wouldn’t notice a 5-year old atop a 6-foot tall man?

  • diana

    Techie , I think she’ll have one or two kids with Jake.

  • Jake is gay

    @diana: LMAO!
    Jake Closeted Gay Gyllenhaal does not f*ck Reese The Beard Witherspoon.
    Jake would have to be a moron to marry the beard.

  • vmars111

    Aw, how cute. Look at Jake playing the “gay uncle” role trying to convince the press that they were ever a couple!

  • nokia

    they look normal.. not like BRANGELINA who adopted kids for PUBLICITY…

  • whortensia

    We’ve been all through the beard thing over and over and over. Some people simply won’t accept the truth. You know like the people who insist we won in Vietnam. Facts and reality don’t faze them. There is no bearding going on for the multiple reasons already given. Reasons that go above the heads of the “beard” stupidos.

  • whortensia

    People who say she is a beard need to offer proof. They can’t so they just repeat ad infinitum their lie. They think if a lie is repeated 100+ times it become true.

  • whortensia

    The “she’s a beard” crowd are mentally sick. Emotionally too. They want her to be a beard because they can’t stand to think these two love each other and have sex together. That gets their goat completely. Insane jealousy raises its ugly head and the “beard” idea come forth. They repeat their lie so often they begin to believe it and then they feel better. Comforted by their lie.

  • chiara

    @Jake is gay:

    Wonder what that noise was coming from their hotel suite then?.

  • $$$

    Jake Gyllenhaal is gay and needs a beard (Prince of Persia).
    Reese Witherspoon is dumped wife, boring person, overrated actress and Avon lady who needs good PR.
    Jake and Reese are actors but can’t pretend good enough that they are a real couple.
    Boooooring Hollywood SHOWMANCE.

  • diana

    “Wonder what that noise was coming from their hotel suite then?.”

    What are you talking about?

  • me



  • Jake G

    Disney insisted on bearding with the ugly midget so I had no choice.